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I nominate the LBC early morning Voc-Jock Steve Allen. Apart from Twitter storming this cunt, I have not really had an appropriate chance to ‘out ‘this half-wit and total bell-end. This is a man that is not only ignorant and allowed to be so on national airwaves, but decides he wants to warm some Pitta breads in a Halogen Oven that he has sited on the FLOOR of his kitchen that also he has a loose rug on. He trips on it (cos he’s a twat), puts his hand out and falls face down onto the Halogen oven and cooks himself as it gets stuck to his chest on top of him! Divot.

I know I don’t have to, but inevitably when you can’t sleep you surf the airwaves and with such little option at 4am, you have to endure this gobb-shite every so often… Oh and he drives a Bentley and brags about it endlessly…

Nominated by Cunty Longbottom

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  1. If you remember *Julian & Sandy* from the 1960s, I always feel this old fuckwit is Sandy, the slightly more flamboyant and mouthy one (played by Kenneth Williams). His *phone in* is a mere monologue. The long vulgar descriptions of his possessions (ostensibly expensive but probably either freeloaded gifts or bought off eBay) never disguise his basic insecurities and his knowledge that he is nowt but a pimple on the foreskin on the dick of this bargain basement radio station (they have James O’Brien and Eddy Mair for god’s sake – hardly the sign of high quality broadcasting).

    His two hour performances sound as if the pantomime dame has been allowed to take over the pantomime altogether. As camp as a row of tents. I used to hear him but as soon as he comes on radio now I switch over to Radio 4 which carries the World Service till 5.2. The shipping forecast is far more entertaining than Allen’s showbiz gossip. If LBC is It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, then Allen is definately Gloria

    • Kenneth Williams and Hugh Paddick were bum boys and listening to Round the Horne growing up my mates and I would be unwittingly using the homo slang of Julian and Sandy. Give em their due they didn’t bang on about being poofs. They’d have faced jail time if they did. The show was rather bona though.

  2. Know nothing about him not being from that there London tho I suppose you can get it on some digital thing, but Ofcom reprimanded him for purveying deeply offensive negative stereotypes about our culturally enriching and highly valued travelling colleagues. Maybe he ain’t all bad!

  3. Never heard of the cunt and you can stick LBC up your arse.
    I might back him in a double for the Deadpool and Darwin Awards though.

      • Of course it counts. I suspect Shaun may be a serial killer. But to qualify for the Darwins it would have to be a devious method of despatch.
        (Dyson up the shitter or somesuch.)

  4. I’ve heard this cunt a few times the last time when he was blubbing about his “great friend” Dale Winton carking it. The bloke is obviously as bent as a nine bob note but never specifically says so.
    The wanker is always bragging about his listening figures and how great and well loved he is. Some of his slagging off of slebs can be amusing but it’s always minor cunts, like Gemma Collins, who are grateful for the publicity. He never has a pop at the top line cunts like Corden or McIntyre.
    He’s basically shit but there are a lot worse on LBC. Leaving aside Ian Dale and Sir Nigel the rest are a bunch of wet lettuce libtard remoaner cocksuckers.

        • Yeah I know Ferrari is on our side but I just can’t stand the cunt. His attempts to be funny are just embarrassing and his posh school Johnsonesque mumblings about rugby get on my tits. Just hate the fucker.
          Castle is ok I suppose but I haven’t heard much of him.

          • Yeah but they haven’t got the ball of excrement that is James O’Shithead. I have deliberately avoided that scum for about 6 months now but the other day I accidentally caught about 30 seconds of him inserting his tongue up Suckdicks arsehole.
            It made me feel quite ill.

          • Please accept my sincere condolences Freddie… remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


  5. ‘Abhorrent’ Jacob Rees-Mogg protest condemned

    Protesters who targeted the home of Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg and shouted at his children have been condemned by Downing Street and MPs.

    But really what else would you expect from the left wing other than appalling manners and childish name calling?


    • Revolting behaviour, Willy. Especially when the lead protester is a 71 year old university graduate who has never worked a day in his life,apparently. Sponging old Cunt.
      I’m not wild on Rees-Mogg but this really was beyond the pale.

      • True enough, RTC. The police who were stood right there might have taken more of an interest had it been a “right-wing extremist” spouting the same kind of shit at Diane Abbott’s children….or course,that would be racism,no doubt.

          • It’s a curious thing, this petitioning outside people’s homes.
            I have spoken to union members, lefty socialists and labour supporters and they all seem to think it’s A.O.K.
            Uncannily, they all shrugged their shoulders when asked “what about the families of these people who have nothing to do with it?”
            So apparently if you have a conservative or right wing family member you too are subject to dehumanisation and any abuse that’s coming their way.

        • And I suspect if you do politely ask the police to do something (as the woman recently did to the MET questioning why the police why the Peacefuls were being allowed to illegally and openly pray in one of London’s parks) you would be arrested for your efforts.

          I cannot believe the fucking state of this country.

          • The police are doing a fantastic job of turning decent, law-abiding citizens against them. Alas, that’s the only job that they’re doing well.

            I do hope that the lady in question has got a good lawyer who’s not afraid to mix it with the authorities.

          • What a fucking disgrace that was willie and that is part of the reason why I hate the filth cunts

        • Well said Herr Fiddler! Cressida Strap On has turned plod into a bunch of peaceful promoting Guardianistas.

      • Correct RTCP but absolutely sweet FA will be done about it,
        Imagine if the perpetrators had been a millimetre right of centre!! Brexit Nazis attack liberal children with malicious hate language etc etc 😂
        Fucking wankers………

    • Moggs response was quality:-

      ”It was a small protest by anarchists which not surprisingly was disorganised, unpunctual and short lived.’ 

      Not sure what I think about him but this isn’t the first time these momentum cunts have attacked him in public and he always handles it like a boss.

      • He did the same thing when confronted whilst speaking a few months ago, these wankers were all shouting abuse at him he simply called them “ some noisy people “ and brushed them away …….. class ……

      • He doesn’t shy away from answering difficult questions either. Asked this afternoon about the Catholic Church’s handling of the pee-doe scandal, he could not have been stronger in his condemnation.

        If only he didn’t look and talk like an upper class twit.

    • Ian Bone was probably formed from offcuts of reconstituted cunt, a days work would kill him.
      A professional shirker and bona fide cunt with oak leaves, diamonds and swords.
      Fascist cunt.
      Fuck off.
      Good evening.

    • Ian Bone was probably formed from offcuts of reconstituted cunt. He’s a professional shirker and a days work would kill him .
      A bona fide cunt with oak leaves, diamonds and swords.
      Fascist bastard.
      Fuck off.
      Good evening.

      • His bunch of morons are, or used to be, called Class War.
        Probably now more like Middle Class War, the thick workshy cunts…

    • Unfortunately Freddie, in this country it is quite the opposite. What it does show is how far down the road to madness and self destruction this country has travelled.
      The point of no return looms large.

    • Sorry Freddie, not sure. I did see another subsequent video after being released from the police station after questioning.

      She said it was unbelievable how she was treated.

  6. What is this LBC . Is it a club for knob jockeys.
    London Bumboy Cunts . So glad I’m from Oop North . No brown sheriff badge collectors up this way..

  7. Absolutely no idea who this cunt Allen is but he certainly sounds like a complete wanker……
    baring a couple of people LBC is a cauldron of cuntitude……..
    best avoided…..

  8. Off topic …..
    So there’s been failure to agree a solution to the ‘scallop wars’.
    The French agriculture minister has said the French navy is ready to step in should further trouble break out, apparently it depends on whether the British are ‘ provocative ‘.
    What will we do ? Fuck all, because we are led by appeasing, spineless cunts.

    • The French navy are ready to step in? A bit like their army did in 1940?
      Useless cheese eating surrender monkeys……
      The British fishermen should simply fly the ensign!! That alone would scare the frogs shitless…
      fucking twats!!

    • We’ll just bung them 4 billion quid not to say nasty things about us. Then we’ll arrest the British fishermen for hate crime, confiscate their boats and use them to ferry peaceful doctors, nurses ( male of course ) architects and bearded children across the channel. That’ll shut those French cunts up.


      We owe Europe NOTHING !

  9. France Belgium Luxembourg and Co lasted 6 weeks before capitulation …… about as long as our amazing heatwave this year….
    We owe those Cunts absolutely nothing……

  10. If the stupid bitch wants to stay in power all she has to do is tell those cunts to fuck off and they ain’t getting a fucking penny, call an election and walk it.
    But she just hasn’t got it. The brexiteers in her party are ganging up to bring the bitch down. All they are waiting for is the party conference to see what kind of reaction she gets from the grassroots.
    It will be bad, it’s just a question of how bad. In my opinion the best she can hope for is polite unenthusiastic applause.
    It could be a whole lot worse, fingers crossed.

  11. Telling those EU Cunts to fuck off is worth a good 5 points in the polls!, add another 5 if she had the gumption to tell them they ain’t getting fuck all!! Nada! Nothing! Zilch!! She would be home and hosed………
    but she’s a spineless Cunt and back door remainer!!

    • Evening Q…

      I can’t make her out. Her skin is thicker than a rhino’s, yet apparently she can’t even say boo to a goose!

      She’s a fucking EU quisling… that’s what she is… it’s the only thing that makes sense… so is Hammond and the rest of them, all parties, both Houses, the 4th Reich, all in it together and they’re hurting my brain.

      Goodnight all.

      • Hammond looks more and more like an old woman. You almost expect to see that hangdog face encased in a headscarf, as he opens his purse to buy a tube of Preparation H at Boots, only to remember if he has enough to pay for those elasticated stockings

  12. What a fucking mess she’s made of brexit. I hope that some of the other countries have the balls to dare to dream of leaving the rotton, cesspit shit-cunt EU after us.

  13. Newsnight Tuesday
    . Discussion about Serena Williams(Makes Mr T from the A team look gay). Some coco latte unkempt windbag from gal dem a magazine for black/people of colour women and non binary people. Babbled on that the cartoon was demonstrative of intersectional inherent white patriarchal violence. The opposing guest, can’t recall his name, could hardly contain himself.


  14. Steve Allen is good at slagging off the vapid twats in the popular culture….how come Tommy Robinson is not on the list of cunts ?

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