Class War [2]

I see that MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has been targeted outside his house by a bunch of rent-a-crowd gobshites, this time from self-styled ‘anarchist group’ Class War.
This bunch of abhorrent, santimonious loonies doorstepped The Mogg and his family, hurling such niceties as ‘your dad’s a really horrible person’ at his kids.
Now The Mogg’s a big boy, and can take the rough and tumble of politics, but having these offensive wasters turn up at your door spouting their bile, particularly when it’s aimed at your kids, is way, way beyond the pale. These prats should be ashamed of themselves, but shame is not something they probably have; no doubt it’s too ‘bourgeois’ a concept to consider according their orthodoxy.
Still, every time these septics carry on like this is a time when they undoubtedly antagonise and alienate yet more people, so I suppose some good might come of it yet. But I’m already antagonised, so a simple ‘fuck you’ will suffice as far as I’m concerned.

Nominated by Ron Knee

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  1. A lot of these class war activists are in fact upper class chinless wonders. They hate the Establishment and claim to support the working classes which is a load of jackanory bollocks. “The working class has no voice” they claim, well they did and it was called Brexit and now they are demonised as thick and racist for using that voice.

  2. Are these the same losers who trashed some hipster cafes in the east end because gentrification was making them look and feel like the jobless scrotes they are?

  3. These people just like to gang up on others, the class thing is just an excuse. They are cowards and low life cunts.

  4. Talking about poofs. That cunt who sued the baker using taxpayers money needs to fuck off to Somalia or Gaza. Try being a gay activist there. A parachute will be needed. You were discriminating against the bakery you pathetic waste of space. Try getting a Muslim owned bakery to ice a cake with a picture of the prophet Mohammed.

    You are a cretinous wankstain. And I have had more cock than you ever will as you are an ugly,arrogant, snowflake. Go to the ECHR and I hope you win because it will make a lot of remoaners wake up to the pointlessness of the EU.
    Now SHUT the FUCK UP you snivelling little queen.

      • Clutch my pearls! Gay activists make me sick. We have full rights. Why doesn’t this silly little Nancy boy demonstrate outside a mosque? Answer: He would he annihilated.

    • Exactly. The twat confused being gay with forcing a business to support a political cause. What a prize cunt.

  5. There’s a reason the Latin word for left is ‘sinister’. And that’s what leftism is – vile, twisted, envious, emotionally retarded, black-hearted psychopathy.

  6. Time wasting tosspots with nothing better to do other than to take a pop at people that really hate (but secretly associate with class-wise).

    So they will publicly demonstrate (making sure the media know about it first) at some person’s home (well away from their own local area because some of these people are probably NIMBY cunts).

    They will hurl abuse and such like, all recorded on their “anti capitalist” phones and tablets (Apple or Samsung only, as they wouldn’t be seen dead using cheap tatty phones) and photo-bomb the likes of Shitbook, Twatter and Instagram with their “look at us, aren’t we hard, radical dudes!!”

    First sign of rain and they will then fuck off back to some rather fancy eatery or visit another “Corporate exploitation of the People” coffee shop like Costa, and drink from dainty cups with their little fingers pointing toward the Pole Star, discussing what Tarquin & Jemima will be doing in their after-school activities, rah rah rah!


  7. These rent a mob activists need a public flogging Fucking cowards every last one of them doorstepping the Mogg never a good idea cunts every last one of them get a job a proper job

    • Quite right. I very much doubt many of them would behave this way again following a lashing in the market square. It should also be administered across the arse (whipped like a boy) rather than across the back (for the men), due to their nieve and childish attitude.

    • They are simply F*ing cowards but they combine an epic scale hypocrisy with their cowardice. Like all such cunts, they can dish it out when in a pack but cannot take it when it is directed at them. Then, of course, it becomes “hate crime”.

  8. And the police stood by doing fuck all while commie Ian Bone (mate of Corbyn’s brother) and his Class War degenerates verbally bullied Rees-Mogg’s kids on their doorstep with impunity.

    Imagine if a bunch of ‘right-wing extremists’ had turned up on Diane Flabbott’s doorstep spouting similar bile at her privileged sprogs…

    Their feet would not have touched the ground!

    Utter Cuntage.

    • Ress Mogg is the last tory politician I have any faith in but it greatly disappoints and disturbs me that hes cathlick…

      Agree with most of what he says tho disgusting display by the left commie rats Nigel and him are going for a pint after the terrorists leave him alone

    • At the very least Bone should have been arrested for Hate Crime… As usual it’s one law for the Left, another for the Right.

      • It makes me a bit itchy that he’s a God-botherer too, and a Roman Catholic t’boot! Shuddering.

        Nonetheless he was one if the pillars of the Great Referendum victory of 2016 and was a hero throughout. It’s a pleasure to watch and hear him calmly and articulately slice through debates and eviscerate Remainiacs’ stubborn, feeble thinking despite sounding as if he’s just fallen from the pages of The Pickwick Papers.

  9. The gay cake scandal fucked me right off.
    All the money wasted on the court case, and for what. A few words on a fucking cake.
    I might like a bit of cock , but I’m no leftie.
    Why didn’t the cock sucker just go to Tesco, buy a cake and inscribe the cake with his own special, salted icing. I’m sure all his chums would have wolfed it down, and gone back for seconds.
    As for the class war bunch of cunts, the middle class twats need a piece of down pipe guttering shoved up their rectum followed by an army of gerbils with sharpened teeth that haven’t been fed for a week.

  10. Class exists in the London Bubble, some of its suburbs, and a few rural areas in the country. Everywhere else seems to be solidly “working class”
    I rather suspect that what is meant by these knobs is the “underclass”. A recent invention to describe undesireables who include the workshy, the malingerer, the feckless, the criminal and all the assorted oddballs and fruitcakes that depend on our contributions to enable them to follow their chosen lifestyle , but at our expense.
    Just this very morning, our “dear leader” has announced how angry sheis at the pay gap between whites and non whites. A research policy has been established, a new class created, and further divisions in our society.
    May and her morons and these “warriors” need to fuck right off.
    When the “populist rising occurs,all of these cunts had better run, hide and fucking tell. Cunts .

  11. Jacob Rees Mogg is undoubtedly a toff. He’s a Catholic but he doesn’t try to sell it. He’s the last of a dying breed of Englishmen with an unwavering moral compass. I hope he never has cause to be cunted. But what the fuck is class war? I thought that was 1970s claptrap and unfashionable. I grew up in a council house, dad was a factory worker. I thought we were middle class. Class is now a Mickey Mouse sociological concept. Try drawing a Venn diagram of who’s in which social class and see how fucked up you get. Targeting children for a vacuous political cause is beyond the pale. My moral compass tells me to round the fuckers up and kick them down the stairs to the cells. They’re just scummy cunts. Brexit now,no deal and fuck off. Mogg for PM. God Save the Queen.

  12. How can this Ian Bone fuckwit be their leader? Anarchists don’t have leaders, that’s the whole fucking point.


  13. I’m an economic Marxist, but these cunts are beyond the pale (and I can appreciate JR-M too. Articulate, organised thinker, eccentric in a good way, has standards) Cunting fully endorsed.

  14. Ian Bone looks like Heinrich Himmler wearing one of George Melly’s cast off suits.
    Change the record, you bone idle prick…

  15. Off topic, though related…

    Not content with having a Libtard monopoly of indoctrination pertaining in Education, Comrade Catweasel now wants to introduce YET FURTHER anti British propaganda, this time to rub in the unmitigated evil our white ancestors inflicted on the uncivilised world.

    Anything to run down national pride and ensure indigenous white children are brainwashed to feeling bad about themselves, eh Jeremy?

    • Well he may as well advocate the abolition of the Royal Family and the Commonwealth, given that they all have empirical links to our former colonial past. He will also try and ban and songs or hymns that link Britain its “horrid” past – so bang goes “Jerusalem”, and “Land of Hope and Glory” et al

      Perhaps Catweasel should remind France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and of course Italy how they all invaded our country over the last few thousand years forcing their culture (and slavery) onto the indigenous people.

      But of course he won’t do any of that because a) he will want his seat in the House of Lords when he is finally forced to resign, and b) he won’t want upset his European partners with regards selective history – in his way of thinking it was perfectly fine for the likes of Rome to conquer Europe and most of England because that was white on white; but because its Britain and we went out exploring the world and exploiting certain countries, that’s far more serious and unforgivable.

      Most other countries (especially France and the US) are extremely proud of their culture, whereas here you only have to hold a union flag and you’re branded a racist, bigoted xenophobic, ignorant cunt!

      • The Left thought they’d finally won for good in 1997 when Tony Blair won a landslide and they’re absolutely shocked that we voted to leave their precious one world pipe dream. They’ll never get over it and it has wound them up so much that instead of trying a bit of introspection and looking at why it happened, they’ve tried to convince themselves that it was some kind of fluke, stitch-up or magic trick. So now they’ve resolved that ANYTHING is justified as long as they get their way…

  16. They sound like a bunch of, as Pat Condell would say, middle class left wing pricks. Cunts like this are why I could never identify as left wing despite being fairly liberal when it comes to equal rights and all that stuff.

  17. Fuck him. And fuck any politician trying to influence the teaching of history. That way Stalin lies. I don’t know how to ensure the balanced teaching of the subject, but this sure as hell isn’t the way.

  18. In shocking but predictable hypocrisy, perennial uber-cunt Owen Jones wrote a book called Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class and now is part of the left-wing rabble criticising their Brexit decision.

    He is also a dog lover and took it to ‘Dogs Against Brexit’ (cunted a few days ago) a Bullmastiff/Cocker Spaniel cross called a Stiffcock. Dogs are said to imitate their owners and when Owen started sniffing arseholes the dogs faithfully followed his masters lead.

    • One thing that little tit Jones is good for, and that’s a bit of entertainment. I love it when somebody winds the prick up; I’m just waiting for the moment on camera when something in his head pops and explodes. What a fucking little drama queen.

    • What is it with spaniels? For townies signalling ‘country’ only. The message from this is ‘little man, half a big dog…half a dog with an attention span of half a second and a bastard to keep clean’. The appropriate breed for Jones is a miniature poodle, dyed pink.

  19. Anyone spotted Charlie Gilmour? All in all your just a dick with no balls. The little cuntwart was hanging from the cenotaph if you remember? Bet he was there, loves this sort orf nonsense.

  20. More leftie shit in the paper today.
    Viewers slammed channel 4 when a McDonald’s advert aired during Great British bake off’s vegan week.
    Mitch Baxter Wickham said channel chief’s should be “ashamed”.
    Well Mr WickHAM, may I suggest you change your surname to Wicklettuce , or something similar if it offends you that much.
    It’s only an advert you daft cunt .

  21. Trans inmate jailed for Wakefield prison sex offences.

    A transgender prisoner who sexually assaulted two inmates at a women’s jail and had previously raped two other women has been given a life sentence.

    Just a look at the state of this cunt, seriously what did the authorities think was going to happen?

    • They probably thought it would be a good girl and bake some fairy cakes. What a load of toss.

        • It’s ‘transitioning’. Allegedly. Bloody Nora, the ‘Stephen Wood’ persona looks a right unsavoury cunt if that picture’s anything to go by.
          It would probably have played merry hell and claimed that it’s ‘human rights’ were being infringed if they’d stuck it in a men’s prison to start with, but they’ll surely have to do that now. What’s the betting that the cunt will get an oily brief and still try it on tho?

          • ‘ITS human rights’!!
            Shit I hate it when I get ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ mixed up, pedantic cunt that I am!!

    • ‘Karen’ my arse.

      It is a big fucking hairy deviant in a pissing dress.

      Talk about a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

  22. I’d love to see these middle class little Antifa cunts with their silly rucksacks and bandanas getting a fucking good hiding off a football crew.

  23. This shite started soon after Trump was elected where Republicans or anyone associated with him are harried in public or at home, and – just like the ambulance-chasing blame culture they nurtured decades before we did – it’s found its way over to Blighty.

    If we had coppers with back-bone – a’la 1982 – I’d have each cunt identified and if they’re on the nashy then their benefits get stopped (cos you should be spending your time productively looking for work – you cunts)!

    If they’re working, their bosses get sent a video of their rancorous antisocial behaviour and let them decide if they have a job come Monday.

    Protest all you like in speakers corner, outside parliament, courts of justice, corrupt banking HQ’s but for fucks sake screaming in restaurants and outside of private homes goes beyond the pale.

    This is the left’s latest tactic of “…we can’t win based on our policies that no one agrees with so we’ll spoil the private lives of the ones who do win…”

    It’s the collective “Or I’ll scthream, and scthream, and scthream!” version of Bonny Langford’s Just William character: irritating and fundamentally futile.

    Plod will do fuck all o’course – if it’s anyone even remotely centrist – let alone right-wing – who’s targeted.

    However if a few folk parked their arses outside Anjem Chowdry’s (paid for by the UK taxpayer) hareem shouting “HATE SPEAKER!” – which is factually correct – then I’m betting it would be tazers at dawn for plod and straight into “peaceful” riddled chalky for any (common sense) Islamaphobic, Xenophobic, Transphobic, Homophobic, Nazi, Waycist (I think that’s the full “ism” list).

    It’s just puerile cuntery by loafing, free-loading grown ups who simply haven’t grown up yet. I bet those cunts are all for MacNationalise’s 4 day week, even though most struggle to sign on each fortnight.

    Get a life you sad fucks or at least square off like adults you fucking cunts!

  24. Owen Jones one of my many pet hates Just a jumped up little wanker with a big mouth He needs stringing up from the nearest lamp post That other tosser Charlie Gilmour He needs petrol pouring over him and setting fire to for what He got away with George will happily supply the petrol and the match

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