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Now this long standing programme is under fire for not posing enough gender neutral questions (fuck knows what they are) and for not having enough women contestants. Now as far as I know the split at uniy is roughly 50/50 so girls/ladies/women instead of moaning, get your shit together, stop screaming it’s unfair and enter an all women team and win the fucking thing. That way you will prove beyond doubt that you are better. There have been some outstanding women contestants Gail Trimble springs to mind but when all women teams are entered at least your efforts can be applauded.

Take a look at this. You will need to scroll to 36:00 to see how well they have done as all female teams in the past.

As I said if you think this is sexist, stop bitching get your shit together, start revising, make no excuses and win the fucker.

Nominated by Cuntsince1066

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  1. “As I said if you think this is sexist, stop bitching”.

    That, my friend, is comedy gold. Really enjoyed that one. Brightened my morning no end. Cheers – IY.

  2. Havent seen this since Bamber Gasket was on.(surely a Deadpool nominee?) Not surprised that gender bias is now trotted out as an excuse. Probably needs specialist tranny or shirt lifting questions to make it really inclusive.
    Fucked, we’re all fucked.

    • Have vague memory of one episode where a question involved who were known as cherry pickers and a student replied homosexuals. Paxo winced and said I don’t think the Regiment of the 11th Hussars would be mad keen on being called that. I was almost certainly pissed at the time so don’t trust me!

      • Lord Cardigan referred to the 11th Hussars as cherry bums because of their red trousers – you can almost see where she went wrong!

    • He is still around CC. His Alma Mater consists of Eton, Cambridge and Yale. He had a huge 50 bedroom left to him by an Aunt then whinged as it was too big. Foppish cunt. Oh, and he is 83 at time of writing.

  3. Slightly off topic but have thing from 70s where Magnus Magnusson on Mastermind called a woman contender Mrs so and so and she corrected him, no it’s Miss. He then said I apologise for elevating you to that position and there was hell on from the feminazis even then.

  4. Pretty damned sure there is an all female college at Oxford. Saint Hilda’s I think. Not often you see blambo teams on there. Then again, not many chocolate smarty’s around unless of course the questions revolved around why have you had 4 litters of kids and don’t see or pay for any of them, killing with one stab, slang and its uses in everyday Londonistan and of course how do you afford £300 trainers when you haven’t done an honest days work in your miserable blambo existence and drive a top of the range beemer / merc?

  5. Anyone remember The Young Ones episode? Scumbag College vs Stephen Fry, Emma Twatson and Hugh Laurie.

    • I do. The gal had a new porsche..from daddy..nahhy…mmm..wot.
      Sexismn…and elitismn – working class girl Janis ..working as a singer couldn’t get a Merc..or even enough for a night on the town.
      Vivian’s little mate..SPG headbutted Nob college msscot…”Aloysius”…who was without any shadow of a doubt liked a bit of chrome in the kitchen (see drunk real estate agent .you tube)
      SPG..Special Patrol Group..Brexit fans could join and compare dick sizes..their major worry in life.

  6. Apologies for going off-road a minute.

    Must’ve eaten or drunk something dodgy yesterday as my stomach properly had the Collywobbles. Even after I’d shat out whatever it was, my stomach still wasn’t mollified. I even thought about fingers down the gullet but couldn’t.

    Luckily help was at hand. I saw a short video of Zelda May “dancing” in Africa and subsequently pebble-dashed the porcelain. Better out than in.

  7. I can’t wait for the first all black diversity teams episode of Cuntiversity Challenge… Whichever team loses, Old Paxo is going to be called racist… Because remember, cunters… Black Universtiy Challenge Teams Matter….

    • Or Allah forbid an all peaceful team, any nervous martyr might set off their suicide belt prematurely when the buzzer goes.

      • Let your imagination run wild. A tranny team versus the peacefuls. The trannies stop and demand a full and Frank apology from Paxo for his blatant transphobia having got one of their sparkly special pronouns wrong. They then stop and have a collective hissy fit, retire to a safe space for a while cos one has been triggered by a question with issues around the lived narrative of his transitioning and needs to practice some self love. They then disagree with Paxo because his answer is just facts and figures and stuff and doesn’t reflect their lived experience. The peacefuls are just itching to throw them all off a tall building. I’ll shut up now.

        • Tony
          Your language is suspiciously right-on. Are you an infiltrator? I think we should be told.

          • Ha ha, I was in the Labour Party til Blair got in, but I would rather assisted suicide than vote for Corbyn, Flabbot etc al. Too much time inflaming myself reading the Guardian, was once a scientist and love to weigh in on the pseudoscience quackfoolery they have on that rancid rag. But I’ve sure picked up the lingo!

  8. Theresa May plot: Man jailed for life for Downing Street murder plan

    17.4m additional suspects are still helping police with their enquiries.

  9. Fucking whining posh rich bitches straight out of Cheltenham Ladies College and into Oxbridge, living it up on Daddy’s credit card. Shut your fucking pie holes about equality. We notice you don’t want equality with the piss poor Eurotrash bitches who will be doing your housework and raising your posh brats after you have got your legs open and grabbed yourself a rich hubby, you cunts!
    University Challenge……..the posh scrubbers’ equivalent of Love Island.

  10. Top Cunting 1066.
    Main reason I watch it is for the occasional bit of snooty posh totty but it’s pretty slim pickings mostly.
    Bit of a Monkman fan on the quiet.

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