Danny Dyer [5]

Danny Dyer must be grievously cunted.

Just when you tought What A Load Of Sneery Old Toss (HIGNFY – Haemorrhoids, Ingrowing Egos, Glans, Nads, Farts, Yuck..) couldn’t possibly get any worse, they’ve given the job to this appalling wannabe fourth-division footballer-type dingleberry.

I haven’t watched it for ages, as Slapped Baby-Arse Face superheats my piss.
Dyer is an utter sphincter.

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69 thoughts on “Danny Dyer [5]

  1. Yes, I’m afraid it can get worse, St Linikunt is in the HIGNFY chair tomorrow. He has been in some bizarre Brexit shit throwing with Peter Shilton of all people. Dyer is a wanker too.

    • That jug eared prick also had a pop at Chris waddle and had the fucking cheek to tell him to “ stick to football “
      Cricket commentator Jonathan Agnew dived into the melee and told jug ears under bbc guidelines he shouldn’t be expressing his political opinions,
      Although the cunts at the bbc let him as apparently he’s a contractor?? Or some other fucking sideways bollocks…..

    • Shilts should knock fuck out of the insufferable lefty jug eared cunt…. Having complained about that steaming femstapo PC turd, Doctor Who (nice one, Ron) I am now going to ask the Bent Broadcasting Corporation to remove the arrogant and biased bastard who presents Match Of The Day….

  2. I remember this show from the nineties. Fuck it must be shit if it’s still trundling along and recruiting wannabe geezah dickface dyer.
    Why the fuck would he be on there? And what exactly is he supposed to bring to a show like that?
    Perhaps he is there to mirror the supposed level of intellect that exists within your average viewer/voter.
    What a load of shitting cunt.

  3. By the way, an additional juvenile caption would fit in the header pic.
    “have I got news for you…….I’m a cum gargling twat”.

  4. Saw HIGNFY with Dyer in the chair, trying to do his ‘geezer’ schlock. Made himself look a right cunt. The show’s about as funny as a night in the gulag these days; it’s utterly clapped out.

  5. Haven’t watched Have I Got Remoaner News For You for about 2 years , for obvious reasons, so they can do what they like the BBC bastards.
    I used to like Danny and have defended him on here in the past. However, he has since turned luvvie remoaner which explains why he has got this gig. Once you turn remoaner there’s no going back in my book. He can go and fuck himself the cunt.
    Speaking of which I won’t be watching that other BBC remoan flagship, Question Time , tonight. It’s the usual 4-1 in favour of remoan but this time all 4 are wimminz, all ganged up against David Davies.
    The usual “balance” we have come to expect from the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.

  6. News from the NAO re Brussels Broadcasting……

    There is a cost over-run of a mere £27m on a budget of £59m of OUR money to allow that obnoxious barrow-boy Dyer and his fellow cunts to mince about pretending to be a ‘hard man’ whilst boring the shite out of us all with it’s portrayal of miserable cunts in the Stab Central drizzle….. (if I actually watched it).

    This must be the same useless fucking set of number crunchers without even possessing Grade 5 Maths from Kabul University who deem the likes of Linekunt, Evans and Yentob amongst numerous others to be worth their shamefully inflated appearance fees invariably paid into tax haven numbered bank accounts.

    Danny Dyer is Swahili for Drunken Dildo

  7. Danny is one of O’Shithead’s great heroes, because “he cut through all the gibberish and got to the nub of Brexit” as in the clip below:


    And in case anyone’s interested, and I’m sure everyone is, this morning O’Shithead declared “the greatest Prime Minister we never had” was… drum roll…

    Michael Heseltine!

    • O’Shithead is a miracle of modern science. No matter how big a cunt he was yesterday he can always find a way of being even more cuntish today.
      A remarkable talent.

      • I’ve never actually listened to this twat but from comments on here he sounds like the recognised International Standard Classification of Cunt.

        • Ron if you listen to his show for just 30 seconds you’ll be scarred for life.
          My advice is to resist the temptation.
          Occasionally I think I’ll turn on the show just to see what shite he’s spewing today and within 1 minute I’m swearing, shaking my fists and gritting my teeth to stop me biting my own head off to escape.

          ….you have never heard real cuntitude until you’ve listened to a James O’brien phone-in.

          Just don’t do it mate…
          It’ll take years off your life, and life’s short enough already.

          • Agree 200% Deploy. If I listen to a single sentence O’Brian spews out my anger management gets out of control. Everything about the Cunt makes me want to bludgeon him to a pulp.

    • I always took o’cuntface for a B.liar man….
      I don’t listen to his show so I wouldn’t know but I’m sure he creamed his y-fronts when B.liar began ethnically cleansing the working class.

  8. This Can in tan cunt is just another professional cockney wanker!
    His biggest films were football factory and the business which weren’t all that, since then it’s been a steady stream of straight to dvd films , at least he’s found his natural home hanging around With other like minded make believe cockneys in eastenders, whoever thought this thick as fucking pig shit cunt was a good Choice for HIGNFY is having a laugh , not that I watch that absolute shower anymore…..,
    Dyer is a pound shop ray winstone who himself is a two bob cunt ….. 😂

  9. Went to the same “just play yourself no matter what the role is” drama school as Ray Winstone and Sean Connery.

    • I liked Ray Winstone in Sexy Beast.. But it would of been a shite film without Ben Kingsley and Ian McShane .

      • Fuck me what a fantastic film that is,almost up there with Get Carter.Aint seen it in years,thanks for reminding me Fistula,will download and rewatch.

  10. Fuck me. Just seen a newsclip of Michael Pob in his shorts , jogging.
    What a fucking sight, if you didn’t know who he was you’d assume a travelling freak show had arrived in town , or that some local secure facility had lost an inmate.
    An appearance in a Malteser advert must surely be in the offing.
    Fuck off you Softy Walter cunt.

    • He looks like some sort of Adult Schoolboy. First-Year at Miss May’s Academy for Naughty Boys & Girls.

    • Another “couldn’t cover Kelly’s eye” cunt!

      Was he running or sliding like the slimey slug he is?

      So called “staunch Brexiteers” like him and Leadsnone backing May’s nightmare. If it goes through, Pob gets the Foreign Office and Leadsnone gets the Home Office. Remember where you heard it first.


  11. Hard-man,indeed…just another wanker who believes that they are the part they play. That slap-headed Wanker,Ross Kemp is another one of them. After all, nothing says “hard-man” quite like playing dress-up in theatres while they “learn” their craft amongst that notoriously macho crowd….actors.

    However, I did see some photos of his daughter who won some reality programme..,.I’d slip her a length….probably discover that Danny really got “hard”while watching ….the foul Pervert.

    Fuck Off.

  12. Yeh but vis geezer knew somebody who knew somebody who’s uncle once spoke to Ron and Reg. Obviously makes Dyer an ‘ard cant dunnit.

  13. Evening Dick. Wasn’t Ross Kemp beaten up by his missus, the foul ginger slag Rebekah Brooks ?
    Should have kicked her in the cunt, although he’d probably have lost his boot.
    Another job for the Lakeland pot holers.
    The rancid slut.

    • Evening Jack….I wouldn’t be surprised. Whenever I’ve seen the Kemp Cunt he’s cowering behind the lines before clamping his helmet on while filling his pants,muttering “We could see it was all going to kick off,so I got out of there.” while sprinting away,leaving nothing but a trail of skitter and an unpleasant odour, I’d imagine.

      Hard man,my arse.

      • Be amusing if he did it while there was a pack of foraging gays in the area.
        That would be a good ‘ drag ‘ hunt .
        A tin hat wouldn’t protect his arse.

  14. Last time that I mistakenly flicked on to HIGNFY there was some dwarf called Andy Hamilton on. I perked right up thinking that I’d landed on some obscure sports channel featuring dwarf-throwing. I was soon disabused of that notion. The fat Cunt sat next to him never even asked him where Snow White was,or whether he shopped at Mothercare, never mind grab him by his bandy little legs,swing him round three times and chuck him the length of the studio.
    When will these fucking programme makers commission shows that people would enjoy? Dwarf-chucking, forced route-marches for fatties,student-bashing,outrun the school-bully, Gay bullfighting etc…..thats the kind of programmes that I want to see,not some “Oh-so-clever and right-on” wankers verbally wanking each other off.

    Fuck them.

    • ‘Tenable’. When he initially walks onto the set with the contestants they are invariably tall. The consol like desk he sits behind has got bigger this season I believe; he seems perched aloft of it. The little suit they dress him in looks a size too big. Yes, there are nefarious minds at work to make poor Warwick look even smaller.

  15. Poor old Mavis. She’s been refused entry to the big wigs dinner in Brussels again tonight.
    The poor lonely cow slinks off back to the embassy for her burger and chips and a small bottle of brown ale.
    That’s what you get for a being a traitorous fucking cunt. Just fuck off cunt.

    • I hope it gives her the shits.
      And I hope some peaceful chef in the EU kitchen laces the banquet with ricin.
      Die you cunts.

    • Just proves that appeasement never works.
      They should take a lesson coz they appease a few cunts back home too and I’m sure those smelly rapers’ll be even less impressed with capitulation than the EU.

  16. What fucks me off most about dyer is the way he fuckin bowls it.
    Like some kind of Liam Manc wannabe but worse….
    I wonder if he’d bowl from side to side if we strung him up? 😁

    • He’s like a caricature of a cockney that has long gone and never looked or talked like such a bellend in the first place.

    • Yep I saw that too.

      Did I hear it’s because they’ve got 1/4 million pieces of ‘evidence’ to sift through?!

      What a fucking farce. The evidence is already, er, self-evident by looking skywards in that part of London.

      I may be taking a wild guess at this but it seems there’s been a fire; it’s tragic ; nobody wanted it to happen but bunging a couple of hundred million to the usual parasitic legal ‘profession’ on a fatuous enquiry relevant to an infinitesimal number of the nation and or David Lammy ain’t gonna bring a single victim back.

      It’s the sign of a country gone up shit creek forever- see also numerous other ongoing examples eg Hillsborough and Bloody Sunday to name but two – both of which occurred several decades ago.

  17. Typical cockney tosser all pie n mash n jellied eels. Got to listen to his type on the trains that’s if peter the pole is no shouting down his phone. If you think your hard enough cunnnnnt

  18. I don’t mind Dyer. He’s a weapons grade bellend but he seems to have just enough self awareness to understand that.

    I see Linekunt has been making a cunt of himself again today with his usual anti brexit bollocks.

    Evening gents.

    • Evening rigsby….
      Yea I do think that at least dyer could probably occasionally laugh at himself or show some element of humility…. probably … well, maybe.

      Linekunt on the other hand….
      Fuckin jug eared cunt needs to be told how useless and unimportant he is….
      What the fuck is it with these cunts?
      An actor and someone who USED TO kick a ball around for a living are now great pantheons of fact and and knowledge that we should all fall down to our knees in front of and beg “please enlighten me! PLEASE! I’m so think …..”

      • Lineker is so outspoken now on lefty bollocks (poster boy for al-beebera last we forget – if anything comes out about him and ‘green bananas’ they’re both toast) and he’s had quite a lot kept out of the press that I find it hard to believe he is not due a monu-fucking-mental fall from grace, soon.

        Evening Mr deploy.

        • Yeh I’ve heard first-hand from people in the Midlands that Linemepockets has more than a few embarrassing secrets to hide.

          This may or may not be true but of course the BBC long ago gave up the last vestiges of thorough investigative journalism in favour of pursuing their libtard agenda so don’t expect those incompetents to reveal it!

  19. It’s incredible this awful shit is still plaguing the screens. It’s so tired and slow, awkward-inducing, a bit like being forced to watch an aged dying of dementia in front of you.

    I saw one a year ago when Ian “Titanium-Hypocrite” Hislop was going through the motions: say the first bit to the prick in the middle, then swivel his little rat head to the audience for gurning and punchline.

    In this episode he was attacking the Tories for austerity (cue extra swivelling / gurning/ raising ventriloquist eyebrows at the audience).

    Hislop leftves hasn’t got a Scooby-fucking-do about the real world. He’s probably never even met an Iron Curtain Eurotrash, let alone share a road with these dirty peasants. He lives in a millionaire mansion in Sissinghurst, Kent and is chauffeur-driven to the BBC. He may have the body of a withered Tiny Tim but he has the hypocritical ego of a Amazonian giant.

    • Yeah, Hislop was another bloke I used to have some respect for. Not any more the snide little cunt. One good thing about this referendum, and having the result stolen from us, is that all the scum have had to crawl out of the sewer and expose themselves to the blinding light.
      We know who you are now cunts.
      Never forgive, never forget. 🇬🇧

    • ‘He may have the body of a withered Tiny Tim but he has the hypocritical ego of a Amazonian giant.’

      Godlike cunting!!!

    • An Oscar winning bit of cunting for that piggy little tool Hislop. Him and Lineker; what a couple of cunts to be employed with public money.

      • Ron, I had to leave the room when the Hislop turd started blithering about “austerity” and making his “Wh-at?” face at the audience by popping his eyes and dropping his no-chin like a badly-descended testicle.

        Austerity? Fuck off Hislop. Stop pretending you’re talking to “the people” as if you’re struggling with them. You and your disgusting cunt of a wife live in dripping lavishness and have millions in the bank simply because you crack jokes about Brexit ‘n’ Trump. Deluded fucking mîdget.

  20. That’s another good thing about May.
    Everybody over here is united in their loathing for her.
    Then she goes grovelling to her colleagues in Brussels, and it’s “Ten minutes, and your time is up. Now fuck off back to your hole.”

    Serves her right.

    Sod her.

    • It’s fucking cringeworthy HBH, and what the cunt deserves. Trouble is we’re stuck with her and her ‘delivering the Brexit the British people want’ shit. The cunt’s delusional. I don’t know about the men in grey suits coming around. I think we need a couple in white coats.

  21. Danny Dyers I Believe in Aliens is fucking hilarious worse thing about him is he’s fucking West Ham the fucking soppy Iron shitcunt

  22. Fucking Question Time……..panel of cunts………audience of cunts……..I am a cunt for continuing to watch this one sided farce…….

    I an fed fucking up with these remoaning cunts……..fed up with this shithole of a fucking country.
    On the bright side………oh fuck off…..

    • The Python song “Always look on the bright side” springs to mind…

      “Let’s pray there’s intelligent life out there
      ‘cos there’s bugger all, down here on earth.”

  23. Dyer’s surname is his CV. His daughter ‘Dani’ who ‘won’ ‘Love Island’ is a walking illustration of an STD.

  24. Lenny McLean was a true Cockney Tough guy, Double D is about as hard as my knob would get if Ginger Sturgeon stripped off and bent over in front of me.!

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