Wikipedia are censorious cunts. They have made the decision, in partnership with Goolag (surprise fucking surprise) to ban Breitbart from being used as a source, except in ‘factual and uncontroversial articles specifically about Breitbart.’

So basically, ‘we will control the narrative and define what classes as correct thought by banning what sources are allowed to be used aside from when we’re talking about them as an example of what wrongthink is.’ Hell, I don’t even use or particularly like Breitbart but I find such blatant censorship incredibly unsettling. Fuck you, Wikipedia, fuck you – I’m now switching to Everipedia as an alternative.

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  1. It’s always a good idea to cross reference anyway, wherever you look. There’s a lot of misinformation across the board.
    I see there’s been another fatal stabbing in London, that’s 119 and counting. With around 50 stabbing days to Christmas I think 150 is achievable .
    Come on you architectural wannabes, go for it !

    • Always nice to wake up to a good news story, Jack. If this problem is going to take 10 years to resolve itself, there will be a satisfactory decrease in the surplus population.

      • Tulse Hill, about a mile away from me. No great loss, you should see the scum that live on that estate. More taxpayers money saved in the long term.

    • Seasons Greetings, Jack! *stab you!*

      On the first day of Stabmas the local architect gave to me, an inoperable severed artery.

    • …meanwhile half the Met Police has been mobilised to bring the perps of the Grenfell effigy to justice because the usual suspects are OUTRAGED.

  2. Good morning Opinionated Cunt and thank you for an excellent and long-overdue cunting of these bastards posing as an online encyclopedia. I say posing because facts on Wikipedia are what the faceless self-appointed cunts calling themselves moderators decide fits their snowflake, politically correct version of history, rather than what the facts actually are.
    Some years ago I put up on Wikipedia comments critical of a certain New Zealand organisation and its unlawful behaviour. I had documentary evidence, including court papers, supporting my facts. Three times my facts were taken down and three times I put them back up until I was finally banned from editing any Wikipedia articles. I’m not computer savvy and couldn’t find out who these so-called moderators were. What I do know is that Wikipedia is not to be trusted and in my view should be prosecuted for impersonating an encyclopedia. Who runs this fucking circus and who the fuck controls these moderators? Cunts all. “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored”. (Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays 2, 1926-29).

    • Afternoon Fimbriations. I find it staggering that these cunts haven’t been cunted before.

  3. The” mayor” wants it down to “ acceptable “ levels
    So what ? 100 ? 99 ?
    What a stupid wee cunt

  4. Cumnock cunt it’s every day now. Bleck on bleck jabbing each other over fried chicken.

  5. Wikipedia is indeed a cunt. As Fimbo pointed out what counts as fact fits with the moderators’ own world view and much of what is posted is highly subjective. As such its information should be taken with more than a pinch of salt. Its overarching ideology is of cultural Marxist doctrine. It does not need funding and was recently bleating again and spamming its users about donations to maintain its “independence.” Revisionism is going on everywhere. Norm pointed out Mojo for saying that Yoko fucking Ono had “joined the Beatles.” You, OC pointed me in the direction of Matt Christiansen who highlighted the New York Times for an article about “transgender soldiers” (no this is not a joke) in the American Civil War. Years ago in the 80s I had to read a book called The Terms of Political Discourse containing buzz words and phrases for use in a politics degree. I had to learn the proscribed language to get a qualification. The very term “political correctness” is now around 35 years old to my knowledge. It’s creeping it’s insidious, it’s taken over and that was via the left libtard educational establishments back then to now. We have a brainwashed generation of people 0 to 40 very many of them who don’t question. The left wing bias of the BBC was pointed out to me in the late 80s by my father in law. I thought he was nuts. He told me in 1979 at the overthrow of the Shah of Iran that Islam was out to take over the world. Sadly he was not wrong. At least I won’t be around to see it, he said. I’ve cunted Will Gompertz who positively spunked over “Stormzy” saying he had “earned a seat at the table of the national conversation.” What utter drivelling tosh the fey wankmonger spouts. One album and Cuntzy is a fucking guru. A 25 year old Nigerian who’s country is half Cafflick and 50% fraudsters. Newspeak, newthink, it’s all there and it’s a huge, massive, three day old mackerel smell of a cunt and kids think its roses.

    • Superb post Alan.

      Political correctness is a sinister form of intolerance, and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance. It presents itself as fairness, yet attempts to restrict and control people’s language with strict codes and rigid rules.
      (George Carlin )

      • I think brother Fenton, you have to have lived long enough to see it. People under 40 don’t remember anything pre political correctness. I remember thinking back then in the 80s and early 90s that it was a new form of Puritanism in the written and spoken word. Conversely it’s a case of anything goes and if you think differently you are labelled a bigot or racist and shouted down or accused of a “hate crime” because someone’s feelings got hurt. They all shout from the same script now, even the Conservatives who should know fucking better and any wisdom or knowledge or insight accrued through age and experience is swept aside. I’m sorry Jo Cox was murdered but she was a cunt. Similarly her man Brendan is a cunt. They are symptomatic of the new Puritanism. It’s fascist in it’s zeal but that description is reserved by them for us. Like me you probably won’t be around to see the outcome. Wikipedia is just part of the big libtard picture.

      • I think brother Fenton, you have to have lived long enough to see it. People under 40 don’t remember anything pre political correctness. I remember thinking back then in the 80s and early 90s that it was a new form of Puritanism in the written and spoken word. Conversely it’s a case of anything goes and if you think differently you are labelled a bigot or waycist and shouted down or accused of a “hate crime” because someone’s feelings got hurt. They all shout from the same script now, even the Conservatives who should know fucking better and any wisdom or knowledge or insight accrued through age and experience is swept aside. I’m sorry Jo Cox was murdered but she was a cunt. Similarly her man Brendan is a cunt. They are symptomatic of the new Puritanism. It’s fascist in it’s zeal but that description is reserved by them for us. Like me you probably won’t be around to see the outcome. Wikipedia is just part of the big libtard picture.

          • The word racist is used in virtually every post… can’t have been that, unless… let’s see…

            Just testing.

          • It’s me RTCP. I posted it twice, once and it didn’t show and again and it showed twice. I’m a cunt.

          • Nope, that went thru fine – maybe it was mention of that murdered MP and her lovely husband…?

          • I was born in the late 50’s Alan. I see that period up to maybe the mid 70’s as a great time ,and you could call a spade a spade.
            This social engineering cancer has spread into every corner of society. Hate crime is just another way to silence people. I mean FFS they have actually arrested the people that made the Grenfell effigy. Back in the day they would have just been called cunts and told to fuck off. End of.

    • I’m doing a politics degree myself (mostly because I’m interested in the subject and it’s one of the only things I’m really good at) and thankfully I haven’t had to read any such books. Then again whilst there is definitely leftism at my university it doesn’t seem to be as bad as in other areas – hell, one of my favourite lecturers (who’s sadly left now) was a metropolitan leftie and seemed to have no issue with my various disagreements.

  6. Forget about wikipedia have you cunters seen the new disgusting and Vile grenfell bonfire video?! No Well let me ask you again but this time i’m going to highlight certain words in allcaps. Have you seen the new DISGUSTING and VILE grenfell bonfire video?! my god is it so VILE and DISGUSTING its like watching the mexican cartel behead and cut the heart out of someone it is truly VILE so VILE I’m shaking in my knickers and unable to link the VILE video Fuck is it vile

      • I genuinely believe that Lammy’s cringe making appropriation of a pretend Bessie mate who died in the fire, such that Lammy so deeply felt the suffering, such that it enabled him to accuse firefighters of racist manslaughter, this was beyond reprehensible, he is the apotheosis of political cuntishness, and should be strung up by the balls, if he’s got any.

      • Authorities say they are determined to track down the people responsible for the burning of the mock-up Grenfell Tower.
        They are interested in the materials used, as it resisted the fire twice as long as the real thing.
        Good morning Ruff Tuff

        • Morning Fenton… there’ll be a 2 year public enquiry, following which “lessons will be learned.”

          • Brace yourself Ruff Tuff. I’m just waiting for a family of peacefuls to come forward claiming they were inside the burning effigy of Grenfell Tower and are demanding compensation.

    • Just wait till they get an eyeful of my, soon to be uploaded, updated Nativity video featuring a 9 year old white girl giving birth in a kebab-shop after being impregnated by one of many “Mohammeds”. The three wise men arrive with gifts of guns,knives and explosives in a hijacked wagon after mowing their way through a crowd of Infidels fresh out of the Inn……the baby is taken to be raised in the “true faith” and provide extra family benefits., Chantelle is used for kebabs,as is the donkey which also played an important role in the owners’ sex-lives.

      I’ll show the Cunts “Vile”.

      Fuck them.

        • Oh,don’t worry, I expect it’ll be showing on most news-channels without the need to subscribe…..just look for the “Vile Old White Christian,Brexiteer Racist Cunt insults Peaceful People” headline.

          I’d better join Twitter in order to rebutt the odd negative comment from “Permanently Offended Student”….not that there’ll be many, I expect.

    • Oh, the lefties love that word ‘vile’ TitSlapper old mate…. Everything to these fuckflakes is ‘vile’… I even cunted the word once here because these liberal knobheads kept using it… What I find ‘vile’ about that Grenfell bonfire is the hypocrisy… The same cunts who are so outraged and offended by this ‘vile’ stunt probably (more like extremely likely) never batted an eyelid or said a word when innocent people including little girls were butchered at the Manchester Arena as they attended a pop concert… Neither was there any outrage at the latest gang of smelly arsed peaceful human filth sent down for grooming and raping teenage girls… And the 30 year old ‘refugee’ human filth larging it in a classroom of 15 year olds? Mustn’t mention that, must we? Yet some daft cunt does a Grenfell bonfire and it’s ‘vile’ and ‘offensive’…. Mustn’t upset their pet peacefuls and tree swingers, must we? These cunts think that a bonfire is more heinous and offensive than rape and murder?! They can all fuck of and die, horribly and slowly….

      • Right on Norman. How the fuck a 30 year old with a long black beard, wearing a bed sheet and smelling of a nanny-goat’s cunt can enroll in a school beats me. Mind you, it was in Ipswich ……

    • I don’t get why burning a cardboard box named Grenfell is a vile and disgusting hate crime yet the people of Lewes burning an effigy of Boris Johnson isn’t (whether he’s a cunt or not) , or burning a Guy Fawkes Cafflick effigy for that matter. Why isn’t Auntie Theresa et al on a bandwagon about that. Fuck Grenfell. It happened in a foreign country that’s fuck all representative of England.

      • Cheers norm agree with the double standards of the left are retarded and agree Creampuff Lammy is a Vile cunt of the highest order cheers

  7. A few years ago some friends and I had a competition – who could have the most ridiculous “fact” added and kept on the longest. The winner was five months for something like Ronne Corbett wrote the theme for Coronation Street. If you aim at the big targets (Diane Flabbot was born in a KFC, George Osborne has a colostomy bag) you’ll be found out quickly. Tony Blair was a war-monger because of Napoleon-sized genitals lasts less than an hour.

    It’s troubling how big this site has become and how it’s the go-to information oracle for almost everyone. Very worrying, and all written in awful American spelling. Creepy.

    • I was once in a pub with Mani (Stone Roses/Primal Scream bassist) and he said the Stone Roses wikipedia page was ‘Total crap’… Wikcuntpedia claimed the band ‘appeared from nowhere’… Yet they formed in 1983, played every toilet and dive in Britain (Mani’s own words) and they finally got an album deal in 88 and the classic debut came out in 89…. To make out they just appeared like Mr Benn in 89 was total bollocks… Also, some cunt called Jordan McNee has put on Wikicuntpedia that he was part of the band at one point… I know my Roses history and that’s complete bullshit, but the cunts at Wikcuntpedia have let it stay there… That’s the thing about this wiki-shite: any fuckmong can write bollocks and edit themselves into ‘history’… McNee is probably one of those deep fried Mars Bar eating Neds from some Govan rathole, the sad cunt….

      • History is written by the Victors, Norm. Therefore we must all genuflect to whichever website is the most popular as their history will be accepted as real.

        Incidentally, I saw the Roses in 1989 in Tonbridge Angel Centre (more like a gym) then at Spike Island in 1990 (which was utterly shit). Great band but live they were wretched.

        • Ian Brown was the bongo player when required… They never had another one… Bald bloke who danced behind the amps was roadie Steve Cressa… Also asked ex-Roses guitarist Andy Couzens about ‘McNee’… Andy said ‘Never heard of the cunt’… None of the Mondays knew or remembered him either… The Roses were mostly crap live back then, I agree… Great at Heaton Park in 2012 though… But – as I thought they might – they’ve fucked it up again and Brownie is back on his solo path…

  8. This is one of the most worrying turn of events in our lives and most cunts can’t see what s happening. Not only are crapipedia removing alternative views and facts but the shadow banning and deplatforming of alternative journalism is rife on Facebook twatter Instagram and the like. Whats worse is the Collusion between massive global companies who are usually in competition with each other… change their algorithms etc to filter out any speech they don’t fuckin like. Just type in Gavin McInnis or Paul Joseph Watson and next to any videos there is now always as many videos criticising them. This isn’t fairness or me agreeing with them 2 in question….it’s a direct attempt to brainwash you …the cunts. Dangerous as fuck these organisations…they should be taken into public control and broken up. I know that sounds just as bad as the left but when they are responsible for 80% of world news something must be done. Supposedly that lot got together after the trump victory to try stop it ever happening again…. fuck Russia..these cunts are the enemy within

    • I’m usually against government regulation due to being heavily libertarian on such matters but unfortunately you’re right – that seems to be the only way now. Do with these companies what our government did with BT.

      • I’m anti regulation as well OC I really am , and hate soundng like one if these momentum cunts but yes due to the nature of their business and your lack of choice in their monopoly a BT type breakup is needed. A charter of public online rights Instead of a terms and conditions document of a private company is needed to stop the rush to leftist nirvanha

  9. Poncy comment perhaps, but when the Royal Society was founded yonks ago they adopted the motto, Nullius in Verba, or in English, take nobody’s word for it. That all should be based on evidence, not authority. I like many here have tried to follow this. Nowadays, forget it, my laughable unsubstantiated opinion is as good as yours. Ignorance and stupidity are seen as virtues and God help me millennials actively don’t want to know and laugh at oldies accumulated knowledge and wisdom. I find Wikipedia fine for science, technology etc essentially opinion free and checkable. Even the basics have gone, your Nan told you as a kid, don’t believe everything you read. Now, youngsters are breathtakingly gullible and incapable of analysis. And worse, my educated 30yr old daughter scoffs at me, so where did you get that she’ll say grinning, off one of your alt right sites, no I’ll say, from Scientific American, before you were a sperm. Apologies for length folks, but I genuinely believe something really bad is happening.

  10. I never bother checking facts with Wickepedia (or anyone else,tbh). I just spout my own biased views as “Fact”. I like to think that this levels the playing-field. Can’t imagine that my “Facts” are any more dodgy than some of Wickipedia’s….and at least I’m safe in the knowledge that I’ve only been wrong once in my life,and that was just because some Cunt lied to me. ( re.Santa Claus. circa.1964).

    Fuck Off.

    • A Fiddlipedia, could be the way to go DF, ‘The Gays’ are responsible for the downfall of Western civilisation and gimmigrants commit a disproportionate amount of crime among the headlines. You could be a tech kingpin, gold taps and the hounds on T-bone steaks at Fiddler Towers.

  11. Just heard on the News a reporter has found a bloody knife in some bushes near the scene of one fatal stabbing. He has reported it to the police, who will no doubt have a ready excuse for not having carried out a thorough search of the immediate area for evidence in the first place… probably overstretched watching the Blue Peter cardboard Grenfell bonfire revellers on FaceFuck or wherever.

    • Obviously too busy at a vitally important equality and diversity course being ‘delivered’ by Afua Hirsch.

  12. Ignorance is funny. Have young niece, do anything for her, but, gormless. She had kid, I think it’s ok to say his name Hugo. Named after Hugo Boss she said, ah right I said, the guy who made his dough supplying those super sexy uniforms for the SS. Eh? She says. You know, the War? Uh, what? Fine. Will Hugo eat a bit of fish I say when cooking. Ooh no she says, the midwife said it’s poisonous, full of chemicals and stuff. Right I said, anyway I read it on Facebook too she said. All true. It’s the blind leading the blind, an epidemic of the Dunning Kruger effect, they’re all too stupid to realise how stupid they are.

    • That’s why i left Faecesbook. Endless stupidity, self-pity, platitudes, virtue signalling, gurgling over Kittens playing drums and semi-literate rants about Tangoman.

      Facebook is to the brain what Chicken McFuckiNuggets are to the body.

  13. I have a problem with scientific fact. ‘All matter is made up of individual atoms’. But that has been blown to bits. The atom has been blown to bits. Also Evolution. ‘The swan evolved from the duck’ it blandly states as fact on Wikipedia. Why are there any ducks at all if a duck is only an incomplete swan? Also there is a problem with the theory I believe when it comes to flight. Quickly-how could a creature evolve from the earth to sky. It’s a totally different ‘enviorment’ into which the creature has to evolve. I mean he couldn’t go on a test flight(as it were) and evolve his wings overnight. Lastly when the wild haired scientist picks up the rock and blandly states as scienticfic fact-‘This rock is 650 million years old’. How do you know? There isn’t a label attached. I thank you.

    • Atoms are almost entirely made up of empty space, and everything is made of atoms, including us. If the empty space was removed from the bodies of everyone on the planet, and the subatomic particles collected together, it wouldn’t amount to the size of a sugar cube. So what are we? Holograms?
      Thought For Today will continue at the same time next week.

    • Wikipedia is often better than that admittedly distressing sample. A workable introduction to how the wild-haired geologist might arrive at the age of his rock here:

      Also, 650My is about the beginning of the Vendian, and the fossils of that era are very distinctive and unlike later lifeforms…

      so, you see….

      I’m going.

  14. I believe the website Answers in Genesis reveals the truth unlike this faith based science, uh, paradigm.

  15. Off topic but here in Hereford we’re getting a sooper dooper
    new ‘university’. Yeah right. The boss is a Mexican wimminz professor. I mildly suggested in local paper that she was a greasy pole climber, but I guess Hereford is slightly more salubrious than Mexico. I don’t think they like it. She got the job cos she’s got fallopian fucking tubes.

  16. After posting this I found out that Everipedia is owned by Wikipedia and just another division of the company. Anyone have any other suggestions for Wikipedia alternatives?

  17. Top cunting! I’d suggest something similar to which has been done before (forgot who it was).
    Everyone should edit as many random Wikipedia articles as possible. Entering absurd snowflakery shit (transgender/gay/lesbian/Owen Jones etc) – that you can think of, into the random article you’re editing.
    Insert a claim that the inventor of the flushing toilet was transbender, married to a bisexual mudslime – or something wittier.
    This should piss them off for a bit..

    • You actually have to turn the ‘pages’, as they’re called; swiping left doesn’t work. And, ok, they’re usually bigger than a phone, but they’re harder to lose and virtually no-one wants to steal them.

  18. There is no longer a main article about cultural marxism. It has been put under ‘cultural marxism conspiracy theory’ sub-heading on the Frankfurt School article.

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