David (one of my mates died in Grenfell you know!) Lammy [4]

David Lammy is still a bit of a cunt, isn’t he?

➖ Has he made another humiliating clanger like his famous Mastermind gaffe? No.
➖ Has he been wittering on about fabricated close, personal friends whom he knew in the Grenfell roast? No.
➖ Well, has he been insisting we have another referendum because he didn’t like the outcome? Not especially.
➖ All police are fascists? No.
➖ Brexiteers are ignorant? Nope.
➖ A million Indians died in the first World War? Still no.
➖ Improved river access for homo squirrels? No.
➖ The Beatles, Shakespeare, Charlie Dickens, Boadicea, Jane Austen, and Henry V were all black? No, not yet yet.

Then why oh why is he being nominated? ➖ Because David Lammy is a cunt.

Let’s face it, with the queue for nominations being as lengthy as it is, this joker with his rice-pudding intellect and child-like view on life will have said or done something mind-numbingly fatuous by the New Year, the daft cunt.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

60 thoughts on “David (one of my mates died in Grenfell you know!) Lammy [4]

  1. Great stuff Cap’n. Lammy is self-evidently such a cunt that I’m surprised he’s not been up on the Wall of Cunts for ages.

  2. She started off as a gifted artist who he was aware of, onto someone who he had met who would be sadly missed. Then she was a friend, leading onto a close friend culminating in a “very close personal friend”. I see the coming year bringing her as the secret girlfriend he had loved since childhood ending up with his life has been wrecked by the cruel Tory party who deprived him of the only woman he ever loved. Man’s a cunt – pure and simple. Pity he hasn’t taken up the case of Keith Blakelock who died of 40 stab and cut wounds with his head almost severed. Problem is – Keith was a cracker – no mileage or Peerages for finding cracker killers – that’s the way it works – ask Dame Doreen Lawrence.

  3. Lammy 8 hours ago:

    “EU migrants prop up our NHS, contribute £2,300 more per year than the average British citizen, and add so much to our culture. We need them.”

    23 hours ago:

    “Refugee children crossing into the US with numbers drawn on their arms. It is obscene that we are allowing history to repeat itself.”

    WTF? By history I presume he’s referring to his repeated pathetic bids for media attention.

    David Lammy is nothing more than Dawn Lardbutt in drag. How he /she /it is allowed to get away with appropriating white man’s clothes in these enlightened times, I’ll never know.

    • £2300 per year?
      Has he been using Abbott’s calculator again?
      … propping up the nhs ….
      Without 300,000 extra people coming in each year we wouldn’t need the nhs “propping up”.

      • There was an article on the Biased Bullshit Corporation website the other day stating that Muslims contribute £7700 per annum each to the economy and how great that is etc etc..neglecting to mention that the average citizen contributes approx £30k. Bullshitting appeasing cunts.

        • This is generally how it pans out Mary.
          Go to your average North West England old mill towns – the type of houses that until it became cheaper to design, manufacture and flood the UK with imports that the mill workers lived in and had done for generations. Those areas – I will name some for the sake of clarity – Preston, Blackburn, Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale, Lancaster, Keighley, Bradford, Bingley, Shipley and Leeds for examples are filled with these scroat bags who Clammy fucking Lammy regards as these contributors of co much money. The money does NOT filter into the greater community. The towns I mentioned have large ghetto areas of the mud folk. Mother and Father (from the mud hut back home in Pakistan / Bangladesh) live generally in the attic / basement. Virtually all speak no English but have welfare specialists who interview them at home and they are given the correct benefits – and I mean everything going. The sons and daughters will likely run a shop or drive a taxi – the more entrepreneurial of them will have garages, business’s and a few more will have properties and all sorts of fingers in pies (and young English white girls – I digress momentarily) . The sons and daughters are working in the family business and therein the proof that very few of them will contribute little to the wider economy. Want some food? Uncle owns a store – want to replenish it? Uncle owns a food and veg warehouse. Want a carpet? Uncle has a carpet shop. Want a car? Son / Brother sells cars and has a garage for all your motors. Want some DIY, Building works doing? I have an uncle who can do that too. The money never escapes or is shared in the wider community – for the greater good. It only benefits one colour – and that’s not the cracker. In a few streets around a notorious area of Preston in a few streets you can find a whole industry going on complete with Halal butchering carried out on the pavement.
          Anyone who thinks that the “cultural enrichment” favoured by and fully bought into by Tony B Liar for the Liebour vote should come and have a look what it means to have your town taken over street by street, house by house, look at where this “money” from Clammy Lammy’s Abbott calculator of >£2k a year pouring into the local economy is I would gladly give them a tour of the reality of “Multiculturalism” then take them on a drive to show them the areas where thousands of white girls were being drugged, raped and passed about like a bag of peanuts to sate the desires of dirty filthy blambos who carried out their vile molestation of children, unabated and unnoticed for decades. Then tell me why we need a single one of the fuckers in England. Adding to the >£2k+ community pot / taxes tells you a fraction of the story. The cost of educating, feeding and transporting there and back for the cunts who married their cousin and breed not one idiot – oh no – the more idiots they breed the more money they get. They have now cottoned on to where the real benefits are. Poor old Mo is a jabbering wreck but still needs to be ferried around – that’s ok – the newer con is motability – now they just transport their idiots round in new 4WD SUV’s changed every 2 years. We in this country are as thick as Ghurkhas foreskins for letting them get away with it and doing nothing to curtail it – its people like Clammy Lammy who grease the wheels for them, to stop or question it would make you a racist.

          • Excellent post ! SandDarkies always work in cash industries. Cash is rarely if ever declared.

      • Evening Jack.

        By rights he should be dressed in a grass skirt, yes? Maybe I got all this cultural appropriation bollocks wrong somewhere down the line…

  4. Another race-card waving token fucking moron who only has his job coz he’s black…. just like the abbopotomous.
    Off topic, but I just read that the bank cunts of england are going to put an Muslim on the new £50 note. …what a surprise. The Twitter twats have insisted that it’s an ethnic and Carney hasn’t told them to get fucked. What are the chances that they’ll give in?
    I thought it was going to be Thatcher or Hawkins but that would be wwaaaysist and divisive….
    I give up.

    • The fuck? You know this same collection of sewer pipe gunge would be the first to complain if a BAME was put on our lowest denomination note. No further explanation required.

      • I hope we won’t have to live through all that tedious old wank about there being pork gelatine in the notes again then!

    • Never give up Mr. Sausage , never stop, and never let the bastards grind you down.
      Good evening.

    • maybe they could have a collage depicting multiculturalism, one of our peaceful brothers wearing a suicide vest, another in a truck crashing through a crowd, another slashing away with a knife and so as to not forget the ladies a pakistani mother dragging her 13 year old daughter back to pakistan to marry a 50 year old man.
      This is the truth about the contribution of the ethnics, i did leave out the groomers, gang rapping a white girl in Rotherham…. thought that would be in bad taste

    • Noor Inayat Khan…who was a spy for the British during WW2…..I saw a documentary on this lady, and conclusively…. I would say yeah….OK with me…..a positive role model…..no Iam not being sarcastic…. and…Tommy Robinson can get to fuck…..✌

    • Inayat Norr Khan, was a British spy during WW2….and was fucking brave…on the £50 pound note..,yes justified….

      And Tommy Robinson can get to fuck….✌

  5. i see that Afua ( what can i get my knickers in a twist about today) Hirsch has got herself a show on LBC. I lasted about 2 minutes, she was chuntering on about how blacks are all getting shafted or something. i can just about listen to JOB but this was too much to ask.

      • Afua Hirsch is a cunt. A foreign cunt. A not born here cunt.
        A cherry picking, nit picking cunt who’s agenda is anti Britain, anti white, pro black and pro Africa.

        Anything that fits her mantra gets a mention, however trivial.
        Only her thoughts and related issues matter.

        Fuck off back to Norway or Ghana you foreign cunt….

        • She also happens to be Monroe Bergdorf’s idiot half sister’s cousin’s witch doctor’s daughter, thrice removed.

          Not a lot of people know that…

  6. I saw him pop up last week when Treasonous May was being pelted in the House of Common people. Even by his standards he was incomprehensible. You know you’re rubbish when old Zelda Hunchback is grimacing attempting to understand your nonsensical gibberish. His constituents must’ve been out of their skulls on Moroccan gange on polling day.

  7. I went into a Muslim clothing shop the other day and asked for a bomber jacket, they threw me out the racist pigs

  8. A very just cunting. This lard-arsed, card-playing, slow-witted buffoon will almost certainly deliver a verbal volley of bollocks sometime before the year is out.

    Like Flabbot, he does appear to have indulged in too many helpings of the Colonel’s finest buckets. Either that or he has been patronising the various Dixy Chicken chains that are spread throughout his constituency and Londonistan in general.

    Brillo had him on the ropes a little while ago whilst Lammy tried but failed to verbally punch his way out, like a post-retirement, Parkinsons-raddled Muhammed Ali.

    An equal opportunities cunt. I bet he is good pals with Sir Lenny Chimpout.

      • great clip of Lammy being a complete cunt, it reminds me of the “council house crackdown” program (typical show where they drag it out, could be done in 10 minutes but lasts an hour)
        They catch some cunt sub letting (usually a black man or woman) who continue to deny they are doing anything wrong even when they are caught red handed with a full dossier of evidence…
        Its in their DNA to lie and lie and lie…. thats why africa is such a mess , they are all corrupt,

    • What a cunt he is.
      I couldn’t manage all of it. My piss boiled away when the idiot started talking about how Churchill understood about “pooling sovereignty”. …. what?
      Churchill would be been vehemently against the EU.
      …besides it seems a bit rich for lammy to be talking about Churchill when cunts like him constantly call Churchill wwwaysist.

        • Yes sorry I should’ve said Churchill would be vehemently against the UK joining the EU….
          Although I’m not entirely sure he’d approve of verhovstadt, barnier and the like, their incompetence, irrational behaviour, disgusting attitude, anti UK policy and defiance of public opinion….
          ..Their failing currency, their porous borders, the plan to flood Europe with Muslim and African migrants, their corruption…..

          • Am sure you’re 100% right – if he were alive today he’d despise the crooked EU cunts and their shitty Ponzi scheme every bit as much as we do. Seems everything’s a fucking con these days, boy am I Sick and tired of it all!

  9. Well done Richard 1. There’s no way i can last 2 minutes with JOB without a: kicking the radio, or b: vomiting violently. Ditto that fucking Hirsch woman. The Abbottpotamus is the reincarnation of Einstein next to that Lammy twat.

  10. Still a bit of a cunt !!!!!!
    Fuck me, he’s the cunt, the whole cunt and nothing but the cunt .
    The cunt.

  11. And for good measure this:


    Posted in separate threads due to the moderation rule/filter.


    David Lammy is a cunt.

    A racist, separatist, victimisation, clown of a cunt!

    David please understand the difference between “equality of opportunity” and “equality of outcome” you total fucking retard of a pointless CUNT!

    So your parents come here from wherever, you are educated “free of charge” through to University level (I’m guessing) in Britain. You make your way through the ranks in Cuntminster up to being offered front bench responsibilities – which YOU turned down (because you’re waiting for a B.Liar #2 government aren’t you, you duplicitous CUNT).

    So when you say to yourself:

    – How unfair British society is.

    – How waycist British society is.

    – How “socially immobile” British society is.

    Why don’t you stop, for one fucking moment, you utter piece of shit, and take a long hard look in the mirror!

    If any society was any of those things you decry above, how the fuck is it possible that YOU are in the position that YOU find yourself in now!?!

    I mean please, answer that fucking question you fucking TWAT!

    You can’t can you, you one trick pony cunt! You and your compatriot – Abbott – have both had exactly the same bastard opportunities that I did. And, like myself, you made good on those opportunities the same as I did (whether or not yours are deserved or not is a different matter).

    If some cunt – white or black – decides to become a druggy, stabby cunt, then that’s on them. It has fuck all to do with history, WW2, Churchill, Slavery, and all that absolute bullshit you drag out of your arse at EVERY opportunity, YOU TOTAL FUCKING CUNT!

    Similarly, if someone – black or white – decides to make something of themselves, like you and I David, then that’s on us too.

    That’s how “equality of opportunity” works David, it’s fair to all and YOU have certainly reaped those benefits (including claiming for a ridiculous amount in tax-payer expenses – how much did you claim again for Jaffa Cakes YOU CUNT)!

    Equality of outcome is unfair as it pre-loads an outcome based on some demographic bullshit whether those cunts – again, black or white – deserve it or not.

    Our great nation gives EVERYONE the same opportunity to achieve. It is up to them whether they take that opportunity or not.

    You’ve benefited from our completely fair opportunity system, so how about bigging that up for once, and showing SOME FUCKING GRATITUDE, instead of some fake notion of non-existant waycism and oppression!

    David Lammy, you are the worst that this country has to offer. And, no, that has fuck all to do with you being black, and everything to with you being a palladium coated, 24 carat CUNT!

  12. David Lammy is an epic cunt. If I was black and this cunt was presented as speaking for me I’d be gutted.

    David Lammy is a self righteous cunt who barely understands the left wing dogma he’s been groomed to spout.

    David Lammy is a certain bet for a cunting on any given day.

    He’s a prize cunt to the core, purest cunt, not a damn thing to do with skin colour. Just his sustained unbridled cuntitude.

  13. Lammy is so annoying, I reckon if he were kidnapped, they’d give the divvit back after about half an hour.

    • O’Shithead worships the ground Lammy shits upon, thinks the sun shines out his pile infested black hole. He rarely misses an opportunity to say so on his show… in between promoting his ‘book’ and misrepresenting Nadine Dorries, Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farige, et al.

      Recently described him as “the most impressive politician of our time…”

  14. Got to 45 seconds and couldn’t take any more of the sight and sound of the O’Shithead creep.
    Shouldn’t be allowed, innocent people may click on it by accident.

    • Since March it’s had 16,500 views with 268 likes….
      Not sure how o’cuntface managed to get a mainstream radio show as he’s obviously not very popular.

  15. The da rkies I worked with in the Army were always great blokes cos they just mucked in and didn’t play any cards. And this is the problem with blicks – if they just mucked in then we wouldn’t have an issue. But mostly they are thieving, feckless, criminal, obnoxious or, worse, socialist cunts.

  16. Boys can have periods too, children to be taught in latest victory for transgender campaigners.

    Sex education lessons for children at school will now include information about transgender people

    School children will be taught that “all genders” can have periods in new sex education lessons, in a victory for transgender rights campaigners.

    The advice to teachers was approved by Brighton & Hove City Council as they try to tackle stigma around menstruation.

    Boys can have periods too? What utter bollocks.

    • Reckon Heselcunt is permanently on the blob.
      Cable, too.
      Although technically too old, but it’s the thought process that counts.
      If you “identify,” anything goes.
      Fish, bananas, old pajamas, mutton, beef, and trout.

    • One piss boiler for me was the daily mail running an article headlined “man having baby”. Thought wow medical advances and so on cool. Then I read that the man was in fact a women who looked like a man dressed like a man and stated she was a man but having a baby indicated that she was a women. What the fuck it’s a mad World for sure. I blame Brexit for the total collapse of everything I hold dear. Bollocks more beer.

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