I’ve noticed these new black mobile letterboxes moving around cities, I assume they’re some sort of new smart electric powered thing to keep young people interested in the Post Office.

The other day I had a letter to post so I walked in front of one of these mobile letterboxes to make it stop but when I tried to push my letter into the slot it was blocked. Very annoying so I went to try again but the letterbox started malfunctioning and thrashing it’s self righting appendages at me. Then I hear this shout from this brown man with a big beard, who I assumed must have been a post office worker come to rescue me from the letterbox assault. But no, once he gets up close to me he proceeds to shout and spit in my face.

I’ve got to say that was some of the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life so I left the situation promising to right a strongly worded letter of complaint to the Royal Mail about it and for their obvious lack of testing of their new black mobile letterboxes.

Nominated by Mad Jack Churchill

Lying snowflakes are total cunts…
There are many examples of libfuck cunts spreading social media bullshit, but this latest one is a humdinger even by the most petty and fucked up snowflake standards… Some daft bitch (some twat called Amanda Fleiss) on Twatter posted the following:

‘I’ve just seen a Burka wearing Muslim lady with her kids being abused outside the medical centre, youths were shoving envelopes in her face, and her kids were crying. Police had to be called. This is your doing Boris Johnson and Rowan Atkinson thinks what you said is funny’

This obviously never even happened and it an outright lie… It’s typical snowflake cuntery and is on a par with Lily Mong’s ‘racist taxi driver’ bullshit… Thing is, cunts like this are so bad at it… They go so over the top, and go out of their way to make their targets as nasty and as racist as possible, that one can instantly tell its some social media snowflake cunt telling yet another absolute whopper in order to make peacefuls look good and the British look bad…

Nominated by Norman

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  1. Have all the Femanazis left the country? Not much righteous indignation this week……

    • Women’s rights have to take a back seat when faced with the backward practices of the religion of special needs. I’m sure some white hetro man will send a innocuous tweet next week and the fight against the patriarchy will resume.

  2. Can’t stop thinking about the 7 year old autistic child who died in the house fire: beyond tragic. Appears his aspiring architecht brother was a gang banging cunt.

    If whoever did this wanted to rid the world of a drug dealing gang banging son of an um bongo fine. But killing a 7 year old?

    When whoever did it gets caught they should get a whole life tarrif. UTTER SCUM.

    • And the 7 year old was actually thinking about doing something useful with his life – being a fireman.

      Couldn’t be a greater contrast between the picture of him in the fireman’s helmet, and his psychotic, violent, aspiring architect brother in a police cell.

  3. Good stuff from Messrs. MJC and Norman. I was a bit concerned after the last nomination that the award winning website ISAC had been taken over by Chris Spivey.

    Re: burkas…

    “The top-to-toe burka, with its sinister, airless little grille, is more than an instrument of persecution, it is a public tarring and feathering of female sexuality. It transforms any woman into an object of defilement too untouchably disgusting to be seen. It is a garment of lurid sexual suggestiveness: what rampant desire and desirability lurks and leers beneath its dark mysteries? In its objectifying of women, it turns them into cowering creatures demanding and expecting violence and victimisation. Forget cultural sensibilities.”

    Written by some horrible misogynist? No, Polly Toynbee of the Guardian.


  4. I would put the guilty in a shed, lock the door, douse it in high grade aviation fuel and torch it….


    BBC luvvie Sir Lenny Henry will be celebrating his 60th birthday on 29th August.

    The corporation have decided to commemorate the occasion with a Sir Lenny Henry 60th Birthday Special. For your diaries it will be shown on Wednesday 22nd August (actually not his birthday) at 8pm.

    The comedy extravaganza is to be hosted by racist and former newsreader Sir Trevor McDonald and featuring the unfunny racist one from Tiswas (spot the connection) and the extremely memorable Premier Inn adverts, (as to be honest I am struggling to find anything meaningful he has done in the last 20 years).


    They will be joined by special guests we all thought unfunny the first time round, many, many years ago.

    Make sure not to miss it, as it promises to be an evening you will never forget and a real fucking treat.

  6. Well sky news are at it again, reporting a humanity angle piece from denmark, siding with the apparent human right to hide your identity.
    They didn’t even ask their interviewee about practical security concerns, but then went on to quote a far right politian in a way that made him look simple.
    Well done for tackling the issue head on sky, you bunch of cunts.

    • Sky have really closed the cuntitude gap on the BBC!!
      Although not as reliably consistent in the Cunt stakes they have upped their game immeasurably….

      • And Kay Burley is a massive cunt… But, hopefully, she might one day melt under all those hot TV studio lights… Hopefully…

  7. Jeremy Corbyn: Saying muslim prayers at the graves of PLO terrorists who murdered innocent athletes at Munich.


  8. Just noticed gary linker is now on the wall of cunts how was he not on it before tho? what did he do to earn his place?!

      • I blame his parents. They should have done the decent thing.

        @ TitSlapper

        A place on the Wall of Cunts is earned once a Cunt has been nominated 10 times or more. I think…

        • With special exceptions made for some figures based on them being really extreme cunts (like Flabbopotomus)

  9. Back on topic.

    The oh so very clever Amanda Fleiss has had her story called bullshit by no less than gay actor James Dreyfus. Mr Dreyfus has also criticised the lovely Ms Fleiss for suggesting Rowan Atkinson’s comment has lead to this spurious attack.

    Fair play to Dreyfus. Although a ‘crafty butcher’, he does appears to be dead against PC shyte fabricated by some faux-sophisticate snowflake like Fleiss. He has given her some serious cunting on Twatter on this subject.

    Fleiss can gag on my cock. Cunt.

  10. I can only think of one similarity between muslim women and letter boxes:

    They both have to accept mail that wasn’t their choice..

  11. Norman’s cunting is FAKE NEWS.
    In the tweet quoted there is no mention of ‘since the Brexit vote’

    Got you there pal.

    By the way. BBC 6 oclock news last night reported on the convicted would-be terrorist naming him but failing to point out that he was a ‘convert’ Surprised they didn’t claim ‘far right’ ie UKIP, Conservative, Blairite, Leave voter.

  12. Did anyone listen to Any Questions on R4 last night? One of the cunty panel exclaimed “Jesus!” when asked to comment on one of the questions. There was not a flicker of dissent from the audience nor a request for an apology from the chair woman. Where’s the Twatter Storm about that blasphemy??? Typical two faced BBC.

    Dr Huq MP needs a cunting too. A peaceful know it all who has never had a real job. Naturally, voted in by one of the London boroughs.

  13. Marginally on topic –
    I have just had a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking at the door to offer me magazines. I told them thank you, I was a completely unreformed Satanist, and they immediately wished me a good day and pushed off.

    I offer this for what it may be worth. Antisatanism is evidently rife in the JW flock, but I for one am not complaining.

    On topic – ridicule is the best way to discourage departures from the accepted norm – good cunting.

  14. I remember when some post-boxes were sprayed gold in 2012 to honour our Olympic and ParaOlympic athletes’ success. I thought at the time it was a shame that we didn’t have a “Bladerunner” like Oscar Pistorious in our team. The thought of a golden “Busty-Bin” shaped letterbox bouncing around like Zebedee on steroids, loosing off salvos of pistol fire at anyone stupid enough to attempt to post their subscription to “Better Bathroom Bunkers” appealed to me.

  15. This Fleiss bitch must live in an ultra posh area if rampaging yoots wander around armed with envelopes in the hope of stumbling upon a mobile post box.
    Presumably they were Harrods envelopes , the postcode clearly stated and written with a fountain pen. Just because you’re on an Islamophobic rampage there’s no need to allow one’s standards to slip.
    Some of us went to decent schools don’t you know?

  16. I’m surprised that there wasn’t someone armed with the ubiquitous camera-phone around to record the event…of course the fact that the bitch made the whole thing up would make it rather tricky, I guess.
    While out for a walk today I happened to see a bunch of Peaceful taxi-drivers offering drugs to a child before they molested her. I contacted the Police,as a responsible citizen should do when witnessing such an event….My trial for racism is due on Tuesday.

      • I can see the prosecutions evidence now, in a tweet sent by Labour MP, peaceful foghorn wallah Naz Shah, “Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity”.

        Lessons will be learned(again) Mr Fiddler, lessons will be learned.

    • Hope you’ve got it recorded on your phone DF 😎
      After brexit referendum all the remain supporting papers were full of this kind of stuff, people being abused in public, amazing with most Cunts owning a smartphone so little was actually posted on twatter, you tube etc etc so much noise so little evidence…. hmmm

    • Funny how these ‘racist’ and ‘islamaphobic’ happeneings are never filmed. eh Dickie?… It’s so obviously made up… Like ‘youths’ go around with envelopes in their hands… Complete bollocks… And we all know these libllake cuntbubbles just love their lies… When the Brexit Referendum results were announced, only a day later did some D-lIst slag off some BBC shite titled Call The Midwife said to the Daily Mirror:

      ‘I was in Tesco yesterday, and I saw Eastern European families being abused… Nasty old English people shouting at them: ‘You’re not British! Get to the back of the queue!’ I was shocked’….

      Of course, no Tesco superstore or Tesco Metro shop in the land had any evidence on their CCTV, and no other witnesses ever came forward over this ‘shocking’ incident… Because it was yet another out and out whopper from yet another snowflake cunt who can’t get their way… They will say or do anything to justify their views and to demonize the British people, and that included lying through their teeth… They are lower than a rattlesnake’s bollocks…

  17. Spot on Norman. Remember that Polish cunt in Harlow who was beaten to death by a Brexit supporting racist mob of yoot?
    When it came to court it turned out that the Polish cunt and his mate were pissed up, started abusing this group of kids. He called one of them a black cunt and the said diverse cunt punched him once. The cunt hit his head on the pavement and died of it. A very different story but which one made the headlines and which one was buried on the inside pages?

  18. Mad Jack, fucking briiant! Norman (splitter! – that’s the Norse blood in me!) also a great cunting. I’ve had a dozen pints already now just trying to make one post today and too many interruptions from piss-artists who weren’t bloody here earlier. Tomorrow is too late for today’s post though. Haven’t even read the rest of today’s posts yet. Damn it! I was ready for a quiet pint or few..

    Atleast have a better night than I could bloody hope for now..

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