Trades Unions

Unions are cunts. I have had to re-join a union to vote to reject a so-called pay offer from my parsimonious cunt of an employer.

I told the Union cunts where to forcefully shove their membership card two years ago when the cunts kept hassling me to vote Labour and then I found out they were using members money to pay for unwashed cunts to attend demonstrations. I had to give the cunts a private e-mail and they immediately started mithering me about their Political Fund (all things pro-Palestine, wimmins cobblers etc) and nothing at all yet about our pay!.

What a steaming tramp’s vest full of old cunt.

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  1. My great grandad on my dad’s side was a union leader way back in the early 20th century before unions turned into political activism organisations. He’d be disgusted to see what they’ve turned into. And apparently the Yank ones are even worse.

  2. Came in handy once when my employer at the time, the NHS, tried to sweep some asbestos under the carpet. But I always felt like I was one step away from being called up to join the ranks of some stanky arse protest movement.

    • Unions probably were a good thing 80 or a 100 years ago. Now they are just lefty, minority, wimmin and darkie supporting CUNT They exist to line the pockets of union general secretaries and try to indoctrinate the workers to leftist wankery.

      • That is another thing that pisses me off about todays Unions, the way they have to divide the membership up into sub-groups,like the Womens group,the LBGTQXYZ group,the BAME group etc when it’s all supposed to be about unity..I bet if I put that I was a Tuareg Dwarf on my monitoring questionnare the cunts would be compelled to give me my own section.

  3. I have massive sympathy with this perspective but something has to replace them because never more than in the last 30 yrs have individuals’ rights been so eroded and there needing to be someone, anyone, to stand up for us.
    Decades of painless accumulation via Unity is Strength has been whittled away and frankly nowadays there’s nothing and no-one that stands up for the individual. It’s all about ”outsourcing the cheapest option – globalisation- and bugger the quality” (see Carillion and too many others to mention)

    Occupational Pensions-GONE
    Inflation-equalling pay rises-GONE
    Job security or Employer Loyalty- WHAT’S THAT??!!
    Taxes and vital Utilities costs- UP
    Redundancy Protection-SEE the HIGH St
    Conditions and perks-WORSE and FUCK ALL
    Privatisation-Effectively bypasses Unions
    Health & Safety improvements-JURY’S OUT

    Fellow cunters will have many more.

    As a (still) staunch Leaver, and I can scarcely believe I am about to say this but what I do admire about the EU is the fact that some, just some, of the red tape actually protects the individual…..and they’re also not afraid to stick some monopolistic global cunts with hundred million Euros in fines. Somehow I fear that from next April the cunts running this country will just bow down and be fucked by the Yanks instead of the French and Germans.

    • I was always under the impression that unions never gave a fuck about the individual……… only the collective (seeing as how unions have always been associated with socialism/communism).

      I was born in 82 but my Dad has told me about the 70’s and all the problems the unions caused such as 3 day weeks, power outages, dead going unburied, rubbish going uncollected and flying pickets armed to the teeth physically assaulting any individual attempting to cross the picket line. (That last part being the part that always really gripped my shit as I am an individualist to the core just like my Da).

      All in all I have always understood the need for unions to stand up for worker’s rights but only if it benefits the collective. The good they do doesn’t stop me from being distrustful of unions though and have never joined one in my life, nor will I ever.

      Having been in the Army so having been unable to join a union at the time just reinforced my feelings towards them. As a squaddie having to drive out of camp and seeing some civilian clerks holding a picket outside the main gate really makes one think “Wow, what a set of cunts”.

    • The EU regulations are a tool of sweet seduction. Once everyone is in, and the doors closed, all laws , guarantees, benefits etc will disappear and we will begin the Orwellian march to ant life. Fuck the EU and all the cock munching cunts within it.

    • Occupational pensions had to go, they are the main reason the countries financially fucked. Unions would strike, companies would promise them a gold plated retirement on the ponzi express knowing damn well that A) they weren’t going to pay for it & B) they’d be long gone before the shit hit the fan…
      Only the ponzi express derailed (as they all do) and all passengers had to use the lifeboats.
      I’m now paying an exorbitant amount of tax/vat/nic (plus various other stealth taxes), I’m also paying with the cuts in services, the penny pinching at the NHS… Christ could go on forever.
      All so the fucking char lady from WC Boggs and Co could retire at 55 (after 20 years of loyal tea making services) on a final fucking salary pension and to really rub dog shit into the wound, the cunts still alive and at a grand old age of 99 has done 20 years of tax paying and 44 collecting a pension. Every day I wake up I’m getting less for my money, and it’s all the fault of those union cunts all those years ago.

    • Unions have only themselves to blame, their leaders in particular, for the erosion of workers /individuals rights and decline in public support and regard.


      • So you don’t think that the desire for cheap labour and increased profits from Big Business is more to blame for the erosion of workers/individuals rights than the Unions?

        Good Evening.

        • Good evening Dick.

          I just believe that had the Unions stuck to their original remit British industry and the workforce in general would be in a much healthier place now.

          And in case I gave the contrary impression I have no time for the likes of Mike Ashley and Sir Philip Greed. Big Business is a cunt by default.

          It wouldn’t hurt for the Labour Party to get their act together either.

        • I do. The apparently legal theft of pension funds is routine. The idea that the workers should share in the success of their company has been anathema to all Conservative governments as well as the Blair/Brown syndicate, and where industrial flashooints have occurred the most draconian measures have been used to neutralise organised labour, with longlasting effects.

          The current situation is that the unions were castrated by Blair, who preferred Labour to be funded by Michael Levy’s chums, and their political input is limited, not helped by the comfortable position of their Establishment-approved leaders. Though other aspects of the cunting are also true. Union representation is very much one-size-fits-all: the bureaucracy is tortuous, and yes, it is often necessary to make individual sacrifices for the collective objectives.

          The model for workforce marginalisation has been, since Thatcher, America. There, the existence of semi-autonomous states, each with its own labour rates, has been invaluable in keeping workers’ expectations down. An employer whose company dividends can be increased by cutting labour costs has always been free to move the operation from, say, Michigan to Arkansas. Comparisons with the current EU situation would of course be grossly unfair. The employer doesn’t even have to move, but needs simply to recruit from a cheaper country.

    • I don’t need anyone to stand up for me as an individual, I can do that all by myself and on my own terms, not that of some damn communist who thinks he knows what’s best for me. Only I decide that. Unions have never cared about the individual, they only care about their own power which they get through pure marxist identity politics and despise everyone who doesn’t sign up and pay into their shit. Not to mention the cunts haven’t got a fucking clue about running businesses, so they just place completely unreasonable demands on the owners which puts the entire company out of business leaving the workers with no jobs. Great job unions, really standing up for the little guy there. Cunts.

      • Evening Jack. I’m a member of the National Farmers Union. Without the Union’s help I really would have struggled when Foot and Mouth struck. They certainly weren’t in it for their own benefit.
        I take your point about some Unions but I believe that a lot of them do valuable work regarding Health and Safety and the protection of labour. Not everyone is as capable of standing up for themselves as you.

        • Good point, honestly didn’t really consider the NFU a typical union since they don’t cause a lot of trouble and aren’t sucking Corbyn’s cock. I view them more of an advocacy group. If they were a typical union I would expect to see them demanding things like a £15 minimum wage for strawberry pickers along with massive pensions, basically just things to make life impossible for the people running the farms and shouldering all the risk and financial burden that goes along with it.

          • You make a fair point, Jack,they’re not really a “Union” in the accepted sense. I just remember how good they were at dealing with Govt. officials who would have gladly seen every farmer go the wall and would have probably got their way if they had been able to deal with each of us individually. Indeed,they certainly secured a more than fair arrangement eventually.

  4. A knife wielding Algerian cunt who burst into a Spanish cop shop shouting ‘Alloa Snackbar ‘ has been shot dead.
    I like a good news story.

    • That’s what the coppers should have done with that cunt outside Parliament last week. They were standing there with guns in their hands, they should have done a Bonnie and Clyde job on his motor. Same with those two fuckers who killed Lee Rigby. They had plenty of time to size up the situation and blow their fucking heads off. Trouble is they are all scared of being hung out to dry by the likes of Strapon and the snowflake brigade and ending up in chokey themselves.

      • When I come to power I’m bringing back capital punishment. The Lee Rigby killers will be the first in line for execution – of course, they should have pork put down their pants before they’re hung to ensure they die tainted.

  5. isnt the most relevant fact about these individuals who perpetrate these acts, not their Religion but their mental state?. they are normally inadequates leading dull boring lives who have latched on to Religion to give them some sort of misguided ‘purpose’.

    • Why else would you need religion? By definition, believing in that bollocks makes you a nutter, it’s just that some go the whole hog. Cunts.

    • I don’t know of any other religion that blows people up with such regularity mind. Even the Westboro Baptist Church don’t kill people.

      • Can’t remember where I saw it but some of those cunts turned up at a soldier’s funeral recently with their usual “fags are going to hell” bollocks.
        Some of the mourners couldn’t take it, ran across the road and gave them a good kicking before the police could pull them off.
        It’s the only thing cunts like that understand.

        • Remember a similar story from a Cenotaph parade in Whitehall. Some lefty cunt thought it would be good idea to raise a “Squaddies are all Murderers” flag (can’t remember the exact cuntish wording but you get the picture). The police had to intervene quickly to prevent the cunt from being mauled by the veterans.

    • When one religion is responsible for the vast majority of terrorist attacks around the world don’t you think that maybe it’s the real problem?

      • But hey, we all know it’s a religion of peace right? The media say it so it must be true!

  6. ‘a steaming tramp’s vest full of old cunt’.
    What a use of the language, Shakespeare would be green. A cunting worthy of the name!!

      • Anyone who thinks that Unions are no longer needed has more faith in the multi-nationals and business tycoons than me. No need to worry about third-world replacement staff, health and safety,profiteering etc. when we’ve got the likes of Mike Ashley to sort out all that lefty shite,eh……

      • Fucks Sake…trying to say that anyone who thinks that the likes of Amazon and Mike Ashley can be relied on to protect workers rights,instead of Unions,has more confidence in the benevolence of Big Business than me.

        • I still seem unable to post my thoughts on Deviants in the “Drag Queens” thread. Limp-wristed forces at work, I fear.

        • It’ll fucking do it a few times then. I kept banging that “post” button like a Darkie stabbing his neighbour.

      • Don’t use the word tycoon because it will moderate coon. I know it’s a pain but we didn’t write the software.
        Released the comment and the seven duplicates are in the bin. That’s why it said duplicate. Because they were!

  7. What the hell is going on HMP Birmingham? The Minister of State Rory Stewart looks like the sort of pencil necked geeky turd Dick Fiddler would spend many an hour flushing their head down the khazi at school.

    • Privatisation, that’s what’s going on. Profit first, everything else a long way second. I had to laugh…… when these inspectors were poncing around this prison some cunt torched their cars!
      It reminded me of when the Metropolitan Police Band turned up at my school to entertain us for the afternoon. While they were playing some cunt let all the tyres down on their three meat wagons. They weren’t happy.😁

  8. Everytime I’ve needed to approach management about something important I’ve taken the rep with me.
    I did all the talking though, and sorted out my own situations.
    I’ve found that discussing things with management myself has made far more progress than shaking my fist and calling for the union.
    Every time I try to discuss a workforce wide issue with the reps I find their discourse evasive and confrontational.
    Inevitably I get pissed off with their scargilite utopian attitude and walk away.
    I am disgusted by the political nature of it all.
    Then there’s all that rimming of jeremy’s nutty ringpiece. What wankers.
    This coupled with all the cunts outside of work has left me feeling more strongly than ever before about becoming a member of management, a police officer or even a traffic warden.
    Fucking cunts everywhere.

  9. Unions just like our vegan soap dodging terrorist supporting Worzel Gummidge tribute act are fucking OBSESSED WITH THE FAKESTINIAN cause.

    The unions are all LGBTQIAVHBDVIJ, 873,7)£&+ loving whereas in Gaza they push poofs off tower blocks.


  10. The Labour Party was formed in 1905, I believe, to represent the Trade Unions in Parliament. Nobody therefore, should be surprised at the strong historical links between the two. Of course the Labour Party has totally changed. When I was a kid most Labour MPs had a union background. These days they are all posh, Oxbridge cunts and rich as fuck. I think that Dennis Skinner is the last of the old guard. If you remember, the Blaircunt appointed Fat boy Prescott to the made up position of Deputy Prime Minister to shut the unions up, fat boy being a TU official in his youth. The fact that the obese slug is now pissing it up in the House of Old Traitors tells you everything you need to know about the modern Labour Party.
    Now, I have been a union rep for about 20 fucking years. If you don’t like what your Union does then how about getting off your arse and doing something about it ? If you don’t like your union officials and leaders why don’t you vote for some other cunt?Do you know how many people vote in my union? About 17-18% consistently. That’s despite my constant reminders and offers to post the fucking things myself. No doubt that is repeated all over the country.
    But , of course, when they’re in the shit they come running to me expecting the union to get them out of it. And when I get them out of it do I get any thanks? Yeah, dream on.
    Ask them to do something for the union and oh no, it’s all about me. Oh, I don’t agree with that. So fucking what! There’s a lot of things I don’t agree with but you’re in a fucking Union you do what the majority want.
    Yeah the Unions have been taken over by the same middle class snowflakes that have taken over the Labour Party. That’s because no cunt can be arsed to participate.
    I could tell you so many stories about the sense of entitlement that the membership have. I will just paraphrase JFK……,ask not what your union etc etc…..

    • “Elections belong to the people. Its their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.”

      Abraham Lincoln.

      Sounds like you got a thankless task there FF.

    • I can see that there must be situations where unions have helped individuals and I have known some very good reps. It id just that where I work, in a large Government department, there are always a percentage of shifty workshy cunts who have complete contempt for their job and the other workers,until someone suggests they might be happier elsewhere, then the union steps in and saves their bacon time and time again so the rest of the cunts have to keep on carrying them.

  11. Fucking great quote. I have just written that down, I will use that no question. Thankless task, you don’t know the half of it.
    I remember one bitch who I had just got out of the shit for her persistent lateness by making some shit up on the spot. I sat her down, told her to stick to the story I had just made up and get her lazy fat arse into work on time. She looked at me and said “do you get paid for this?”
    I got up and just walked out.
    Two months later they sacked the slapper. Good riddance, fuck off.

  12. The Unions campaigned almost entirely for Remain.

    Their umbrella organisation the TUC joined together with the CBI, Big Business, Cameron, Osborne & Clegg and just about every other Establishment organisation, and still they lost.

    And they’re still Remoaning… as if Labour hasn’t already done enough to negate the democratic mandate!

  13. Lord Prescot of Two Jags deputy dog to Tony B Liar, inventor of
    motorway bus lanes, & all round toss pot & union fanatic, onetime
    egg avenger!

      • Not to forget Derek “Degsie” Hatton, Livverpoool poster boy for Milly Tant and the hard left. The shite between the cheeks.

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