Davina McCall [6]

Davina McCall is a cunt. She goes on this massive, seemingly unending, ‘fitness’ regime and ends up looking like a fucking skeleton. OK you may say, but no, she then has to make us all feel decidedly sick by posting pictures of herself online, again emphasizing the total lack of any meat on her bones whatsoever. (Why she does this is unknown) BUT, she then receives adverse and ‘cruel’ comments from people who have been unfortunate to have caught a glimpse of stick-thin apparition.

As we MOGS have stated in our blog if you don’t like the comments (apparently she is very upset at being labelled a stick insect), then don’t post ANY more photos, you stupid woman!

Nominated by mogsrus

22 thoughts on “Davina McCall [6]

  1. Actually, I would. Rather that than the fat wobbly slags who now form 70% (est) of the female population. As a skinny cunt myself, I can only approve – but agree that obsessive fitness routines are far inferior to useful physical work, which produces the same effect.

    • Never judge a cunt by its cover. You got no idea how healthy a clam is based on externals. If she’s ex smackhead then its probably a rusty wizards sleeve rather than a healthy snapper.

  2. Those thighs look somewhat incongruous… for the sake of symmetry she could do with losing some timber there.

    • Those thighs are the only thing preventing her from crumbling like a cuttlefish during a good hard pounding.

  3. Dreadful bloody beaky, shouty woman. Now she has lost some of her padding she resembles Cliff Richard’s neck.

    I think she lost the plot when she split from her husband. The guy must have been a saint to put up with her – a high maintenance shouty twat.

    • It’s a bit like why Guy Ritchie left Madogga isn’t it?

      I remember a quote that he said hugging her was like hugging a piece of gristle…..

  4. Looks like a smackhead from where I’m sat. In her day she was quite fuckable but that ship has long since sailed. Just another self obsessed narcissistic Z-list sleb who insists on boring the fuck out of the populous.

  5. It’d be like fucking a bicycle frame fitted with a permanently shrieking airhorn. Dreadful bag should realise that nobody wants to ogle some old trout over the age of 40 unless they happen to be Selma Hayek or Penelope Cruz.

    Fuck them.

  6. She’s the fucker who enthuses and gurns for no apparent reason isn’t she? Undoubtedly cunt material regardless of anything else.

  7. Anyone who posts constant selfies of themselves in the gym is a cunt of epic proportions. I see some people in the gym I go to doing that sometimes and such vanity has always pissed me off. You exercise to stay healthy, and not just to look good you cunts.

  8. YouTube shows Alexei Sayle commenting on ‘reformed drug addicts’. No more needs to be said.

  9. To steal one of leftie cunt Frankie Boyle’s lines (originally about “Posh” Spice), “it’d be like separating deck chairs with your dick.”

  10. Cannot stand her.

    Shallow, patronising and will do anything for the money.

    Ex druggie and former Eric Clapton sperm receptacle. Only quality I have the slightest admiration about her is that she can be extremely brave.

  11. I wouldn’t these days. Gobshite is looking pretty rough, my guess AIDS via a needle, or she’s taken some bad cock at some point.

  12. Davina is fighting age, it’s a losing battle love and you will end up being a skinny old lady ready to step in when sher, chair, erm Cher dies

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