Sadiq Khan [14]

A Halal cunting with a side order of vindaloo for the short-arsed wacky Pak! Mayor of London Sadiq Kunt.

The little motherfucker has been meddling in the Brexit debate yet again.

Every time this wankstain interferes in matters above his pay grade, he needs an ISAC thrashing for his ignorance and stupidity.

Khan ought to keep his snivelling beak out of Europe and recall that n LONDON which he is paid to worry about has experienced 109 murders at last count this year, and he shows fuck all interest, apart from coming out with his pompous prepared speeches.

Fuck off Sadiq – go and buy yourself a van and start up a cheap takeaway – if you think you can manage it.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

28 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan [14]

  1. I’m glad I live in a hole in a field with no cunt to bother me for miles around, cause everything and everybody on this planet are doing my nut in.
    Sadik fuck off you cunt and keep your bastard opinions to yourself you kebab eating goat shagging Allah Akbar cunt.

  2. It’s also in the news today that the pint sized cunt has rolled out gender neutral showers and toilets at city hall.

    • Amy Lame’ beware. The pint sized perv will probably self-identify as a woman so he can enjoy watching her soaping up her pissflaps, under the shower, while he tosses off his micro-dick under his burqa

  3. Did anyone mention he is the son of a bus driver.
    He is the politically correct, snowflakes choice totally out of his depth pointless cunt of london.
    What annoys me most about him is when he opens his stupid fucking mouth.

    • Found out the other day (from the horse’s mouth) that John McDonnell is also the son of a bus driver…

  4. Fuck me has he just broken Cablecunt’s record for the quickest successive cuntings? He must be close. And rightly so – he’s a terrorist supporting shitstain with no idea how to do his job who looks like a cross between a weasel and the world’s worst Jose Mourinho lookalike.

  5. Odious little cunt but seems to be a typical Londoner. Knows best for the rest of the UK while not giving fuck for the feral scum from whom he is insulated. Right-on more important than law and order.

  6. London is an utter shithole that i used to enjoy the odd day out in. The lefty snowflake idea will surely eat itself eventually. Wish my Dad had been a bus driver as it seems a guaranteed path to success.

    • I have the ‘pleasure’ of working in Londonistan from time to time and it is indeed a shithole.
      I just don’t get where all the money comes from? It certainly is not from the ordinary people living there and it’s certainly not from any of the people brought in to enrich our culture?

      • Putin owns all the property so I’m guessing it’s the Russians… with a dash of Saudi here and there.

  7. Sadiq Khan is basically our version of Barack Obama. He hates the country he’s in, only got to his position because of political correctness and is determined to ruin the country. He may have been born here but his actions and behaviour and narrative are not indigenous. He will forever be a dark spot on this country’s history and a warning for future generations.

  8. i stayed in london early 70’s in fulham. fuckin great times. on visits back it’s a dirty smelly shithole teeming with peacefuls and umbongos. let me tell you they fuckin hate us. saddick is a top tosser and as for that fat american lesbo lame lam’e who he appointed the night czar she a lazy entitled fuckpig who wouldnt know hard work if it shat on her. london is fucked and britain swiftly following.

  9. This two bob little shitcunt is getting on my tits. I’ve lived through 16 years of Livingstone and Johnson, we thought they were a pair of self serving cunts but they were amateurs compared to this wanker.
    Suckdick is not interested in anything except getting himself on camera to promote his neoliberal credentials and further his career in the Labour Party. Not capable of running a kebab shop let alone a capital city. Fuck me, he’s only been in the job five minutes and it seems like a lifetime.It’s going to get much worse, trust me.

  10. I witnessed in London today an aspiring architect/stabby person trying to start a fight in the high street. Giving it the gibber grabber
    Pure piece of scum. He was wearing a Sainsbury’s uniform. Probably works there to pay for fuel for his bandit scooter

  11. Albeebera should make a new snowflake friendly series of On The Buses called Sharia On The Buses starring Stan Khan (as Sadiq) and Abu Hamza (as Jack). Anjem Choudary could play Inspector Blake. All the clippies have to wear a Burka. Guest star: Shami Chakrabarti as Pat Coombs.

    Episode 1: a transgender equal opportunities lecturer loses “her” bus pass. Stan and Abu find it and return it to her. They have tea and everything turns out nice.

    Mark my words, the BBC would commission this.

    This cunt has sold orf a perfectly good £300,000 water cannon for £11000 scrap.
    If anyone else made a loss like that they’d be sacked. It’s not only useful for dispersing riots, but also cleaning the streets if it gets too hot.

  12. Like every single one of his ‘brothers’ without exception, he wants one thing, and one thing only. And the ones who claim or pretend not to want that one thing are flat out lying about it – just as their joke-book decrees them to do.

  13. It is a total embarassment that this virtue-signalling, snivelling jam rag is in charge of our capital. I wouldn’t trust this goat-fucking, over-promoted, corner-shop owner to organise his own fucking shit into the pan, let alone run a city. Every time this ubercunt opens his fucking lefty buttlicking gob I just want to kung fu kick the TV out of the window. Any proper (i.e. their passport didn’t fall out of a corn flakes box) British person that voted for this wretched cunt-faced bucket of dog sick should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves (yes, I’m talking to all you London middle-class lefty shitwipes), and are almost in the same league of utter cuntishness as this arrogant egowanking walking rectum.

  14. I love your idea for the series. If I were a commissioning editor I’d order 26 episodes. Ironically, the BBC does have a series called “Citizen Khan” which is about as funny as a Gordon Brown fart.

    Life imitates art. For a look at all the *hilarious* effnic comedy innit take a look at this:

    Laugh? I almost….piece more cake, vicar.

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