Public stupidity

I want to cunt the stupidity of the public.

With the Brexit circus currently highlighting how much contempt politicians and slebs have for the general public and implying we are too stupid to understand the gravity of the situation, and me currently sat here watching an online documentary about 9/11…it got me thinking.
Without getting bogged down in too much detail, I think it was undoubtedly a false flag operation, orchestrated by some element of government, shadow or otherwise.

Now whether other people agree or not, or dismiss people like me as a conspiracy theorist is irrelevant. There should at least be some common ground everyone can agree on, in that there are literally hundreds of unanswered questions from that day (terrorist passports, absence of wreckage, buildings in freefall, complete failure of Norad, blatant lies told by the Bush administration in the aftermath….I could literally go on all night).

This cunting isn’t so much about the day itself, it’s about people, the general public of not just the USA, but the entire world. It was a global event, with so many suspicious circumstances, gaping holes, lies, withheld information, and not forgetting the complete whitewash that was the 9/11 commission.
If joe public can be so ridiculously easily duped over the murder/deaths of over 3000 innocent people, then is it really such a surprise that our rulers treat us with such disdain?
That day was one of the most blatant crimes against humanity in modern times, and no more than a handful even gave a fuck. The rest were either too ignorant, lazy or catastrophically fucking retarded to push back against the establishment a little bit, ask questions, demand answers and demand a bit of fucking respect.

This was going to be a cunting of Americans, but I don’t think it is just an American mentality. I can’t imagine things being any different had it happened over here. Individuals are balanced, reasonable being. People are fucking pig ignorant, thick fucks that can’t be trusted with even the most infantile and unimportant decisions.

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90 thoughts on “Public stupidity

  1. If it looks like duck, walks like duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a fucking duck. Not a conspiracy to be a duck.
    The gullible are the conspiracy theorists.

    • Like I said above, whether you believe the conspiracy angle is irrelevant. There’s no maybe about the lies and lack of explanation for most of what happened then in the aftermath of the event, there are hundreds of unanswered IMPORTANT questions that have just been either ignored or brushed under the carpet…..take your pick. If I’m gullible for giving more credence to the conspiracy angle, I dread to think what that makes every other cunt.
      But even so, my point was and still is, is that people in large numbers are too thick and shackled by a sheep mentality to be trusted with important decisions. The scenario I used merely highlights my argument.

      • Am surprised there isn’t a “Stupidity Pride” day.

        Would be the biggest turn-out ever.

          • I suspect the UK Establishment has learned its lesson when it comes to trusting large numbers of people with important decisions…

            Btw, Philip Hammond has today made it very clear he’s being perfectly clear that the resilience of the high street going forward is of great importance.

          • Yes that’ll be the modern UK high street that now looks like this:

            Charity Shop
            Hooky Loan Shark Gaff
            Charity Shop
            Pound Shop
            Halal Fried Chicken Gaff
            Cash-a-Dodgy Gaff
            Peaceful Pizza Place

            Yes, must be preserved at all costs…

            Be interesting to see how House of Fraser gets on as a pound shop now that Mike Ashley is in charge…

            If nothing else it’ll be one in the eye for the overly made-up snobby cows on the perfume dept. as bird from “socks” at Sports Direct turns up as their assistant in a blue shell suit and face like a pin cushion!


      • Most conspiracy theories are harmless whimsy. However, when you look at the conspiracies posited for 9/11 and 7/7 they become pernicious. They enable Islam to blame whoever – CIA or especially MOSSAD and at the same time cast themselves as victims. There is a continuing theme that the West/Israel picks on them. It empowers their delusions of peacefulness and denial of culpability.
        The thick angle is another take on the ‘ people are too stupid to know what they voted for, we the elite know best.’
        I cannot accept that.

        • In reply to RTC about Hammong,

          As Mr. Major, who used to do prime minister impressions (lamentable ones) might have said

          “of not inconsiderable importance”…

          • Indeed Belinda… in fact Hammond appears to plagiarise Major (and any other failed dull as ditch-water ex Government minister) on a regular basis.

            “A Cunt of considerable unimportance.”

            (Mrs Hammond 2017)

  2. I stopped despairing over this a while back. My own mother is one such individual (lovely woman though, heart of gold but terminally undereducated), to this day she still proclaims that Labour are for the working man… the cunts watched nothing but emmerdale and bake off for the last 2 decades, doesn’t read the paper or watch the news, but she still fucking votes red at every fucking opportunity. And therein lies the problem, as long as these people are have a vote we just can’t win, the intelligent section of society simply doesn’t have the numbers. It’s the only thing keeping the LibLabCon alive and don’t they fucking know it. Why do you think they import newcomers by the 1000’s from some of the most backwards places on the planet… ?
    Australian vet wants a Visa? Fuck off!!!.

    Rural Parking Stanley whose clearly fucking his sister, has 9 kids, 5 of them have 6 fingers, thinks there are too many witches where he currently lives, prays 5 time a day to an invisible man, wants to bring in his extended family for free etc? Come on in. Bring every one. Vote Labour. Vote anyone.

    We truly live in an idiocracy…

  3. I saw the 9/11 conspiracy documentary Loose Change years ago. Then watched the counter documentary Screw Loose Change. They both seemed reasoned, backed up by evidence and legit. In the end I just figured fuck it, I’ll never know so why bother thinking about it.

  4. Of course the public are stupid or we wouldn’t bother trooping along to vote at elections…or referendums.

    Fuck them.

  5. The thickest item being that we (and the states) continued to allow the cunts in, in their thousands, completely unchecked.

    We know what these fuckers think of us and – apart from those from secular “peaceful” states such as Iran when under the Shah – those who don’t wish us ill or harm, are complicit with those that do.

    It’s that simple.

    We do not need any more “pointless” immigration (i.e. allowing cunts in who offer nothing and take everything), we especially don’t need any more “peaceful” cunts. And we doubly, especially don’t need any more Parking Stanleys who fucking hate us and want to change the UK into the exact same Islamabad or Karachi shithole they came from!

    The latest dodge is to take an underaged daughter/sister to Parking Stanley land under the guise of a holiday. The arrive, immediately have their passports taken, married within a week, raped continually by her previosly unknown husband (usually and older relative/cousin) until impregnated and then only allowed home once the term is greater than what is permissible for abortion in the UK.

    She gets home, has the kid and “Daddy” is immediately gifted a visa (as the Father of a “British” citizen – hah) so that he can come here and turn his attention to local underaged pickings whilst HIS family lives off OUR state FoC.

    Yeah we need more of these types surely. Anyone who disagrees must surely be waycist…!

    I can hear the flakes clamouring now to let them all in.

    Will the last body in the UK hearse please switch off the lights and close the door!

  6. When a millions of people vote for the latest perma-tanned fuckwit from Love Island or shit-for-brains cunt bugle Big Brother contestant , yes a lot of the public are fucking morons.

    • As Big Khunt pointed out, the stupid far outweigh the sensible. So when you have a vote on a national or even regional scale, probably 80% of the voters are fucking brain dead. So what chance do you have of a sensible outcome in that scenario? Precisely fuck all.

        • I was waiting for that! That’s a very welcome exception…..maybe people really are waking up. One can live in hope.

          • You can’t have your cake and eat it Berti!

            Oh, wait a minute… I forgot… with Brexit you apparently can…

            Sorry, my mistake. Be seeing you…


  7. Agreed. I have a mate who told me his Auntie voted to Remain in the EU because she thought leaving would affect interest rates with Spain and mean long waits at passport control. He also told me his Mum voted to leave the EU because she heard/read that the Queen is against the EU. Both fucking retards, both voted differently, both voted for dumb reasons and yet both have the right to vote. I rest my case

    The right to vote should definitely be contingent upon completion of a test on intelligence and political knowledge.

      • Yeah, forgot about that one………. on account of the fact it should be a fucking given.

  8. I don’t believe any conspiracy.
    I don’t believe most people are as stupid as I would love to think.
    ALL of the world’s problems can be explained thusly:
    Human ineptitude.
    Allow me an example:
    Twin towers. Planes heading towards them. Someone phones it in, and the guy who takes the call simply doesn’t believe it.
    “fuck off! Planes where? Yeah, right, good one.”
    Puts down phone.
    Obviously it’s on, so they phone back.
    This situation cycles round and round, interrupted only by coffee sips, playing poker on his mobile phone and glances at the clock as his shift is coming to an end soon.
    Obviously, the planes hit. Those in authority literally void their bowels just thinking of the consequences of the truth coming out. So they ‘muddy the waters’.
    That phone operator got moved to hawaii, the suits reckoned he couldn’t get into any trouble there.
    Then the ballistic missile drill happened. This guy shit his pants as he hadn’t been paying attention (was on his fucking mobile phone again) and pressed the national alert button. Cue hawaiins scrabbling their way into storm drains with shit running out over their sandals.

    Sounds too simple right?

    Well next time you ponder some incredible inanity consider the perpetrator sat there playing ‘happy jewel’ on their mobile phone and thinking about there only being 143 minutes of their shift left.

    It’s not stupidity, it’s ineptitude.

    • Well sad as it is to say, they have got form on ignoring such warnings with grave consequences.

      Hawaii, December 7th, 1941…

      “Japanese invasion fleet!?! Don’t be ridiculous!” CLICK!

      Few hours later…

      “Who is that idiot flying so low!?! I’ll have his wings for this!”

      “It’s not one of ours sir.”

      “Well who’s is it?”

      “It’s a Jap Zero sir.”

      And the rest – as they say – is history!

      • Exactly, Rebel. The Yank were too fucking arrogant to believe everything the Japanese could put in the air was heading their way.

        Still, at least the fucking Yanks didn’t overreact to having their harbour flattened. Oh wait…..cunts.

      • Absolutely. Of course, it ticks the conspiracy box because there is an actual lie having been told.

  9. When the third skyscraper (building 7) collapsed on 9/11, I can clearly remember thinking, well, that’s that’s the end of experienced demolition teams with their shaped charges, detonators and miles of cables or remotely triggered devices.
    Just throw a lighted match into an office waste paper bin and watch as a 47 storey building collapses at free fall speed into its own footprint due to an office fire.
    Oh! and don’t forget to get the BBC’s Jane Stanley to report that the building has collapsed even though it’s still standing and clearly visible behind her.

    As for the events of 7/7 don’t forget the crisis management operation being conducted by Visor Consultants that day, involving hundreds of people and their response to three bombs going off at three tube stations.
    Which tube stations do you think they were?

    Are there cunts so evil that they’ll go along with this type of thing..?

    In truth, I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    • I heard about the conspiracy of Admiral Lord Nelson hitting Vice Admiral Hardy with his right sleeve.

      I was initially concerned but then realised there was no ‘arm in it!

      (Presented by the J R Cuntley Appreciation Society)

    • Building 7 is the ultimate litmus test for complacent wilful ignorance. That includes all of you cunters on here – go look at the basic facts and footage if you don’t know about it.

      If you believe sporadic fires can bring down a modern skyscraper, in freefall, into its own footprint, then you are a certified grade A moron. NIST and other rubber stamp officials can rot in hell for their willing duplicity and intent to mislead the public.

      The absolute willingness of the public to swallow the authorities authorised official story, backed by peer reviewed cunts, shows the entirety of our society to be complete bullshit from top to bottom inside and out!

      Don’t even get me started on towers 1 and 2.. nice free fall footprint collapse. Fuck right off with your bloody pancake theory.

      • I saw the 9/11 conspiracy documentary Loose Change years ago. Then watched the counter documentary Screw Loose Change. They both seemed reasoned, backed up by evidence and legit. In the end I just figured fuck it, Iโ€™ll never know so why bother thinking about it. Incidentally the counter documentary made more sense.

        • What is stopping you from forming your own conclusions based on observational data? Don’t let anyone, or program, do your thinking for you. That’s the crux of ignorance in a nutshell right there.

          Fuck all of them. I don’t have a thesis, I don’t like any theorists, I used to have theories but I gave them up as it is futile to speculate. However, no one will ever convince me that those buildings collapsed the way they did due to fire.

          Just look. That’s all. It’s so bloody obvious. Christ most people can’t discuss a pungent fart in public without having a conniption fit, pulling a stinker of the scale of 9/11 is entirely possible because people are afraid of chaos lest their worldview and precarious social borg ego collapse.

          • I may be drunk as fuck right now on about 8 cans of 6% Polish lager (Perla) but I have to say there were so many self-contradictions within that last comment I don’t even know where to start.

            Seriously. That shit was dumb as fuck Dude.

          • Exactly Chunky. I don’t consider myself one of the tin hat brigade. Simply take the time to get information from lots of different sources (including those whose views I might not agree with), then decide which scenario is more likely.
            So it comes down to….do I believe over 3000 people were killed because of a group of poorly resourced towelheads, or at the whim of some degenerate bunch of rich elitist industrial/politician fuckheads concerned with nothing other than furthering their personal agendas and lining their own pockets. Hmmm, I think I know where I stand thank you very fucking much.

      • @Chunky…
        “All of you cunters” ?

        Hope that doesn’t include me.
        We’re on the same team on this one….

  10. I’m not touching the whole 9/11 thing with a ten foot barge pole. There are good arguments for both sides and both explanations are plausible. As for me I still have no idea which side I land on.

  11. I was brought up in an area of Newcastle where we voted Labour. Everybody voted Labour. I had never heard of , nor did I ever read a Labour manifesto. I knew instinctively that the “class enemy” were the evil Tories. I never had to worry about evil Tories, because they were not in my part of Newcastle, and in fact were probably too terrified to enter Walker.
    Our Labour man was a man for the working class. A self made man called T.D.Smith. The sun shone from his hairy arsehole like a spangled diamond. He was magic. Mr Smith had a pal called Poulson. Poulson was a big name and a rich man. Very soon, our T.Dan Smith became very wealthy, and earned the title of “Mr Newcastle” At that time , a lot of Newcastle was cleared, the land sold, and we had nice shiny new places that we could not afford to buy.
    I remember reading in the Evening Chronicle of our Mr T Dan Smith having been arrested along with his friend Mr Poulson. I did not understand why at that time that such a good Labour “for the people” man should be arrested.
    Anyway, lots of Labour people took holidays that year, and many did not return to Newcastle.
    Shortly afterwards, I grew up!
    Now my point is this. We were quite unwordly people, even simple some would say. We were groomed from the cradle to support the Green ( Party colours ) and were in receipt of daily bread in the form of Labour Dole. Our houses provided by Labour people. Even weddings and christenings were usually attended ( as guests ) by labour councillors. (I feel sure that the arse wipes in our lavvy were from the Labour Party too!)
    Reading Rebel without a Cunts Post prompted to write this. I agree with Rebel. we were bought! Like Darkies getting mirrors and beads for their gold. We were bought and paid for, just like the sandpeople of today. Their vote will be forever Labour.

    What of the people I mentioned earlier? All convicted, all imprisoned. Councillors, builders, architects and indeed fucking hundreds of cunts were involved in the scandal. It was on that day that I learned what Liebour was all about. cunts every single fucking one.

    • Great stuff Asim.

      New Labour obviously learned something along the line, cos Bliar and his cronies have so far gotten away with alleged blue murder.

    • Good post ASA, hopefully the jews will skin labour alive. I spare a thought for it every day.

      • Depends what you mean by Labour. If ‘the Jews skin (Corbyn’s) Labour alive’, it will be to put back a Blair disciple. In which case, look forward to ‘the Jews’ funding his election campaign and private office. Like they did in 1997. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

        @ ASA -here’s a quote from T. Dan Smith, (a cunt of the first pressing, sure):
        “In 1985 he wrote that “Thatcherism, in an odd sort of way, could reasonably be described as legalised Poulsonism. Contributions to Tory Party funds will be repaid by the handing over of public assets for private gain.”

        But he didn’t predict Blair….

        Wikipedia: T.Dan Smith.

        • I had in mind the complete dismantling of the party, right down to their existence being written out of the history books.

          • Well, don’t expect ‘the Jews’ to do it for you…

            I agree with you, incidentally, to the extent that the UK political system as a whole encourages incompetence and is deeply corrupt. A period of strong, principled and decisive government is overdue. Unfortunately the risk of getting Stalin or Hitler* attaches to that.

            *delete one according to your ingrained prejudices – think I know which one…

  12. Off point…..
    Another day another poll…
    According to the not so independent a new poll carried out by YOU CUNT ( gov) has found 50% of the public want a peopleโ€™s vote? ๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ’ค

    Well Iโ€™ve done a poll and 99.9 % think you gov and the not so independent are lying CUNTS!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚
    So there……….

    • This is that neverendum Pig-fucker was talking about………… actually, he only said that because he thought the remain vote win would be a steal on account of all the dodgey vote counters (not enough of them apparently). So here comes the neverendum.

  13. I beg the mods to curtail discussion of 9/11 at, say, the 500-comment mark, because otherwise it will go on for ever, increasingly rancorously. This will be my only post on the subject.

      • Yup. If implemented, a conspiracy between me and admin not to keep going round in circles on a well- worn topic I decline to name again. I know a site where free discussion of a topic I decline to define has been going on continuously for 17 years, on the basis of a couple of shaky videos and a random selection of data cherrypicked from sloppy media articles. I would hate to see ISAC wasting its valuable and therapeutic bandwidth on similar toss.

        • Are you referring to the Schleswig-Holstein question?
          I have very strong opinions on that matter and anyone who disagrees with me is a fucking stupid cunt.

          What about the McCanns?

          Anyone think they did it?

  14. Off topic but news just in that Tottenham Hotspur have signed the 18 year old South Korean sensation Fookin No Wan on a 5 year deal. โ˜บ๏ธ My apologies to Willie and the other Spurs fans on here…

    • I thought it was the Spanish international Nadal?

      And they did sign the Croatian full back Zilch didn’t they.

      For what it’s worth, signing Kane for another 6 years was shrewd business. When you look at the team Spurs have now they couldn’t afford to buy it now. Stability and development from within. I reckon Spurs will do well without pissing away millions unnecessarily.

  15. The Jewish employees were warned to stay away before 9/11 by a man in a traction-engine who I believe was called Fred Dibnah. I have scoured the internet and this is the only theory which has never been suggested,so I think that I may well be on to something.
    I hope that no government agencies get wind of my plan to expose this cover-up or I may well disapp……

    • I don’t think Bushmills and Fray Bentos Steak and Kidney is on the menu at Guantanamo Bay Mr Fiddler.

      • They’ll be sharp shipping me home in a luxury jet if they have to listen to the whinging about my dietary requirements for a couple of days. No Yank would have the backbone to stand more than a few hours of my demands for tinned-pies,cannonball peas and brown sauce,all washed down by Irish whiskey……they won’t be first to buckle and flee after hearing my views on fancy cooking and abstinence from strong drink…or the sight if they ever work out just what the fuck I’m actually wanting,and make the cardinal mistake of actually providing it. Guantanamo will have rarely witnessed as barbaric a sight as me fully refreshed and feeling slightly tetchy.

        • You Northern cunt. I bet you like gravy on your chips too don’t you? You disgust me.

          • Gravy on chips? Fucking right I do. My whippet enjoys them too. Weโ€™re unlucky in not having access to the foreign shops which are so common down South. Are you having some exotic halal chicken nuggets with your Polish lager? I do hope that you were polite to the staff that served you,it canโ€™t be easy for them.

          • Wel I’m completely Southern and love chips with gravy.
            The Mrs got me into Black Pudding too.
            Eeeehh! ๐Ÿ˜

        • Mr. Fiddler, I think they would be not inconsiderably worried by your “F-Diet” turning their entire correctional facilty into one massive lethal gas chamber.

  16. Off topic, but…

    The CBI is a Cunt.

    Following Brexit “EU citizens should be registered on arrival to the UK and restrict their visit to three months, unless they can prove that they are working, studying or are self-sufficient”.

    Which apart from the registration bit is precisely the same as pertaining to EU migrants now!

    So Freedom Of Movement remains. Quelle surprise…


  17. Evening, cunters. Are we all well?

    I’m sure we’ve already done this but how the suffering fuck have Sports Direct bought HoF?!?! In cash, if you please!

  18. You Northern cunt. I bet you like gravy on your chips too don’t you? You disgust me.

    • Gravy on chips? Fucking right I do. My whippet enjoys them too. We’re unlucky in not having access to the foreign shops which are so common down South. Are you having some exotic halal chicken nuggets with your Polish lager? I do hope that you were polite to the staff that served you,it can’t be easy for them.

      • Say it with me now… and say it slow (because you are northern)……. CHIPS AND CURRY SAUCE!

        Gravy goes on meat. Chips are not meat – even the most guilty and reticent of vegetarians know that. It’s not fucking rocket gnosis!

    • You shouldn’t stereotype. I’m a Southern cunt and I’m quite partial to gravy on my chips. Although less so on whippets.

  19. If the CBI is a cunt I shall enrol the wife forthwith.Her cunt credentials are impeccable and she is also as daft as a brush. Why should I suffer all the lunacy ? Let the captains of industry have a portion, the cunts.
    Good evening.

    • We wouldn’t want big business to miss out on exploiting subsidised (by you and me) minimum wage EU migrant workers, would we Jack?… good evening.

      By the way, what’s your good lady wife got to do with the price of fish?

  20. That fat cunt Elvis shot JFK from the grassy knoll using the faked moon landings as cover while demolishing the World Trade Centre using Israeli semtex.
    The cunt.

    • I think there may be a few flaws in that theory. Fortunately for you iโ€™m thick as shit so I canโ€™t make you look like the average politician.
      My brain hurts.


    One person killed at Chemring Countermeasures plant, about 3 miles from Porton Down.

    I blame Mumsnet.

  22. Say it with me now… and say it slow (because you are northern)……. CHIPS AND CURRY SAUCE!

    Gravy goes on meat. Chips are not meat – even the most guilty and reticent of vegitarians knows that. It’s not fucking rocket gnosis!

    • My friend, it is quote clear that you have never lived.

      Gravy goes on anything and everything – maybe not cereal – but not much else.

      • Aah, Bisto! Gravy goes on a train as well.. Didn’t have that ticket myself but why should a select few twats have all the fun?

  23. Advertising works even if the product is shite, tell the story often enough and they will buy into it. Same with the evening news on TV, watch that shite often enough and you will buy into it. Most of the public are not stupid, they are just self righteous egotistical narrow minded bigots that have swallowed hook line and sinker the crap being served them.

    Puppet Masters: It’s not about money, when you have all the money you could ever want then what it the ultimate thing those cunts want? ‘Power’ that’s all that’s left. Even those dumb cunts don’t realize that they are motivated by the most primitive tribal instinct. Democracy to them is for manipulation for more power. War is good, power to grab along with extra cash to keep the sick system going. In actual fact those pricks for all their pretense are not top of the pyramid but opportunistic parasites one step up from the bottom feeders. Laughable really if it wasn’t for the lives they destroy.

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