GQ, David Lammy and Prince Charles

**** BREAKING NEWS! ****

You looking for comedy Cunters?

Some rubbish rag has just named Lammy……


But wait… it gets worse (is that possible?)… cos he’s dedicated said award to:


Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Aargh!

Nominated by Ruff Tuff Creampuff

GQ Magazine. What a bunch of cunts.

Prince Charles gets a Lifetime Achievement award for being born with a silver spoon in his mouth to the richest family in Britain, talking to trees, cheating on his wife with a slapper who looks like the back end of a horse, and generally being a jug-eared fucking cunt.

Queen Camilla? You’re having a fucking larf in’cha?

Nominated by Prince Cunt

35 thoughts on “GQ, David Lammy and Prince Charles

  1. Keep it up I say
    Its this kind of thing that turns more and more normal people off and encourages them to get motivated to vote. The silenty minority leftist libtard fucks have been screaming for 2 years now and its been pretty loud….but everyone I speak to has had e -fucking -nough. Let them pour accolades over each other and wallow in their safe spaces together. Hopefully us normal cunts will continue to rock their wee apple cart in 2019

    • No award for the Princess Izzard for services to diversity, fuckwittery and managing to make the fucking Labour party even more unelectable than it already was?

      What a terrible week for the poor bleeder, what with just having been turfed out of the NEC after just a few months in it. Never mind, he will buy himself a new lipstick and a pair of corsets as a bit of retail therapy.

  2. Lammy the chippy racist,its Abbot in a suit,no surprise to me though as it seems cultural marxism is in full throttle in the uk and has infected all aspects of the media and culture,if you want a descent mag to read google Intporn……1000,s of jazzmags all for free,loadsa vintage muff…….peace n love✌

    • Cultural Marxism, ah yes: the writing’s been on the wall since the early 1970s – cultural Marxism disseminated via education in general and the universities in particular, snowballing over the decades and leaving us with the libtard, basket case culture we are forced to endure today. Just about anyone of any influence has been through the university system and been subject to leftist bias, propaganda & steady drip drip brainwashing. Those with stronger minds make it through relatively unscathed, but too many do not, hence media awards to thick racist cunts like Lammy.

      This country is finished.

  3. No real man would go within ten fucking miles of some snowflakery bullshit called “men of the year awards”.
    Did all the nominees mince their way in with manbags proudly on show?
    The very notion of men needing a pat on the back and others giving it to them turns my stomach.
    As for what they’re actually nominated for, what the fuck is brand, international man, designer or inspiration supposed to be?
    This whole thing is sponsored by cunts who get men to wear perfume for fuck’s sake.
    Goddammit, typing is getting bloody hard now as the detonating rage gives me the tremors.

    • Is selection a bit like this Miss World contest?. Do they have to parade in mankini’s and tell Michael Aspel they want to travel the world and help people?. I can just see the pansy Labourites mincing down the catwalk to the strains of A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody, Cliff Richard up all night sewing the sequins on Mandlebum’s costume and helping him with his make-up.

      Lammy probably won because he wiggled his booty better than all the other *men*. The first prize also included a kiss from Anthony Blair. Second prize two kisses.

      • I met Blair in Downing St once, a Tele prog about crime. Long story. To my utter shame I had to accept what a cowardy custard I am as I was absolutely literally stood 3 inches behind him in the Cabinet Room and could have throttled him. Someone would have quickly filled me full of lead tho. And yes, he is one God awful slimeball. Swear I had the cunt on the ropes tho haha. Trevor McDonut had to butt in and tell me to calm down. There you go.

    • I totally understand what you’re saying about men needing a pat on the back. But I would really appreciate it if society would stop treating men, specifically white men, as the source of all evil and injustice in the world and constantly telling us to be ashamed for what we are so should therefore give up everything we’ve worked for to support non-white men. Showing us a bit of appreciation now might help a bit with our rising suicide rates.

  4. I wonder what Andrew Neil thinks about that, his demolition of Lammy is one of the political highlights of the year, was fuckin hilarious.

  5. Did they mean ‘Racist of the Year’?

    He might be in the Top Five but it’s unfair that he’s being given the top prize.

  6. Lifetime achievement? What has Charlieboy achieved exactly? All I can see is a comedy caricature of a bumbling, idiotic upper class knobhead. I don’t think he achieved that……it’s surely the natural result of inbred genetics.
    God help us when this fuckwit becomes King……what little credibility we still have left will be straight down the shitter. And as for Queen Horseface…. just keep your fucking gob shut Mrs for fucks sake.

  7. Aw how lovely. Now he can put it in his trophy cabinet next to the ‘last winner’ medal from that school funrun he never actually finished.

  8. Thought long and hard about how to respond to this, but i think the word I’m looking for is ‘CUNTS’.
    Top grade cunting once again

  9. Man of the year? I’ve never heard such a load of sexist, patriarchal, phallocentric, fascist propaganda in all my life! You’d think Grenfell Clammy would know better being an oppressed victim of racism, imperialism, white privilege and the Atlantic Slave Trade. I am very disappointed.
    GQ? Isn’t that a poofs’ mag?

  10. GQ is now a load of snowflake shite… I can’t remember the last time they had a woman on the cover of GQ… a real woman, that is, and not some transbender circus freak like Brucie Bonus Knob Jenner or Ian ‘Munroe’ Buggerdoff…. And Esquire is not much better… It appears that women (and especially attractive ones) are now verboten and it is now apparently ‘sexist’ to feature them… Didn’t GQ have Lewis Hamilton on the cover wearing some sort of skirt? Not a traditional kilt, but a fucking skirt?! That says a lot about Hamilton (mincing media whore cunt), but it says volumes about GQ too… And it says ‘Cunts’….

  11. Wayne Rooney bought a copy of GQ Magazine believing the publication contained images of Granny Quim….

  12. David Lammy, politician of the year? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha (pause for breath) hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Seriously?

    • Fatbastard should be done for Cultural Appropriation.

      He looks a right cunt trying to wear a suit…

  13. Shouldn’t it now be called BQ? aka Black Quarterly?…
    BQ can now go alongside the Black Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Black Vogue, the Blackcademy Awards, the Black Bunny Mag (aka Playbuana), and National Grenfell Day/Week/Month/Year….

  14. The last night of the Proms is nearly upon us-‘And did those feet in ancient times….’ Come on sing up-‘I will not cease from mental fight…’come on everyone-‘nor shall my sword sleep in my hand…’are you ready?-‘Till we have built Diversity in England’s green and pleasant land’.

    • I am genuinely surprised that some cunt hasn’t tried to stop the Last Night for being hate speech. All those racist whiteys waving the flag, it’s enough to give Afua Hirsch and her vile race baiting chums a fucking heart attack.

  15. Last night of the Cunts. The sight of those toffs at the front bobbing up and down and wiping the pretend tears away is enough to turn anybody’s stomach. Fuck knows what foreigners watching that must think of us.
    But much, much worse , in recent years, are those snowflakes getting in there and waving that blue starry arserag about. The toff cunts need to get mobbed up and give those wankers a good fucking kicking.
    Imagine that……a mass bundle on primetime BBC!!!
    I’d fucking watch it!

  16. It’s The Lost Night of The Proms really. We don’t sing proudly but ironically. The whole spirit has changed. Nothing that would ‘move’ you at all.

    • Check your local paper today – We found this in the pocket of a TBIfTB staffer we hit over the head on his way home:

      Press release from Tony Blair Institute for Tony Blair.
      All local and national outlets; supreme urgency. From The Desk of Tony Blair:
      Strapline: “Labour under Jeremy Corbyn a different party, says Tony Blair ”
      (Use verbatim or we’ll sue)
      Text: you can C&P some of My old speeches…you know, Corbyn’s a cunt, Labour needs to represent big business, threaten new party under Me. Clear with Me first -TB

      Best advert for Corbyn’s Labour I have yet seen. Roll the poster presses: “Labour’s Different Now!” and wait for the votes to roll in!

  17. any Debate this fat cunt is involved in can reach DEFCON 1 in an instant if its not going his way resulting in a major Chimp out and possible chest beating.!

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