Leeds “University”

First, let me lay my cards on the table regarding David Bowie: loved the cunt. He was a massive part of my life when I was growing up , covered the walls of my bedroom with his posters, listened to his music constantly and still think we will never see his like again. I was a bit sad when he died, but I didn’t know the cunt personally and his best years were behind him, so just reflected for a few minutes and got on with my life. I’m not fucking Jeremy Vine.

I’m sure we all have someone we got into when we were at “that age” and have loved them and related to them in our own way. What disgusts me are the know-it-all cunts who think they are the authority on someone like Bowie and their interpretation is so much more valid than everyone else’s. Which brings us on to those wankers at some jumped up college in Leeds who are offering a course on Bowie! The fucking cheek!

I feel physically sick at the thought of a bunch of work-dodging, Millenial pricks being taught why and how they should appreciate David Bowie by an overpaid, balding arsehole with an inflated sense of their own importance. I sincerely hope that no taxpayer’s money is going anywhere near this vanity project.

On the positive side though, I’m sure the qualification you get at the end of the course will serve the students well when they begin their zero-hours careers at McDonalds at the end of it. Ziggy fried some chips…

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  1. Anyone cunt enough to run up £60k debt studying a Mickey Mouse course which makes them unemployable is a fucking moron.
    And what the fuck does Leeds have to do with Bowie? Has fucking Yorkshire claimed him? They should be content with Parkie, Brian fucking Blessed, Boycott, Savile and Sutcliffe.

    • Who could be content with Brian fucking Blessed? If he came from my county I’d fucking disown him. The cunt.

      • And that cunt, Don Revie, and the dirtiest bunch of cunts in the history of English football…

        • I knew you would have a word Norm. The cunts in white are the fucking vermin of football. Used to love the games mind, pure and unadulterated hatred. I have a black and white/ part coloured silent 8mm film of United’s antics at the home of the white shite . From prior to kick off, all outside the ground. Mid 70’s, baggy pants, Harrington jackets and scarves tied round our wrists. Hate the blue nosed cunts from across town, scousers and Chelscum but nothing approaching them horrible cunts from over the 62.

          • Johnny Giles is a proper cunt… Fine player, but never got over Sir Matt selling him to the Sheepshaggers… So the twat has slagged off Sir Matt, United, and made a career out of it ever since…. Also undermined Clough at Elland Road… Got to love Cloughie… Telling all those dirty Leeds cunts that they won all their medals by cheating…. Most satisfying win against the Sheepshaggers? Has to be the 77 FA Cup Semi Final … With the 91 League Cup Semi also worthy of a mention….

    • A 60k debt that the taxpayer will have to stump up for, cos the dippy cunts will never even approach achieving an income of over 25k per annum, the threshold at which point they would have to start paying it back.

    • bowies grandfather was born in leeds. In fact in the same place i grew up. Bramley is the suberb.
      Its a shithole now but didnt used to be.
      Any way topcunters keep it up.

  2. Let’s all put our hands together for all the students, universities and colleges in this cuntry.
    On second thoughts we’d better not.

  3. “A complete pile of wank” doesn’t cut it.

    Aside from folk suffering from a mental illness, who on earth is going to invest in a plastic degree course on some pop star who really did achieve very little after his Ziggy Stardust years.

    My own view (and don’t cunt me on it) is that Bowie found his niche with Ziggy and the Spiders from Mars and Aladdin Sane. It was great for 1971-1973 and when he had Mick Ronson by his side. But by 1973, his music was sounding out of date with 60’s hooks. Roxy Music had shown Bowie a clean pair of heels with their contemporary sounds, so Bowie tried to emulate this with a cover of Sorrow and Golden Years, but disappeared up his own, coke-filled Thin White Arsehole.

    I suspect the syllabus may be weighty for the the 60’s, Ziggy and Aladdin Sane bits, but a bit light on the later years. Oh well, extra “study time”, I suppose.

    • Loved Hunky Dory, Man Who Sold the World and Ziggy. Wasn’t over keen on Aladdin insane and Heroes apart, not really my thing afterwards.
      The real driver was Ronson. Guitar and arrangements. Bloody genius who never got the credit he deserved. There is a gardening shed dedicated to him in Queens Gardens, Hull. I kid you not. Sadly missed.
      Bolder and Woody were a tight hard backing section as well.

      • ‘Hunky Dory’ is probably my favourite. ‘Low’ was good… except I got heartily sick of hearing Sound And Vision on the MSM every 5 fucking minutes for what seemed like an eternity ever after.


  4. Smokescreen.
    What’s really happening here is a couple of old poof academics have persuaded their posh mates who run the university to allow them to set up this course.
    The purpose is to attract young poofs and trannies with the intention of fucking the arse off them.
    It’s as plain as the nose on your face. Filthy cunts.

  5. Can you imagine some recently qualified graduate sitting at a job interview for a job in finance or IT, and then being asked “And what did you graduate in?”

    “Oh I got a 2:! in David Bowie Studies!”

    “Great! You’ve got the job!

    Such is the utter bollocks that qualifies for job interviews these days.

  6. I got a good for nowt degree in Brum but a first with honours in sexual studies. Christ there was this one South African bird…

  7. This is a crime.

    The person in the LEA or SLC that signs off the loan and fees should be flogged then sent to jail.

    It’s fraud.

  8. Leeds University / David Bowie Studies. You’re avin a laugh.

    And this is the same place that brought us one of the best live albums ever.

    Penny for the thoughts of Pete Townshend

  9. It’s our old friend – some of us, our very good friend – capitalism. Now all the unis are run by accountants and have to look profitable (neglecting all value returned to the country by producing savvy graduates in useful disciplines) the magnificently-paid VC’s need to get bums on seats (degrees in Bowie) or government funding for the latest hasty project to hide unemployment (graduate apprenticeships). This supplements the numbers (3%) of students actively interested in something sensible and students from abroad funded via their corrupt governments by development aid. Oh, and Chinese learning English with Business Studies the better to sell their surpluses abroad. To say nothing of the 50%of school leavers not really knowing why, but going to uni anyway under the Blair Plan, which has just hit its idiotic target.

    Universities have kept pace with the general decline, believe me. Everything is monetised now.

  10. I used to work for Brian Blessed and his mrs, Hildegard or hand grenade as i called her they were very pleasant to me and he would come over and say hello if i saw him out and about, bit loud but pleasant.

    • Blessed is a shouty, mountaineering man of men. He takes no shit, is as un-PC as you like, delivered a baby in Richmond Park and gnashed the umbilical cord with his teeth.

      Not sure what there is to dislike about him?

  11. I was listening to ‘5 Years’ and realized how the trick was done. Sing in a wild crazy operatic voice. And dress up outrageously. Said above not enough recognition for Ronson. Same with Rogers in later life; ‘China Girl’ ‘Let’s Dance’ were just a few chords till he got hold of them.He stole a lot. You could say ‘The Laughing Gnome’ ‘Little Drummer Boy’ are in the end his real achievements. But I doubt they’ll be taught extensively.

    • Tony Visconti did a lot for Bowie, and he was thanked by being told by a Bowie lackey that he was ‘no longer needed’ as Bowie had gone off with that Nile Rodgers cunt to do the ‘trendy’ ‘Let’s Dance’ album… He couldn’t be arsed to tell Tony himself, the cunt… As for Rodgers? Still cashing in on the Chic name even though the rest of the classic line-up are now dead… Edwards and Thompson are dead, and the original singing girls are long gone… But this schlong still passes off his music for snowflake pooves and students as Chic music… New ‘Chic’ album out now by this cunt: with diversity and snowflake appeasing cover…. A load of shit…


  12. bloody hell ! Nigel Farage is doing a charity auction on LBC. the prize? a lunch with Farage for 3 people. someone has bid £9,000 !

  13. Fuck me i’d pay nine grand to make O’Shithead have lunch with Sir Nigel…….as long as I could be the chef. I would prepare some special dishes for O’Shithead.

    Eurotrash soup with Ebola leaves
    Chicken Remoaner with sweet and sour immigrant sauce
    Dessicated Barnier with Essence of Nigerian Excrement

    Bon appetit!

  14. Sorry, I forgot that my O’Shithead menu would be rounded off with Brussels crackers and ISIS fucked goat cheese with Merkel pussy juice expresso.


  15. The tart who is accusing Ronaldo of rape claims she was ‘inspired’ by Me Too… Well, that is a fucking surprise, isn’t it?…. I hope Ronaldo takes her to the fucking cleaners and that it’s the beginning of the end for those Me Too cunts and their shameless misandry and sickening opportunism, the cunts….

  16. Rambling reply. Rogers himself complained he didn’t get enough recognition. I really did like ‘China Girl’ ‘Let’s Dance’. Maybe he was a cunt and used people but he had great artistic ability and the essential creativity came from him. You wouldn’t mind being ‘used’ by him if you were a musician. For example he ‘used’ Robert Fripp on ‘Fashion’. And Fripp said it was the best thing he ever did. He extened ‘using’ people in his real life I fear. He could adapt assimilate anything. He wrote one soul track ‘Young Americans’ and it’s a classic. Cold fish definitely. Something empty about him. I really liked to watch him. The most stylish man on the planet. Tony Visconti absolutely lovely bloke. Produced the Seventies you could say. And just goes to show that in such an ego drug fuelled fickle world a decent fella like that could survive and thrive. To alter a Larkin line -‘He did not change’.

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