The Left [2]

The left are due a nomination. Jacob Rees Mogg made the silly decision to advertise the fact he was on holiday in New York on the internet. So left wing retards descended on his home and vandalised the place. Apparently, they sprayed the words, “posh scum” on his windows and, “shut up and die” and, “dickhead” on his garage. They also scattered condoms on his garden, presumably a reference to him being Catholic, and left an effigy of Corbyn…sorry…a dildo…on the bonnet of his wife’s Range Rover and painted the symbol for anarchy on the car.

The fact that these democracy hating sacks of shit have only done this while he was away, says a lot about how cowardly they are. And it’s not just Tories they are attacking now. Corbyn’s followers are calling for the Noncefinder General himself, Tom Watson, to quit as deputy leader of the Labour Party, after he commented on the Party’s dismal failure to tackle anti-Semitism within its ranks. And Tony Benn’s granddaughter has received online abuse from Momentum morons, after she similarly criticised Labour for failing get rid of the many racists and anti-Semites.

Lefties have always been enemies of democracy, free speech, reasoned debate and many of the other things that all free, civilised countries enjoy. They’ve also been quick to level accusations of racism, Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia, etc at others. And their response when those same accusations have been levelled at them, has been violence, intimidation, talking and shouting over people who were trying to comment, to drown them out, insults and general immature behaviour. However, that’s all become far worse since their Messiah, Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour party.

And when he was first elected as Labour leader, he promised “a kinder, gentler politics”. Those words have since proved to be a lie. In recent weeks, Momentum have been likened to Militant Tendency, that bunch of far left loons who infested the Labour party back in the 80’s. I would go further than that. Momentum’s behaviour, especially since the anti-Semitism scandal broke, has been more akin to the behaviour of the Nazi party in the 1930’s.

We all remember Thornberry’s tweeting of a photo of an Essex white van man’s house, covered in England flags. The sneering tone and unspoken disapproval of an Englishman and England in general, not to mention the implication that the man was racist, Islamophobic, etc, is not an exception, it’s the rule. The entire left wing hate the UK, especially England and the English people. They hate democracy, they despise freedom of speech and freedom of thought and they firmly believe that anyone who does not subscribe to their fucked up beliefs is ‘far’ right. And if you dare to publicly change those beliefs, you will be met with most vile abuse, insults, threats and intimidation.

For them to call anyone scum, is hypocrisy at its worst. THEY are scum. THEY are the ones who pose a serious threat to this country and our way of life. The left, are cunts of the highest magnitude.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. The only difference between left wing fasicsts and the Hitler Youth is that the latter had uniforms.

    I did chuckle when I read about the visit of a few enthusiastic patriots who visited a lefty bookshop at the weekend.

    The left are now imploding….

    • Apparently the entire stock of everyone’s favourite allotment tending socialist autobiography has been destroyed. The launch of ‘Mao to Marrow: The Corbyn Chronicles’ has now been postponed.

  2. Can’t really add much to this excellent cunting other than the fact that the left are generally workshy bastards, they’d much rather find an accommodating well filled tit to latch on to. The cunts that vandalised JRM’s place will be unemployed, any that aren’t will be in some non job,advising asylum seekers or some other unproductive shite, the rest will be skiving at uni, funded by doting, snowflake raising cunts.
    As for Militant, they were like nazis , remember them well, they have nothing but contempt for the people they claim to represent, just like Momentum. It’s a cancer that keeps coming back, and there’s every chance they’ll gain power, while the tories sit around wanking and bean flicking in the waning sunshine of a country that used to be rightly called Great Britain.
    Good morning.

  3. James O’Shithead often describes himself as a “lefty liberal.” Liberal definitely, lefty……please fuck off. The self styled left are not the left of my youth. They were working class men, trade unionists who saw the rich as their enemy and placed their faith in the Labour Party. Well Kinnock soon put a stop to that nonsense despite the fact that he came from exactly that background. What a dirty turncoat traitor that cunt is.
    I don’t see Militant and Momentum as being the same movement. That was a different world back then, different concerns and different people.
    Today’s left are not left at all….. they are liberals. They want to right the wrongs and change the world. They don’t blame the rich privileged cunts for the fucked up world because that’s the world they come from. Their enemy is the white working class whom they hate and fear. Of course they also hate and fear the black working class but if you’re black you are a victim of society so you’ve got a free pass. Show me a Brixton snowflake who walks around with cash in his pocket and I’ll suck your cock.
    Cocksuckers, of course are another bunch of victims these hopeless cunts love so much. Need I go on? We all know who they love. The point is they are not “the left” , they are the Establishment now. Militant was a long time ago, those days are long gone. Kinnock is in the House of Lords now and a multi-millionaire.
    By the way the attack on Rees-Mogg is news to me. I wonder how I missed that?

    • The days are long gone but a lot of the tactics and behaviour are the same, packing meetings, intimidation, bullying, taking votes at last minute announced meetings etc.etc. Of course they’re not exactly the same, but they’re close relatives. As for Kinnock, he was right to call Militant cunts, trouble is , he was a cunt too, and still is.

    • I wouldn’t call James O’brien a Liberal……. Maybe a social Liberal but not a classical Liberal as that would mean he believes in free speech whereas he only allows the speech of those with whom he agrees.

      He is a progressive (and by that I mean regressive).

  4. I was thinking exactly the same thing about Labour and Momentum after reading their websites. they have far more in common with Nazism that they do with Marxism, the latter being what they profess to stand for.

    Momentum, for example, state inclusivity, diversity open to all approach until you read their summary of their constitution and their real authoritarian ideology is in the first sentence “The constitution requires all new Momentum members to be Labour Party members. New members who join Momentum must be members of the Labour Party.”

    Hardly inclusive is it?

    They are the brown shirts, and if Labour is elected i really can see momentum becoming little more that witchfinders, violent activists and enforcers for Labour, seeking oppressors and offenders via a social justice lens and dragging them before tribunals where they have no hope of defending their case, destroying the lives of those that disagree with their radical far left cobblers.

    This is why i keep suggesting plan for your own future, live frugally, acquire movable assets, stop buying dumb shit, save, move work or start work online and build yourself the option to leave because in 5 years it will be too late to start.

    I seriously fear a Labour election victory, to me it will be an absolute catastrophe for the ordinary working man, violent disorder and top down authoritarianism with so many people to scared to speak up against them because as soon as they do they will become the target of the vicious hate mobs.

    Good luck to you all.

  5. Cunting fucking wasps. Just got stung by one on the foot whilst out for a walk. Nasty fucking cunts.

    • Which means you must have been wearing sandals or crocs or some similar snowflake wanky footwear. Don’t try and deny it !……it’s nature paying you back for dressing like a cunt.

      • I wear sandals in hot weather because otherwise my feet get too warm when I’m outside. Nothing wrong with that if it provides more comfort.

  6. Don’t want to seem sympathetic to obvious arseholes, and not having heard the news, but do we have any evidence that these were Left cunts? If they were, what a shower of shit. Unacceptable. And if they were random cunts skunked out of what they flatteringly refer to as their brains, what a shower of shit. Unacceptable.

    It betrays a level of intelligence below that of the average Labour MP to think that JR-M hasn’t realised he’s a posh cunt and needs reminding. And, thinking about it, the implied anticatholicism (silence from the Board of Deputies of British Jews on this, I imagine) rather suggests the involvement of the Orange Order to me. Any Apprentice Boys in JR-M’s locality?

    I refer the Hon. Cunter to the level of systematic and co-ordinated abuse directed at any well-known personality daring to be different in any sense, both on the social media and at home. This is what we have become, I’m afraid. The politics of irrational hate*. Dare I say it, not confined to the Left.

    PS. If it was ‘the left’ then of course ‘the left’ are cunts. But I’m pretty sure it’s not Labour policy.

    *Not including the perfectly rational hate of lycroids blocking traffic…

  7. I would be interested to hear both the old left’s and modern liberal’s views about how much money you can have before you get classed as “The Rich”
    Or if being articulate and well spoken automatically qualifies one as “Posh” for that matter.

    • The leftists view of ‘The Rich’ is anyone that has more than them.

      The left are not driven by empathy for the poor and dispossessed and a strive to make their lives better but driven by resentment and hatred for those that have more than they do.

      Read Orwells ‘Road To Wigan Pier’ it is quite clear that this is the conclusion that he draws

    • Old left take, since you ask:
      I don’t care how much money you’ve got. I do care how you got it. But if you are being paid £100,000 a year for your once-monthly board meeting and I am being paid the basic wage for shovelling your shit all week, there’s something wrong with the system (not necessarily you personally). I dispute your conviction that having more money than me makes you better in any way, and, exactly like an old-school Tory, I regard flashing it around to be exceedingly bad taste and the mark of a jumped-up parvenu.

      • Conspicuous consumption is indeed incredibly tasteless and the mark of a twat.
        As an example, anyone over 30 and not Italian looks like a tit driving around in a Ferrari 😉

  8. There’s Left and there’s Left, on a happier note:

    Wee Owen’s well aware of this, it seems.

    “The sad reality is the figure heads of the Remain campaign have been the discredited establishment politicians of the past, like Tony Blair, like Nick Clegg, opposition that doe, unfortunately,y unite this country.” (sic – typos are the Express’s)

    Obviously, Owen pretends he’s scared of the far-Right winning a second referendum. He has to. Otherwise he’d have to acknowledge that millions of Labour voters are as pissed off with Europe as anyone in the EDL, will swallow hard, and repeat the Leave vote.

    This is not a party issue. Nor should it be.

    • Well, for once, I think the boy Jones has got it right. That’s assuming that the fucking thing won’t be rigged, which is my greatest fear.
      I wouldn’t put anything beyond those traitorous cunts.

  9. There have always been leftists in this country. I don’t mind them having views or opinions, but why the fuck do we pay them benefits to be full time shit stirrers.? Surely they should fund their own views.

  10. “Democracy is the worst form of government… except for all the others.”

    (Winston Churchill)

    I agree. However, Democracy as it currently (dis) functions in the UK is in need of drastic reform and updating if it’s going to survive the mess we’re now in.

  11. A sad story. Whoever the culprits are, the result will be a cost to the tax payer to fund a security detail. Of course, this money will come from the magic tree that only socialist governments seem to have access to.

  12. Of subject but on the good old alBBC this morning a cunt was foaming at the mouth about Boris’s mildly disparaging remarks about peacefuls and pillar boxes.
    Hate crime apparently. Islamophobia. Havent they got enough to bear as perennial victims.

    In true BBC style this cunt wasn’t challenged on any of this horseshit.
    It seems that openly showing your contempt for western culture and values by trailing round behind your owner dressed as a chattel is a god given right and any criticism is hate crime.
    The cunts.

    • Just as well he didn’t level his sights on the Hassidics, then

      …”Bwaaaah, silly hats , ringlets, hava nagilah…bwaaah…” might have earned him some compulsory re-education –

      Still wondering why, outside of this sacred institution, I can cunt Romania, and not Israel…

      • Funny you should say that. I submitted a cunting on Haredi Jews and their culture and reluctance and/or refusal to fight for Israel. It was never posted.
        I am pro Israel, as the local alternatives are far worse and certainly not anti-Semitic, but I thought this sect was due a cunting.

        Apparently not.

        • Sorry to hear a cunting went astray there, CC. Hope this was not down to the current level of (mandatory) sensitivity regarding anything Jewish and the legal vulnerability of websites. But, no, I’m sure that it wasn’t down to Israeli government interference: they dislike the haredim as much as you apparently do, and for the same reasons.

          Used to watch them turning out in procession for the synagogue on Saturdays – with my grandparents, behind the net curtains. Grandma had names for all of them, but they weren’t their given names. Weird bunch, and wholly unintegrated.

  13. Another award winning corker of a cunting QDM!

    Pro Islam, anti West. Pro equality (bring everyone down to their level) Anti individualism, Pro PC – what’s not to like about the Left?

    Have always seen them, and Socialists in particular, as inadequate cunts who from an early age believed they could never hope to compete in the real world with their more intelligent, aspirational, hard working peers – the ones who create the wealth and provide the tax dollars that the envious, unproductive, virtue signalling career politicians piss selflessly down the shitter on behalf of all humanity…

    Btw, when did the left hijack the word “liberal”? Must have been in the 1970s. The seeds of so much cuntishness were sown in that fag-end of hope decade. For clarity, this is what I grew up understanding “liberal” to mean politically:

    (Classical) liberalism is a political philosophy that values the freedom of individuals — including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets — as well as limited government. It developed in 18th-century Europe and drew on the economic writings of Adam Smith and the growing notion of social progress.

    Real liberalism is as different as chalk and cheese from the misnomered, relatively recent American “liberal” import bastardisation we’ve long despised and refer to as Libtardism.

    It’s the modern equivalent of the BNP hijacking the Union Flag.


    • Liberals nowadays are generally centre right. At least from my experience anyway.

      • @ OpinionatedCunt

        The term is surely redundant? I would once have described myself as a liberal, but not since the meaning of the word has been distorted to describe cunts like Eddie Izzard, who would no doubt proudly describe himself a “liberal”, as would probably most commentators nowadays.

        I guess Libertarianism is the closest political philosophy the original meaning can be applied to these days. Centre Right is more what I considered Tories to be, at least until fairly recently.

  14. “Your access to this site has been limited. Please try again in a few minutes.”

    Have been trying to post a comment re Mark Carnal.

    Anyone else (still ?) having this Wordfence prob ?

    • We’ll post this YET AGAIN :

      The usage problem is a problem with the web not the site.
      You get this :
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      Reason: Exceeded the maximum global requests per minute for crawlers or humans.

      You get it ourselves once in a while. Fuck all to do with WordPress or WordFence.

  15. Look no further than ol’ cuntchops Philip Green as the unacceptable face of capitalist greed.

  16. It now seems to be just my comment re Carnal that is being blocked.

    I blame the Turdeau government.

    • And again :
      The usage problem is a problem with the web not the site.
      You get this :

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  17. Crossword in the Mail today has the clue “_ _ _ _ blair, former PM (4). Ive filled in correct answer (CUNT) but other clues dont work.

  18. I used to walk past James Kier Hardies house everyday to school
    He must be rolling in his grave at the state the “ Labour” Party is in

  19. The so-called ‘left’ will scream ‘Nazi!’ at anyone who dares to criticise, question, or disagree with them… Yet they are the closest thing to Nazi and fascist ideals I have seen in my lifetime… These leftist libfuck scum also carp on about the ‘Far Right’, but the left are far worse… The NF were – on the whole – hapless buffoons, and the BNP weren’t much better… But the so-called left have infiltrated and infested every corner of society and popular culture… From the dreaded social media, to the BBC, and even Marvel Comics and the Royal Shakespeare Company, these cunts are everywhere… And they are poisoning minds and society as each second ticks by… The left are a bigger threat to the civilised (ie:non-peaceful) world than AIDS and nuclear weapons, and they are very dangerous… People do laugh at snowflakes and demented libtard SJWs… But they also laughed at Hitler, and we all know what happened next…

    • At times Norman, it seems like we’re living in a real time 1984. Orwellian manipulation of language and the drip-drip dismantling of hard won freedoms.

      • End game can’t be far off now LL. Snowflakes are terrified of freedom and responsibility.

        Orwell and H.G.Wells ‘Time Machine’ predictions are disturbingly close to becoming manifest.

        Eloi snowflakes farmed by Morlock peacefuls.

        With Icke’s lizard class pulling the strings.

  20. Excellent post and replies.

    My only slight reservation is that all of these points could, should and at times have been applied to the right and centre.

    Which just goes to show that anyone who believes that they can impose their warped way of thinking on the masses is a cunt. End of …..

    • The clue is in the nom title: The Left. Nowt to stop you nominating The Right CT…

    • ‘Left’ may be loosely defined as ‘those not sharing the opinions of a majority of ISAC cunters’ – notwithstanding that many lefties are opposed to Brexit and globalisation in general. The definition is more of a comic stereotype, IMO, but that’s the currency of debate these days.

      However, left and right can happily cunt centrists.

      • Proof of concept above:

        Anger against the establishment was manifested in a contradictory way, but class played a decisive role in how people cast their votes. A poll by Lord Ashcroft showed that a majority—57 percent—of the more affluent AB social group (higher managers and professionals) voted Remain.

        The C1 group made up of white collar workers was split down the middle.

        But the poorer C2, D and E social groups voted Leave by nearly two thirds.

        Source – you may not like it, but Ashcroft is the tax-dodging former chairman of the Tories who outed Dave’s predilection for dead pigs, so it’s not wholly contemptible –

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