Fiona Onasanya

A cunting for Fiona Onasanya, the sitting Labour Mp for Peterborough, who , along with her brother, is to be tried for falsifying statements to both Police and the Courts to avoid conviction on a motoring offence.

She is charged with one count of doing an act tending or intending to pervert the course of justice. She and Festus Onasanya, her 33-year-old brother, are alleged to have misinformed Cambridge Police about who was responsible for driving a speeding vehicle on 24 July last year. They claimed a man called Aleks Antipow was behind the wheel.

Ms Onasanya’s brother, from Chesterton, Cambridge, faces two further charges of perverting the course of justice. He is claimed to have blamed someone else for two separate speeding incidents, on 17 June and 23 August last year.

Ms Onasanya is ( believe it or not ) a Solicitor and a Labour whip responsible for party discipline. Accused of having given felonious testimony to the Court ( Perjury ) and having wasted thousands of pounds by “fingering” an innocent person as the “mystery driver”, the smug pair left court smiling and apparently unconcerned. A spokesman for the labour Party has told that Ms Onasanya was a “guiding light” and was destined to be the first black female Prime Minister. ( Jesus Christ Almighty ).

There are apparently rules regarding convicted cunts serving in Parliament, and although the trial is yet to come, it could indeed be a considerable stretch if convicted! Sanyana however was supremely confident that “all will be well ” and that “wait and see ” and left the court smiling this evening having entered a plea of not guilty. ( 13/08 )

It is my hope that, if found guilty, this polished turd is not only jailed , but that Parliament kicks this bitch into touch, and saves us from the horror of having her as Prime Minister.

Gentlemen, she is indeed a Cunt!

Nominated by Asimplearsehole

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  1. Great Cunting Asim… but you failed to mention she’s an ugly looking piece of shit.

    • Aaaagh feck !

      Shut the bloody door, they’re STILL coming through the window.

      Much more of these shit-hippos, and I’ll be erotically fixating on Gemma Collins…

      Oddly enough, I was doing some research on pipe organs (for my business) today, and was directed to an abbey’s website.
      For sale was “Monk Soap.” Being of a linguistic “bent”, I wonder…

      If they’d just called it “Abbey Soap”, it might have been a better idea.

    • This grinning cunt does my fucking loaf in.

      Hopefully justice will be served on this rank outsider and her ‘bredren’, swiftly and severely.

      If this cunt is destined to be ‘the first black Prime Minister’, then I’ll happily cut off my own testicles and wear them as earrings to her swearing-in ceremony.

    • This grinning gun-trigger does my fucking loaf in.

      Hopefully justice will be served on this rank outsider and her ‘bredren’, swiftly and severely.

      If this cunt is destined to be ‘the first black Prime Minister’, then I’ll happily cut off my own testicles and wear them as earrings to her swearing-in ceremony.

  2. In an ideal world If found guilty of perjury, she will not only lose her seat and be expelled from the Labour party, she ahoukd also be struck off precluding her from practicing as a solicitor and also be forced to pay any legal fees incurred. Any time served in prison will be a massive bonus and nothing more than she deserves.

    But unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world, if the CPS don’t fuck up, as a solicitor herself (and also a female, and of colour) if smiling when coming out of court clearly fancies her chances of being found not guilty of all charges.

    This being the case will seek compensation from the police for wrongful charges, a stain on her character, play the race card, feminist card and probably promoted in the Labour Party to the front benches to join the other muppets.

    Will she be found guilty or not guilty? Which way would you bet your money?

  3. It’s fucking racistism, innit? Dey bin fitted up. Da coomunitty’ll probably burn down their own fried-chicken because of da disrespect.
    Expect Lammy and Ian Wright are just itching to get that race-card played. Chris Huhne, the LibDem cabinet Minister, and his wife got 8 months for pretty much the same thing. We’ll see,if found guilty,whether Onasanya gets as long.

    Fuck them.

  4. This permanently grinning bitch has had a remarkably rapid rise up the Labour greasy pole. Of course she ticks all the right snowflake boxes . Yet another victim of white privilege.

  5. Even if there had been photographic evidence of who was driving, it would’ve been impossible to ascertain who it was. Male and female blacks look practically identical and a difference can only be established when their vocal chords are activated, with males issuing threatening, barely intelligible grunts about “ho’s n’ shit” and the females asking for money.

  6. That shit eating smile ain’t fooling nobody love. It might work in some dusty banana republic. Oh..

  7. According to reports, when asked by the magistrate whether she pleads guilty or not guilty of she was to be heard responding with “I dindu nuthin!”

    • And the sloppy bitch also left the final “k” off nuthink.

      Or is the k a whitey-chav thing ?

  8. In any other era, the piss-weak Tory leadership under Mavis May would be ripe for fucking conquest by the opposing party.

    But it is May’s tremendously good fortune that the opposition is the most incompetent, shambolic shower of fucking nutcases ever put together in one major party – and considering the embarassment of riches in terms of cunts in the Labour hall of fame, that really is saying something. This grinning Onasanya cunt probably isn’t even in the top 20 cunts of the current Labour party; yet standalone, her cuntitude in deceit is truly stratospheric.

    Here hoping the CPS make an example of this fucking scumcunt; like that other bastard who got caught attempting the old switcheroo with his wife on a speeding offence several years back.

  9. Polished?
    …not sure about that part but the rest is bang on.
    Well worthy of a nom.

  10. Rare Good News.

    The England cricketer Ben Stokes has been found “Not Guilty” of affray after manfully stepping in to defend two Gays who shamefully fled while poor Mr. Stokes battled a pair of aggressors. For Shame.
    I expect Mr. Stokes has however learned his lesson about involving himself in the catfights caused by the seedier elements.

    • When I initially saw the footage had no doubt that he was guilty, being the aggressor by some considerable margin. Today saw the two gays in question mincing past the cameras before a post verdict interview.

      Fuck me. All I can say is that Ben Stokes is a far better man than me for coming to the aid of these two.

      Absolutely nothing against gays (over the years have some really truly lovely genuine guys who are gay) however personally speaking feel they should try to moderate their behaviour when they go out. If not it will antagonise certain people who have an intolerant nature and which will result in ugly situations such as this one.

  11. She looks like just another corrupt, incompetent, entitled Kaffir. What the fuck the people of Peterborough did to deserve her is another matter.

  12. She looks like Urko from Planet Of the Apes,of course she won’t go down that’s left to gammon like Tommy Robinson,and what’s my bet that cunt arrested today in London for that car crash will be treat better in custody than Tommy was,halal food,prayer time etc etc…..

    • I’m surprised these cunts can find any white people to mow down in London.
      Cunt must’ve been driving around for hours….

  13. **BREAKING NEWS!**

    COBRA meeting due to start in 9 minutes and 13 seconds…

    • Yes. The meeting was called in response to Boris victimising peaceful ISIS supporters.

      • Cuntstable Cuntbubble – apparently the terrorist chap is refusing to talk. Can’t you arrange for him to *fall down the stairs*?

          • That sort of behaviour is in the past. He will get Halal food and counselling before being released. The true culprit being Boris and his victimising of a religion of peace.

    • The nation holds its breath as Mavis and the Traitors get together and congratulate each other on having survived another attack by some poor mentally ill gentleman.

      Trebles all round !!


      A caller to Shelagh Fogarty’s LBC programme is blaming today’s “terror”(?) attack on Boris’s burka/letterbox comments.

      • It’s a no brainer!

        Some other bright spark, on the same programme, suggested the driver’s vision might have been momentarily obscured by a sticker on the windshield, causing him to clip a bollard and loose control…

        I don’t think it was J R Cuntley phoning in…

      • Blaming Boris would not perhaps be wide of the mark. The standard response to criticism of any sort is extreme violence. It seems to have started with the Satanic Verses and the appeasers have enabled them to escalate their actions ever since.
        Let us not forget that they are the real victims.

      • Aha! That narrows the list of suspects down to Cuntbubble and HBelindaHubbard… blacked up, presumably.

          • True… but apparently the suspect isn’t cooperating, so doubt the cops will have twigged.

            I wonder what sort of biscuits Mavis will be serving at the COBRA meeting this afternoon?

        • Fuck it! Should have gone for a darker shade than “tan”. Do I still get ‘brownie’ points for taking out a few Lycra Warriors RTC?

  14. Another Cobra meeting stuffed full of pc police chiefs to see how it can all be covered up

  15. We all know what happened at Westminster today and we all know the intent, but fuck me, only Sky news could get eight hours of coverage from…

    “Man gets knocked off bike”….

    Although this ltalian motorway bridge collapse looks a good news swerve for the peaceful lovers….

  16. Um Bongo, Um Bongo you can’t get that in the prison tuck shop!

    Community service picking cotton for this Doris

  17. What’s probably happened is that she and her brother have been required by plod under section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 to identify the driver of a car that was pinged by speed cameras. [Unless it’s a hire car, either she or her brother must have been the registered keeper of the vehicle and the other must also have been deemed by plod to have knowledge of who was driving it at the material time].

    They’ve then complied with that request but, according to plod and the CPS, spoken with forked tongues in order to save the hide of whichever of the two of them was driving the car.

    She’s not accused of perjury, though, as the information wasn’t given by her in court. Instead, she’s charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice – in this case it’s probably not serious enough to see her get chokey if convicted but nonetheless severe enough to end a political career.

  18. This just goes to show how low the bar has dropped for admission to the ConLabLib shitpile as an MP.

    Nowadays politics, by and large, attracts the very people who should not be given any kind of autonomy or power whatsoever. The most unsuitable candidates are drawn to the political parties of their choices like bluebottles around a pig’s ringpiece.

    If this Fiona Onanism and her ‘fambly’, Rastus or Festus or Festering or whatever his fucking daft name is, walk away from court this November with no charges levied against them then I would be about as surprised as any of us on here to learn that Bob Geldof is not only a scruffy cunt, but he does smell like a rancid Stilton cheese.

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