Guy Fawkes [3]

It’s that time of the year when we celebrate heroic failure – November 5th. “Remember, remember the fifth of November – Gunpowder treason and plot” and all that shit.

Why oh why do we celebrate this??? Fast forward 400 years and we see that ol’ Guido was a bit of a cunt. A man who had the right idea you might argue. A man ahead of his time perhaps?

Now I’m not advocating that we blow up the Palace of Westminster with all our honourable members and Lorded peers inside it. That would be illegal. And anyway the Peaceful Ones have already tried and failed. Just like ol’ Guido. Perhaps he was working for ISIS? I think we should be told…

However, you can see where he’s coming from can’t you? So perhaps at this auspicious time of year I can suggest that our Lords and Masters reflect and consider how they should be best advised to represent the wishes of their electorate rather than acting like a load of self serving two faced cunts?

Soubry & Co take note. However we have to let Lord Adonis off on the basis that that particular cunt was never elected in the first place.

Meanwhile they’re having a Diwali party down the road so I’m off for a free curry and fireworks…

Nominated by Dioclese

25 thoughts on “Guy Fawkes [3]

  1. Lord Adonis wasn’t elected. He wasn’t even born. They just scraped a pile off his mother’s arse and it grew into what he is now.

  2. Love the fact we celebrate this every year, yet 48.11% of the cunts at displays and pathetic home attempts by balding flabby henpecked daddies have no sense of history.. i.e a foreign institution looking to subvert our Parliament for its own agenda.

    Then you’ve got all the Antifa retards and left-wing knobs who wear the guido V mask, again like this cunt was some fucking hero.

    No, you cunts. He was part of a Jesuit (historical super cunts) plot to destroy and subvert our system so the Catholic church (biggest cunts of all time) could rule here.

    • Every time some anarchist twat buys a V for Vendetta mask, a percentage goes to Fox because they produced the film.
      Alan Moore gets nothing because he sold all the rights to the story.
      Mind you, like most self proclaimed “anarchists” he’s rich enough…

  3. A pyrotechnic expert friend of mine lost his job unfairly last November fifth, after the fireworks failed to go off in the correct sequence.
    Bang out of order….

    • Brilliant JR.

      Regarding the original post don’t think the Peacefuls have tried anything like hard enough. And as Dioclese rightly stated, despite many people feel the elected cunts in Parliament continue to fuck the country over, unfortunately it’s illegal.

  4. Co-insedently sounds like the fucking origins of the European Union,

    Mother Fuckers, all of them,
    hung drawn and quarterd,I say

    Tusk, Barnier, Macron and Maybots heads on a spike outside houses of Parliament
    For all Pro E. U. Remaining Cunts to mull over,

    Spanish flue, French flue,

    Cunt flue next

    Fuck off

  5. Guy fawkes failed. Therefore he is not only a fucking cunt, but a loser aswell.
    Fuck off guy fawkes. If you ain’t first you’re last.

  6. My local Cafflick school has a bonfire every year commemorating the failure and burning of a Cafflick. Strange that. Nominally a Cafflick myself, Guy Fawkes was a cunt because he failed. Ideologies aside very many of the fuckers want blowing up. Except for Lord Tebbitt who is a good guy and was blown up by thick Mick cunts.

  7. BREAKING “news”

    Viva Four-Ever: Spice Girls to announce reunion tour (without Victoria Beckham).

    Just when you thought life couldn’t get any worse.

    This mutlitalentless group was shit the first time round for fuck sake, why do we have to endure them yet again?

    • Shit they were and shit they will still be but they were but the thin end of the untalented wedge which now dominates popular music.

      And consider this. Those that liked this overhyped shite first time round were children. Girls or gay. Surely they have grown up? It is difficult to imagine someone in their 30s being so bereft of taste as to pay to see this bunch of slappers.

    • At least the pouting skeletor won’t be a around…….
      I seriously hope the tour fucking bombs and we never hear from these completely manufactured talentless Cunts again!!

  8. I really feel for Jeremy Corbyn each time the 5th of November rolls around.

    The fire brigade have lifted him off 3 bonfires today already.

    One group of kids – feeling sorry for him – offered him the clothes òff their guy.

  9. A terrible tragedy. That it didn’t succeed. It would have brought the country back to the One True Faith.

  10. It could become the nation’s religion RT. I am sure there are more Muslim worshippers than Christian worshppers already. There are many conversions in the indigenous population. In the Royal Family Dodi was a Muslim rememeber, Meghan might convert. The CofE is now so broad and exclusive it might just accept Mohammad as the last true prophet. Yes the British Caliphate is nearly upon us.

    • Meghan’s in the right place to convert…

      There must be plenty of CORGI installers around Buck House.

      I remember a cunningly worded invitation to “Put a Colt Cowl up Yourself” from Radio Times in my childhood… I always thought it would make a terrible rattling when one blew orf.

  11. Should have read of course ‘inclusive’. Prince Charles said he would like to be the ‘Defender of Faiths’. If it does happen it will be the final apostasy.

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