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BBC Sports are Cunts!

If it isn’t bad enough that that the cunting politically correct BBC are ruining men’s sports with women presenters and commentators they are now trying to brainwash us into watching women’s sport.

They seem to think it is a good idea to give out the women’s football, rugby and cricket results along with the men’s. As if any cunt gives a flying … When they show the cunting women’s matches on TV they conveniently angle the camera to avoid showing the fact that no cunt can even be bothered going to watch these none events. In the summer I saw some women’s cricket match on the news, I don’t know which competition maybe the cunting final of the International Feather Duster Cup or something. Anyway to get any sort of a crowd they were letting all the local school kids in for free just so it wouldn’t look so bad on TV.

What the cunting BBC don’t seem to realise or care that most women don’t like to watch sport especially lacklustre women’s sport. More people are interested and actually go to watch the 214th tier of men’s football than a cunting women’s Women’s Premier League match with its over priced £1.53 admission fee.

What next female referees and linesman? D’Oh

If the BBC want us men to watch women’s sport then they should introduce a sport that’s more appropriate and pleasing on the eye like women’s beach volleyball.

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  1. Off topic: could a mod please unblock my comment in the ECJ thread in reply to Jack the Cunter’s last post please.

    Quite relevant and nothing waycist or inflammatory in there.


  2. I saw a female lines person earlier in the week on sky sports , running the line on a premiership game.
    The cunts with Cunts are everywhere on sports TV these days. Commentating, playing, refereeing, even owning and running football clubs.
    The bitches should no their place.
    Which is the kitchen, bedroom or shopping.

  3. Did you know that the Wimminz World Cup is in France next Summer? Of course you didn’t , because nobody gives a fuck, but the BBC are gearing up to give it full on, blanket coverage.
    Of course, commercial tv aren’t interested because neither are the audience, but the cunting BBC don’t have to worry about that. It’s only our money they are pissing up the wall and there’s always plenty of that.

  4. There was topless darts a few years ago, although not the BBC. I would watch bottomless women’s snooker, especially the tricky, stretched over the table, shots.

  5. All women’s sport is fucking shit, especially the football.

    Havebmoticef the BBC now likes to put the men’s Scottish Premier League (or whatever the fuck it’s called) results immediately after the Premier league results.

    As the Scots represent only a fraction of the U.K. and apart from the Scots who gives a flying fuck about Scottish football anyway?

    And why do the SNP have so many fucking represents in the House of Commons?

    Women’s topless darts I would watch. Or topless women newsreaders. Only the fit ones obviously.

    Tried to get Mrs Stroker to give me topless haircuts. Unfortunately she not up for it so far. But it won’t stop me trying.

    Scrap the licence fee, make it subscription and see how much they get. Fuck all I suspect as will lose the anti-Brexit money straight away.

  6. Wimmin’s Sports for masochists: All In Heavyweight Wrestling with the most obnoxious wimmin in parliament, stripped to the waist wearing sparkly speedos and boots. Anna Soubry applying a cross-buttocks to Jess La-Gob Phillips, Yvette Cooper and Angela Eagle trying out their flying tackles. Commentary by Jenni Butch Murray, two pinfalls, two submissions, a fart or a knockout to decide the winner, with the audience made up of old women like Dame Keir Starmer and Dominic Grieve doing their knitting. It would be World of Sport for the 2010’s – if only Kent Walton were alive he’d turn in his grave 🙂

      • “That is the nastiest comment I have read on ISAC for a very long time…”

        Mary Whitehouse, Mrs. (Deceased)

  7. The thing is that it is an inexpensive vehicle (broadcasting women’s events) for showing a variety of sports.

    Predominantly male participation sports attract higher viewing figures (either live or on TV) and so demand drives the cost of viewing those events up and up whereby only subscription based operators can afford to buy the rights to air them, even though a tiny fraction of viewers will get to see them.

    Showing women’s events is basically sport on the cheap by the ABBC. It’s a triple win for the ABBC because they pay buttons, show their support for women’s sport, and get to call dissenters “sexist” if they moan about their crap sports coverage.

    Sport on the ABBC has seen an extensive degradation ever since they appointed a split-arse as Director of Sport.

    And in other ABBC split-arse news…

    The ABBC have announced Fiona Bruce as the new QT presenter. What a fucking surprise!

    Still, better than that Derbycunt harridan!

  8. Oh yes BBC Sport are all for equality……Er……except the strange case of the 1991 Sports Personality of the Year. That was won by the great Bob Nudd MBE, world Angling champion with a record number of votes.
    But they decided that those votes didn’t count because they had been encouraged by the Angling Times. So what? A vote is a vote isn’t it?
    Oh no it’s not. Not when it fucks up the BBC’s agenda. There are 17.4 million people who can testify to that. I say justice for the 17.4 million, justice for Bob Nudd and FUCK THE BBC !

    • Oh fucking hell, you have just reminded me that virtuous pile of shite SPOTY is on soon; featuring uber-cunt multimillionaire Linecunt, ubiquitous Muffmuncher Extraordinaire Clare Balding and that beneficiary of nepotism the snootily otherwise unemployable Gabcock Yorath-Logan.

      Thank fuck I parted company with it in disgust the year yet another drugged up twat cyclist got it for winning the Tour de Isle of Wight so I won’t be watching anyway.

      The winner by a country mile should of course be Alastair Cook but he’s set records that will never be broken, is normal, clean-shaven, speaks properly, is English, male and white ie ticks all the WRONG boxes as per ABBC requirements.

  9. Derbyshire is so, so caring in everyway to everyone on every subject. Unless you say you’re a brexit supporter when she transforms into a raging interupting harrassing loudmouth like every other BBC type.

  10. Id say there are only 2 “sports” where women can compete on equal terms with men- Gymnastics and Ice Skating.All other sports forget it.The fastest a woman has ever run the 100m sprint is 10.49s.If she was ranked among the men she wouldnt make the top 5,000.

    • Not like a trans-man mopped up in women’s weightlifting at The Commonwealth Games is it?

      The same doss cunts saying “gender is an abstraction” were pretty fucking quiet about that one weren’t they!

      • To be fair,so were most of the men.
        1980-Olympic Champion Allan Wells,suspected of Doping
        1984-Olympic Champion Carl Lewis,suspected of Doping
        1988-Olympic Champion Ben Jonson,No comment
        1992-Olympic Champion Linford Christie handed Drug ban
        2004-Olympic Champion Justin Gatlin,banned for 5 years

  11. Women football commentators are the worst thing to happen to the game in its history. It was an experiment that was doomed to fail.
    They shouldn’t let these screeching cunts anywhere near a microphone.

  12. Top story on the football page as I type this… Jordan Nobbs out of the Women’s World Cup squad. Ffs. I have no issue with women playing any sport they choose but what I do have an issue with is the BBC trying to force interest in it for the sake of being ‘woke’.

    • Always makes me.laugh when they go on about Toni Duggan playing for Barcelona. Well she doesn’t she plays for Barcelona’s women’s team which wouldn’t beat a reasonable u15s boys school side

      I have two daughters and want them to be as happy and successful as possible but not if that means utterly deluding themselves in the process.

  13. Top bit of cunting Scouse (although I must admit that I’d be quite happy if they’d cover synchronised lesbian body oiling or naked mud wrestling).
    I used to love watching women’s international athletics back in the 70s, trying to decide which of the Soviet competitors were actually blokes. Came to the conclusion that pretty much all of them were.

  14. BT Sport are at it, too – they’ve got a horse-faced dwarf with weasel-snout-like tits presenting the rugby.

    Three fucking sugars, luv.

  15. Match Of The Day 2, last Sunday, presented by two fucking birds? What the fuck is going on? Switched straight off after the highlights of the only game. Stop pushing your PC agenda on us, BBC, you cunts.

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