Crowdfunding [3]

I nominate crowdfunding. In very exceptional cases, it can be for a good cause, but it’s usually for some totally selfish reason, and it’s basically scrounging, by any other name. A case recently, forgot the cunt’s name, but he is an unemployed father of five brats, with another on the way, and the cunt has started a crowdfunding page so that the public can raise money for him to buy xmas presents for his brats. How about crowdfunding for a vasectomy, you poncing,scrounging git.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

31 thoughts on “Crowdfunding [3]

  1. Top Cunting MM.

    Begging is illegal under the Vagrancy Act of 1824.

    Have a nice day. (I won’t)

      • People used to put begging ads in the back of Private JapsEye.
        I wonder if the obnoxious little twat Hislop still does…

  2. So will he have to pay tax on that?

    I have to say, as I consider 99.999% of humanity to be cum gargling shitting cunts I’d have no problem taking their money if they are dumb enough to give it to me.
    Please crowdfund my whole life so I can fulfill my human right to absolute freedom.
    Cheers guys (you cunts).

    • begging is utter cuntage. some twat, on Twatter, was regaling all who looked his way how his dog was, recovering after an accident in the shower….. and then declared that he couldn’t afford the vets’ bill. stupid other twats sent him money.

      everyone involved in this episode is a CUNT. (except maybe the dog)

  3. It’s somewhat surprising that the SPIV hasn’t resorted to this tactic( not sure he actually hasn’t). ‘Please help me , I am a top level investigator, conducting absolutely vital research into all these false flag terrorist attacks,did you know for example that no one actually died on Westminster Bridge? Not a lot of people know that. I smoke like a chimney , have six fucking big dogs and my jag is on its last legs. I can’t get a job because my investigations are vital to the national interest even though they are ignored by almost everybody and laughed at by the dwindling numbers visiting my site. Please give generously.’

    • Spivey already has the begging bowl out on his site Richard:

      “Keeping this site going, takes an incredible amount of my time and effort. Other commitments mean that finding the time to do so is not always easy. A small donation per week, would certainly take a lot of the pressure off me and leave me free to concentrate exclusively on this site and give you the hard to find info you deserve , this link will not work on IE (Internet Explorer) as it is crap lol , use Mozilla or Chrome ok…”

      PS: O’Shithead “is signing 100 copies of my book” at some bookstore in Charring Cross or some such shithole today…

      • Where is the cunt going to find 100 mugs to pay money for that pile of remoaner shite ?
        Total wanker.

        • Maybe he could crowdfund his book sales?
          Or …….
          Maybe he could start by personally walking around Shoreham-by-Sea with a bucket? Whilst collecting he could explain to the locals that the people they knew who had died in the air crash were in fact actors ? And the whole thing was stage managed? 😂

        • Maybe some burly, bad tempered Brexiteer will charge into the book shop and deck the cunt.
          Youtube video of the year…

  4. I’d rather give money to that scrounger’s kids than the Scottish Nazi with the roving hands , Alex Fatboy Salmond.
    A hundred grand that cunt had off the mugs and, as far as I know , hasn’t spent a penny defending his fat arse.
    Dirty, sex offending bastard.

  5. I particularly detest those holiday makers who fuck off abroad some place, cause some trouble and end up in prison and/or hospital. The subsequently miss their flight home, have no cash left and then plead for crowdfunding because the cunts were too cheap to bother with travel insurance.

    • Wonder whether the Grenfell inquiry will be finished in my lifetime, whether anyone will ever be prosecuted and what will be the final bill to the taxpayers for legal costs.

      A complete waste of fucking time and money for precisely fuck all. Not even convinced lessons will be learned etc.

      Incompetence at the highest level followed by an organised shambles.

      Britain at its very best.

    • I wish Stormzy would fucking well clad his mouth.’

      Now that WOULD make a ‘Merry Christmas.’

      Do-gooding twattery.

  6. What made me laugh out loud was cuntflap posting a link and RTC saying
    “ oh fuck” !!!!!!!

  7. Crowdfunding is a fucking scam….. I dont trust anyone , I never give any money to any of the charity tins….. dont trust them
    Too many scams out there….. dont trust anyone, Cunts

  8. When I heard that the little Syrian “bullying victim” (more likely a typical pain in the arse peaceful) got 100k plus I felt genuine rage.
    Crowd funding should be renamed cunt funding, this country is full of them

    • People are stupid thick cuts.

      Some months ago I had to go into town. Waited outside a supermarket next to a young overweight black guy in a shell suit.

      He asked me if I had a pound and I said no. In the next ten minutes he asked three further people who were passing if they had a pound, two of which said yes and gave it to him.

      Why FFS?

  9. I could not agree more, Mystic Maven.

    I would hasten a guess that millions struggle every day to pay for just the basics, but unlike this shower of begging cuntwaffles, they have a bit of dignity and pride.

    I saw a classic example of this cuntery online last week. Some twat mother wanted to take her girls to Disneyworld, so started a ‘Go Fund Me’ page as it would give them ‘wonderful memories’ or some utter bollocky shite like that….and the twat actually HIT HER TARGET. Dumbarses actually funded her!!!

    This woman WORKED. This woman could have SAVED, no matter how long it may have taken her. She just couldn’t be fucking arsed and wanted it the easy way.

    My understanding was that sites such as this were for DESPERATE people who really needed some help financially, such as those trying to fund potentially life saving medical treatment or for a charitable cause, etc.

    These mooching fuckheads use it to pay their bills or fund totally indulgent jollies.

    They can all fuck off as far as I am concerned.


    • I’ll bet the scrounging bitch doesn’t even have any kids. Probably pouring it down her throat instead.

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