Mark Dolan

A nomination for Mark Dolan. A supposed ‘comedian’ who frequently appears on the Sky newspaper review. A right on, sanctimonious male feminist type. He’s usually paired with Michelle Dewberry, who speaks sense. He just speaks total twattery.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

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    • Perhaps a player of the pink oboe, known in medical terminology as “New Labouritis”

  1. Never heard of the wanker but the name reminds of Marc Bolan, the famous glam rock artiste who got splattered against a tree in Barnes, of all places.
    I used to know a bird who went down there every month to lay flowers on the spot. Great tits but as mad as fuck.
    I wonder what ever happened to her?

    • Sounds like she was a bit mawkish. In today’s age of virtue signalling, she would probably lay the flowers whilst livestreaming it to Facebook, Instagram of Snapchat.

  2. Just another right on wanker who makes all the right noises to keep himself anchored to our TV screens, honestly I’ve never heard this cunt say anything approaching funny!!
    Yesterday morning started particularly badly with this irritating irrelevant wanker trying to talk over Michelle dewberry who unusually for any cunt on sky talks a lot of sense, it got progressively worse when that ginger overly opinionated cunt Sarah Jane me me me started piping up, unbelievable worse was still to come in the rotund shape of sky fat cunt in chief Adam boulton who attacked anybody unfortunate enough to be interviewed by him outside Parliament who didn’t agree with his remain agenda! Sky really plumbed new depths yesterday…..

      • Good morning Rtcp….
        That was his only decent contribution yesterday, and to be honest I think most people eventually tell Campbell to go and do one!!
        Why on earth would anybody listen to bellend? Any cunt who’s referred to as a “spin doctor “ is best ignored ……

        • Be assured Q, I ignore the cunt at every opportunity! Trouble is the MSM can’t get enough of him and his repulsive remoaning ways.

          Campbellend is to Blair what Bormann was to Hitler.

          • I’m an even tempered individual and rarely feel the urge to punch someone’s teeth out but Campbell gets my Irish up! Chukka and Blair also inhabit the red mists of my mind………

            Dominic grieve does more than a passable impression of mr punch!! The fucking cunt

          • RTCP
            Did you see Campbell yesterday ?
            Although boulton is a remainer he like everybody else finds bellend an irritating prick!!
            Just watched that clip you posted v funny 😂

          • Didn’t see him yesterday Q (thank Dog) but rarely catch BBC or Sky these days, presume he was spouting the usual sycophantic pro 4th Reich shite?

            Grieve does indeed do a passable Mr Punch, except Mr Punch is a wonderful guy and very positive role model to boot!

            Have you clocked that other Mr Punch lookalike in Parliament? Unwitty cunt Stephen Pound!


    • Sly news tried to pretend a bit more than the Brussells Broadcasting corporation last 2 years but last 6 months the mask has slipped. Did you see them after the mark Carney lies? Doomsday and Armageddon and crisis were the words of the hour …every hour.
      On the snowflake cunt above….. the joke is, almost all normal wummin in the country are as fed up about the 3rd wave feminists and attacks on normal blokes… my missus told me the other day ” give me a burt Reynolds or Clint Eastwood in their day….any day…. over these effeminate drippy twats in their skinny jeans “……I’m just glad ones deed and ones about 90……😉

      • Worst of all was the BOE cunt saying that all of his pre Brexit referendum doomsday scenarios had been proven correct ??
        What the actual Fuck!!!
        bare faced liar…….

        • O’Shithead recently described Mark Cunty as

          “a Governor of the Bank of England with an impeccable track record…”

          In the same breath he described J R-Mogg as

          “someone who can’t even add up to 48.”

  3. On the subject of cunts.

    R4, Today programme this morning.
    ‘Ethnic minorities suffer more from mental illness.’
    ‘Probably due to discrimination’
    And as is invariably the case when a sweeping, unverifiable but right-on claim is made — Challenge came there none.

  4. OT and posted under the latest Blair cunting, but I’d like everyone to see this:

    Cunt, cunt, cunt,fucking cunt, cunt, cunt…cunt oiling up the EU again:

    Site won’t accept the link to Twitter, but here’s the content:

    (Austrian Embassy, London)
    “Thank you Tony Blair @InstituteGC for sharing your views with the #EU Heads of Mission on #Brexit and the current dynamics & procedures in Parliament. For Mr Blair, the only way through a Brexit impasse is a second referendum.”

    The meeting with the heads of mission was yesterday, in the Austrian embassy. Confirmation , including incriminating photographs, on the Blair, Inc Twitter page
    ( @Institute GC )

    Treacherous fifteeen-faced douchebag cunt.
    Wonder how much the cunt’s sold us for.

  5. I haven’t happened across this scruffy looking individual whose hair looks like it has not seen a comb in a very long time. Mystic Maven is a redoubtable cunter, so as far as I am concerned if Maven says Dolan is a cunt then that is plenty good enough for me.

    A quick Wiki check reveals Dolan lives in Highgate, supports Spurs and is clearly one of the North London Elite. Fuck him, his lefty polictics and he can stick his pink pencil right up his bunghole. The cunt.

    • It was hardly likely to be Scunthorpe. The ghetto of Highgate is home to many who suffer under the yoke of taking the Establishment line.

  6. I reckon with a hammer and vice grip wide enough for his fat head one should be able to insert that man crayon into his prefrontal cortex.

    Might improve his mental condition even.

  7. Fucking nonsense carry on yesterday-with yet another new Aisan woman reporter Sky brought JRM and Campbell on a jolly to some London market.You could tell it was London because there so few white English faces. Hopeless ‘vox pop’ because the people had such poor English. Nothing really said. Retired to a pub (it’s this I’m suspicious of) a gynaecologist turned up. In a working class pub? Anyway, he had voted to Leave and how he regretted it bitterly. Why so? Well his German doctor wife had left him because of it! When she found out. Taken the children. Emotional silence… Cut To Rees Mogg, Campbell looking on with glee. The implication-‘your policy has torn this family apart’. Rees Mogg made sympathetic noises. Staged I am sure.

    • No wonder Mogg is likened to Walter the Softy… Any self regarding Englishman would have smacked Campbell round the chops.

  8. I have never experienced as blatant and intense a propaganda offensive as that going on on Radio 4 at the moment. On three fronts: backing out of Brexit, wimminz and multiculti. It’s wall to wall coverage, and increasingly resembles good old Radio Moscow, at which we were encouraged to scoff during the Cold War.

    • Morning Miles. I cannot begin to tell you how demoralised I feel today. Thank Dog for the good shit ISAC and all who rail in her!

  9. Never heard of the Cunt,but has the look of a man who deserves to become the victim of a racially discriminated against, Pillar of da cumoonidee,talented rapper,trainee-architect,semi-professional football playing,deep-fried chiggun loving,escaped from Wipsnade Zoo, Bonobo.

    Fuck them.

  10. I cannot stand comedians, smug cunts.

    Especially the ones on ‘Have I got spews for you’, all competing for the next one liner and a reaction, attention seeking twats.


    Now fuck off.

    The end.

  11. Never heard of this git, but he looks like a right twat and MM’s got a great track record when it comes to a spot of cunting. Good enough for me!

    • Thanks to Ron Knee and Paul Maskinback for your endorsements of my nominations. I like to keep the ISAC community happy. Until next time then….

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