Period Poverty

Period Poverty? When the fuck did this happen?

A hashtag creation by do-holders designed to whip the feminists and food-bank volunteer wankers into a frenzy of inequality outrage. I’ve just checked a supermarket website and you can buy a packet of 14 jam rags for 66p. Any cunt can scrape that together from down the back of the couch. If not, you need to get your priorities in order. Periods are a natural bodily function, but so is having a shit. Is the government going to start going round the doors giving everyone free bog roll? The Scottish Government has decided to spend £5+ million providing free sanny products to schools and colleges. It’s a good job they have all that spare money just lying about, eh?

Bet the cunts that will inevitably stuff their bags full with all the lovely freebies have plenty money to spend on a metric tonne of make-up so they can look like a vacuous slag on Instagram.

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44 thoughts on “Period Poverty

  1. There are so many little and petty people about just waiting for the next problem for them to solve for helpless people with the power of the state. It’s quite obvious there is no need to help people get the money for sanitary products, and that creating the power to do so would create more problems than it would solve, but there are a lot of people out there who just love to see millions of people under the thumb of the state.

    It’s taken nearly half a century, but I am beginning to suspect that care and opression are just 2 sides of the same coin.

  2. Its like the I mean suggested donations at the Grauniad, let Owen Jones buy his own fucking tampons.

    • It’s nappies that Owen needs…….due to his loose and battered sphincter.
      Please give generously.

      • Saw that cunt Owen jones being interviewed by Kate burley yesterday, even with the mute button on ( had visitor) just watching him waving his arms around whilst rolling his eyes actually made me want to smack him in the chops!

      • Owen Jones has taken a bumming so many times that he can probably fit a double duvet up there now. Dirty Cunt 🤮

        • His particular fetish probably involves pissing all over it first and then jamming the sodden sponge roll up his batty crease.

  3. Suck my Dick Khunt at a Jamacian reggae party at the Marxist party conference. On the mic, abx sadly not a diet, chief cotton picker Dawn Lard butt Butler.
    Hang on! He is a curry muncher not the son of an aspiring architecht. Smacks of cultural appropriation. Word has it his dad was a bus driver…..

    • His Dad was a bus driver? Where did you get that? Some cunt is winding you up.
      Anyway, only the Bwana can be guilty of cultural appropriation.
      Everybody knows that.

  4. Wimminz don’t like it when you refer to tampons as ‘Dracula’s teabags’ (courtesy of Roger’s profanisaurus).

    • Woke up with some bint next to me after a night on the town. Went for a piss and looked in the bathroom mirror – blood all over my chin and a piece of string hanging from the corner of my mouth. Hope to fuck its a tea bag.
      Royston Vasey (AKA Chubby Brown) Blackpool 1986

      • You should have put that in quotation marks Cunto… I was beginning to get seriously concerned! 😳

    • The old style ones with a loop at either end, were known as a hammock for a lazy cunt, & used ones were
      haversack rations for a vampire.
      Old squaddies will remember these with a smile.

  5. Years ago, when DLA was called Mobility Allowance, I came up with Nubiity Allowance: cash help for the nubile to help with the cost of cosmetics and sanitary items to ensure they were attractive and fragrant enough for a proper seeing to. It was a fucking joke. I didn’t expect it to become a reality. Free prescriptions, free jam rags, whose money are the fucking Jock cunts spending? It comes from England. At least Nicola Turdgun won’t need any, the dried up tranny. Now That’s What I Call Cunty…
    Good Morning Fenton.

  6. I love it when Labour exclaim things like “free” tampons, “free” university tuition; “free” school dinners et al.

    There is no such thing as “free” because it’s always the fucking taxpayer that subsidies all of these “free” handouts. And when I say taxpayer, I mean the cunts on the lowest bands because all the rich cunts have clever accountants and somehow manage to wiggle out of their responsibilities.

    Old Maggie Thatcher was a bit of a cunt, but she was dead on the money when she said ““The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.””, and this will almost certainly be the case if the Labourfucksticks ever get back into power (which, given the way Maybot and her fuckwit ministers are kicking each other in the balls over Brexit, could very well happen sooner rather than later!)

    Oh and by the way, Labour, can I have some free razor blades? I can’t cope with life having to buy my own!

    • Just say you were living in Grenfell at the time of the fire and they give you loads of free stuff. Understand they don’t even bother checking if you were there or not.

      You may need to make busy with the black shoe polish first though.

  7. Whats this disgusting talk of periods and tampons cunters?! No one likes to be reminded that women squirt blood out of their frontfuckholes…

    I was enjoying a nice meal before reading this article, a succulent chinese meal!!. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  8. Snowflakes are always looking around for a “victim” to help….with some other cunt’s money of course. It’s not about the victim, it’s about making themselves feel good about their own virtue.
    I suspect this one originated from some little slag who used it as an excuse for missing school when, in reality , she spent the day sitting on her arse watching Jeremy Kyle and Loose Wimmin.

  9. Funny how all these women MPs have never bothered to mention the tampon issue until now! Now that social media has turned it into a bandwagon these MPs are quick to jump on it and give it the old #MeToo bollocks in order to garner a few more stupid voters.

    What next i wonder? free lipstick? shampoo? handbags?


  10. Fucking adverts for wiiimmins sanitary products on tv! Do you have vaginal dryness? No but i was enjoying my dinner till you came on tv. I would like to see the uproar if a bloke came on tv, asking if you have itchy scrott or arse!
    Period poverty? Why don’t they pay for my razor blades? I use DE blades so hardly breaks the bank. Why don’t wiiimmmin use own brand jam rags and red looffas. Oooh no has to be most expensive ones don’t you know!

    • Labour attempting to get in with the Femstapo, what a surprise, eh?… It’ll be the Me Too mob next, but don’t mention Lord Janner….

  11. What about free bumwad and wet wipes for everybody who takes a big shit every day?
    Personal elf ishoo innit

  12. Women want equality, but this does not mean having the vote, equal opportunity, equal pay (for less work as in tennis), free tampons or women-only shortlists. What they really want is equality in genitals. It’s called penis envy. They won’t be happy until they have dicks and bollocks like men, only then will they consider themselves truly equal. But even if they were all measured up and issued with free strap-ons, would that make them happy? Of course not. They’d be moaning about the length, the width, the colour. Shut up moaning you bleeders.

  13. I honestly don’t know.

    If it wouldn’t be abused by grabby cunts who will just take for the sake of it (usually the imports, especially Africunts whose nature is to take whatever they can) then providing access to such things from a school nurse, maybe.

    I’m very hard line about pissing money away on the undeserving but for school girls between 11 and 13 when their periods start it can be a time of great anxiety, anxiety which can easily be compounded if their home life is already stretched to fuck, or, if said parents don’t care.

    When I was at school my highschool form teacher was also our biology teacher and she would have a private chat with each year’s new girls and made it clear that they should never feel embarrassed to ask for a towel/tampon if they were ever caught short.

    Most of the lady teachers would do the same.

    Now I didn’t go to a fucking silver spoon outfit, most kids I went to school with had working families who – especially in the ceramics industry – could often find both parents out of work in the same week as sections were closed or those jobs fucked off to China for the finished product to be shipped back and boxed as “Staffordshire” ceramics.

    These jobs were not well paid to begin with so to lose two incomes in one fell swoop was fucking hard, and yes it can be a struggle if it’s a toss up between heating for the evening, food or sanitary towels.

    The other thing (that does not affect your Kyle scum or grabby Africunts) is the abject shame that this level of poverty inflicts on all members of the affected family.

    Through pride some girls would stay off school (good, decent kids too) with their parent’s blessing rather than have the shame of having no towels/tampons and letting everyone know their predicament.

    The teachers realised this and so – out of their own arse pockets and goodness of their hearts – made sure no girl would be stuck, enabling them to study and without the additional stigmatism.

    Some of these girls were my friends and it was years later that I heard about this and – I have to say – it really upset me, especially as I have a daughter of my own and would hate to think of her suffering that kind of anxiety.

    I said to one girl who I was close to (never in THAT way) why she hadn’t asked for help. Like I say I wasn’t a silver spoon cunt but I always had a couple of quid available.

    Her response was simple: pride.

    So like I say, I have no issue with a limited facility to dispense such items in confidence via a school nurse, etc., but you just know it would be abused by shameless Kyle scum offspring and the “imports”.

    I’m conflicted on this one.

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