Sophia Hadjipanteli

You’ve got to cunt the unibrow model or cunt the BBC for running the story on the ugly model who would make the most frightening emoticon ever!

They say she’s a Greek Cypriot which should mean she’s isolated from the rest of the world by the Mediterranean, thank fuck.

Don’t, whatever you do, try to search for a photo of her on the internet ‘cos you’ll suffer PTSD for the rest of your life. (Oh fuck! Too late – Admin)

Her eyebrows look like somebody’s weaved a pigtail on her forehead. There’s a side benefit tho’ .. no need to think about what your next weight loss diet will be.. one look at this and you won’t be able to eat for weeks..

The fucking BBC will put anything on their website no matter how nauseous it makes us

Nominated by Paul Ya Plonker

64 thoughts on “Sophia Hadjipanteli

  1. Is that really its’ name?
    And is it really a she? As in born a she? Fucking can’t be.
    What exactly does it model? Tampax for men?
    What a mess…..

  2. Imagine waking up to that in the morning after a major piss-up the night before!

  3. What in the name of Jesus H. Christ were the Al-BBC trying to promote with this fucking monstrosity? Transgender rights for the inbred?

    Are you sure it’s name isn’t Bernard?

    • Their tag line for this monstrosity is, “Unibrow movement: The model challenging beauty stereotypes.” I would say it’s doing quite the opposite and reinforcing good old traditional beauty stereotypes because nobody wants to look at this creature. Of course the other day the BBC were also promoting this everyone is beautiful crap in Trafalgar Square were all manner of creatures were parading around in bathing suits from cripples, fatties, a bloody black dwarf woman, and even a child with downs, because why shouldn’t we give all the pedos something nice to look at?

  4. Having slightly recovered from the staggering shock I underwent having first seen this cunting, I got to wondering what this individual does and has done.
    It has literally become famous for accidentally dyeing it’s monobrow black and deciding to stay that way.

    That’s it.

    Well break out the champagne, fame here I come – today I refused to tiey shoelaces. It’s extraordinarily empowering. So there.

  5. I’m going to need extensive therapy sessions after seeing that picture. It appears to have somehow escaped from the wax museum. Burn it!

  6. I always wondered what became of Oddbod Junior from “Carry On Screaming”

    • I’m just one EuroMillions win away from starting my “Common Sense” party.

      The thing that does my head in is when side A has a good idea (to the benefit of the masses) the other side B shits on it purely because it wasn’t their idea and nothing more.

      These “so called” educated morons need to start thinking more about the electorate and less about their final salary pensions, etc.

      Also I would hold more votes from the public. Things like the £130bn white-elephant called HS2. That totally pointless exercise wouldn’t even get off the designer’s pencil if I was in charge.

      Who does it benefit? Londoners? No, they already live there.

      The grim folk of the north? No, we won’t be able to afford the eye-watering fares!

      So who then? Well there are 2 types:

      1) Whitehall toadies having their palms handsomely greased by the Govt cash cow contract handouts.

      2) The Tristram & Jemimah types who sell their £2.1mil Kensington bedsits, buy a mansion for £50 quid Oop Norf along the HS2 line and commute to their £100k plus “shitty” jobs because they are the only cunts able to afford the fares! Knowing full well that in 20yrs time their Oop Norf gaff will be worth a shed load because it’s on the HS2 route!

      It makes no sense and actually stifles growth because the money accrued will simply go to the already minted, Cuntminster cunts and greedy infrastructure contractors.

      Total shite! £130bn up the shitter and we have no say!

      I’d also make sure the cunts realise that the artificially inflated growth in population actually DOES have a direct affect on housing, school places and NHS beds. That’s NOT waycist, it’s just common fucking sense dictated by the law of Supply and Demand!


  7. With eyebrows like that (Groucho Marx eat yer heart out) you just know it’s got to be more ape than human from the neck down, hairy tits and all.

    Does it have a red bloated arse to match its lips?

    Disturbing shades of my niece under all that makeup… (she voted Flabbott in the GE).

    File under Sub-Primate.

  8. Anyone remember that horrible Jim Henson film, The Dark Crystal?….
    Well, this abomination of a cunt looks like it has come straight out of it…

    Agree about the BBC… They go on about cunts who are perpetually ‘offended’, yet they infest their site and their iPlayer with scores of freaks and ugly fuckers… I myself find some of their horror show cunts hard to stomach, but my best mate’s eight year old daughter was looking a the BBC iPlayer menu on the TV and some unfortunate, but horrible looking cunt appeared out of nowhere… No warning or nothing.. The poor little girl was freaked out and very upset… Now who’s fucking offended?… But because she’s a white kid from a white English working class family she won’t count… Fuck the BBC, they’re cunts….

  9. Perhaps it’s that Funky Gibbon that the Goodies used to sing about (before Bill Oddie morphed into a total cunt)

    • Yoko will be pleased… She’ll have even more dead Beatles to live off and milk shamelessly now…

    • Yeah fuck ’em.

      Do they want any more sending over? We’ve got millions of the cunts!

    • And…guess who is refusing to back Javid’s decision ??

      Stand up, spineless eu-cock-gobbling-jellyfish-Gregg’s-pastie-faced most pointless PM ever, Maybot.

      It seems she is another PM who is against the death penalty (like B Liar.). I wonder why so many politicians are against the DP ? What are they afraid of ?? Mrs. May, bag over the head, rope, trap-door. Or upside-down from a lamp-post, “alla Mussolini”. Which would you prefer ?

      • And now the bitch claims to support Javid…

        “Strong on flip-flop, strong on the causes…”

        Does she even know her own name ??

  10. I know the BBC is run by demented PC obsessed looneys, but I’ll never get what they’re trying to do… Some poor cunts do get dealt a bad hand in life, but putting some horrible looking cunt in peoples’ faces? ‘News’ to the BBC now (apart from their precious peacefuls, of course) is having some fucker with the headline ‘Hey! I’ve got two heads!’ and then showing the thing all over their website… Nobody wants to see that at breakfast before they go to work… Cunts….

  11. Greek women are renowned for being hairy, it usually starts after they’ve snared a man. You go to sleep next to an exotic beauty and wake up next to Cousin fucking It. You have been warned.
    Good morning.

    • Indeed, the young and nubile ones are alluring and exotic until they hit the age of around 40. It is at that time they become hairier than Demis Roussos and resemble Harvey Keitel in a dress.

  12. Two things spring to mind:-

    1/ Is “she” going to star in a future John Carpenter reboot of “The Thing”? (no prizes for guessing the role!)

    2/ The poster for Alien, and the byline – “In space no one can hear you scream!”

  13. Who the fuck is that! I think I woke up looking like that after listening to “You Spin Me Round Like A Record Round” by Dead or Alive when I was twenty. After doing the Walk of Shame After a One Night Root.
    Oh No, wait,I’d never have plastered that blue bilge on my eyelids. It takes days for that shit to wear off.
    Whatever I used on my eyelids back in the day, it resulted in a number of enjoyable threesomes.

  14. Hubby looks fondly back to those days. Me?
    I haven’t the same energy to go finning for crotch as I used too. And the kids might look askance if there were three people in the bed of a morning. “Move over, Mom and Dad and Who The Fuck is that?”
    Me: “It’s my sister wife”. I need help cleaning the shitters. Take it or leave it or we’re moving to Utah.

  15. I cant see all the fuss,a cuntess decides to cement her cuntiness by making herself look like a complete and utter mega cuntess so that the cunts who run model agencies can hire it out to the cunts who run advertising agencies so that moronic cunts can admire the hideous Cuntess in all her hairy cuntiness,surely its a victory for global Cuntery

  16. Great hoax, chaps, but that’s so obviously Mick Jagger in drag, ca 1980, you couldn’t have hoped to get away with it for long!

  17. You may not believe it but I’ve shagged worse than this. Mind you I had a stronger stomach back then.

    • As a friend from my youth used to say when we saw a woofer.
      I know she can’t help being ugly , but at least she could stay at home

      • At first glance she looks rather like Nina Hagen, who I’m surprised to see is nearly as old as me.

  18. Bored, bored, bored with nonentities like this.

    Eyebrow management? Who cares.

  19. Just seen the government will not block the death penalty for the so called ISIS ‘beatles’ if tried in the US, I feel a snowflake avalanche rumbling, Shami Chuck-yer-bhaji already getting worked up.

  20. hairy brows suggest hairy everything else!

    probably has thick bushes for arm pits, another mass of knotted hair in the cunt area, hairy legs & arms, and probably a hairy arse crack too – clingons galore!

  21. Fuck me, I thought this was a stitch up… then I googled this freak and now realise this is one of her more tasteful and normal photos… put it down before it breeds!!

    • When they were handing out looks she thought they said books and asked for a horror

  22. imagine the poor fucking baby that comes out of her clacker should she ever EVER get pregnant!

    It will be scarred for life as soon as it first claps eyes on her while sucking on her hairy tits!

  23. And on his first day back, God sent his calling card. ” I told you not to mess with me, you Dickheads!*!*! Now see what you’ll get.”

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