Uber drivers

I’m cunting the Cunt that Ubered me last night and couldn’t speak English. I was desperate for a piece of cake, some ice-cream and a bottle of booze. So I get an Uber down to Safeway as I’m old enough to know when I shouldn’t be driving.

I’d had three beers. At this stage, let others do the driving for me.
This cunt pulls up in a twenty year old Honda. Yammers all the way in down in pidgin to the Supermarket and then he fucking bails on me outside the trolley park. I told him I’d give him a tip if he waited and he drives the fuck off.

Guess which country he was from?
The cunt.

Nominated by CaliAngel

33 thoughts on “Uber drivers

  1. If you are old enough to drink then you are far too old to grab the attention of a peaceful.
    On the other hand , as you keep changing your name he might wonder if you are an undercover FBI agent. Do they have Safeway in California by the way?

    • Yes, next time dress up as a preteen schoolgirl and you’ll have his attention all night long, the dirty fecker!

  2. Most Taxi,s these days are owned/staffed by Parking Stanley’s, the majority of which seem to prefer National dress, nose picking habits and with a command of English that consists of grunts and hand signals.
    Uber drivers seem similarly attired, and with the same pidgin style of communication. I see very little difference between the two. Cunts the lot of them.

    • Yes most of the Parkies in Lutonistan are Joe Baxi drivers and most do it in the full Ayatollah get up too!

      I’d rather get into a pool of starving bull sharks with my wrists cut – it would make more sense!

    • Know it Cali. Alamo Plaza! Sells better stuff than the UK Safeway’s. I have friends who live only a few miles from there. Great Place. But Jesus , so hot !

  3. One FBI agent dealt with pedophiles in Ireland. The second did ten years on the U.S. Mexican border. I learned all this in rehab. You meet good people in Rehab.

  4. Know the feeling Rebel. Travelled from Peterborough Station and had to use the local camel service. Rude obnoxious sand wallah’s, dirty taxi’s and the reek of self entitled arrogance. Even worse at Newcastle Central!

  5. **** Urgent and Surprising Reverse Cunting****

    Welby cunts Amazon.

    Can’t believe this ridiculous God Botherer has actually nailed it.
    As they say in heaven…”.celebrate the man that repenteth for his many sins”

  6. I though America was supposed to difficult to go and live in, CaliAngel? Green cards, proof of job, etc. Do you guys just let any ol’ sand nagger in nowadays?!

    • Cant be that fucking hard if 10m Mexicans managed to get in Thomas. The adherents of the 4th century child lovers seem to be making a fair old fist of establishing a caliphate too without much interference from Uncle Sam. I understand ‘Murica was built on immigration but them there Islamic loony’s don’t mingle, mix or integrate – I don’t wish ill of our ‘Murican cousins. Lovely country and by and large great people from East to West and North to South but therein lies the rub. The infestation of the blambos is creeping through each state and shows no sign of abating – until one day them strange little fuckers in long pyjamas and the women folk in black bin liners are calling the shots and you will be strangers in your own land. Cast your eyes across to Europe. A completely socially engineered multicultural invasion we didn’t ask for that was foisted on us by the liberal globalist shills. Heed the warning ‘Murica – forget the Negro v white bollocks, whilst you are too busy killing one another and laying layers of hate that old religion of peace and satans bible are quietly but steadily taking over your country and you wont realise that indeed – you are the strangers.

  7. I would like to nominate former Judas Priest guitarist KK DOWNING for a monumental heavy metal cunting.
    This moaning old cunt has done nothing but go on and on about how he has never been asked to re-join the band after HE FUCKIN QUIT!
    The daft old cunt even says that he wouldn’t rejoin anyway,but he still gets butthurt in every interview cos he hasn’t had the chance to say NO.
    And all this just cos his golf course was an epic fail.

    And he’s a cross dressing cunt aswell.

  8. Classy stuff Monique. Let me know if you want to fuck yourself a British Passport. Alternatively, pretend you’re from Pakistan. There are no limits to their immigration. Cunts!

  9. The recently cunted Paul McCuntney is at it again… Apparently it’s now ‘news’ that Fab Macca Wacky Thumbs Aloft Cunt reveals he enjoyed group masturbation with John Lennon while fantasising about Brigitte Bardot during Beatles heyday… And Maccacunt admits to threesome with prostitutes… Either he is now officially senile or the old cunt is desperate to remain ‘cool’ and ‘relevant’ and he wants to cement his rep as the ‘most way out Beatle’ ahead of Lennon before he snuffs it…. Pathetic either way…. And Bardot was overrated anyway… Anita Ekberg was ‘the’ totty of those times, or indeed any time…

    As for the alleged circle jerks? Well, I always suspected the Beatles had a lot of input on Linda McCartney food products… It certainly explains why it tastes so bad…

  10. Shagged your way there ? What lunacy is this ?
    If that was the case I’d be fuckin miles away
    Unlessssss……… I’ve not had many shags …. I’ll get my coat

    • Just a thought, CC, but who in their right mind would ever want to shag their way to Cumnock? I mean, the only people who ever missed it were the Luftwaffe…

      That said, Muirkirk makes Cumnock look like El Dorado – even the peacefuls steer clear of it!

  11. Never used Uber, but I’m shat off by taxi drivers of the tea cosy wearing type refusing to honour the long standing colonial tradition of sitting in the front, yet baulk when you tell them to fuck off so I can engage the next in line. The recalcitrance of refusing to integrate at the most basic level proves to me that they and their spawn have no intent of becoming a worthwhile citizens.

  12. Afghans. AFGHANS. They’re super-Pakis. Take all the “qualities” of a standard paki and chuck a fucking nought or two on the end. You should have given him directions to Germany.

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