BBC radio religious sermons

BBC radio religious sermons.
I’m stuck in a JCB all day working and listen to the radio to keep me going.
Listening to local stations isn’t an option as they tend to play the same shit ten songs on loop.
I listen to radio 2 mainly and a little of radio 4.
I can just about can put up with the cunty DJ’s although Chris Evans is another cunting.
Having to listen to some religious cunt start telling a story about something that happened to them in the past which always ends with a nice meaningful ending. Jews, peacefulls, Christians and any other religious sect they’d have on to waffle on about shit.
It’s my first cunting and I do really hate them at the beeb forcing this shit down my throat.

Nominated by Twatakincuntrubber

52 thoughts on “BBC radio religious sermons

  1. Splendid maiden cunting, Twatakin.

    My thought for the day when listening to Chris Evans is “what a mammoth cunt”.

    For my morning and evening commutes I tune into Gold (medium wave), which plays some stonking classic tunes and their isn’t any inane rabbit. Trouble is it all depends on how good your wireless is. If you have DAB in your cab then not a problem.

      • Try MW. Can bit a bit fuzzy but in London they are on 1548am. Their website gives you other frequencies for other parts of the UK.

        Seriously the only channel where I don’t get arsed with either the DJs or the music.

  2. Thought for the Day is something that you have to endure if you have no belief. But you have to understand that it is part of the fabric of British life like The Queen, cricket and so on. For regular R4 listeners it’s a prompt to leave the house and go to work. Occasionally it is worth listening to. Rabbi Lionel Blue certainly was when he was alive.

    Yesterday, there was a departure from religion – somebody was given this slot for her thoughts on transgenderism. This is part of the Today Programme being changed to attract the flake listener. If you think Thought for the Day is bad now, watch this space. All the libtards are queuing up to have their say. Your piss will be boiling then…..

    • Good point S’arnt Major
      Thought for the day, thatched cottages, cream tea, Spitfires, shipping forecast, good white people, the days when gay meant happy and buggery was illegal, church bells, the smell of fresh cut hay and kiss me quick hats at the seaside. Halcyon days we wont ever see again thanks to our very fibre as Englishmen is torn apart and rent asunder by this new breed of mud cunt who will never align themselves to anything like the past glories or the idea of patriotism and what it means to be English.
      Thought for the day was always twee like the Archers but make no mistake, when the airwaves are full of Munro Burgdorph, skank cunts like lily Allen, apologists like Polly Toynbee and mincing cunts like Peter Tatchell and Owen man child Jones thought for the day old school will bring back memories of better days.
      Maybe the fight back has begun. Kudos to the supreme court for telling the fat mincer that taking a family business to task when backed by pink money just because the fat bastard wanted to prove a point about equality and diversity was kicked out of court. Kudos and good fortune to the family who stuck by their guns too. Fuck this new age of the everything is acceptable. It isn’t, amongst right thinking people it never was and while their is breath in my body there never will be a time when buggery is anything other than an unnatural act.
      Fuck them as my mate Dick would say.

  3. Here’s my thought for the day that the appeasing AL-BB-CERA won’t be covering today, or any other time soon because it not “peaceful”, “enriched”, “trans” or promoting the disparity of “wimminz” wages, etc., enough.

    What it is however is a fucking disgrace.

    Where will this madness and the appeasement of those who would see genuine harm befall our lads!?!

    Sign if you feel it’s the right thing to do. I have.

    • Prayer For The Day on Radio 4 just before quarter to six a.m. is even worse. Many wimmin preachers on there with voices like fucking Victorian lay poets, who end their speil with “father god…..”. Then you get the man of colour, the peaceful, the genial Oirish priest complete with jovial catchpenny horseplay, and the “writer and broadcaster” who has fuck all to do with the church or religion (old Magnus Magnusson’s daughter for example, Sally, but has the BBC nepotism certificate), all going on about death. They are fucking kinky for it. I remember one Welsh windbag a couple of years ago going on about seeing his son’s son for the first time the previous week just after birth, but that he, too (the baby) was dying *as we all are*. Miserable fuckers most of them. I hope the son and the grandson weren’t listening.

    • Morning Rebel.

      I posted (below) the same story just before your comment was unblocked. Fucking outrageous.

  4. Admin – can you please tell me why I have to input all my details (email address etc) every time I wish to post a comment. It’s getting annoying and I never used to need to do it! Cheers, cuntbubble.

  5. Admirable first cunting, Mr. Cuntrubber. “Pause for thought” has always chafed my gusset. All manner of infuriatingly upbeat simpletons handing down warm and fuzzy life advice from their various skyfairies. Silly Cunts.

    Oh and when was the last (or more likely first) time you ever heard a peaceful email, phone, or text in to any show on Radio 2, by way of integrating into British society ?

  6. I used to quite like a bit of radio 4 if I wasn’t in the mood for music. But the now relentless promotion of effnik, ROPer, irons and wimminz interests and propaganda have made it pretty much unlistenable.

    • You even get sodding pop music on Radio 4 now – even on *news* programmes. There is a fucking awful music show called *Soul Music* (or *R Soul Music*) either a miserable bit of Elgar or some wobbly old black cow singing da blues, and Desert Island Discs has guests so young that it is virtually 8 pop records and the inane chatter of gaydad Tom Daley (that was last week).

    • Thought for the day is that the simpering liberata has even infiltrated and emasculated the Army.

      Transgender and bum fucker promotion is just the tip of their iceberg in a bid to change this country to meet their own needs.

      I wasn’t aware that Tommy R promoted himself as a far right agitator. He is ex EDL and ex for the right reasons. All the time the establishment and the MSM can portray him as such, the liberata’ s cause will gain more ground as they seek to portray themselves as the good guys.

      The Army now has an Imam spokesman. You couldn’t make this shit up.

      • Again we have this bizarre contradiction: the promotion of transgenders, whilst at the same time appeasing Islam and allowing imams an ever increasing influence in setting the cultural agenda…

        • Do you think we might see a Transgender Muslim Council of the UK, RTC?

          I might just reserve the web domain just in case!

          • We need to set up a new republic, bit like Israel but somewhere cold up around Siberia. The Republic of Lesbistan. Shift all the cunts there. Mind you they’d win the hundred yards in the men’s Olympics though.

          • We could merge it with the Muslim Burial Council of Great Britain (there is such a body I assure you) shoot the lot and bury the cunts within 48 hours of shooting.

          • Nothing would surprise me any more Paul.

            Maybe the transgenders are being bred for peaceful consumers to chuck off high buildings?

    • Yes Ruff Tuff, I saw that bollocks on Sly News. I was incensed how they almost spat venom when referring to Tommy Robinson as FAR RIGHT.
      You can bet they would never have him on there . People might think actually this bloke makes sense.

  7. When I was growing up we listened to the BBC Home Service “Lift Up Your Hearts” which became Thought For the Day. It was mainstream C of E stuff. The only other choices on the wireless were the Light Programme and the Third Programme. When Lift Up Your Hearts came on we knew it was ten to eight and time to get shifting. It was largely ignored by me because it got in the way of Jack de Manio (Giovanni Batista “Jack” de Manio) MC and Bar as Wiki tells me. Italian father and Polish mother he was as British as anybody, he was one of ours, adopted and welcome; a fucking great broadcaster. Fast forward a few years, Rabbi Lionel Blue, nice chap but Jewish and homo. Fast forward a few more years and the BBC Head of Religion and Ethics is a Muslim. The next head will be a female Muslim, and so thought for the day has become culturally subversive. You see thd progression. Some foreign bodies become ours, we love them, they love us. Some are here on the scrounge and deliberately changing our culture. The BBC is no longer for the British people it is the enemy within. Thought for the Day is very probably a cunt, not because it’s boring but because of its social engineering. The BBC is the biggest, most powerful CUNT by far in this country despite broadcasting deregulation. Nice one TC.

    • Rabbi Blue was particularly annoying as he attempted to coat his savage, bloody and exclusive religion* with Mama’s chicken soup for general consumption. Still, he only got an OBE for his pains. Jonathan Sacks got a peerage and survives him to instruct the UK on morality.

      Yeah, not happy with Islam creeping into the agenda, either, but UK Muslims outnumber UK Jews 10:1 and as far as BBC religion goes, you’d never know it.

      *If you doubt this, read the Old Testament

      • I’ve read it Komodo. They didn’t fuck about. You have to admire them for it. The whole thing is soaked in blood.

      • Islam is a “savage, bloody and exclusive religion”. As was Christianity. Good luck to anyone who believes Judaism is a greater evil than Islam.

        Rabbi Blue’s only crime was being embarrassingly unfunny.

        And “particularly annoying”. I’ll grant you that Komodo.

  8. If they must have some religious Cunt,it should be one of the old Hellfire and Brimstone style ones. I wouldn’t object in the slightest if his “Wrath of God” scared a few impressionable “types” back to the straight and narrow…banging on the pulpit,scaring young children with tales of Eternal Damnation for committing certain abominations sounds just fine to me. It would be doing them a favour.

    Fuck Off.

  9. As a kid, was very disappointed on receiving my “Jim’ll Fix It” advent calender, could only open flaps 1 to16….

  10. I have a Thought For The Day:

    Crazy paving – is it all that it is cracked up to be?

    That’s my C of E one. Other religions available on request.

    Good afternoon

  11. My thought for the day brethren is with my hands in a vice like grip round Steve shite in the afternoons fat throat. Then turn my attention to his cock sucking sycophantics. Amen !!!!

    • Amen to that, Fistula; you are certainly humming my tune, Sir!

      The cockwombling prepuce, commonly known as Steve Shite, requires a fresh nomination.

      The self-congratulatory clapping, whooping and cheering that opens his show, his sycophantic sidekicks, Miles fucking Mendozycunt et al, the fucking champines and cunting factoids. This utter wanker is so far up his own rectum that the soles of his feet require tattooing to aid identification.

      Recalling his shite 80’s piss poor David Bowie and Mick Jagged impersonators, it seems an impossibility that the cunt wasn’t ditched years ago for his terminally unfunny arseholery.

      What was that Old Woman toss all about on his show? Even the Old Woman herself gradually realised the whole thing was a big, stinky shit sandwich of a show, so she did the decent thing and turned her toes up.

      • Is Steve Shite still doing that rubbish Paul ???
        If that’s the case then the irritating cunt hasn’t changed the format for near on 40 years …. I’ve never heard a good word about the cunt.
        Oh by the way Steve, hate the show you fat cunt.

        • Oh yes, the corpulent prick is still at it all these years later.

          “Steve, thought I’d phone in and personally tell you what a behemoth of a cunt you are, and that your arselicking mate Mendozycunt is a mumbling, fucking tool!”

  12. Cant bear that shit, or Chris Evans and his voice that acts like a drill to my skull I also get bored of regional commercial stations with their limited playlists.

  13. I don’t generally mind religion so long as people aren’t hurting anyone with it. Aside from Islam. Fuck Islam.

  14. Off topic, but as management bollocks is a frequent offender here, let me just cunt the (female) suit who has just ‘cascaded’ (=emailed) something supremely irrelevant to my ‘team’ (three people doing roughly similar jobs). Cunt. If you had to work for a living instead of chatting to your mates under the camouflage of an all-day meeting, you’d starve to death in a week, unmourned by me.

  15. Note to Admin re. above;
    Thanks guys. Had read ‘important stuff’ just didn’t realise that my comments had gone to being ‘moderated’. Think I’d used a ‘trigger’ unintentionally. Will try to watch in future.

  16. Radio 4 extra is now my only contact with BBC now, lots of programmes pre political correctness and not a lot of music. Radio 4 which ive listened to since my twenties is far to left leaning and the presenters are far to sycophantic with their right-on guests. Cunts!

  17. I had a visiting coworker once BLAST her fucking Baptist sermons in the conference room (down a 30ft. hall) at 0730. I was diplomatic, though, and opted to close the conference room door…her reaction was priceless: an expression of bug eyed, apologetic shock as she muted the screaming cunt in about a quarter second. Who the FUCK thinks it’s pleasant and uplifting to hear some Abrahamic, bible-thumping redneck shout at you first thing in the morning?! Obv a lot of people, but shit…and I’m not talking your mild-mannered beeb reverends/whatever – this was some rural revival, fire-and-brimstone bullshit.

    Anyway, I still would rather be forced to listen to that shit than Chris cunting Evans. They could very effectively use his broadcasts in Guantanamo torture sessions.

  18. Thought for the Day this morning (11 Oct) was somebody giving their thoughts on climate change. Like I forewarned, this slot is now a platform for libtards. Cunters beware your blood pressure!

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