Elton John (7)

Elton is due a cunting. Apparently, the bewigged little egomaniac has given a interview in which he expressed his anti-Brexit views. All the typical, cliched bullshit was there, we were lied to, people didn’t know what we voted for, etcetera etcetera, blah, blah, blah. I know that ‘celebrities’ like to think that more intelligent than the rest of us, and that their opinion is worth more than ours, but they’re wrong.

To suggest that we didn’t know what we were voting is, frankly, an insult. I knew EXACTLY what I was voting for. I was voting to leave an organisation that not one single British man or woman EVER voted to join, is undemocratic and corrupt and led by unelected, unaccountable, incompetent, arrogant pricks, who have shown the UK nothing but contempt since the day the EU came into being.

Reg has always been a bad tempered, arrogant little shit, but I think his head has finally grown too big for his hair piece. He’s entitled to his opinion, but he is not entitled to insult 17.4 million democracy lovers, by insinuating that we are too stupid to understand a question such as; “Do you want the UK to remain in the EU, or do you want the UK to leave the EU”? What’s so difficult to understand about a question like that? Stick to singing Reg, it’s what you’re mediocre at.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Elton John is in need of a serious cunting after his latest hysterical breakdown on the subject of Brexit.
“People weren’t told the TRUTH!” he lisped between sobs, his faithful wife holding his hand as he bravely soldiered on through his distress. Well Reg, if the truth is so important I expect you’ll be repaying the libel damages you received from the tabloid which wrongly accused you of being gay, and issue a public apology to your first wife for involving her in your pretend to be straight lies. Then you can stop wearing those ridiculous rugs, you’re only lying to yourself. I have a lovely full head of hair (The only thing of value I inherited from my father) but when baldness eventually claims me I will take it like a man.
Almost forgot, you can also stop any legal injunctions you have in place to prevent reporting on you and your family’s disgusting conduct. I wouldn’t let my dog stay a night at your place, never mind young children.
Sir Elton, who was knighted for services to the anal prolapse repair industry,


Nominated by Themagiccunt

112 thoughts on “Elton John (7)

  1. I’m all for this. The more of these horrible cunts keep mouthing off the same old mantra the better. I firmly believe that the referendum was lost on that final weekend when they wheeled out all the old has beens………proven liars like Blair, Brown, Major, Randy Mandy, Heseltine……..same old cunts chanting the same old bollocks.
    By the Tuesday when they had Goboff shouting abuse at Sir Nigel through a loud hailer I knew it was in the bag.
    No doubt some PR arsehole thinks that putting up this “pop icon” to spout their tired old propaganda is a stroke of genius. That just shows you how out of touch they are. Nobody cares what this fucking old queen has got to say about anything.
    The cunt is an embarrassment.

    • 40 years since his last hit. Embarrassing that he’s still playing but the Vegas retirement home beckons. Good ol U.K. has rumbled him-no British dates on his Farewell World Tour.
      Saturday Nights Alright For Biting ( the pillow!!)

      • He is a sort of *out* Cliff Richard, but even worse because he is another entitled old poofter, like Mandelson, who is too up his own arse to realise he is the-day-before-yesterdays-man.

    • Pop icon ??

      More like fucking pop-corn, or pop-tart.

      He’s just a sad, ridiculous old stereotype with a chronically-abused anus.

      Go and shove a candle up it, Uncle Elsan.

  2. Talking of Elton John,where I live near Brighton it’s the Gay pride weekend of wanton debauchery . I will not be a part of this Cuntery . In the centre of Brighton the stench of shit and semen will be overwhelming and their will be total amnesty for any sexual deviant that wants to fuck in broad daylight in front of children. My son took my Grandson in a toilet at last years Pride and was confronted by two cunts being buggered over the urinals. They just carried on. If I was there , I probably would have killed the cunts. Elton John and his ilk are the lowest of the low.

    • Brighton Gay Pride……..thousands of degenerates from all over the country behaving like farmyard animals, minor slebs trying to get their faces on the telly, coppers turning a blind eye and dancing with the poofs in the street.
      Sounds like an ideal opportunity for young Abdul to turn up and try out the chemistry set he got for Christmas. Sorry!…….they don’t have Christmas do they? Ramadamadingdong then.
      Please excuse my minor politically incorrect indiscretion.

      • My sentiments exactly Freddie. I wonder if any long shirted swarthy bearded types get searched at such a degenerate event ?

      • By gum, you’re on form today, Freddie! And congratulations on first class cuntings to Quick Draw and themagicunt.

    • I live in Brighton as well. Thankfully I live on the outskirts so I won’t have to witness this celebration of nothing but deviancy. Just remember on Sunday a lot of the poofs will be having flashbacks of the mandy-fueled orgies they had with every strange and anonymous Dick, Derek etc. Then 12 weeks of absolutely shitting themselves before making an appointment at the Claude-Nicol Centre and having to wait a week from then for the results of them messing around with their arseholes…….

      • Claude Nicole centre ? Fuckin hell thats going back a long way. I went to the Warren Brown unit in Shoreham , got the clap off some dirty tart in the 80’s

      • And then they clogg every inch of the Brighton beach, CMI, exhausted after their night of antics. Even the sharks swim away.

    • Reminds me (for reasons I am not entirely sure) of when I went camping with the late Mrs Stroker many, many years ago. In Wales. Short of cash so could not afford a decent holiday.

      Not far from us on the site (which was relatively empty) were two small tents. In one tent appeared to be a young woman with a younger man, who my wife and I were able to ascertain was acting very oddly. We deduced that he was not quite right mentally, and that the woman was his guardian. The same arrangement was evident in the other tent, with the young woman as guardian for another younger man.

      We thought nothing of it until the evening, when the women got into one tent and the young men in the other. Initially all was well, however it became obvious to all that one of the young men was buggering the other one. We could tell because of the loud and comically high pitched ooooooohs (in the style of the late Frankie Howerd) with each thrust. It eventually ended about 10 or so minutes later when a site person came to sort things out. Probably the strangest and one of the funniest things that we encountered on our camping trips. How we laughed.

      They left early the next morning.

  3. What an absolute joke this cunt looks like in his furry hat in the photo accompanying this Cunting.
    If you look closely though,you will notice he’s got the same Spaz Mong eyes as that other creepy little queer Owen Jones. Dodgy genetics/chromosomes missing ?

  4. I remember as a kid attending a Arsenal v Watford game at Highbury,Reg Shite was there with his pretend missus the kraut Renate Blauel.The Gooners were chanting “Elton Johns wifes got a prick,Elton Johns wifes got a prick”.It seemed like a joke at the time but fuck me the Gooners were spot on his “missus” really does have a prick.

    • I remember being with my dad at Old Trafford in the late 70s for a League Cup tie with Watford… United were shit and Watford stuffed us (Dave Sexton was a cunt), and I recall seeing Elton John in the directors box jumping around like a squealing cunt… My old man -somewhat prophetically – said ‘Fucking hell! That cunt looks like he’s just been shot up the arse!’

  5. Why oh why can’t the Watford Turd Burglar keep his fucking fudgepacking, facile opinions to himself.

    This cunt lives in a pansy world of oversized glasses, tinsel and oversized high heels. What the fuck would this saggy old cunt know about struggling to get his kids in state school, a NHS doctor’s appointment or driving to work on overcrowded, congested roads?

    I thought he was more of an amusement when the Sun run a story of him using dildos on rentboys back in the 1980s. He is now just a fat, boring old spermbank.

  6. By the way, I though Old Pantomime Dame Reggie lived in Los Angeles. How exactly does it affect him if we leave the corrupt, anti-democratic, job-destroying EU? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    • It’s because these shitlib cunts feel like it’s their duty to inform us that we’re all thickos who’ve made a terrible mistake. They actually think they’re that important.

  7. Every time I leave a comment this afternoon admin ask for my name and email ? Anyone else having to put their details in each time ?

    • YES!

      #MeToo Fenton!

      Thought my iPad was up the spout or summat. Hope it can be sorted… very tedious having to fill in the form every time… especially when I fill it in wrong!

      • Yes.

        Have had a lot of probs with Virginmeejah over last week, and given my poitics and youtube viewing, I thought I was being monitored.

        It seems not.

        Bugger it, I was hoping a fit young WPO would come round and cane me.

    • I’m having that issue as well. Thankfully it’s not much hassle for me because my name and immediately come up in the drop down when I click in the respective boxes but it’s still irritating.

    • Me also. Rather annoying but in the overall scheme of things not a major concern.

      • Agree – not quite as bad as the fact we’re all going to Hell in a handcart.

    • It’s always been that way.
      If you’re having to manually enter it every time then it’s the settings your end not the site. I’ve just entered name and email but it remembers what I typed last time and enters it automatically as a default.

      • Afternoon

        Regarding the username and email address not being saved, as it is affecting several people and at exactly the same time it would seem to be something other than coincidence?

        Only saying.

        • Clearly not a coincidence, though still no closer to understanding why it’s happened.

          Is it something sinister… like google or Vodafone or some other IT cunt we’ve cunted recently attempting to make posting on ISAC more inconvenient?

          Or maybe it’s simply an innocent side effect of some other system change or update?

  8. When Pavarotti died, the other two tenors thought they ought to find a replacement. Elton John’s name was suggested, but they ruled that out as they would be known as the Two Tenors and a Nine Bob Note .

  9. Is the cunt still relevant? Thought he hadn’t been relevant since The Lion King.

    • The fat syrup wearing doughnut puncher hasn’t been relevant since the ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ album…

      • Completely agree.
        And Lion King was syrupy shite. He’s no Rogers and Hammerstein or Don Black is he? He just thinks he can write that shit but he’s crap without Bernie Taupin.

        • Dead right, Chas… Elton’s post-Taupin work was crap… Garbage like ‘Little Jeanie’ and ‘Part Time Love’ were dreadful confections… Elton getting rid of his band (Dee Murray, Nigel Ollson etc) didn’t help him either… Only remotely memorable post Bernie track was ‘Song For Guy’ and that was (mostly) an instrumental…

  10. speaking of Mexico anyone see ‘Meet The Drug Lords ‘ last night on C4? fuckin ell. they are evil evil fuckers they showed one scene where a body had been left in the street. unusually it wasn’t pixellated out. both his arms had been cut off as well as his legs and his head oh and his penis. all the bits were there lying around. they also interviewed some evil fucker who said he had killed 250 people . Acapulco. once a great holiday resort now has the second highest murder rate in the WORLD. most hotels have shut down. evil evil evil.

    • That’s ok. We are going to solve it all by…. bringing them all over here.. yeah, woohoo. Problem solved. Anyone that doesn’t want Pablo as the new cleaner at there only child’s preschool is a rac….

    • Same anywhere where they breed like fucking rats. Fuck all there, no jobs or prospects, yet thanks to religious or cultural reasons, they bang out mouth after mouth to feed. The ones with half a brain break into the nearest country with a functioning economy, the rest murder the shit out of each other over drugs or religion, or some other shit reason. Earth is fucked…..

    • And at least four kidnappings a day, including children. Most of whom end up dead or disfigured. Ah well Richard 1, with a chip on both my shoulders, at least I’m well balanced. My horse for a kingdom for the way it was, before open borders & Liberals infected our air vents.

  11. I suppose having and ‘easy wipe’ nylon based Irish on his bonce is quite benificial in his line of work. Must be sweaty work banging away on those organs, surrounded by all those ‘theatre types’. He used to just take a dip in the paddling pool, but someone furnished it with 10 gallons of olive oil – and beware, the floaty stuff ain’t always conditioner. Still, split ends are probably not a big issue for him… well, unless Big Sam’s popping round.

    • Big Sam?
      Fucking hell! Don’t tell me he’s turned ginger beer?

      • Perhaps Alladyce heard “Reach-Around” and thought it was a ‘back-hander.’

        Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen. Try the salad.
        Unless Reg has tossed it.

  12. Elton John has had too much tv exposure over the years, and for the wrong reasons. He needs to keep his mouth closed , unless for the purpose of sucking cock.

  13. I just can’t join in this cunting. The John saved my life when I was eighteen. Yellow Brick Road. I’d just lost my virginity deliberately. Swilled a flagon and pulled the rubber over the knob.

  14. Why hasn’t he been arrested?

    Never really understood the appeal of this vulgar fat fuck. A sort of camp, upmarket Leo Sayer, or downmarket Nilsson (not that I gave a fuck about any of them actually, more a Blue Oyster Cult man myself in those days).

    A few nice toons and albums in the early ’70s, and that’s about it. Goodbye English rose… what a fucking embarrassment!

    No surprise he’s anti Brexit – name one self important Celebricunt who isn’t… apart from Ringo Starr that is. They think it makes them look clued-up, ha ha.

  15. Both great cuntings!
    What an utter cunt!
    How can someone dressed and wigged like that possibly believe that they have any credibility on political views whatsoever?
    It’s like those fucking soap dodgers with deadlocks trying to give people “scientific facts” about climate change.
    The first bite is with the eye and … well … eurgh.

    On a separate note…
    Breaking news. Theresa May arrives at Emmanuel Macron’s retreat…
    What is it with the French and retreats?

  16. If Macron and Merkel can swing it, then that proves who pulls the strings in the sham that is Europe. Has she simply gone there for a shag I ask ?

      • Well Macron, like Rooney, does prefer the older lady. And May’s no youngster. Perhaps he’ll flop out his Gallic baby carrot & petit pois and in her painfully-embarrassing desperation, Zelda will be noshing on French cuisine.

        • Yea he does. I don’t mind an older woman but I wouldn’t touch either of them even with his slimy little garlic encrusted escargot.

  17. I honestly don’t mind if somebody is a fluter, especially artists. We’d have to throw away half our books, half of our music, and cease watching tv & films altogether. Moreover, I don’t even care if they spout their politics. We’re all human with different opinions.

    Nonetheless, as has been clarified on this thread, this is simply endeavouring to score points to do a Lazarus on an irrelevant, dried-up career. What next, Eminem and Madonna admonishing Trump? Psh. Leave your career in the mortuary, Elton, drill some more syrup figs on your noggin, Shut Up, and enjoy your retirement.

  18. Interrupting her holiday to go crawling to that snail eating fucking slimy cunt? That’s humiliating enough but we all know the answer she is going to get.
    I know 9 or 10 people who are traditional Tory voters and every one of them says never again.
    I can’t wait to see the reception Mavis is going to get at the party conference.
    The bitch is finished.

    • I won’t vote Tory unless Reese Mogg is leader and many are the same.
      Unfortunately that means only one thing can happen…

      Corbyn, Abbott, Ummuna and McDonnell.

      …I might pussy out and vote for them at the last minute but my elegance is with UKIP.

      • Me to Deploy, one thing Brexit has done is exposed all the cunts that stand to loose like Mandelson and his big fat eu pension and Hessletine with his land that’s heavily subsidised by the eu. The list is endless of all the cunts that stand to loose if we leave.

      • If Catweasel and co get in then I’m gonna try and move to the American Midwest.

  19. Possible progress on the world population problem. An outbreak of Ebola has been reported in the DRC, and it’s in a conflict zone which will hinder the medical response. This could be the Pale Horse we’ve been waiting for cunters.

      • Dammit, if only we hadn’t spent foreign aid on empowering Zimbabwean pygmies we could help.

      • Indeed…

        Because it’s never happier than when it’s standing up to its neck in shit.

  20. Well Elton did go to a grammar school so that must make him a genius re Brexit. Why do these cunts bang on about the out voters being hoodwinked etc. Fuck me studying the eu was a hobby of mine for five years. Delving into the nooks and crannies of the bullshit. Was a boring cunt but I knew what the eu was about and a damm good chance I know more about the cursed organisation than the Pinner pooftah. Cunt, stick to up hill gardening at the rear of David’s.

    • The old expression “ empty vessels make the most noise”are most appropriate for Cunts like Lineker and Elton john etc etc
      If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in their company I’m sure you would be staggered by their utter stupidity , These deluded half wits believe that being in the public eye makes their opinions count more than ordinary people!

  21. Elton & David are schmoozing with Winslet at their Windsor residence…

    Elton – “Ooohh…I smell spunk..”

    David – “Yeah, I just farted.”

  22. I saw a photo of Reg in the Daily Fail the other day, taken while he’s on holiday. He was being carried across a beach. Apparently, the lazy, fat little queen now considers himself too important to walk. What a cunt.

  23. I seem to recall he once replaced the fuse in my wife’s ‘Rocks-Off Ignition Rose Gold 10 Function Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator’.

    We gave him a five star rating in Which Electrician.

    • If he has access to vibrators and vibrator technology I do hope he hasn’t got Mr. Sausage chained to a radiator.
      Do give my very best regards to your wife when she comes down from cloud nine.

      • To be honest Jack he spent most of his time sitting around drinking tea and stuffing his face with burgers. Never mentioned Mr Sausage once. Hope the cunt’s alright.

        Could be months before the wife comes down off cloud nine after the servicing she got from the other half… but will be sure to pass on your kind regards when she does.

        Sleep well.

        • RTC….I think that wants removing. I suspect it’s got something to do with the confused sign-in and if it happened to be his real name,I can’t imagine that he wants it posted on here.

          • I thought it might be a sonic attack, so I went to listen to some Hawkwind.

          • Good morning RTC. It could be the fiendish German lager, or the wife may have slipped something extra into the delicious home made curry, or it could be Brexit twisting my karma . Whatever it is I’m feeling a little fragile,

        • I’ve actually messaged Admin. to try and get it removed. I may be wrong,but I know that I wouldn’t want my real name put up.

  24. Another one who’s past his shelf life.
    They have quite a lot of influence when they’re selling millions of records but once they’re done we see them in the full light of day.
    The Bonos,the Geldofs and all their ilk, nobody gives flying fuck what their opinions are now that they are washed up.

    • Agreed.. U2 have done fuck all of note after ‘Achtung Baby’ and Geldof has never made a good record in his entire life…

      • Thought Zooropa and Pop had some moments, but All That You Can’t Leave Behind was the last straw for me. Thought it was garbage. Not added any U2 since and don’t think I’ve missed much.

        It’s such a shame that Bonio became such a massive cuntograph. It spoils trying to listen to the early stuff when they were still trying and working hard to make their name and sound.

  25. Sadly, some lying, fuckwit libtard do-gooding nurse will bring it back to GB.

    It needs to be genetically tweaked to target the correct population…

  26. Is that a photo of Elton or has an aged Lilly mong have access to time travel?

  27. has the ferret headed gaping anus diva got a new best of album coming out per chance??

  28. Doubtless I will be vilified and called a bigot, but I honestly believe that same sex couples should not be allowed to adopt and/or parent children. Children need balance and perspective that can only come from parents of both sexes.

    They should also not be allowed to wed same sex couples in church. I have no problem with civil ceremonies, but not church services for, as Tebbit said recently, sodomites.

    That’s my view and I don’t give a fuck who disagrees.

  29. I agree totally,they shouldn’t be allowed to vote neither or work in sandwich shops ……

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