Public Breastfeeding

Mother of three Natalie Forester of Stoke-on-Trent was asked to leave a public swimming pool after deciding it was ok to whip out her bangers and start feeding her brat in the pool.

Aside from having baby facilities provided and the obvious health implications there is this sense of entitlement that everyone should bow before these ‘earth mothers’ as they are doing the most natural thing in the world. Well, I like to take a satisfying morning dump but wouldn’t pinch off a brown loaf in the shallow end, the cheeky cunt despite her outrage, composed herself enough to quoted the Equalities Act at staff.

Time to realise noisy, shitting, puking brats are not the centre of everyone’s universe, you selfish cunts.

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64 thoughts on “Public Breastfeeding

  1. Isn’t that kid in the picture a bit old ? If he breastfeeds much longer he’ll be getting a fucking hard on.
    I don’t think breastfeeding should be done in the swimming pool, other places are ok, but nowhere where there’s a public health issue.
    Off topic …. What the fuck is Elton John doing advertising Snickers ?
    Has the old queen not got enough money ?

    • Elton enjoys wrapping his gums around a brown, nutty,shitty-tasting 4 incher….. he also enjoys chocolate bars apparently.

    • Surely the tit juice would include a fair amount of chlorine in it, if you did it in a swimming pool, not to mention the piss that has probably been discharged in it?. I am sure some of these women just look for an excuse to get their bangers out – why don’t they go the whole hog and become naturists?

    • “Eat skip loads of SNICKERS – you too could be a fat, repulsive, diabetes prone, potential drain on the Health Service like ME! ME! ME!”

    • Elton John once thought he had a Snickers up his bum but it was George Michael with a careless Wispa……

      • Alan and Willie, This is marvellous. It’s like having Does The Team Think?* back on the radio.

        * For those too young to know DTTT was a radio comedy version of Any Questions that gave Ted Ray, Jimmy Edwards, Tommy Trinder and the rest of the team the chance to show their wit.

  2. Self entitled earth mother: Fucking ace!

    2018 and a Jewish labour MP has to have a police protection officer to attend her own party conference. Her party is wholly infected with a cancer of hatred against my tribe. The very tribe that built the party.

    A Labour government would destroy this country and make it untenable for Jewish people to remain.

    Fucking disgusting. This is a dark time for the UK when the supposed party of tolerance is anything but that. I know we all love to joke on this site, but this is not funny: An opposition party that hopes to govern openly hosts holocaust deniers and virulent Jew hatred at it’s own party conference…..

    • Could not agree with you more Krav. It’s no longer the Labour Party of old, they are a bunch of momentum thugs.

      • The Labour party is a sad sick joke. The Conservatives are a sad sick joke, the Lib Dems, ditto, and the one Green party MP is a cunt of the first stripe.

        The trouble with Labour (or one of them) is that they are now two seperate parties. You have the Corbyn mob and the pansy Mandy brigade and if they ever got into power the first two or three years would just be one big fuck-up while they fought for “their” party. My guess is that Cuckaduckie and Dame Keir Starmer would eventually win, but I doubt that whichever slice of shit won, they are more interested in lesbians, homosexuals, BAME and snowflakes. I don’t think they care a fuck about anybody else, whatever their religion or none. They would say anything, do anything to gain power and god help us all if they do.

        • Yes, they are 2 parties, each one as shit as the other one. But they are united on one issue at least…..their love of the fucking EU.
          Heard Kate Hoey on the radio this morning……..she doesn’t belong in either of them.

          • True. She, Frank Field and John Mann seem to be the only Labour MPs who knows what principles are and stands up for them. If only Labour would be fucking honest though, it has been clear for some time Starmer, that cheap two Ronnie’s doppelganger Tom Watson, Lammy and Umuna will stop at nothing to get the second (so called fucking *people’s* referendum). It’s what all their nancy boy MPs want after all, and they and the darkies are all that matter.

          • Caught a radio interview with Graham Stringer last night. He seems to be another good Labour egg.

            No doubt due the Momentum chop.

        • Watch some of the UKIP conference shown on TV last night.

          A party that seems to talk common sense, and which I feel relatively confident will stick to their manifesto.

          I don’t care if Conservatives and Labour slag them off as they usually and undoubtedly will do again. They have both had their opportunity and are both fucking with the electorate.

          Time in my opinion to give another party a chance and switch to UKIP.

          I would prefer if Nigel was still at the helm, however seem to recall he will if it goes to a general election.

          • Indeed, WS.

            When two “major” parties round on a third party, it’s done out of fear.

            It’s UKIP for me too, this time. Read in one of the papers this am that Sajid Javeed, or whatever his name is, seems to want 30 months more untrammelled immigration from eu if we crash out of the Reich.
            Another potential dead-duck PM; with ideas like that, he’ll be a shoe-in, as the tory party really does appear to have a death wish.

        • She is so fucking fat she is a double cunt to accompany her double chins. Typical old political whore. Not to mention expenses swindler

    • I thought you guys had a dedicated organisation to deal with this sort of hatred?
      I’m not religious myself, but I’ve been waiting for you lot to destroy the labour party entirely.

    • Not to worry, Krav. The limpwristed…er, sorry…snowflake Guardianista BBC is still reinforcing the notion that Corbyn is Mengele’s long-lost nephew and that he is personally supervising the construction of ‘showers’ in Islington. So it’s not surprising you believe this guff.

      Yes, there are antisemites in the Labour Party (most of whose funding formerly came from Jewish businessmen, enabling Blair to ditch the unions) There are antisemites in the Conservative Party. There are antisemites even in that bastion of OK, UKIP. Trust me, I know. And shouting about it just gives them publicity. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

      They’re everywhere. And there’s a demographic timebomb about to explode in Israel. In whose interests might it be to keep stirring the issue up?
      1. People who are shitscared that an anticapitalist party might gain power?
      2. People who would like to see more Jews making aliyah?
      3. Blair?

      You may check all three. Mr. Blair is currently en route to Texas, btw, patriot that he is.

  3. Typical behaviour of the terminally self-entitled. They will push the boundaries until they have seriously overstepped them and then proceed to whinge that they are being discriminated against as soon as someone has the temerity to point out the error of their ways.

    What fuckwit breastfeed their baby in the water? What stopped her from getting out of the water and retiring to the changing room to nourish her brat?

    Nothing at all. Just another modern day cunt who believes the solar system revolves around their banal little world. Cunts.

  4. Another bunch of attention seeking, self entitled fucking arseholes. Back in the day did women find it necessary to whip their baps out in public? Not unless they were brasses they didn’t. If you had a baby you fed it at home simple as that.
    You didn’t take the brat out to crowded public places. During the World Cup I saw some slag with a baby in the crowd. Fuck me any cunt knows that anywhere there is a large crowd dangerous things can happen. You don’t take a baby into an environment like that unless you are thick as shit.
    Women these days seem to think they are something very special if they have a brat, as if they invited parenthood or something. Well you didn’t bitch, and don’t show me your tits unless you are prepared to have my jizz splashed all over them ok?

  5. In my humble opinion, wimmin like this Forester bitch are nothing more than dirty fucking attention seeking cows.

  6. Pissing and shitting is natural innit? We shouldn’t be oppressed by outdated attitudes to these natural functions. If I want a dump at the baths then society should accommodate me. I am entitled.

    • So is masturbation. I wander how she would feel if you lay down and knocked one out as she was doing it.

  7. She would soon ring up her disgust if she saw fellow bathers pissing, spitting, puking or even wanking in a public swimming pool. “Fuck their rights”, she would say, “it’s disgusting!”

    But because its all about her and what she demands, it’s a different issue entirely.

    Arrogant, “me, me, me”, attention-seeking cunt

  8. Anyone who goes to a public swimming bath deserves everything that they get. Splashing around in water full of piss,shit,sweat and other bodily fluids isn’t for me. Coffin-dodgers,children,spaccas,darkies,The Gays,sick people,perverts,spongers,menstruating women,piles sufferers,infected “horse-prongs” etc. all sharing the same water as me? No fucking chance.
    Most of these women who want to feed their shitty,puking brats in public are mingers anyhow. Veiny pendulous dugs attached to an Earth-Mother type, who probably uses a dog hair tampon, while feeding her Gollum whelp.
    There used to be a sign up saying “No Running, No Petting, No Bombing” etc. They should update it to say “No Cunts” and use my definition of “Cunt” to decide who is allowed in.

    Fuck them.

    • I’m reminded of that old public information film with Rolf Harris in the pool bathing with kids and warning us of the dangers of not being able to swim.

      Fucking ironic given that the real danger was him playing with his didgeridoo with Two Little Boys!


    • Perils indeed abound in the pool.

      Remember Len Fairclough? He “put his thumb on my foo”, one little girl complained down the local baths.

      It was the chlorine that usually got me. Last time I went swimming I threw up five times in the street afterwards.

      • Think you may have ingested a few floaty cocopops. Poor man.

        Last time I went there was a log surfing during the wave machine. It then managed a slippery escape from the lifeguards pole net and zipped around the rapids circuit.

        Funny shit.

      • ‘A finger of fun is just the thing to give the kids a treat’

        B Manning.

        Sung to the tune of the Cadburys fudge advert at the time when the dirty fucker got caught. (he lived just the other side of the main road from us, Floorcloth not Bernard))

  9. Firstly I concur with the observation about the kid above being far too old for his “bitty”. A sure problem in the making for later life.

    Secondly the tits on show in the picture do not appear to be of the lactating type as they are nicely formed and pert. If all breastfeeding women looked like that with a rack to rival Charlize Theron’s puppies then no one would have any issues.

    Alas most lactating tits look like semi filled water balloons with an AA Roadmap of thick blue veins running through them.

    I am also sure that a lot of these cunts do it just to see how many blokes take a look. They’d obviously feign disgust at being oggled at but the truth of the matter is that it is probably the only sexual interest they get these days as their bloke shortly lost that appetite after the first trimester.

    A “natural thing” or needy exhibitionism?

    The feminazi would no doubt string me up for such thought crimes against womanhood but there are only 2 types of “feeders”: land whales who might have looked half decent prior to their biological clocks taking over, or, emaciated vegans with faces like a join the dots book and beesting frupneys that could barely muster a dribble (“No Mrs your kid is screaming because it’s fucking starving!”).

    Also you can give your kids breast milk in public. It’s called a pump and a bottle. I’m sure the fit birds use this mechanism!

    • Let Tommy Robinson join UKIP. Their already labelled as the far right by ALBBC and SLY NEWS and it wind the Snowflake Libtard cunts up no end.

      • I agree with most of what UKIP say and stand for.

        I have also watched many Tommy Robinson interviews, and agree with much of what he says.

        Having thought about it, as you rightly say UKIP have always been associated with the far right by the major political parties even if this is not the case.

        After giving careful consideration on balance feel UKIP should probably not let Tommy Robinson join as this will detract from the common sense party the voters think they are.

        I suspect Tommy Robinson will not bring any new voters to the party, this being the case feel his membership to the party offers little with any potential advantages being more than offset by the negatives.

        Does that make any sense?

        • Without doubt Tommy’s natural home nowadays would be UKIP – his views after all are no more controversial or extreme than those of its leader Gerrard Batten and probably most ordinary members.

          The trouble, I suspect, lies in his public image and depiction in the mainstream media as an extremist right-wing rabble-rousing racist Islamophobe, etc, a completely over the top and unfair portrayal of course, although sometimes he doesn’t help himself by providing sound bites prone to easy misrepresentation when used out of context.

          UKIP probably see him as a bit of a loose cannon, and his recent antics outside the courthouse would not have played well with the leadership of a political party that has worked so hard in recent years to project a respectable, moderate and strictly law abiding image.

          So dunno really…

        • The general perception of Robinson,either fairly or unfairly,is that of a “Racist”. Any political party which accepts him opens themselves up to being tarred with the same “racist” brush.
          Farage went to great lengths to try and pursuade the general public that “racists” had no place in UKIP. Whether he was successful in that is debatable,but accepting Robinson would merely add grist to the mill of those who would seize on his membership to justify their claims that UKIP is an inherently racist party.
          I think that they’ll be making a mistake if they do accept him.

  10. I wouldn’t advise these earth mother bitches to lob their tits out when there are any peacefuls about. It might lead to a certain amount of cultural confusion and they will find themselves arrested instead of the cunts who have just grabbed a handful.
    It would make me fucking laugh though. 😁

  11. There seem to be no end to these me me cunts. Every other day, there is a story, usually plucked from social media, about one of these bitches whining that someone had the gall to comment on their pushy tit feeding wherever they want. The cunts think they are special, just because someone left it in to soak, and the world has another mouth to feed. I suppose there is one upside to the little brats having a mouthful of tit, at least it stops little Olly or Ellie screaming the place down for five minutes.

  12. God I’m tired of women who think they’re the bees knees because they’ve given birth. No you’re not the first one darlin’, it’s all been done before. If there’s anything guaranteed to put me off a woman, it’s when she’s got kids. Just puts me right off.

  13. WTF the kid is like 5 yrs old? why are you breasfeeding a older kid like that and can i be next … seriously tho you whip your tit out like that what reponse were you expecting from people

  14. Maybe porn tits ruined my idea of what real tits look like but sun tanned tits you silly tart?! If you are gonna bring out your knockers at least have the consideration to clean them up a bit you cock teasing whore

    • As a mark of solidarity all the Labour wimmin at their bloody daft conference this week will get their jugs out – Diane Abbott and the Dawn Butler creature will be in widescreen of course. Fuck it, let Gina Miller get hers out as well to show the EU approves. The only one excused will be Jess Phillips because of her hairy chest (talking of which whatever happened to the baritone that was Ruth Kelly, nobbed by David Miliband if I remember right?). Yvette Cooper will do it and will be mortified because nobody will notice 🙂

  15. I must admit I do like to see well filled norks unleashed in public, nice and big. I do disagree with one of the silly feckers who said that tits are not or should be seen as sexual appendages, you try telling all those teenage boys copping an rueful. Oh in the spirit of the age i must include the junior mackerel munchers as well. DIVERSITY rules.

      • I dunno, rueful is probably accurate when said hormonal teen sees them in the wrappers, expecting a full on Maria Whittaker experience and when one is finally loosed it’s like a snooker ball hanging in a sock!

        Rueful indeed.

  16. Didn’t get around to addressing the subject, easily-diverted cunt as I occasionally am. Not a gigantic tit man myself, but a swollen human udder with an attached human larva is about as depressing a sight as that of the partly-grown offspring messily ingesting fast food in public places. The parents of both should be charged with (several) public-order offences. What next? The legitimisation of public copulation in the nude? Now you’re talking…

  17. A bus stop in my town states ‘breastfeeding welcome here’
    I don’t know if they mean at the bus stop itself or on the bus. Either way, I’ll bet if some woman gets her jugs out and then gets looked at, she’ll moan that it’s a violation of her privacy. Well it’s not, you tiresome cunts, get them out in public, you can expect people to look, me included. Unless you’re a right munter.

    • Get Judge Pickles on the case. “She had her knockers out the filthy little scrubber. She deserved it. Case closed.”

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