Sinéad O’Connor

Sinéad O’Connor is a cunt.

The one hit wonder has converted to Islam and is now known as Shuhada.

Apparently, this is not the first time this attention-seeking Irish twat has decided to waste time and money changing its name. Why only last year she successfully did so and was called Magda Davitt.

This filth-bag also joined Sinn Féin a few years back. Now I’m no expert on politics but I believe that organisation has had a bit of a nasty reputation in the past… correct me if I’m wrong.

Why are we giving this mega-cunt publicity? Why do I feel so angry that I have to spend my time nominating this bald twat?

Cunters, please help!

Nominated by Bear Cunt

I want my add ten quid’s worth on that nasty sack of shit, Sinead O’Connor.

Now calling herself Shuhada Davitt, O’Cunter is so smug about her recent conversion to the religion of terrorism and savagery. She posted a series of tweets, one of which was, and I quote;

“I’m terribly sorry. What I’m about to say is something so racist I never thought I could ever feel it. But truly, I never wanna spend time with white people (if that’s what non-muslims are called). Not for one moment, for any reason, they are disgusting”.

She’s taken a lot of shit for her comments on Twitter. Surprisingly, some of that has come from her new brothers and sisters in the religion of violence. The vast majority of Muslims are nothing more than backward, hate filled, violent savages. The rest are just smart enough to try to hide it. Islam has a tendency to turn converts into rabid, swivel eyed, hate filled arseholes, who often go on to blow themselves, and other people, to shit. However, it usually takes months, years even. O’Cuntstick’s conversion has happened at the speed of light. And white people are disgusting? Does she think that converting to Islam has magically altered her ethnicity? I know she’s Irish, but she’s taking the piss with that level of stupidity.

I’m aware of her struggles with ‘mental health issues’, bi-polar disorder, blah blah blah. But really, she can’t fucking hide behind that excuse anymore. The fact is that she is, and always has been, a nasty piece of shit. Back in her early days, she confessed her love of the IRA, and she’s never really deviated from the path of cuntitude. That said, Islam is the perfect cult for someone who, allegedly, suffers from mental health issues, since you need to be a fucking loon to believe the bullshit written in the Koran.

Anjem Choudhary will proud of the latest addition to the Islamic family. I expect she’ll be volunteering to model next season’s suicide vest any day now.

Sinead O’Connor, Shuhada Davitt, Marvin the Martian, whatever the fuck you call yourself now, take a bow, you are a cunt.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Shuhada’ Davitt
I see that the artiste formerly known as Sinead O’Connor has undergone another ‘conversion’, this time to Islam, and has been pretty nasty about it. She wrote ‘I never want to spend time with white people again. Not for one moment, for any reason. They are disgusting’; thereby ironically cunting herself and her family in the process.
Off you go to Iraq or Iran then, you dizzy mare, before the scuffers do you for inciting ‘hate crime’ (as if!). I’m sure you’ll receive a warm welcome. Just remember to wear a couple of scarves around your empty head the whole time, just to be Shia, to be Shia.

Nominated by Ron Knee

83 thoughts on “Sinéad O’Connor

  1. Give it a few months and the novelty/attention will have worn off, and she’ll be back with the “white folk” attempting to jump on the next bandwagon. And I wonder if she will also give up her considerable wealth too?

    Quite frankly, no one gives a shit what she thinks or does – she’s old news, and as such should be dismissed for the uppity cunt she is.

    Hope she gets raped by her non-white brethren btw!

  2. whats the chances of her popping off to Syria to be an isis bride in Hajin?
    Nice weather like minded attention seeking fuck whits?

  3. She is a peaceful now. They could use her head on top of a mosque. She has bought her chemi set from boots. What a drug riddled waste of cabbage c……..nt

  4. Yer bum’s oot the windae” (Your bum is out the window) – You’re literally talking rubbish.  
    Cut n paste job

    • Skinhead O’Cunty. She truly is a vacuous sack of shit. She’s in my deadpool. It can’t happen soon enough.

  5. Performed at Barry Chuckle’s funeral where she sung ‘Nothing Compares 2 U 2 Me’….

    In other news…

    For any Americans tuning in, today is 9/11….

  6. Was drinking in a Dublin pub in 1991, and Sinead O’ Kojak was there with her ‘entourage’ of toadies and hangers on… About eight of the cunts followed to the bogs and I have rarely seen such servile crawling scraping arselicking and sycophancy…. I had a Joy Division T-Shirt on and one of O’ Kojak’s bitches didn’t like it, so I told them to fuck off… The landlord (a bit of a poof and also an O’ Kojak lackey) also actually said that the shirt might ‘upset’ O’ Kojak and her bunch of cunts… I told him that he could fuck off and all and threw my Guinness at him and left……

    O’ Kojak is so pathetic… Anyone who needs the crutch that is religion to survive and to get noticed is a total cunt… She changes faiths like others change their socks… Quite obvious that the demented bitch is four cans short of a six pack of Skol… And let’s not ever forget her love for the murderous terrorist Fenian filth, the fucking bitch… O’ Kojak is such a swivel eyed loon that she thought Peter Gabriel (who was stupid enough to go out with her) was her dad…. This naturally freaked Peter out and he couldn’t get away fast enough… O’ Kojak is also a notorious liar in the Lily Mong category…. Even O’ Kojak’s own relatives say she makes everything up and that her tales of ‘abuse’ are total bullshit…. Quite obvious that she is insane and should be certified (or shot)….

  7. Maybe she just yearns to submit to the traditions of a tribal, patriarchal society. I recommend Saudi Arabia. Note to Krav – when she’s got bored with this move, your lot may be next. Though your entry requirements are rather more exacting, so maybe not.

    As to her feeling that whitey is disgusting, as far as I’m concerned the feeling is mutual, fuck off.

    • PS, should she change her mind again and leave Islam, the sharia penalty for that is stoning to death…

      • I thought that she was a dyke anyway so will presumably be tossed of the nearest minaret by her new chums at the first opportunity.

        She was a truly shit singer as well so no loss all round.

  8. So this tuneless attention seeking gobshite no longer wants to spend time with white people.
    Well that suits me, cos I know of no-one that wants to listen to this talentless cunt. Instead of talking about it, just do it, and the sooner the better.

  9. I suppose there’s only one thing worse than being a Catholic.
    Nothing Compares 2 European takeover by Mozzies.

    Ugly, talentless, voluntarily bald, screechy, and Irish. She looks like she smells like she hasn’t wiped properly.

      • I didn’t know who you meant, old pip, so I looked her up on the trusty Duckduckgo. Hmm, you’d think having a name like Sarah would suggest a woman but, no! Definitely a chap in a charity shop wig. Almost an insult to Sinack O’bomber.

  10. Baldy is absolutely hilarious… Lectures on morality and how bad white people are from a card carrying supporter of Sinn Fein and the Provisional All Singing All Dancing IRA?… Fuck off and die horribly and slowly, you egg headed attention whore Fenian fuck of a cunt….

    • Lets be honest Norm, the IRA isn’t that much different from Islam they both love bombing innocent people to smithreens and preaching how polite and peaceful they are. Its a radical type cunt idealogy the shit apple doesn’t fall from the shit tree in other words

  11. Be fair you cunts. She has a record out.
    Sinead O’Connor’s greatest hit.
    Just the one as far as I know. And naturally, not written by her.

    • One song. Psh.
      At least Cat Stevens made a few decent tunes before genuflecting himself to a life of submissive slavery. This hysterical banshee is nothing but a karaoke singer.

  12. Look great in a burka. Has anyone told the fuckwit that she is white? Always good for a laugh old Sinead, fucking dickwad.

  13. 3 great cuntings and very well deserved!
    Good riddance to the talentless cunt….
    She’s certainally ugly enough to be a Muslim….. she just needs to smear herself in curried shit and she’ll be the whole package.

  14. I think by “white people” she means white, male, English and working class, the whipping boys for every fucking slimy poncing cunt in the world.

  15. Shuhada fucking topped herself ages ago,
    Makes me proud to be a white English male / racist cunt

    Let’s just hope she blows herself up and a few muzzles along the way,

    If the jacket fits ‘fucking wear it’

    Well Cunted gents

    Remind me to shit on her grave.
    Enuf said

  16. So she has swapped one religion of mass child raping old men in funny looking robes protected by a worldwide institution for one that indulges in mass child rape of white girls by smelly bacon dodging taxi drivers protected by any number of institutions, organisations and governments.

  17. Argh! What the fuck is that monster I see on my phone screen? I thought Halloween was last week!

    • There’s no doubt that along with all her other cuntishness, she’s also one hell of a fucking boiler, the ugly cunt. If it was a choice between that and my right hand, there could only be one winner in the contest.

      • The right hand all-day, Ron. Or one of RTC’s dollies or the fabulous blowing device he posted a link to.

        Anything but that follically challenged, mad old fucking hag.

  18. Radio four gleefully reporting on quisling cunt Jo Johnson quitting his job over Brexit, interviewing remainer Tory cunts Grieve and Wollaston, who trot out the usual didn’t know what we were voting for crap. Scum, the fucking lot of them.

  19. Fuck me, the Hunchback and that greasy, snail eater laying wreaths at Thiepval. What a pair of bare faced hypocrites.
    May they burn in hell the fucking bastards!

    • It has struck me on too many occasions that The Jellyfish has excruciatingly bad taste in footwear, from the “Bugger me in Berlaymont” high heels to what appeared to be pvc thigh-boots at Thiepval. Maybe she is trying to seduce that snail-eating, granny-shagging surrender-monkey.
      But, on the other hand, maybe she’s the sort of jellyfish that would wear a “saucy” Father Christmas outfit for her old man, while he dresses up like George Formby and plays the ukelele.

  20. World’s fattest man facing jail over ‘mobility scooter shoplifting spree’ wants to return to Ipswich.

    Once 70 stone. Needed two professional carers at £50k each. And no job means benefits.

    In 2014 through operations (paid for by the NHS) weight down to 27 stone. “I stole £1,400 while I was working for Royal Mail and served six months. I regret it to this day, but I’ve done my time – I don’t see why the rest of my life should be ruined.” Rebecca, a manufacturing boss, adds: “Paul and I had planned an outdoor wedding with a barn dance reception. I’m hoping he will be able to move here soon.” Paul was convicted of five counts of fraud in 1989. He said then “I was going through a bad relationship and felt really low. In a moment of madness I stole cash from business accounts, but got caught. Prison was awful.”

    Ah, diddums.

    Now in 2018 weight back up to 46 stone. And stealing again. You stupid fat cunt.

    Fuck off you weak willed fucking sponging pilfering fat lardy cunt- the peoples of Ipswich don’t want you back. We have wasted enough time and money on you.

    And I think I speak on behalf most of the peoples of Ipswich.

    • The fat sack of shit also tried to sue the NHS in 2011 for letting him get so fat ! Hopefully his heart’ll explode before the bloated bastard can cost any more money. He’ll be no loss to anyone.

      Cark,you fat Cunt,and make it quick.

      • Forgot about that Dick

        He complained that in 1996, rather than receiving a treatment programme to manage his weight, he was told: “Ride your bike more”.

        He also believes an eating disorders specialist could have offered more help than the dietician he was referred to when his weight hit 64 stone.

        Mr Mason told The Sun he would put any compensation towards helping other obese people lose weight, adding: “I want to set a precedent so no one else has to get to the same size – and to put something back into society.”

        Not quite sure of the logic there- taking money from the taxpayer and then putting taxpayers money back into society, unless his definition of society means his local takeaway (he used to have three a day, paid for by the taxpayer), and Greggs pies and doughnuts shop.

        Health campaigner Prue Rush, who worked for the NHS for 40 years, said Mr Mason should put his high profile to better use. She added: “It’s quite a surprising approach to take to the people who have helped him – I wonder who has advised him that this is a good idea.

        “We are all ultimately responsible for our own health but I agree there are certain emotional and psychological issues surrounding his condition.

        “However, he will lose credibility and some of the sympathy he has engendered from the public. He should perhaps be using his profile to educate the people who don’t understand how he reached his position.”

        Yes- his father died. He ate too much and got fat. Because of this he lost his job. Then his mother died.

        So fucking what? Sort of things that happen to most people in their lives- most people just get on with it. There is always the pathetic searching for any old excuse for poor behaviour and weakness of mind. The easy way out.

        I am prepared to proffer some simple advice completely free of charge for Mr Blobby. Eat less, do some fucking exercise, don’t take stuff that doesn’t belong to you, don’t waste other peoples time, effort and money, and DONT COME BACK TO IPSWICH you fat cunt.

        Failing that and as a last resort I concur with Dick Fiddlers rather drastic and final solution.

        • May I be so bold as to suggest that the very large man stays away from any coastal waters as the Japanese scientific (my arse) whaling fleet has recently put to sea. Those exploding harpoon heads are right nasty.

          • Great idea BB.

            As you are alluding to the “scientific” whale meat is by all accounts extremely tasty.

            Exploding harpoons. Mmmm……. wonder whether I can get one in town? Just in case you understand.

    • Load the fat cunt into a Herc transport , then drop him on a starvation ridden district of Yemen, he’ll keep ’em fed for weeks.
      Either that or frack the cunt for oil.
      Good evening .

  21. I am REALLY confused. Islam is a religion of peace so why was a somaliscum running around killing innocent christians? Also,why do the Victoria police charge the officer who put the brain dead terrorist fuckwit out of his misery ? The UK police would have arrested him? Where are the wreathes for the terrorist? The campaign T-shirts? Charity single? Public enquiry? Riot?

    Oh I know: The Aussies know how to deal with terrorist scum. If only we could do the same. Than god that all officers in Oz are armed: If this had been England…..

    • Actually it appears that the cops didn’t want to shoot the fucker. Apparently all the standers-by where shouting at the Police, “Shoot him, SHOOT HIM!” as he stood there, his knife dripping blood onto the pavement.

      • Yeap that’s what I saw Captain. I am very familiar with one police force that would have wasted the cunt immediately, no problem. Pity they don’t police Londonistan. Knife wielding peacefuls and aspiring architects would be a rarity, believe me.

  22. This witch uses her ‘mental illness’ to keep her in the public eye, her minuscule talent used up long ago. I did think about having the cunt in the dead pool, but her regular bouts of suicidal behaviour are just blatant attention seeking bullshit. I hope I’m wrong on that last thought……

  23. So the thick Oirish rug-muncher thinks Muslims are an ethnic group, eh? Black presumably.

    The UK 2001 census recorded 179,733 white Muslims, so what will the racist potato-head do when she finds herself in a room confronted by a white Muslim – ask to see a fake ID or doctored Birth Certificate confirming black self identification before she deigns to associate further?

    This fellow (white male) Irishperson has a couple of pertinent questions to ask:

    Suggested further reading:

    Skinhead O’Cunt-Turd – From Bovver Boots To Burka.

    Available up Gerry Adams’ arse.

  24. Hopefully The Peaceful People will strap an exploding rucksack onto her back and send her to be a backing singer at the next U2 concert.

    Fuck her.

    • One can only hope Dick, I hate bono and U2 It would be like taking out two birds with one peaceful sized stone. Unfortunately muzzies aren’t ever fucking useful for blowing up intendedd targets so we are fuck out of luck

  25. I reckon she’s been hoodwinked.
    ISIS needs a steady stream of cash, as do all large scale operations of their kind. Her bank account would have been substantial before she became a muslim.
    I bet you she’s fucking brassick now!
    And as soon as she sets foot in an ISIS held area she will never be seen again.

  26. warms my heart this story, perfect conversion. Which one of these odd bedfellows will do the other the most damage?

    Sinéad will go into one of her rants and some iman will say “shut the fuck up woman”………you got no voice here!

  27. Alastair Campbellend just on the radio re Jo Johnson’s resignation, saying “NO-ONE on the planet voted for the type of Brexit deal Theresa May has negotiated.”

    Fair enough, I think we can all agree with that (unless you’re Philip May, who apparently is Appeaser’s closest advisor… or Philip Hammond, of course).

    Campbellend then went on to argue, in his usual dissembling fashion, that it means we must now have a PEOPLE’S VOTE to settle the issue.

    NO, you traitorous Bliarite scumbag – we must now *LEAVE!

    * Yes, I know we can vote out any time we like, but we can never leave.

  28. Channel 4 news makes DPRK state television look good. It has a clear Marxist/Leninist agenda. The economy is on the up but they still say “oh,but what about Brexit?”

    I say :Fuck off you Trump bashing,Israel hating,Corbyn supporting state subsidised scum cunts.

    • I don’t make the mistake of tuning in any more Krav. It saves on the TV screens and antacid tablets. I am surprised they aren’t doing an alternative Remembrance Sunday. In celebration of all those blambos that died for the Empire, all wearing white poppies and that gormless cunt Snow with a hijab on. ALBBC have been doing a piece on the news each night. I missed the bit about England’s losses but learnt loads about Parkis, Indians and any cunt bar our own from our green and pleasant land. When Pakistan was colonised, educated, given governance, transport and the rule of law one would have thought that was them on the road to a better future. Wind the clock forward 50 years and they are ranting, shooting, looting and rioting about a death sentence commuted for a woman who called old Mo a cunt. Come to think of it, which country has “moved on” since independence? Maybe the jocks will go back to wearing skirts and clan fighting again.

    • A good evening to you Mr Fiddler.
      May I call your attention to one Duarte Xavier? I have nominated him this evening.

      • I look forward to your nom. being put up, Cuntflap. I’ve got one or two things to say about that particular story.

      • Evening guys.
        Just read your nom on this Xavier tosser. Wtf?? Do we know anything about the cunt’s erm ‘origins’? He’s not exactly got one of those ‘bootiful British names’, as the Pub Landlord would put it.

        • Evening Ron….must say that it’s the “victims” that interest me…Didn’t realise that it was a bearded man hanging off their knobs,indeed.

          • I must admit I was wondering about that as well, but I didn’t like to dwell on it, to be honest..

      • Very little sympathy for any of the victims, people’s retarded perversions go way too far. If you’re either that stupid, or deviant that you take such a blindingly obvious risk then you deserve to get face fucked by some random bearded bufty. So many people take so many liberties with their welfare and then expect everyone to feel sorry for them. They can all get to fuck.

  29. Why are fecking women allowed to have a gender specific advert, for something called ‘Pink Casino’ . Wonder how long it would take for the SJW’s to get fired up if we had an advert for ‘Blue Casino’ aimed at chaps. CUNTS its all one way.

  30. Apparently a Muslim girl who was fucked by a member of the travelling community has given birth to a Pikeystani….

  31. No doubt those “disgusting” white people helped her shitty career get off the ground.

    Fuck off to Afghanistan you stinky, untalented freakish cunt.

    • If it wasn’t for disgusting white people she would be penniless and pissing in a old pot, can’t believe her career blossomed from a prince throw away song.

      Shes gone off her rocker and is seriously in need of psychiatric help and where does she find that help?! bloody fucking islam… Just unbelievable and the twisted media are sick for giving her latest quick minute conversion a platform

  32. Nice one Ron. This is the ultimate in re-branding for a Z-list sleb. She hasn’t sunk as low as I’m in the Jungle yet!

  33. After reading all these cuntings about the plastic muzza .
    I’ve come to the conclusion , that on the cuntometer of cuntitude of cunts .
    Sinead O’Connor . Nothing compares to you .

  34. Always was a fucking cunt!

    Couldn’t stand her or that screeching “Nothing Compares to You” dirge.

    Shaven head: attention seeking.

    IRA sympathising (long after the troubles had passed): attention seeking.

    Self proclaimed bi-polar: attention seeking.

    Didn’t she dabble with anorexia for a bit too?: attention seeking.

    Final throw of the dice – convert to Islam: attention seeking.

    Always first to condemn misogyny and now signs up for a clique that’s the worst for that trait the world over!?!

    Well done Skinheed O’Connor you thick, attention seeking, catterwallering CUNT!

    Oh, sorry, want your female “slave to Mohammed” name? Well how about this…

    “What’s-a-matter you? CUNT!”

    “Got no self-respect?”

    “Why you praying to Mo’?”

    “Why you sing-a so bad?”

    “If we’re all so bad.”

    “Find-a ‘peaceful’ place.”

    “Ah Shuhada yah face!”


  35. She has one decent song to her name – which ironically was about PC garbage, but that’s lost on the most because it’s just fucking good rock – Mandinka. Plus she was an OK actress in the late 80s/early 90s little seen film ‘Hush A Bye Baby’.

    Other than that she’s the worst kind of cunt. I don’t ‘excuse’ her supposed ‘mental illness’. She’s a psychopath – that’s not a mental illness, it’s a personality disorder.

    As for her ‘conversion’ to the religion of cutting women’s cunt’s off and sewing them up, good luck to her. I’ll always remember the last ever time I bothered watching ‘Question Time’, when some middle-class white twatcunt from the home counties appeared in the audience in a burka going on about how it was her choice to have converted and she was fully emancipated blah blah bollocks sheep. The penny dropped for me there and then that this is the length lefties are prepared to go to. ‘Mental Health’ is not the illness – the mental illness is being Left Wing.

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