David Beckham [6]

David Beckham is still a whopper of a cunt…

It appears ‘Becks’ is due to fight an allegation of speeding in a Bentley over a ‘technicality’ …

This basically means this little cunt thinks he is above the law and that he shouldn’t have to take a speeding offence on the chin like every other motorist in Britain now has to…

I have disliked this cunt ever since he chose to be a brainless celebricunt over being a professional footballer, and for marrying the worst and most talentless leech of a media whore cunt since Yoko Fucking Ono… His abusive tantrums about not getting a knighthood also showed what he has become…

But not accepting a speeding ticket when he’s obviously bang to rights? Why doesn’t the little knobhead just swallow it? One gets the impression the media darling/whore does not like being told he is in the wrong… No wonder Fergie took aim with the boot and then gave him the boot, the little cunt….

Nominated by Norman

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  1. Cannot agree more Norman.

    He and that untalented pouting skeleton of a wife are worth more than £600m between them.

    Just pay the fucking fine. Cunt.

  2. Who the fuck does this tattooed twat think he is? Chris Eubank?

    Beckham and his offensive wife not fit to lick the shit off Chris’s shoes.

  3. “Serena Williams strips off ‘naked’ and sings rendition of Divinyls classic I Touch Myself for breast cancer awareness campaign”

    What an utterly revolting mental picture have now have lodged in my brain.

      • It’s horrible, Mr. Fistula… I even tried watching “Morbidly Obese Granny Shags The Seven Dwarfs” in the hope that I could replace the image of Serena toying with her great big black cock, but no,it’s unshiftable….Don’t think that I’ll ever be able to wank again.

    • Every cloud has a silver lining they say.
      Serena has been jabbering on about making herself vulnerable doing this shot. So hopefully after she left the room the photo crew fell about laughing. Just as she walked back in….

  4. If the “ loophole “ Beckham is trying to exploit is that his IQ is that of a retarded rodent or that his spindly stick insect of a wife was distracting him by droning on and on about her non existent career he may well find a sympathetic judge!! Personally I would love to see the judge fine the Cunt the maximum and tear a strip off the cheeky twat.,,,

    • Its the narcissism in paying that clebrecunt lawyer £10k to get off a speeding fine. I think he could have improved brand Beckham by appearing in court, paying his dues and sling a substantial amount to a home that caters for motorists injured by speeding cars. I think Dave’s PR people missed a trick there. Still a cunt as attested by Norman. If Norm thinks an ex United player is a cunt he must be a cunt 😉

  5. Three or four litres of Frosty Jack should soothe your troubled mind Dick.
    As for thick cunt Beckham and the repulsive Skeletor, the sooner they disappear off the radar screen whilst flying across the Atlantic in a Lear Jet with Richard Branson, the better.
    Good afternoon.

    • The final nail (and there were a few) in the Only Fools & Horses coffin was when the last ever (so far) sketch was a vehicle for Beckham… A decrepit and doddering Del Boy still acting the wide boy, and a 50 year old Rodders still doing the puppy dog plonker routine was bad enough…. But that media prossie Beckham also appeared… Making out that he’s an ‘ordinary geezer’ who hangs about market stalls and cafes in Peckham…. They should just have called it ‘Beckham In Peckham – A Cunt’s Tale’….

      • Towards the end of his stint at United Fergie was worried about Dave’s OCD. He had called in one morning and told SAF he couldn’t make training that day as he was overwrought with a problem and he couldn’t leave until it was sorted. Now Becks wasn’t one for missing training so SAF jumped in his Jag and set off for Becks pad in Cheshire. Without knocking he saw Becks through the patio windows out back and Becks stood over the isle in the kitchen. “Now Dave, whats all this bollocks about problems and you wont be in today”~?
        “Its like this boss, Vic went out shopping this morning and surprised me with a little present. You know about my habit boss and until I have cracked this jigsaw puzzle she bought me I really cant go anywhere – its doing my head in.
        SAF takes one look at the kitchen table and says “Dave, put the cornflakes back in the box and get your arse back to Carrington”.

        • George Best on David Beckham: “He cannot kick with his left foot, he cannot head a ball, he cannot tackle and he doesn’t score many goals… Apart from that he’s all right…”

          Absolutely spot on… RIP Bestie….

          • Well said Norman.
            For all his faults and failures (and there were many and he owned up to all of them) Georgie was struck from a piece of material that we wont ever see the likes of probably ever again.
            Had he been around today playing on bowling green type pitches (after November in his time there wasn’t a blade of grass in any goalmouth) without a divot, furrow or line out of place with shinpads, protection from referees that he never got and never once asked for, I don’t think (although he wasn’t known for his tackling skills) I ever saw him feign an injury to gain a yard – imagine (a stupid word and concept I know but humour me) the boy in todays Prem. Where would he be playing? How much would he be worth? Obviously rhetorical comments – they couldn’t be anything else. Maybe another time, another place, I hope to see him again. For sure I have watched the Worlds so called greats at United, home and away, abroad as a United and England fan. 3 World cups and more trips to Wembley (old and new) than I could count there was something about the lad that was just different. To steal a line from the film “Troy” – I lived in the time of George Best.

  6. Pay the fine Dhu’vid, he’s lucky its not Finland where you get fined calculated on your income. In the picture has he just completed his Where’s Wally? book that he got for his birthday?

  7. Yeah, David ‘too much money is never enough’ Beckham, and his sour-faced stick insect of a wife. What a pair of celebrity cunts. Top cunting, Norman.

  8. Rumoured to have accepted a position within the Winter Olympics Team in an advisory role, exploiting his experience of going down on a skeleton….

    • David Beckham goes shopping, and sees something interesting in the kitchen department of a large department store.
      “What’s that?” he asks.
      “A Thermos flask,” replies the assistant.
      “What does it do?” asks Becks.
      The assistant tells him it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.
      Really impressed, Beckham buys one and takes it along to his next training session.
      “Here, boys, look at this,” Beckham says proudly. “It’s a Thermos
      The lads are impressed.
      “What does it do?” they ask.
      “It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold” says David.
      “And what have you got in it?” asks Roy Keane.
      “Two cups of coffee and a choc ice,” replies David.

      Gormless turd.

  9. Fabio Capello turns up for an England training session and says, “ I ‘ave important meeting with FA. You do usual stuff, I see you tomorrow ok”? and fucks off.
    Rio says, “fuck this training lark do you fancy a round of golf Becks?”
    “Ok”, says Becks, “I’ll nip home get me clubs and meet you over there.”
    So he gets home, opens the door and hears strange noises from upstairs. He quietly creeps up the stairs with the noises getting louder. The bedroom door is open and he sees Fabio fucking the arse off Victoria.
    “Fucking hell” he thinks, grabs his clubs and fucks off.
    Next day Fabio turns up and says “I ‘ave important meeting with press. You carry on I see tomorrow ok?”
    Rio says, “Becks, you fancy another round of golf?”
    Becks says, “fuck off, I nearly got caught yesterday you cunt!”

  10. Bang on the money Norm. I’d love to shit in his armchair. This is like time Gerrard went to court after pleading not guilty to an incident, caught on camera, after all his mates copped for a guilty plea. Gerrard was found not guilty, to continue to be held up to kids as a shining example, but he’s still a cunt. These spunkmonkeys think they’re above everybody else by making money talk. Posh is a talentless scrawny cunt as well.

  11. David’s greatest legacy to a greatful nation will be his kids. Brooklyn,a world renowned photographer (already published collection).Romeo, the next big thing in modelling, (Burberry Christmas advert + 200,000 instagram followers). Cruz a singer (Charity Christmas single) and Harper, a “fashionista” and budding stage star(already enrolled at stage school).
    We are truly blessed. Once that thick bastard David and his pig-faced,deluded bitch of a wife, Victoria, retire to deserved obscurity,we’ll have their delightful offspring to admire and envy.
    I,for one, think that David should be made a Lord, Victoria a Lady, Brooklyn,Romeo,Cruz should each get an Earldom and Harper
    made a Princess (perhaps Prince Andrew could rise to the occasion and find it in himself to to ease her passage)…oh,and David should get an Order of St. George too. Why not? The Honours system couldn’t be anymore devalued anyhow.

    Fuck them.

  12. Horrible little cunt with far too much money Should have the moral backbone and admit the charge and pay the fine Prople like him think they are above the law and can challenge it because they have money it’s time cocks like him were brought to book and taken down a peg

  13. Would be fucking awesome if the judge threw him in jail for obstructing justice and contempt of court.
    Working a technicality in a case like this is an admission of guilt.
    “If you’d like to enjoy a technicality here mr beckham let’s see your lawyer try to work me down from 20 years.”
    The judge could send him to one of those speciality jails, like a wing of large, ugly female rapists.
    They most certaintly can work their imagination, should they feel compelled. As Mr Robinson found out.

  14. Just heard Graham Stringer (Labour MP) interviewed on the radio. Seems like a rare man of principle… unlike his farcically misnomered ‘leader’, ha ha.

  15. Stringer is another one being targeted for deselection by Momentum for daring to oppose the EU.
    What a bunch of cunts.

  16. This fecking bloke is lauded as a hero in the media, what an absolute joke, a Hero !.
    Sgt Ian McKay herò.
    Numerous 19yr old RAF pilots in WW2, heroes, but Beckenham or whatever his name is a hero, i fecking think not. Society has got its moral compass and priorities in a spin.

  17. You’ve got to remember that poor David doesn’t lead his own life and doesn’t ever make a decision for himself… it’s all done for him. All done by his hangers-on and his dear sweet wife Victoria.
    Out of the limelight he is a really nice guy.
    When he was in Vancouver a while ago my pal spotted him in the airport car park.
    My pal had his two kids with him and Mr B took all the time in the world to get photos taken with them, shook hands genuinely with them and everybody came away from the encounter with very nice comments about him.
    You know he’s not smart enough or ruthless enough to run all the business ventures with his name on them, so I leave it to the good isac readers to guess who’s the real cunt.

    • I agree Paul. Good mate of mine met him at some charity bash a while back. Said he was a genuine and pretty humble guy. His cunt of a wife holds the strings though which does make him a bit of a cunt. Shame.

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