Call the Midwife

The entire Cast and Production team, and most especially the Writers of Call the Midwife Christmas Special 2018 are self righteous Cunts!

There you are settling down with a mince pie and a glass of port, ready to be treated to a heart warming stroll down memory lane, where the poor were poor and grateful for help received and little miracles occurred to offset the grimness of everyday life.

What do we get? I storyline punctuated by every 2018 pressure group issue.
No NHS beds when you need them.
Apartment building in London.
Immigrants, poor wee loves are Chinese this time.
Oh, you can’t adopt a wee brown baby if you are white!
Expansion of Ethnic Christianity into the space left by the traditional.
Oh. and the old chestnut! Wouldn’t everything be better if women ruled the world! The 2 men left in the series (and a guest father portrayed as a useless cunt) are shown as emotional retards given life by their cuntish women!
There were probably other references that I missed in this load of over-sentimentalised cuntishness.
So, I enter the New Year with a deeper loathing of the BBC cunts and I doubt that’s going to improve anytime soon!

Happy New Year!

Nominated by Alan Hancox

36 thoughts on “Call the Midwife

  1. Just your daily reminder not to fund the fucking Beebistan. Oh, and to vote Ukip at the next election to get rid of the licence fee.

    • Sorry to say I feel UKIP have fucked up OC.

      Should have listened to Nigel and not pointed Tommy Robinson as an advisor.

      As much as I have sympathy for TR, the way he has been treated and can accept much of what he says, feel UKIP should concentrate and focus on the biggest single problem currently facing the UK, namely getting us out of the EU.

      Whilst I am concerned about the hold and impact our peaceful friends are having on this once great country we need to totally and completely free from the control of the EU in order for us to best achieve this.

      It is a very poor decision by UKIP, as they could have expected to receive most Brexiteer votes. If a new centre right party is formed with or without Nigel the Brexiteer votes will be split.

      I will vote first and foremost for an official Nigel Farage backed party, UKIP if this is not forthcoming. No other mainstream parties are credible alternatives, and have proven they cannot be trusted.

      Suspect this will be the same for most racist, extremist, ignorant far right supporters such as myself.

      • It’s certainly what could be termed a bold decision but I think there are a lot of people out there who can see through the MSM attacks. I mean, just look at the reaction when he was imprisoned via a kangaroo court earlier this year – the guy has a lot of support.

      • I think Tommy Robinson’s inclusion is a masterstroke.

        I had no clue who he was even 18 months ago.

        I don’t give a fuck about his “perceived” history (which we’ve only ever heard from lamestream media outlets) but what he’s been saying since I have been aware of him I agree with it 100%.

        The only cunts who knew about Tommy Robinson’s past are the same libtard, border-free, hug a “peaceful”, fuckwits who voted to Remain in the first place.

        Robinson is bang on-message when it comes to the betrayal of Brexit and the Islamification of the UK.

        So the cunts who (think they) know about his (spoonfed to them by lanestream media) past are irrelevant anyway.

        Nope, UKIP for me and it’s Farage who’s going to queer the pitch by creating a party to purposely split the UKIP vote. For shame!

        Did you *really* want a leave vote Sir Nige? Hmmm…?

      • Like a ‘bovver boy’ from the 70s. So unfair because he has shown great courage, determination. He just looks too thuggish.

        • Maybe we need a little more thug and a lot less flake?

          We are being ridden over roughshod by globalist and religious fanatics while our own “powers that be be” pander to them and our own “religious leaders” remain silent.

          We have been cowed into doing fuck all for fear of being called “waycist”, well that particular nomenclature ran out of steam shortly after the Brexit vote in 2016 when it was used everywhere and anywhere.

          It has no power anymore so we will say what is true and if they don’t like it feel free to debate it in an open forum, on whatever platform you like instead of using your tags, or ranting incoherently to stifle it.

          Knowledge and fact will always beat guesswork and assumption. Please feel free to use them!

  2. Can’t say I’ve ever watched call the cuntwife but if it’s on the beebistan it must be a load of unnecessarily over politicised (tried but failed to do subtly) load of hippy wank.
    Fuck the BBC.

  3. A superb end of year cunting for those cunts at the Beeb.
    Personally I’m getting sick and tired of this onslaught of neo-Marxist b/s we’re being subjected to.
    ‘Dr Who’ is the classic case. The fucking Beeb has taken an iconic and much loved programme, a staple of early evening escapist entertainment for decades, and sunk it without trace under the dead hand of ‘identity politics’.
    The BBC is a publicly funded organisation, required to be IMPARTIAL. ‘Dr Who’ should entertain, not subject us to finger-wagging propaganda. I put in a complaint to the cunts about this politicisation of programmme content. I URGE OTHER CUNTERS WHO STRONGLY OBJECT TO FUNDING INDOCTRINATION TO DO LIKEWISE. Just type ‘BBC complaints’ into google then hit the ‘complain online’ box. Took me less time than typing up a nom. The more people complain, the more the pressure will grow, so do it, guys!

    • Apparently the viewers of Dr who are leaving in their droves since he became a wimminz and every episode had an SJW angle.

    • You know the nation is fucked when Sports Personality of the Year (a cunt I its own right) team of the year is won by…Netball.

      Apparently it won by over 50,000 votes. The 5 people who actually watched it and 49,995 virtue-signalling cunts!

      The ABBC’s agenda is simple: promote anything that isn’t traditional British, be a globalist propaganda news outlet for the EU, Killary and Trudeau, while telling us that Brexit, Trump and Putin are baaaad!

      The ABBC is about as much use as Nigel Kennedy’s spot cream and Tony Hall ought to be strung up for treachery against the nation as Lord Has Haw was post WW2 – with special tribunals for Kuntsberg, Sobel and Penaarse!

      I wonder how SJW the cunts would be if they had to use advertising to earn a keep?

      Esther Rantzen’s “Babies for Goalposts” sponsored by Cow & Gate.

      Mo Farrah’s “It ain’t ‘arf ‘ot Mum…back here in Somalia!” in association with the UK repatriation service.

      Werther’s “Sucks to be You!” World News Report.

      “Call the Midwife at £11.50 per minute!” presented by 118 118.

      “Blue Peter” in association with PawnHub.

      BP’s “Save the Planet” introduced by Sir David Attenborough.

      “Songs of Praise with Fiona Bruce” brought to you by Dignitas. We care.

      Ahhhh, the list is endless…

  4. Is that she-yeti Miranda Fart still in that cuntwife bollocks?

    A crock of runny shit. I would rather see the original Italian Job or the Great Escape for the umptyump time instead of the PC bollocks the Al JaBeeba now dribbles out.

  5. Fuck “Call the Midwife”. I’m waiting for “Call the Gynecologist” starring Gemma Arterton……better not be any Darkies poking around,mind.

    • Mmm I don’t know Mr Fiddler, they seen to advance with the cultural diversity of Londonistan with each passing year. Maybe in the next series there will be born the son of an immigrant bus driver born under a crescent moon.

    • Regarding yesterday’s annual wankfest (the Boxing day hunts), I was wondering if you had any amusing anecdotes about hunt saboteurs getting a fucking good seeing to round your way, Mr Fiddler?
      One would assume that you think that the hunt saboteurs are Guardian reading, vegan leftie scum, and quite right too.
      Or do you play both sides and secretly play one side off against the other by shouting ‘Posh cunts’ at the huntsmen and blaming some innocent old biddie in a bobble hat?

    • Evening Mr F, as I’m apparently being moderated to fuck (disappearing posts), I’ll simply make my enquiry in as innocent way as possible:
      Regarding boxing day hunts…do you have any amusingly spiteful anecdotes about hunt saboteurs being sorted out by the pro hunt activists?

    • Aw Dick. I must find that ‘Gemma being interviewed on the red carpet clip for you’ .

      I’d do it right now but Mrs Hunt is lurking

  6. By the way, just to let you lot know we have cuntings 20 and 21 of the Beebistan scheduled within a few days of each other in the new year to look forward to.

    • …..and can it be a coincidence that Film 2019 ‘will not happen’?

      I’ll accept it’s never been the same since Bazza shuffled off but appointing that well-known Cabbage Patch Doll Claudia Winkleman was clearly the beginning of the end.

      But hey, who cares at the loss of a previously niche but informative show, hosted by acknowledged experts, when it can be fronted by wimminz and persons of colour instead. Of which Wrinkledshit ticks both boxes.

  7. “Wouldn’t everything be better if women ruled the world!”?

    They more or less already do, don’t they? A reminder:

    UK Head of State – woman
    UK Prime Minister – woman
    Scotch 1st Minister – woman
    Scottish leader of Conservative Party – woman
    Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police – woman
    Director of Public Prosecutions – woman
    Director General of the CBI – woman
    General Secretary of the TUC – woman
    Shadow Home Secretary – female sub-primate
    Leader of IRA – woman
    Leader of DUP – Wonder Woman
    Leader of Plaid Cymru – woman
    Chancellor of The Fourth Reich – woman
    New Zealand Prime Minister – woman
    President of South Korea – woman
    Prime Minister of Poland – woman
    IMF Managing Director – woman

    And the U.S. only just escaped by the skin of its teeth…

    No wonder we’re in such a state!

    (Apologies to esteemed female Cunters posting here)

    • Glad to say you can remove the delightful, highly efficient, well respected and supporter of victims nation wide Alison Saunders from the list as she eventually fucked off from her position of DPP on 31st October 2018.

      I can say that from my personal experience and in my humble opinion she is none of these things, and feel confident in saying that anyone (other than those accused) who has the misfortune of having dealings with her will feel you couldn’t get a worse or unsuited person in charge who is supposed to be on your side. Because she wasn’t.

      Fuck off you nasty uncaring in compassionate, fat, ugly, useless, inept, snobby establishment bitch. Everything that is wrong with this country starts from people in authority like you.

      If you can sense a feeling of absolute anger in this posting then your senses are correct and you are spot on.

  8. In fairness, Mrs Bastard has read all of Jennifer Worth’s original books about her long career as a midwife and assures me that none of this PC bullshit and propaganda appears within her writings.
    Series 4 onwards is pure fiction written in house by the beeb after Worth herself passed away.
    The last series of the previously excellent “Endeavour” fell prey to the virtue signalling wankery as well, after author Colin Dexter kicked the bucket.
    ITV are cunts too…

  9. BBC News

    No-deal Brexit could put public at risk, warns Met chief.

    The UK will leave Europol after Brexit and will not be a member of the European Arrest Warrant scheme.

    The public could be put at risk if the UK leaves the EU in March without an official agreement, the UK’s most senior police officer has said.

    Met Commissioner Cressida Strapon said a no-deal exit would threaten access to EU-wide criminal databases and make it harder to extradite people from abroad.

    She told the BBC the Met was talking to other police forces across Europe about contingency arrangements if needed.

    Firstly, due to the incompetence of the government, the reduction of funds available to police and PC approach of those in charge and continues infestation of foreigners the public of this country are at a greater danger now than in my lifetime. (I amnearly 60).

    Secondly it is well known that the UK gives the EU far more information about criminal activity than we get back.

    Thirdly, it makes no fucking difference. The UK has let in many EU citizens who have committed major, serious crimes (such as murder, rape, armed robbery) in their home countries.

    Fourthly, why wouid we want to bring back those who have committed crimes back into this country especially when we are already looking after so many non British criminals?

    About time for some fucking reciprocity. Or will the government deport all foreign criminals following Brexit? Thought not.

    • I nominated Crassida Dickhead earlier day – yet another homosexual Remoaner, and one who is a gift to the BBC Ugly as fucking sin as well she is. She is more masculine than some of her male officers, but I am sick of fuckwits like her involving themselves in politics.

    • They need our Intel far more that we need theirs. With the exception of the US, Russian and Israeli secret services, ours is one of the best in the world (if not the best), and clearly the best within the EU!

      Like I say, quid pro quo, play fair, what’s the problem?

      Do they really think that *ANY* allied intelligence service is NOT going to share intel on “peaceful” (and yeah, it is only those) cunts planning an attack on any other allied nation?

      What are they going to do? Let it happen and then say: “Zer! Vee told vous so!” – cos that would give them such great worldwide Kudos wouldn’t it!

      Fucking joke!

      All fabrication and lies courtesy of project fear. Do not believe their lies!

  10. I can’t stand this shite either.

    My Mum is an avid watcher of it. Any time it returns or has a ‘special’ on, she is there like a permed haired rat up a spotlessly clean drainpipe. It does my nut in. Nine times out of ten when I come back into the living room after it has finished, she is sobbing into her box of ‘Black Magic’ saying ‘That was very touching’……

    Not quite the adjective I would use for it. BOLLOCKS would be my chosen word. Anything featuring nursing nuns, pregnant women and midwives is my cue to reach for a very large sick bucket.

  11. EMERGENCY UBER CUNTING: CRESSIDA DICK. This titles wonder is getting involved in politics by warning about a no deal Brexit. Fuck off darling.You are not allowed to get involved in politics so go do one,love

    • Yes, but Cressida Strap-On was a political appointment – what do you expect her to do instead, paint the junior officer’s nails?

  12. As the shitefest is set in the London of the 50’s may be the bbc could do a modern version employing a foreign charity to provide the midwifery services to the current inhabitants; sure that sort of right on bollocks will attract an appreciative audience

  13. Let’s face it Project Fear 2 is only reinforcing Project Fear 1.

    I will bet my mortgage and pension that no one who voted Leave has been swayed in anyway by the daily barrage of doom mongering.

    In life, regardless of whether it’s work, your kids PTA, Neighbourhood Watch, the Parish Council, the Greens Committee at the Golf Club (take your pick) there’s always some cunt that thinks he/she knows better than you and in order to reinforce their insecurity they seek out a committee that allows them to enforce this upon you.

    It’s age old.

    The Londistan Metro Liberals failed to understand then the motivation behind the vote and in my opinion are going all out to cement that same position.

    Generally speaking people vote according with their experiences in life, of course that can be influenced by Party Politics where you’ve been brought up in certain communities whatever they may be.

    As such most political parties know they can bank on your vote, they vocalise their support for your cause but really don’t give a fuck about you and come from a place 1 million miles away from you.

    People vote Red or Blue as it’s part of their identity, some vote against their better wishes as there’s no way they can vote for the bastard Tory’s as they represent the rich or Labour as they just want to tax you to death…….

    If anything the EU Referendum demonstrated that party politics were genuinely supeceded by people’s real life experiences.

    Faced with a choice of ‘Do you want to stay in the EU or Do you want to leave the EU’ the choice was clear, partisan affiliations played no part.

    And so it was 17.4m voted according with their hearts and experiences in life, Project Fear was championed by Red and Blue alike and had behind them the power of the State.

    Despite the totally disproportionate funding and negative coverage of what a vote to leave would mean the vote was to Leave.

    Faced with this reality the powers that be were left with only one conclusion, which was, you’re a thick cunt and you’ve been lied to.

    How ironic is it that that was always the case.

    So having been educated over the last 2 years or so by those that know better than us let’s have another vote on exactly the same question.

    Somehow though I don’t think we’ll be given those very simple choices, we’re to thick to understand them.

  14. Never watched this bilge even if it has some skirt. Only thing I watch is the rugby and they are loosing that to online.

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