Michelle Wolf

Double cunting for Netflix and Michelle Wolf. Michelle Wolf is a ‘comedian’ who has a show on Netflix called The Break with Michelle Wolf, and what does one of the more recent (at the time of writing) segments involve? The celebration and advocation of abortion. That’s right – not just a pro choice argument for abortion – for which, despite not really being pro choice myself, there are legitimate arguments regarding personal liberty – but AN ACTUAL CELEBRATION OF ABORTION and all the negative mental issues that come with it. Here’s the video – fair warning, I’ve never been so repulsed by something in my entire life.

Meaning that not only is Michelle Wolf a cunt for saying that abortion should be celebrated instead of being mourned as an occasionally necessary evil, but Netflix are also fucking cunts for signing off on and therefore endorsing such repugnant views. Whilst they do have the right as a private company to promote such things the fact that have shows how morally repugnant their company politics are.

Fuck off Michelle Wolf and fuck off Netflix, you sociopathic cunts.

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  1. It’s a great shame that someone didn’t kick her out of her Mother’s belly before the Cunt had a chance to develop.. although.perhaps they tried,and this mongy Cunt is the result of a job only half done.

    • Failed abortion attempt would explain her wonky mouth and hideous voice.

  2. Am surprised she isn’t getting a shedload of hate from the usual religious crowd on Twatter and such like!

  3. What an ugly looking bitch, and a voice that would frighten the life out of ya

  4. Zoom in on this tart,looks like she’s got a glass eye,no doubt another third wave feminist whiney cock refuser…

    • She looks like a donkeys arse , any slag who celebrates abortion is cleary touched in the head and evil

  5. Never heard of the bitch. But, as she is cunted by an esteemed member, then she is obviously a cunt! Cunt!

  6. Her day will come when a shitfest of pain and misery ends up on her doorstep. Perhaps we can all then laugh at her and share the joke.

  7. Typical Democrat supporter with accompanying agenda.

    With a horrid whiney voice and bereft of wit or humour. Usual American audience laughing and whooping at nothing in particular.

    • “Usual American audience laughing and whooping at nothing in particular.”

      Spot on, Willie. The Yanks will clap and whoop at literally anything and everything. Mongs.

      • As a lover of golf (watching or playing) have always hated the guys in the American galleries who shout out the words “Get in the hole”.

        Really pisses me off (another American phrase)

        • Yes, I choose to live here but I have many gripes about the locals. The whooping and self congratulatory antics are beyond nauseating.

          At every opportunity, we get “WHOA!”, “Yeahhrrr”, “All Riiiiight”, etc. Usually accompanied with ‘high fiving’ each other.

          Jeeeezus christ, just calm the fuck down will you? You just made 10 photocopies. You didn’t just find the cure for cancer. Cunts.

          Golf though Wille? Maybe it’s awesome in the flesh, but as Jasper Carrot once said about golf on TV, “Hours and hours of televised sky. All the cameramen are ex-WW2 search light operators.” He’s a funny fucker.

          • I do love my golf Imitation, either playing, or watching the pro’s (at the course or on TV).

            At my peak played off about a 10 handicap (which is ok) however played a couple of times with a fellow underwriter who was a scratch player, and realised that if I played every day for the rest of my life would never be as good as him. Strangely as good as he was, had a terrible temper after playing a bad shot and would throw his clubs around.

            Having said that, did it myself once and threw a wedge into a forest. Never did find it, and could not replace it as part of the set so an expensive lesson to learn.

            Incredibly disappointingly in 2016 after 61 years the TV rights for the British Open were from the BBC to Sky (like every other fucking decent sport) so as I detest everything to do with scumbag Murdoch and will not purchase a Sky package had to make do with two hours highlights.

            It just isn’t the same.

    • They’re out of work actors who are so desperate for work that would rather pretend to find this funny than go back to waiting at Applebee’s restaurants

  8. Left hand side of face has had some paralysis possibly Bell’s palsy
    I’d still pump her though !
    To be fair that’s NOT a very high standard these days !!!!!
    CUNT !

  9. The thing I dislike most about that video is it’s not remotely funny. She’s supposed to be a comedian ffs. If she’d made me laugh I wouldn’t give a fuck about what she was saying.

    Just another tedious, trendy, libtard fuckwit.

    • Therein lies the problem – she’s being deadly serious. She has no interest in using her show to make jokes, but instead uses it to slyly push her agenda. It’s certainly not a Ricky Gervais situation where she’s merely making light of something awful that’s for sure.

      • I would have thought her agenda was all too obvious OC, nothing sly about it: Pro abortion and demonisation of anyone who’s Anti. And she’s clearly chosen to use the medium of comedy (as she sees it) to push that agenda… at least her cretinous audience appear to think so, falling about pretending to laugh at her every utterance.

        None of that makes her any less of a Cunt of course.

  10. Aren’t there enough cunts to cunt without sending search parties into the recesses of the meejah to find them? I mean, she may well be a cunt for all I intend to care, but much bigger cunts assail us from all sides with considerably more practical effect.

    • I wouldn’t even have mentioned it but unfortunately I somehow found her little abortion sketch via YouTube.

      • No offence intended. More of a general comment. Large cunts, small cunts, they’re all cunts, but we’ve had rather a run of small ones lately.

  11. Never heard of her. I would say this though, while I’m not promoting Netflix in any way I think it’s a stretch to claim they “endorse” all the content of all the shows they provide. I mean, they have shows about Hitler and kidnapping and drug use etc. I’m sure they’re not endorsing those either.

    One thing that confuses me about Yankland is how polarizing the issue of abortion is. Every bloody election cycle it’s the same. Pro life this, pro choice that. I must confess I don’t know the difference between those terms. One’s for and one’s against, not sure which is which. There’s also something over here called Planned Parenthood. That organisation seems to wind up the locals as well. Not sure what it does or why it matters and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. Being a man makes a difference of course, but I really don’t give a flying fuck either way. This issue has nothing to do with me and I can’t understand why it’s such a big deal politically.

    Of course, the Yanks are insane which explains a lot. Religion plays a big part in Yank politics as well. If a presidential candidate publicly stated they don’t believe in god, they’d never get elected. But being seen to be going to church and publicly admitting you have an imaginary friend apparently, in the eyes of the Yank public, makes you fit for high office. As does having the ‘correct’ view on abortion. You couldn’t make it up.

    Time for more coffee.

    • Watched the video and wasn’t repulsed by it. She’s just taking the piss out of the rabid anti-abortionists, though I didn’t find it funny because it’s American humour. The difference between Pro Choice and Pro Life is one lot saying we should all be able to choose what suits us as individuals and the other lot saying everyone should be forced by law to do the same as them.

      • Problem is there were far better ways of tackling the subject. Its not the fact she joked about abortion I have an issue with – hell, just look at what the likes of South Park put out – it’s how badly the topic was handled.

  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-44978592/gary-lineker-courts-controversy-over-brexit

    The BBC say: “As we’ve stated in the past Gary is not involved in any news or political output for the BBC….and as such, any expression of his personal political views does not affect BBC’s impartiality”.

    Why yes, of course.

    Firstly we should completely believe the BBC is completely neutral and impartial and not in the slightest way in favour of remaining in the EU in any way.

    Secondly if Gary were advocating the other way, and that we should Leave the EU, the BBC would have us believe he would be allowed to continue to spout his political message.

    Glad that’s cleared up.

    Stick to football you overpaid twat.

    • As a Spurs fan, I am embarrassed by the fact that cunt Lineker used to pay for my team. Going from an unassuming but likeable 6 yard box tap in merchant to a gargantuan virtue signalling over paid wife leaving cunt takes some doing.

      He’s almost as big a cunt as some of the dross who turn out for Spurs now. For years, I only hated Jenas. When he left I finally like everyone that played for Spurs. Now there are a whole host of cunts I want out of my club, including that serial loser cunt Argie manager. It’s depressing.

      • Pay for my team? What was I thinking. I meant “play”. Sorry. Still working on my first cup of coffee.

        • Plenty of ex-Man United I loathe… Beckham (obviously), Willie Morgan, Alan Brazil, Andrei Kuntchelskis, Big Time Charlie Ince, Peter ‘celebrated a City winner in a derby’ Schmichel, Phil Neville, those Class of 92 cunts (except Nicky Butt), Neil Webb etc…

        • Yep, I picked up on your enlightened footie sympathies. Good to know I’ll have a kindred spirit to rant to when some cunts dare to steal 3 points away from Spurs. Which they will.

          I’m torn though. I don’t want Spurs to be mid table cannon fodder which they were when I had a season ticket. On the other hand, having a dodgy season in the new stadium might see the end of Pinocchio’s reign. Right or wrong, I need to really like the manager to feel at peace with my Spurs and I cannot stand Pinocchio with his mumbled words, schoolboy haircut and a total lack of trophies or success in his managerial career. Plus he’s Levy’s ‘yes man’ too. We should really cunt that bastard Levy, but I don’t think many on here would care.

          • As a United fan I actually don’t mind Pochettino. At least unlike Mou he plays nice football. I mean, I’m still backing Mourinho but I do wish he would stop using such dinosaurish tactics.

          • I kike Pochettino a lot. He plays good football, and is honest and fair about the game and calls it as he sees it.

            Has the 2nd ever best win % of all the managers at Tottenham and the best in the last 100 years. Andre Villas-Boas (who I disliked) not far behind.

            Of the current Premier League managers (in addition to Pochettino) I have time for Sean Dyche and Eddie Howe.

          • The trouble with Pinocchio is many fold. Win rates be damned. He’s won fuck all. Let’s review the sitch:

            – Sacked from Espanyol having won nothing.
            – Was at Soton for 10 minutes and achieved nothing.
            – Destroyed Soldado’s Spurs career. Didn’t play him at all in pre-season, then said he was still part of his plans, then within days he was sold Villarreal. Did Levy just sell him without Pinocchio’s blessing? Or was Pinocchio just lying? Levy’s yes man or a liar? It’s one of those two.
            – Continues to play Lame-la, who is shit and just got given a new contract. If he was that good why wasn’t he at the WC with the Argies?
            – Continues to play Sissoko. Paid 30 million for that fucking tool and he’s fucking useless. He does nothing well. NOTHING!! He can’t pass, can’t dribble, can’t shoot, can’t score, can’t head, can’t tackle. He’s constantly giving the ball away or gets caught in possession and just fucks up time and time again. And Pinocchio keeps picking him. Why FFS?
            – Best chance for the league in the year Leicester won it. What happened? In the last 8 or 9 games, Spurs fell apart. That’s Pinocchio’s fault.
            – Over-reliance on Kane. Pinocchio has been fucking lucky with the emergence of Kane because without him, Spurs would be way further down the league. Does he squeeze Levy’s balls for adequate cover? Does he fuck. We get Jansen – who hasn’t cut it or Llorente – who’s ineffective and slow.

            Tell me what I got wrong there. PLEASE!!!!

    • Karen was quite nice looking before she became a human skeleton and choked on her lettuce… And at least she could actually sing… As opposed to the crap like Adele Arbuckle, Kunty Perry, Titless Swift and the Inflatable Beyonce Castle that we have to put up with now…

      • I was trying to say this Wolfie looks like a love child of Karen Carpenter and another female singer with the initials MC, who is a bit of a middle aged wobbly diva nowadays.

        The moderating machine does not let me type her name in full…

  13. Just got back from shopping. There’s still an unfeasable number of stunning bitches showing out in town, some clearly on heat. Thought for a minute I was going to get done for hate crime outside the butchers!

    Not aware of hearing a single word spoken in English… not before I reached the checkout in Sainsbury’s that is, and barely even then:

    “No, I’m alright thanks.”
    “Foive pand ten, Necta card luv?”

    • Are you sure it was bitches who were on heat Ruff Tuff?

      Thought of you today- Kate McCann (the Telegraph one) was on the Book Review.

      Must say she looked very nice indeed.

  14. That fucking cunt needs a fucking kicking. Originally they said they can’t do anything about the wanker because he was freelance. Now he’s obviously not freelance so they have changed the excuse.
    The cunt works for a state funded organisation and is using his position to propagate his anti democratic fascist views. The fucker should be sacked immediately.

  15. I have to be honest here, any cunt that feels conpelled to get up and demand the attention of many others in the name of frivolous entertainment is a fucking needy cunt that needs incarcerating immediately. No fuck it, scratch that – they need sectioning against their will. Once they disappear inside the big house on powerful tranquilizers they’ll never be heard of again.
    I simply can’t stand this attention seeking behaviour, and as such I find it very difficult to laugh at even the best of them.
    I cannot for the life of me understand the motivation to get a ticket to go and watch one of these pathetic cunts “live”, propping up their ego and makung oneself out to be a window licker at the same time.
    Fuck everything they have to say and all of them who are saying it. Cum-gargling fuckwit cunts.

  16. I’d class myself as a centrist even though in neo-liberal eyes I’m probably just left of Adolf – that’s because they’re cunts to a one.

    I believe in state funded higher education for “real” subjects (sciences – especially medicine, engineering and electronics – shit that will pay back in the long run) so “transbender” and “David Beckham” studies cunts could go fuck themselves.

    I am also pro-choice for women. I don’t think it should be used as a form of contraception but it is the woman’s choice IMO.

    I don’t think that most women take that decision lightly and will certainly be troubled by that decision no matter the reason.

    I’m not saying that it should be off limits in comedy (let’s face it on ISAC we refer to most Cuntminster cunts as a missed abortion opportunities – fucking oxygen thieves) but the only reason this dullard excuse of a (so-called) comedienne is doing this routine is basically a finger to the Republican Administration (which is predominantly pro life) and especially Donald Trump.

    I doubt this material would make it onto Michelle Wolf’s stage show, or even exist, under an Obama or Killary Klunton administration.

    Also as she is of the right-on, virtue-signalling, neo-liberal mold (“Yay no Borders! Now security guard, show me to my gated residence.”) her ilk will be applauding and guffawing like it’s the most funny thing since Tommy Cooper’s Rembrandt/Stradivarius routine.

    Well it isn’t, it’s just more leftist pap making a thinly veiled political poke at Trump. It’s that simple.

    Well all I can say is that I hope Wolf received many letters from women who were traumatised by the experience of having to go through an abortion.

    I am also pro capital punishment – also not off limits for humour IMO – but could you imagine the fury from the left if a slightly right-wing, or centrist, hated middle-aged white man did a set taking the piss out of death row inmates?

    The left would implode on itself in outrage at how anyone could take death so flippantly and would probably cry “waycism” (even though more white perpetrators are executed in the US than black and other ethnics put together)?

    Hmmm… so it’s ok to make fun of an act that terminates an unborn – and therefore blameless – child but no so when it comes to a convicted evil bastard because the death penalty is wrooooooonnnngggggg!

    Well that’s the kind of fucked logic the neo-liberals live by. If you explained this in cold hard logic terms as above then maybe they’d consider their humour more carefully.

    Oh, I forgot, logic – like mathematics – is waycist isn’t it!


    Anyway, on a lighter note, enjoy…


    • That’s my main issue with the clip really. It’s handled so tastelessly that it’s an insult to everyone – pro lifers, the vast majority of sensible pro choice people and everyone who has no doubt gone through the horror of dealing with having an abortion before. It’s like she was trying to be like Gervais or Carlin but failed miserably.

  17. Bugger me this screeching fem gob with too many teeth to fit should have been aborted herself for crimes to humanity. Why take it oit on the unborn? Support Sir Limply’s Campaign for Life Time Abortion to scratch oit all unwanted cunts at any time. Get your knitting needles ready. You know it makes sense.

  18. Didn’t fine the clip particularly funny, US humour I guess. But I guess if it triggers the ‘pro life’ cunts it has some merit.

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