Snowflake hypocrites [6]

The fuss these cunts make if a proper woman plays a transbender (Skanklett Johansscunt pulling out of a film because of this), meltdown when Kunty Perry wears a Japanese Geisha costume (cultural fucking appropriation), or whining that there aren’t enough dark chappies or peaceful types on the telly (seen Doctor Who recently, you cunts?)… But when white and English person, Game Of Cunts star, Peter Dinkycardriver, plays swarthy looking sex maniac polecat gnome, Hervé Villechaize, no fucker bats an eyelid… Or is it allowed for those little types to do cultural appropriation? I dare say it is as far as hypocritical liberal fuckflakes are concerned…

The cunts, Boss! The cunts!

Nominated by Norman

16 thoughts on “Snowflake hypocrites [6]

  1. They are bullies with a child’s mindset. They don’t have the psychological tools to understand themselves or what they are doing.

    They have power with no responsibility. Social media plays a big part in it. This is the reality of the self righting of humanity, or in short we’re fucked and these are the cunts actioning it.

  2. These cunts don’t think things through do they? Cultural appropriation? Well, lets exclude their cherished multi-culturism for a start. Along with shoes and suits on say, Ghandi or Mugabe, kilts and fuck knows what else.

    We can kick all of Shakespeare out – blacking up, men playing women, Non Danish prince of Denmark and so on.

    Linguistic appropriation? Kowtow, khaki from Asia and thousands of English words in other languages.

    Food – where to start?

    Western and Asian technology in Africa and Middle East.

    These cunts are intellectually bankrupt.

    • They always prove themselves thicker than pig shit within 20 seconds of trying to call you a nazi or prove you wrong with their feelings. You point out how fucking ignorant they are about history, politics and even shit they pretend to care about like slavery, they call you ‘mean liker of orange man!’ and then cut themselves.

  3. These scum aren’t liberals. They’re authoritarian regressives with a God complex who try to hide their fascistic desires behind a veil of being ‘tolerant’ and ‘progressive’ and ‘virtuous’ and ‘polite’. There is absolutely NOTHING that is progressive about these cunts. Still, it makes for a fantastic spectacle when they inevitably cannibalise themselves.

  4. I dislike the liberals because they are not willing to die for their beliefs.
    This only happens out of stupidity, like the vegan cyclists in tazjekistan.
    I’d like to see a lot more self immolation, particularly in areas of relevance.
    “here lies tarkwin, who died for what he believed in, on the steps of the wrapitup plastic factory.”

  5. 100 years ago these snowflakes would have been the worst holier than thou christians calling you out for not following the word of God and verbally battering women for showing a bit of ankle the shameless Jezabels. Po faced misery is po faced misery however you dress it up!

    • Back then it was also physical abuse. Sexual abuse counts with the cult cunts if you include “examinations” that were carried out to see whether they had been fucked by Satan, or whatever excuse the filthy bastards used. Nowadays, kids are their favourite.
      Filthy cunts.

  6. Talking of snowflake hypocrites I see this humungocunt has resigned from her position. Although that’s not really an apology in my eyes . It’s more “I’m sorry you feel that way but……”

    Laughable that the free speech rights she enjoys were all defended and won by the white men she seems to loathe so much.

    I’m guessing her dad is a white man. Wonder if the cunt hates him too.

    • Well noted, Cunt. Morons like her are always quick to take offence. I get the impression that the worm might just be beginning to turn, and the likes of horseface here are starting to be called out by the likes of us when THEY start acting the cunt themselves. She and her ilk can fuck off over there, then when they get there, they can fuck right off again.

  7. Just seen Eddie Izzard on look north receiving a honorary doctorate at York uni ….. and the cunt was wearing lipstick, transgender activist, what the fuck is that? What an absolute cunt this guy Is, he needs serious electric shock therapy

    • When Izzard appears on TV doing his charity appeal for Yemen, he starts off with his make up and looking like a total twat, but when he is filmed in that flyblown shithole, he looks almost like a man with no make up at all. He knows he would get ripped to shreds otherwise. Well he can fuck right off, i wouldn’t give a penny to that bunch of barbarians.

  8. They, and they alone, have established the era of absolute outrage, where there appears to be a distinct lack of middle ground on pretty much everything while empathy has all but disappeared. Thanks to (anti)social media, you’re either on one side or the other and acknowledging someone else’s viewpoint just doesn’t happen anymore. Rational thinking and debate have been replaced by battle lines on every conceivable subject and, in this day and age, shouting the loudest and disparaging anyone who disagrees with you is the way to go…

    • It’s this lack of middle ground, or apathy as I call it, that makes me fume on occasion. I have nothing against most things going on on this planet, since they don’t affect me, until they try to force me to support them. This triggers my natural intransigence and I tell them to fuck off and become instantly against. What ever happened to live and let live? You want to do something? Feel free, but don’t expect me to wear a fucking badge unless it says you’re a cunt.

  9. Rather than get annoyed or have your urine temperature elevate drastically, the best antidote for liberal, snowflake behaviour is to laugh in the cunts’ faces. They have no answer to this except get louder and more angry which, in turn, leads to the laughter becoming real. I’ve tried this and it works, though I’m now considered by some to be a bigot and rarely get invited back, if invited in the first place. Treat them as entertaining children and you’ll start to enjoy yourself, without the old blood pressure rising above safe levels. Always remember, however, that they’re a bunch of cunts.

  10. Nicely cunted as per, Norman. I think we’re all starting to get pissed by this sort of rubbish. Smeggy’s got the right idea, I reckon.

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