Mark Carney [4]

A “safe as the Bank of England” cunting for this Canadian arsehole, head of the aforesaid BoE and arch Remainer. This morning he has told the equally anti-Brexit BBC the prospect of the UK leaving the EU without a deal was “a relatively unlikely possibility, but it is a possibility”. Of course it leads the R4 news and will for the whole fucking day.

Carney farting his fucking brains out of his arsehole yet again, word-spinning and trying to stir up more panic amongst the snowflakes and poofy Labour MPs who have made it their life’s work to overturn democracy because they don’t like it.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Another cunting for that wankstain Carney. Governor of the Bank of England.

Despite being wrong on each and every forecast, he is at it again. Doom and fucking gloom if we don’t roll over to the EU. Oh, and justifying his Armageddon forecast pre-referendum using terms that will be familiar to Jim Bowen fans – ‘This is what you could have had’
If we had done as we were told, apparently all would be the best of all possible worlds.

The result?

‘The pound declined on the currency markets in the wake of Mr Carney’s comments, falling below the $1.30 mark, before recovering some ground.’

Fuck off back to Canada you remoaning, establishment cunt. You will fit in well with Monsieur Trudeau and the rest of the loons.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Questions that are unanswerable:
➖ When did time begin?
➖ Who made God?
➖ Why hasn’t Mark Carney resigned yet?

The Governor of the Bank of England warned that Britain faced an “uncomfortably high” risk of a no deal Brexit, which he said would lead to higher prices.


The poutine-eating Canuck continued saying banks had “done the stockpiling” and could survive a recession that meant property prices falling by a third, interest rates increasing by four percentage points, six months of snow to fall and zombie dragons invading to eat small children.

Yes, Carney really say that property prices could fall by a third.

The maple syrup-eating prick has previous experience with Fearmongering. However nothing he has predicted about Brexit has happened.


Cameron peddled this nonsense (debt, World War III, etc) and consequently resigned; Osborne peddled this nonsense (£4300 extra for every family, Global Brexit recession – the day AFTER the vote!) and consequently resigned; therefore why is Carney still here?

Questions that are answerable:
➖ Will Carney continue making ridiculous Brexit predictions?
➖ Is Carney a mendacious, snake-oil salesman?
➖ Is Carney a bit of a cunt?

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

And a brief cunting for the continuing saga of Project Fear. Another day, another scare.

Today the BBC is telling us that Police leave will be cancelled due to the likely outbreak of civil unrest when we leave the EU. This of course originates in Whitehall and is given due prominence by the good old BBC. Yesterday Carney’s scaremongering was their lead. All day.
I have already stockpiled sandwiches, au pairs, food and flights. It now seems that I need stab vests and pepper spray.

When will we see sense and crawl back?

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

57 thoughts on “Mark Carney [4]

  1. Excellent choice of cunting CC!

    Recently, this twat has emerged from his recent failed doom forecasts to express further future prophesies of a similar nature. Having been reminded in the press that he ( as Governor of the B of E ) is in a role that requires ( like the Royal Family ) a certain abstention from criticism of political, cultural and social matters, Maple Syrup continues with his diatribes unabashed and unabated. This paid employee of the establishment needs to shut his gob and fuck off back to the bear shagging provinces of lumberjacks and poovy Prime Ministers. What a complete waste of his Dad’s ejaculate!

  2. This piece of moose-fucking shit is a public servant appointed by the Pig-fucker and has no business involving himself in politics. The cunt should have been sacked the moment he opened his gob during the referendum but, two years later, he’s still here churning out his scare stories.
    Mavis should have sacked him the day she took office but, of course, they are all in it together.
    Sir Nigel is predicting a suspension of Article 50 by the end of October, preparing the ground for the inevitable capitulation.
    Can you imagine what those cunts are going to do to this country when we go begging to them to let us stay in?

    • If there is a suspension of article 51, then Police leave WILL NEED to be cancelled due to the fury that will erupt. If that day comes, let the rage of the people be expressed also against the infliction of many decades of fucking shite forced upon us by wankstain politicians of all feckless fucking parties.

      PS Still having to log in !

      • They wouldn’t be that stupid, surely? Boris’s water cannons would be like supersoakers against a sea of pissed off Brits.

        Would be interesting to see though. God knows some feathers need ruffling a bit.

        • Re Boris…

          Isn’t he just a little bit of a CUUUUNT for mouthing off re burqas being ridiculous, opressive &c. ??

          OK. you might all think so, and I CERTAINLY bloody do, but he’s played right into the grubby mitts of Lammy, who is now scweaming “Islamophobia” at the top of his silly fuckin voice.

          I know Boris has come out with some choice statements in the past, but this is so crass it almost looks deliberate, to let the libtards score more virtue-points.

          The DailyWail site is a cunt. I’ve posted a comment twice about the shite hotel in Grimsby that was cordoned off because of a vat of unidentified black liquid in the room; judging by the demanour of the “establishment”, I suspect the substance had been filched (or felched ?) from their “kitchen”.
          The cunts haven’t posted it. Boring bastards.

      • Don’t say ‘log in’ you or some pedant (Admin) will point out that you don’t have to log in. I think you may have got away with it.

    • Snowflake millennials will be gagging to join the Euro and sign up to Schengen!

  3. On the day the Canadian opened his gob last week I made a point of channel hopping between Al-Beeb 10pm news and ITV News at Ten. This won’t surprise you……
    Hey Presto the scaremongering licence-fee draining cunts gave it the full hysteria 7 mins lead item.
    And ITV mentioned it in passing around 1020 for a few mins only.

    • ITV News is marginably more credible than anything the Al-BBCeera Fiction department puts out, and Mary Nightingale looks fun.

  4. This bought and paid for Goldman Sachs to the bone Canadian pond life should have been jettisoned from the BOE after the referendum , Instead he was left to insidiously poison brexit with his constant negativity and dodgy predictions..
    According to reports carney is returning to the turd infested swamp of his real boss over at Goldman Sachs when he’s finished doing his bidding here..

    Carney you are a CUNT! And an untrustworthy one at that…….

  5. Fuck the BBC, those bastards should be the first against the wall come the fucking time.!

  6. I don’t know what the cunt’s talking about. And nor does he. Only one of us is paid a small fortune to, though. We do half our trade under WTO rules already. We pay more to the EU than it pays us, directly or indirectly. Most, maybe all, of our technical standards are harmonised with the EU’s; there is no regulatory bar to trade, and that won’t change after we’re out. The man’s a chickenhearted cunt who has managed to keep the country in post-crash limbo for five years…ex-Goldman Sachs, what did we expect?…and needs a scapegoat for his own crass inadequacy, and that’s why Project Fear.

    Cunt of the cuntmost cunts: straight to Sub-basement 7 of cunt inferno.

    • We pay £14billion to the EU. They pay us £4billion back. So much for ‘free’ trade…

      • And the EU decides where that £4billion gets spent, e.g. subsidising Heseltine’s land.

  7. Many, many years ago, I got to the final round of recruitment at the Bank of England. I really wanted the job at the time. Oh well.

    South Park has the right idea about Canadians – “You guys are dicks. Release Terence and Philip at once.”

    I’ll sack this bloke when I’m Chancellor of the Exechequer in Rebel’s first CSP government.

    This cartoon sums up modern politics…

  8. Excellent cunting from 3 cunters

    Aye , this cunt is a cunt all right. He’s supposed to be non political / neutral , no chance of that. Nobody seems to realise that if we done the ” right” thing and voted remain , our economy would “supposedly” have grew quicker meaning a larger rise in interest rates or a quicker rise than we got.

    Just think , a trade deal between 2 entities who know each other/are aligned / have existing exchange rates / customs arrangements / are next to each other…..should have been the fucking easiest deal ever reached , but alas , somehow its fucking impossible.

    Trump does one in 2 hours .

    the establishment and the remainers ( giving them fuel with their quivering under every threat)will never be forgiven/forgotten by me no matter how it turns out

  9. Sky news are at it too with an opinion piece that goes along the lines of “we need the eu more than they need us”.
    Fucking cowards everywhere wanking each other into a frenzy. Piss off you yellow cunts!
    In days of old we would have had the opportunity to run this lot down with war horses and fucking massive swords. They would have been a bit of mid afternoon sport. Burning their villages to the ground, hacking and slashing fuck yeah!

  10. Why is he even head of the Bank of England anyway? He’s Canadian! No disrespect meant to our esteemed Canadian cunters, but the fact that a foreign born and raised person is head of the B of E just doesn’t sit right with me.

      • Could be worse, RTC…we might have been saddled with a Romanian (although I guess that Carnal, as a Remainian, is close).

    • Mystery to me too Opinionated. I recall “there was nobody available who was better” which beggars belief given the so-called world-renowned City of Londonistan talent pool and the similarly best on the planet Oxbridge brains. Minor point but I think this was Noddy Osbourne’s appointment and not Pig Fucker/Big Ears which of course explains the frequent anti-Brexit hysteria.
      Needless to say he’s costing us all a fortune in gold plated expenses claims. A complete cunt.

      • The Establishment kept him on because he’s every bit as useless as Mavis.

        No.1 qualification for all top jobs: Uselessness.

        Name one cunt at the top who isn’t? Apart from the Queen (debatable).

  11. Off point….
    another cunt who until recently had for some fathomable reason flown under my reasonable high functioning CUNT RADAR is skys political correspondent Lewis ( Gollum toothed) Goodall, he’s been really ramping up the cuntitude volume dial in the last few weeks!, saw him doing a rabid hatchet job on everything brexit, like a posh mans Jamie Oliver he was spitting his way thru the segment and appeared to be extremely irritated , in today’s sky news I’ve seen another piece in which he gives his impartial ( joke) views on how feeble the U.K. is? How powerful the EU are? How they can take the hit of a no deal ? Etc etc There’s absolutely nothing good to come from brexit?
    I did a little research on this doom monger and wasn’t surprised to find out he was previously a BBC man and has worked for the left of centre( hate that expression) institute of public policy, glad sky employ such impartial correspondents and not wonky eyed brexit hating Cunts!! 😂

    • He’s not alone.
      What do fellow cunters think of ITVs Joel Hills (the business nutter)? He may or may not be a cunt but the stary-eyed, hyped up demeanour suggests to me he’s either coked out of his brains or barking mad!!!

  12. Some old chef fuck has just bit the dirt. Anyone have him in their dead pool?

  13. This Stokes bloke, this cricket cunt, is in big fucking trouble. Never mind the big drunken bundle he started, it’s been revealed the he mocked two “flamboyant gays”.
    Now that is. a really fucking serious crime. When his trial is over the real trial begins. Get ready to hear his grovelling apologies.

  14. The eyewatering salary and living allowance which this third-rate Jimmy Stewart tribute act creams from the taxpayer is a fucking outrage – all made worse by the cunt’s open bias and evident strategy of ‘winging it’ when it comes to doing work in his almost ceremonial position as BoE governor.

    Like some fucking punchable, side-parted version of Punxatawney Phil from Groundhog Day, this cunt emerges from his luxurious wank-shack every few months, looks into the air and sees a shadow – of artifically low interest rates. Then falsely promise that they “might go up” before fucking off again for a few more weeks.

    File this maple-syrup guzzling cunt under the select few who are implicit in ruining the UK economy for generations – alongside Gordon Brown, Gideon Osborne and Tony Blair.

  15. From Cuntipedia : “In October 2012, Carney was named “Central Bank Governor of the Year 2012″ by the editors of Euromoney magazine”

    Thats like being named Whore of the year at the Adult Movie Awards,only not as useful or prestigious.What a bunch of cunts these “elite” Economists all are.Not one of the fuckers predicted the biggest Economic Crisis of all time yet they still wheel em out and expect Joe Public to listen to their mumbo jumbo bollocks.I wouldnt trust any of em with a kiddies piggy bank.And this Carney Cunt had better watch it cos if Brexit goes tits up it wont just be his cushy,useless job that’ll end up in the shit lagoon.

  16. When the result of the “Brexit” vote became clear,every Establishment figure should have been told that the Mandate was leave. If they fundementally disagreed and felt that they could not put their own views aside,and support the democratic result,they should resign so that someone who,wether they believed Brexit was a good thing or not,could take over their responsibility to deliver the best result possible.
    The fact that Carney,and other civil servants and Establishment figures,have been allowed,even encouraged,to continue with a relentless drip,drip of anti-brexit rhetoric without any rebuke from our Glorious Leaders, shows that there is not,never was,and never will be, any serious attempt by the politicians to deliver Brexit.
    Carney is allowed to continue issuing his dire warnings along with many others all to the detriment of the Brexit negotiating position. They do it not just because,rightly or wrongly,they believe that Brexit is a mistake,but because they are part of an Establishment plot to over-rule the democratically delivered result.

    We are no better than some banana republic stuffing ballot-boxes to achieve the result that they want.

    Fuck them.

    • Although I personally cant stand him and think he is probably unelectable I have to agree that the toff Jacob Rees Mogg is probably the only person to be trusted to deliver a full Brexit

      • I wonder if he isn’t just another Johnson. Make all the right noises, but unwilling to actually take the reins. I often think that all of these politicians treat it as some kind of a game. They make the speeches which they believe will appeal to certain sections of their party. They are only interested in self-advancement,not serving the public.
        Johnson never believed in Brexit,it was merely the continuation of some Eton school locker-room rivalry with that utter Cunt, Cameron. Perhaps I’m too cynical and Rees-Mogg is different,but I don’t see much sign of him actually trying to force the issue..just more hot-air designed to appeal to his fellow Tories when they come to select the next leader. By then Brexit will have been scuppered and he has safely distanced himself from the fallout,without being able to be accused of disloyalty.

        They are all a bunch of venal charlatans,every fucking one of them.

        Fuck them.

        • I think the sheer enormity of our eternal political predicament renders all politicans numb and drives them ultimately to be self serving. And maybe knowing for a fact that there are powerful interests who can mangle you in a car/plane crash doesn’t help either.

          I’d like to believe Mogg is different, but accents, lineage and apparent virtue don’t sway me. Know them by their fruits. He’s had long enough to make a stand, he knows what’s going on, but he’s too in love with the conservative party it seems to me.

        • @ DF

          I wish I could find something to disagree with in your two posts above, but sadly I cannot.

          Btw, meant to thank you for posting that full IHRA definition of anti-semitism yesterday.

          Thank you. 🙂

      • I agree with what you say about Rees-Mogg but I would vote for Gary Glitter if I thought he could get us out of the fucking EU.
        Not that voting counts for anything anymore.

        • I think that it’ll take a whole new political landscape, Freddie,not just a man who seems less than keen on actually grasping the nettle.
          As an archetypal Establishment figure, he is part of the problem,not the solution.

    • I think we’re worse than the banana republics, at least they’re pretty overt about it, this bunch of cunts want us to believe we live in a democracy, but have no (self) interest in delivering, or even abiding by, it.

  17. Answers to the Captain’s three questions :-
    1. Time began when a quantum fluctuation of vacuum energy created the universe
    2. No-one made God, it is a label for which there is no referent
    3. Carney hasn’t resigned because he’s a politically-motivated scare-mongering canuck twat.

    • Alan, while your first 2 answers are open to civilised debate. The third is a proven scientific fact.

    • Thank you Alan, Time-Whisperer of the Universe. However:

      What happened just BEFORE that quantum fluctuation of vacuum energy created the universe?

      Can you scientifically prove that Mark Carney wasn’t nearby predicting a collapse in previous time measurements?

  18. Mark Carney is a guest member of the Bilderberg group, and was once a candidate for a Kalergi Prize. He is, therefore an absolute cunt!

    • Does being a “Guest Member” of Bilderberg mean he’s drafted in to suck cock under the table before the serious business (Sorearse, Rotchilds, crowned heads-of-state…) commences ?

  19. ‘ created the Universe’ ? from what? how can you create ‘something from nothing’ ?

  20. Blair and Cameron should be permanent keystones on the Great Wall of Cunts. Rotate the others,but those two should be like the Sphinx..eternal fixtures.

    • Yes, but can Blair’s head be rotated 180 degrees, please? I don’t want to look at the cunt every time I come here. Just Blair. Cameron looks like a pig, but I like pigs.

  21. When he was with the Bank of Canada ( I won’t say Governor ‘cos he didn’t govern anything) he oversaw a race to the bottom with the Canadian Dollar exchange rate, He was hoping that it would go into free fall so that our exports would be cheaper, ……..does that sound familiar?
    He was only hired because he fits all the profiles; good looking, a libtard, a person who doesn’t think that National Pride should figure into economic calculations.
    There he is on $990,000 a year, doing fuck all, got the job because he is a Former Exec with Goldman Sachs and is a graduate of Harvard.. two of the main fuck up food groups.Plus, he rode shotgun for Canada through the big bang in 2008
    Canada rode out the recession of 2008 by pure luck because it wasn’t allowed into the game being played by the big boys. Big bank mergers in Canada that would have allowed them in, were scotched by the politicians of the day. It had nothing to do with Carney’s qualities.
    Now we see him in a race to the bottom with the Sterling exchange rate and calling for the sky to fall in. A man running the local shoe store could do a better job (if in fact the job of Governor of the Bank of England actually entailed doing something!)
    glistening oil floating on the top of a sewage field.

  22. In the event that the United Kingdom prospers enormously following its departure, is it reasonable to expect that Mark Carney, and all other gurning prophets of doom, will commit Hari Kari in atonement for their crass stupidity.? ( that would also have to include that Uber cunt Jones!!

    • ….like all the turds who moaned and made crassly stupid predictions about not adopting the Euro did?

      Not likely, Shithouse.

  23. indeed. what the fuck will Mr O ‘Briern do when his portent of catastrophe fails to materialise? he ‘s going to look rather silly.

  24. Does being a “Guest Member” of Bilderberg mean he’s drafted in to suck cock under the table before the serious business (Sorearse, Rotchilds, crowned heads-of-state…) commences ?

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