Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos. You know, the guy who owns

The only reason I want him cunted is because his wealth has today officially passed the $150,000,000,000 mark (that’s 150 billion for all the thick cunts out there). That means he is roughly $150,000,000,000 richer than me, give or take a dollar or two.

Now I think that’s very unfair and mean of him. OK I accept the fact that he’s a self made technological and financial whizkid and I’m just a layabout thicko whose main attempts at making money involves things called Betfair and William Hill. Still, I think its very rude and disrespectful of Mr Bezos to flaunt his wealth so blatantly in front of me. It hurts my feelings and pride.

He reminds me of Harry Enfield’s Mr Loadsamoney, always waving fivers in front of poor people like me. I really can’t think of any other reason why he’s a cunt but surely having $150,000,000,000 in the bank is reason enough?

Nominated by CuntsR-Us (a jealous cunt)

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  1. Off topic, but…

    I triggered my extreme left wing morbidly obese fat activist man hating 3rd wave femanzi niece last night!

    How? by making a joke about the Hackney Hippo, Diane Abbott. Said niece is applying for a government grant so she can educate fellow man haters about what to expect when they report sexual assault on campus.

    What a load of wank.

    Apparently men are to blame for everything. Fat shaming is a hate crime, and black people can’t be racist because of an inherent power imbalance.

    She needs to come out….
    Her greatest achievement? Orgainising a uni talk on patriarchal violence against women attended by Suck my Dick Khunt.

    Campus rape culture does not exist.

      • Out of interest what is your niece studying Krav? Something that the end product of which will be conducive to society or a sporadically employed keyboard warrior fighting the patriarchy?

          • My 3 nephews all went to Uni.The eldest(30) studied Physiotherapy; he is currently employed as a courier for DHL. The middle un(27) armed with a degree in Public Relations,has been a coffee shop manager for 3 years.And last but not least the young un(25) gained a teaching degree which helped propel him to his current role as an Admin assistant at Homebase. All 3 are in debt,as are their parents,and all 5 are basically skint..My sister and brother in law are in their 50s but both look at least 70, the poor sods.Well done the Labour Party,encouraging every dolt to enter “Higher Education” instead of apprenticeships.

          • My 13 year old son was lucky enough to be invited to a 4 hour open morning last week at BT, Martlesham.

            They have about 4000 people working onsite, including 60 apprentices.

            Promoting the benefits of apprenticeships, working four days a week, and one day a week at university.

            Everything funded by BT.

            Four percent of the huge number of applicants are offered positions each year.

            A great alternative to university, learning current technical applications in the workplace, at the end of the 3-4 year apprenticeship a degree, immediately employable and no debt.

            What’s not to like?

    • Next time you see her relentlessly shame her for her weight and views. Keep showing her evidence which contradicts her worldview, and keep engaging in this kind of behaviour until she gets the message. If she feels shamed and stigmatised for her obesity and her stupid beliefs then she’ll hopefully be more likely to change.

    • Has anybody else noticed how many times you hear a woman talking about appalling male behaviour from unwanted compliments to other more serious matters that they are particularly fat unattractive moose’s? It’s a disproportionate amount, go figure………..😂

      • If you haven’t by any fortunate chance noticed, just tune into Radio 4 at any random time you choose. All male behaviour is appalling, anyway. If you’re nice to wimminz, you are making unwanted sexual advances, and if you are nasty to them you are whatever they’re calling a male chauvinist pig these days. And if you ignore them completely you are a narcissist. But that option is the least complicated.

    • There is only one rape culture in the West and we’re not allowed to talk about that (are we Tommy Robinson).


  2. I always thought the Loadsamoney character was created as a horrified middle class reaction to us plebs actually earning some decent money for once.
    Has Harry Enfield ever been cunted btw?

    • “Ooooh look Tarquin. Some of these oiks have bought new cars and own their own homes. IT’S DISGUSTING!”

  3. Has there ever been anyone who wears a freshly shaved scrotum haircut so badly? Looks like one of those pet rat cats with no hair.

  4. We used to have something called the Monopolies Commission to prevent cunts like Bezos from taking over the entire universe. Maybe he took that over too? The cunt more responsible than any other for the disappearance of physical shops with human staff. Greedy globalist cunt, vulgar parvenu, should not be admitted to polite society, the jumped-up cunt.

  5. I don’t care how much he has, he’s a cunt with big lugs.! If he has that much, why not spend some to look less like a wingnut ?

  6. How to make a huge fortune.

    Start off with a small one. Screw people, rip them off, steal and exploit other people’s talent, treat your employees like fucking slaves, walk all over any cunt that gets in your way and destroy their lives, buy up corrupt politicians and , whatever else you fucking do, don’t pay any fucking tax. Tax is for mugs and losers.


    • Ah, but you’ve missed something out. Have parents who can afford to sub you $300,000 for your garage-based startup (and who no doubt have a garage the size of Wales) Like Jeff.

    • I doubt the cunt who invented the wheel ever got to be a billionaire. How unfair is that?


      • I wonder if anyone has actually patented the wheel? Stellar entrepreneurdom beckons if not…

      • The wheel was the most pointless invention ever.

        The inventor of the axle was the clever cunt….

        • What use an axle without wheels?

          Apart from providing me with something to beat you over the head with!

          • @RTC….

            The point I was making was that the wheel had no purpose without some form of axle, but this point clearly went over your head.
            But I’d like to thank you for taking the time to put forward your miniscule point and can only hope it hasn’t made you late for that hair splitters convention….

          • Gentlemen, if I may interject here. (or is it ejaculate?) Anyway, without an axle a wheel is merely a hoop. Can be fun if you have a stick and run around propelling it. An axle can be made from this stick. But individually neither is anything special.
            Now, kiss and make up. Don’t be cunts.
            Huntley can get his own back with one of his ‘jokes’

          • God give me strength…!

            And before you miss the irony for a second time Cuntley and tell me God doesn’t exist – I already know.

            Be seeing you…


  7. If I was him I would say, “You can all kiss my 24 carat arse. ” As I am not him I will agree he is a cunt.

  8. It doesn’t matter how plug ugly this cunt is, he will still get more fanny than all of us could ever hope for in a thousand years. It’s all because of his personality don’t you know!
    “I fell in love with him the first time I saw him, I didn’t even know he was a billionaire ” said the 18 year old bimbo with 38DD knockers!

  9. With all the cash you would think he invest in a decent hair transplant? Maybe even a top grade syrup?
    Just sayin………

    • It’s a law If you’re rich you have to have horrible hair. Donald Trump, Lewis Hamilton………

    • The joke is that these bald cunts believe their follicularly-challenged status gives them some extra kudos in the managerial dept.

      I had a uni lecturer decades ago, a right knob-head little prick. His penile appearance was magnificently enhanced by his roll-neck pully, which gave the impression of a knitted foreskin.

      The stuff of nightmares, which The Clangers thankfully kept in their pants.

      Being bald by choice is Yotta-cuntitude. (Isn’t Spivey one ?)
      Not a lotta people know that…

  10. Without knowing him I suspect he is not a very nice person at all.

    People with vast wealth seldom are.

    Would much prefer to associate with my fellow cunters on ISAC.

  11. BBC- Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson is facing growing criticism over his remark that Muslim women wearing the burka “look like letter boxes”.
    Dominic Grieve, the ex-attorney general, said he would quit the party if Mr Johnson became leader.
    Ex-Tory chairwoman Baroness Warsi said his remarks could trigger a rise in hate crime.
    Senior Tories have urged him to apologise but Mr Johnson has not done so, and has stood by his comments.

    Still this nothing story rolls on and on. So fucking what is BJ wants to air his opinion on the matter? I get so pissed off when Peacefuls come to a predominantly Christian country, refuse to conform in any way then get upset when someone has the audacity to question why.

    Tell you what- if you don’t like it here, go and live in a Muslim country.

    • Spot on Willie. If they don’t like being questioned or commented on their lack of want/ability to integrate into OUR fucking society, then simply piss off back to the Ebola ridden shit pit you and yours came from. Afternoon all esteemed cunters.

    • Uncovered, Cherie Blair looks like a letterbox. Boris doesn’t realise that a burqa has its uses…

  12. He’s done well and has made a series of decisions to take a startup into a massive global brand. Credit where credit is due. However, I have a couple of points. First, his company is a cunt. Second, I actually feel sorry for him. Allow me to explain.

    I used to shop at Amazon almost by default. Back when you only needed to spend $25 to get free shipping, the prices were super cheap, 2 day shipping meant exactly that, Prime was affordable and useful and your stuff arrived well packed and almost always undamaged. Things have changed. The free shipping spend has gone way up in a blatant attempt to push people into buying a Prime membership. Where I used to live, UPS mostly and FedEx occasionally delivered when they felt like it. Two day shipping be damned. I lost count of the number of times I complained to Amazon about not receiving my stuff on time. Instead of actually doing something about it, it was always some badly worded ‘a tousand apollogees’ from some towelhead customer service weenie and a $5 credit to spend at Amazon! Prime got more and more expensive as they’ve added more crap to it that I have no interest in. Streaming music? Not interested. Streaming video? Not interested. Flash sale alerts? Not interested. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Which brings me to price and packaging. Amazon’s price advantage was heavily based upon not charging state sales tax (think VAT), so long as they did not have a physical presence in your state. Then Amazon decided to build a facility in Minnesota (MN) which meant by law, they had to add MN sales tax to all MN orders. So my spend went up by around 7% overnight. Thanks a lot Amazon. Cunts. How about reducing your prices by around 7% to keep me whole? Nah, didn’t think so. At the time that happened, I priced out some identical electronics on Amazon and Newegg was actually cheaper – not by much – but cheaper nonetheless. So Amazon’s argument that even after the imposition of state sales tax, they’re still price competitive is, in fact, bollocks. So fuck off.

    Then we have the packaging. Back in the day, items were placed into an appropriately sized box and were well packed with air bags, packing paper, etc. Then they went one better by shrink wrapping items to a piece of card, then packing that nicely in the right box ready for shipping. These days your items are thrown into an over sized box. If you’re lucky some minimum wage doss head will throw in one or two air bags which do nothing to stop your stuff from flying around inside the box and it’s off to the shipping department so USPS, UPS or FedEx can destroy your order in transit. It’s an absolute lottery now if you get your stuff in new condition. Mrs Yank likes to read, so I always get her books for Christmas. Three fucking times I had to send the same book back to Amazon last year because it kept getting delivered damaged. Wankers!

    My sympathies for the chrome dome in another post as this one is a bit long.

  13. So why do I feel slightly sorry for this cunt? Well, because his life has probably become meaningless. This cunt and many like him are so wealthy and super rich that nothing can have any real value to them anymore. Imagine walking into a store to buy something relatively expensive knowing that you could buy anything in the store, everything in the store, the store itself, the parent company and all its subsidiaries. Without really noticing a dent in your bank balance. No sacrifice or compromise needed to buy one thing over another. How can that not lead to utter contempt for everything?

    Working hard and saving up to buy something you would really like makes that thing special to you when you finally get it. How could that thing be special if you could afford 1000 of them immediately without even thinking about it?

    I’m sure he enjoys his life with his many mansions, luxury cars, fine foods, designer clothes, etc. But he knows this isn’t normal, it’s exceptional and as such knows he is very heavily insulated from reality. There’s a point at which your net wealth becomes irrelevant. If you have $50M in the bank, does it really matter that it’s not $60M instead? Yeah, it’s $10M more but it’s meaningless at a certain point. This cunt passed that point a long time ago. Maybe he’s blissfully happy and content with his lot. Somehow I doubt it.

    • Excellent points. As I read, it struck me that this is a variant of Academic Syndrome. You become so wholly involved in one narrow aspect of your existence, whether it’s your research speciality or doing business, that you lose all sight of the context and become a slave to your obsession. It justifies you, and you justify it. Horrible.

      O/T – just like to share a long-lost friend: this track

      East German radio in the 70’s put out some astonishing rock, unlikely as it may seem, and this one caught my attention (used to listen to anything on shortwave) for its sheer power and elegance. I’m rather surprised the GDR let it out, in fact, the bitterness with the system was clearly audible through hundreds of miles of static…hadn’t heard it since then but found it again today. Hope at least one cunter enjoys it.

  14. That’s not what capitalism is about. It’s about the constant accumulation of wealth, the search for the maximisation of profit. Now if I had a business that was pulling say 5 million quid a month profit and giving my staff a decent pay rise would cost me half a million then I would give it to them and feel good about myself. That’s why i’m not a capitalist and neither are you. A capitalist would introduce coin operated water coolers and make an extra £50 a month and get a hard on about it. Or he would sack the lot of them and replace them with cheaper immo labour and have multiple orgasms.
    This baldy bonced shitbag may have 150 billion but he won’t be happy until he has 200……..then he can start aiming for 250……and so on. That’s how the system works.

    • You may have a point, Freddie. Must say though that aspiring to gain even more wealth for the sake of it seems awfully shallow.

      It’s really hard for the likes of us to imagine what the world looks like from the perspective of someone where money is no obstacle to pretty much anything. Even so I just can’t imagine you’d feel happy and fulfilled.

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