Paul McCartney (8) and James Cordon (10)

Double cunt overload… Paul McCartney and James Corden…

We all know about Fab ‘I love Kilary Clinton, I belittled and bossed around George Harrison, and did I tell you for the umpteenth time I was John Lennon’s mate?’ Macca, and Corden is also a colossal cunt… That Karaoke Carpool thing was the biggest pile of contrived and arselciking shite…

I always disliked Corden and I hate him even more now… The talentless lardarse was so sycophantic, especially when McCartney told the ‘Let It Be’ story for the 5000th time and Corden gushes “That the most beautiful story I’ve heard”…. What a Total arselicker…. The first scenes with the jukebox were totally staged …–One of the ‘customers’ was a bodyguard… A mate of mine was in there last week and he spoke to the staff….. The audience who run through the doors later were given tickets for the gig…

What a load of bullshit and what a pair of cunts…

Nominated by Norman

53 thoughts on “Paul McCartney (8) and James Cordon (10)

  1. Remember a few years ago Sir Macca wanted to have all of the Beatles record labels printed “McCartney & Lennon” instead of t’other way round so that *he* could have a bit of time as the first name?

    Does it matter?

    Well obviously it does to Sir Macca and that pettiness tells you need to know about how much of a cunt he is! I hope he got splinters in his bell-end after a foot job off Heather Mills! Cunt!

    Corden has to be the luckiest cunt on planet earth. Famous through association and sycophancy!

    That’s why they love him in the states as no brown hole is too rancid or repugnant for him to kiss.

    If he has one talent, it’s the ability to tell slebs exactly what they want to hear about themselves in order to keep himself famous.

    He is the “remora” of sleb-dome! Cunt!

  2. Corden….an even bigger cunt than Emily Thornberry..this fat fucker should be cunted every day…

  3. Corden is just a lucky fat cunt that probably just happened to be in the right place at the right time, maybe a McDonalds queue, and got a break to get into the business. The cunt who gave it to him probably now bitterly regrets it or jumped off Beachy Head not long after. As for Saint Macca there is no doubt that when the Beatles came along they were a phenomenal new act with fresh ideas and sounds. How much of it was down to him is debatable. Going by the stuff he’s produced on his own,which I have always found a bit childish and simplistic, not a great deal. Definitely not the work of a genius. I also understand he is a complete minge bag which given the money he has in his tin under the bed makes him a super cunt. I always thought the wrong Beatle got shot.

  4. A proper brace of Cunts these two but for completely different reasons
    Like him or loathe him macca is part of British music history, I’ve always thought the Beatles were overrated but music like comedy is a personal choice, as previous poster said macca is a childish Cunt of the first order who only recently wrote a letter to the EU bleating about music royalties , this virtue signaling relic should just disappear inside the walls of his mausoleum and stop talking shite!

    Telly tubby Corden is a butlins redcoat who has simply gone too far, can’t sing ! Can’t dance! But that doesn’t stop the fat Cunt! Funny? Pass entertaining? Not for me!
    A sycophantic talentless twat who regularly blights British television screens with his inane banter and cunty friends like Jamie redknapp and Co
    The only one laughing is Corden and unfortunately that’s all the way to the bank!!

    • I think Slubberguts Corden got lucky because he co-wrote a TV comedy that for some odd reason became a big hit (Gavin and Stacey). It struck a chord with viewers in the same way another woefully unfunny show did years before The Good Life which was just at the time the enviromentalists were starting to read John Seymour and becoming self sufficient. G & S appealed to thirty year old teenagers who enjoyed sexual innuendo and lavatory humour. Both shows now seem stagey, crappy and devoid of humour today IMO) but at least Matthew Horne had the decency to leave the stage when the partnership ended. Corden will become the Poundland Brucie in time.

  5. McCartney brought us the Frog Chorus, which was a pale and insipid imitation of the concept of Roger Glover’s the Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast from a decade earlier. McCartney also inflicted the dreadful Mull of Cuntire on us. It may have been over 40 years ago but I bear long term grudges.

    Corden is a corpulent, talent-free ringpiece and a cunt of cuntitude that can only be equated in terms of many, many gold bars.

    • Mull of Cuntire…jesus, what a pile of steaming ordure. Hope the pipe band were paid enough to get significantly pissed after collaborating with the enemy. Campbells, eh?

      • The Campbeltown Pipers were paid next to nothing… Macca is a notorious tightarse… He ‘rewarded’ every Wings member (including Denny Laine) with very little… A bit like those Jagger and Richards cunts… Their back catalogue still makes millions, but the Brian Jones estate (received by his sister) only gets about 20 grand a year… They screwed him over when he was alive and they’re still doing it all these years later…Cunts….

        • Didn’t good old Macca (thumbs up, smile, one of the lads) also buy Denny Lane’s half of the composer rights to the fucking dire Mull of Cuntire so Denny could pay a tax bill? Probably for very little. A forced sale as it were.

          Only decent thing Macca has done for decades is call David Blain a cunt.

        • Fucked if I’d spend the day marching through loose sand in full ceremonial Jock kit without cash in advance and plenty of it. Oh, wait. Don’t the Army have to do that?

  6. The radio (classic FM no less) has just announced that today is Nelson Mandela day.
    Celebration tyres are being lit all over the country…

  7. Macca has not written or recorded anything of note for 48 years. That is some achievement for a full time musician. Harrison detested him which says it all. Lennon was a bigger cunt but that is just a matter of scale.
    I don’t get Corden. He seems to fall into Ant & Cunt territory. What the fuck is he for?
    A pair of cunts.

  8. James Corden is about as funny as lung cancer. No, actually, he’s even less funny than that because you can at least get some good dark humour out of lung cancer.

    • You’d need more than a maximum dose of morphine to render Corden bearable.

  9. Not my joke:
    Paul McCartney bought Heather Mills a plane…
    …and a Philips Lady Shave for the other leg!

    • Here’s a Heather Mills ditty Mr Cunt Engine.
      A poem by Sir Paul McCartney –
      I lay upon a grassy bank
      My hands were all a quiver
      I slowly removed her suspender belt
      and her leg fell in the river

  10. Mcartney is a weapons grade cunt. If I ever have to listen to his self deprecating anecdote about how he wrote ‘yesterday’ after having some scrambled eggs for breakfast, yet again, , I will not be responsible for my actions.

  11. Being without a televisual apparatus, I had to google the Corden person, and on the basis of a Youtube sketch I am happy to concur with the general opinion expressed here. A fat unfunny complacent celebrity-rimming luvvie who now lives in the US, the natural companion for McCartney’s twilight career, and a terrible warning to those of us who stuck the heads of similar people down the toilet when at school and forced them to become the class comic in order to escape our righteous chastisement. See also Angus Deayton.

  12. McCartney is a man I have absolutely no time for. Miserable, tight fisted and insensitive. Met him once. Didn’t stand his round.

    Denny Laine might have more to say on the subject especially on his wife’s relationship with McC. “Laine had a falling out with the McCartneys at the close of the 1970s, as Wings itself collapsed, amid myriad personal and personnel problems.” – basically interpreted as Macca treated him like a cunt.

    Denny’s not all whiter than white tho’ as he co-wrote Mull of Cuntyre!

    • Which he received around £17.34 from McCartney as a consequence.*

      *Although this is based on historical fact some of the information in the post has been made up for dramatic purposes.

  13. Years ago Viz (long before it was hijacked by london cunts) had an article about McCartney being accused of stealing milk from old ladies’ doorsteps because he was too tight to buy his own.
    Obviously grounded in fact as jokes regarding his “carefulness” abound.
    Hate the fucking beatles anyway…

  14. Fatboy Corden is the Patron Cunt of all the talent less British D-list cunts who’ve managed to get work in Hollycunt through rigorous and incessant brown-nosing. “Ooh Brad you’re so handsome” “Jennifer, you’re a better actress than Hepburn” “Arnie youve got the biggest cock in Hollycunt” etc etc By the way did you know that FatFuck Corden is “married” to Julian Clary? Couldnt believe it when I heard but look it up.

  15. Love the Beatles music as I grew up with it and early memories of my childhood. Summed up with opening chord Hard days night. Or She loves you.

    From what I have seen and read of Sir Paul mixed opinions. Musically in my opinion should certainly have called it a day when the Beatles folded. Never liked anything he did after that. Suppose he is a big head but perhaps understandable to a degree if that way inclined.

    James Corden is a lucky bastard. An overweight unfunny kowtowing creep with little or no talent. Good luck to him if people pay him millions of pounds or dollars for his banality.

    • Agreed.Compared to todays cunts the Fab Four are up there with Beethoven,Bach and Mozart.Actually heard some cunt comparing One Direction to the lovable Scousers,apparently both were Boy Bands.What a Cunt.

      • One fucking who?

        Seriously reckon most people in the world have heard of the Beatles.

        And Elvis strangely, although never saw the appeal myself.

        • Elvis’ Achilles heel was that unlike Macca and co he didn’t write his own material.But the fact that the Beatles literally worshipped him speaks volumes.He had a great voice,was a handsome sonafoabeech, loved getting stoned on Tramadol ( like half the population does) and was so generous that he died virtually skint despite earning hundreds of $millions. Plus he had a lovely Quiff.

  16. Apparently mccuntney is even a cunt to fellow musicians. Phil Collins once asked him for an autograph in the early 90’s and told him he was a huge fan, to which Cuntney made some sarky comment like “oh look Heather, even our little Phil is a fan” in a condescending tone. Collins rightly told him to fuck off and walked away. Gotta love PC.

    • PC also rightly exposed Jimmy Page for spreading the lie that it was Collins to blame for ‘Zeppelin’s’ woeful performance at Live Aid to cover for the fact that Page was off his tits and played an out of tune guitar whilst spending much of the time fighting with a mike stand.

      • Very true JCG, I’ve watched the footage of that performance many times and Page is practically dribbling. Arrogant cunt he is. PC was invited by Plant to come over and play, but looking at his face as he’s sat behind his kit (playing well), you can see he knows he’s witnessing a fucking car crash.

  17. Corden is truly a mistake in the cosmos of things. How did this pudgy, talentless porker get so far in a business that chews ’em up like dog bones?
    Do ya think he might have some compromising photos of big shot executives in his safe deposit box?
    The “Late, Late Show” garbage that they put on every night is like watching one of those rap videos, or watching fat arsed Beyonce put together one of those aimless, pointless dance routines… ten seconds is too much by far.
    And so it is with this bingo caller at the Saturday Night Legion session, five seconds is too much in his case. Those who stay up into the wee small hours must be pretty desperate for entertainment if they tune in to this visual porridge, but the ratings calculators say there are plenty of them so what do I know?
    I’ll tell you what I DO know , it’s just sawdust to fill in the gaps between ads, pure organic “no sweetener added” crap. Which means he’ll probably last for quite a bit longer. Not in my house though , karaoke has been banned since it first ever came out!
    As for McCartney, well, he has brought out some fabulous songs over the years but it’s time to hang up the pipes and seal away the botox.
    I’m sure he’s a nice guy outside of the fame prison, but every time I see him now I’m reminded of Max Bygraves or Norman Vaughan.
    It’s the same old story.. get surrounded by “yes men” and nobody’s got the balls to tell you your time’s up.

    • ‘I’m sure he’s a nice guy outside of the fame prison”

      Way Back in the noughties I was working( yes I have been known to indulge in that filthy habit from time to time) for a Parcel delivery firm.Was sent to Heathrow to pick up a special consignment.My assistant was the company idiot,a guy in his 50s who really was an idiot savant, he couldn’t tell you what he had for breakfast but ask him what day 5th May 1625 fell on and within 10 seconds hed screech “Monday” and he was never wrong. Anyhows whilst we were waiting in the van just outside the loading bay who should walk by but Macca and his missus Linda.Being escorted to their plane to avoid the riff raff and press I suppose.The Savant next to me spotted em and started bellowing “Paul McCartney! I remember you,you were in the Beatles hahaha” He then started screaming “She loves you yeah yeah yeah hahaha” whilst rocking back and forth in his seat. Macca and Linda turn back and walk to the van. The Savant shows no shyness or deference and starts talking to them like they were his long lost relatives. I hang my head in shame. Macca winks at me as if to say “Its ok I know the score” Well to cut a long story short Macca asks for the Savants name and address. Couple of months later The Idiot receives a huge package.Inside are cds of every Beatles and every solo Macca release .Some signed by Macca and Linda. Thats why I will never give Macca a full on cunting.A small one maybe but nothing serious.

  18. The pork princess corden is inescapable ,everyday hes on tv flogging insurance doesnt work for me though, anything with celebrity endorsements goes in the “will never buy it bin” i fecking hate these vacuous over blown cunts with a passion very near nuclear.
    Cant believe how intolerant,short tempered and bigoted ive become.

    • Advertising is a million miles now from Nanette Newman recommending Fairy liquid (Cliffy could do it now if he needs even more money) or Katie and Philip enjoying a beef cube in hot water, or Pete Murray enjoying a pint of what the men drink, Clement Freud and his dog food. Now it’s all cheap balsa wood furniture at half price in an everlasting sale….and cunts like Cordon.

  19. Another tale of Macca’s legendary tightarseness…
    Renowned Livepool saxophone player, Howie Casey, was invited to do a sax solo on the track ‘Bluebird’ off the ‘Band On The Run’ album… McCartney (who had known Casey since the Beatles’ Hamburg days) asked Howie if there was anything he’d like… Casey replied, ‘Thanks, Paul… I’d like a beer’…. Macca had a word with one of his lackeys and said gofer returned to Casey with one small and solitary bottle of beer….

    Linda was a bit of a cunt too… When she was up the duff in the mid 70s, she banned all Wings members wives and girlfriends travelling with the band to a West Indies recording studio, but Linda insisted on going there herself… Linda didn’t like the idea of Jo Jo Laine and Jimmy McCullough’s then girlfriend (a Playboy centerfold) being in bikinis anywhere near her husband… And, of course, the pussy whipped Paul obeyed and the girls were left behind… It still boggles the mind how Lennon and McCartney ended up with Yoko and Linda…

  20. Let it be is the worst beatles song ever and their worst album, and I agree norm that carpool thingy with fat tubby Corden was cringeworthy and lame

    I recently added Maca to my deadpool noms after watching that shite

  21. Paul McCartney is back on form with his best album since The Beatles. Or so we are told. Not to detract from his contribution to The Beatles, he is the poster boy for the maxim about trying to separate the man from the artist. Since the end of The Beatles, John Lennon produced pivotal music without the other three. Fab Macca has opted to ride the legacy whilst pulling that ridiculous doe eyed selfie face and bobble head shaking aloof look while he shits all over his legacy.

    The wrong Beatle got shot to death, but some fates are far worse than bleeding to death. Like living the life of an attention seeking child in a pensioner’s body.

    As for Corden, he gives a new face to saccharin sycophancy. He seems to split his time between being unproblematic, acquiring fame, borrowing kudos by association and singing like a fat ninny in his car. The effort provides only one benefit, and that is to enable the masses to easily identify if a celebrity is yet another cunt. That is to say that they are willing to get in his car and fluff his diabetic ego with their fifteen minutes.

    Corden shows that it is possible to simultaneously sing whilst licking someone’s arse hole. He can even drive whilst he is doing it.

    Mr Corden, you are a Cunt.

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