George Galloway (5)

Happed to tune in unintentionally to RT TV channel earlier today.

Had the misfortune to watch the closing minutes of one Scottish George Galloway talking to his fourth wife (he was wearing a very strange hat).

Whilst he and I share the fact that we are both Leavers, I must confess in the few times that I have seen him speaking have never really understood what he is all about, other than he is a lefty socialist, anti war, and anti capitalist.  Have never seen him get on well with or agree with any one on any of the panels I have seen, and to be honest I am not sure what his purpose is in life.

His own website includes a quote that reads as follows: “Galloway is the most charismatic politician in Britain. His pugnacious politics are allied to a warmth, humor and charm that go a long way with voters”.  To be honest I have not witnessed any  war, humor or charm in any of the cips seen of him.

Find it staggering how he has been able to find four women to marry him?  His latest is relatively OK looking, 30 years his junior and I think I am right in saying they had a baby together last year?

Also remember watching a very strange clip of him with Rula Lenska (you know the rather strange cat one), if not the abridged clip is linked below.

A very weird, shifty looking cunt (who if Iam right) has never been nominated before on the ISAC site, and because of this I feel it is worth putting George forward if any to receive honest appraisals from my fellow Cunters.

Nominated by: Willie Stroker

96 thoughts on “George Galloway (5)

  1. He’s a cunt but at least he’s one who’s upfront about what he really believes. Too many of his ilk aren’t.

    • Agreed there are bigger cunts to fry, the header looks like a shit Marlon Brando a la The Godfather meets a Jane Fonda 1980’s Zumba class.

      • That’s his Big Brother cat costume. He’ll do absolutely anything for publicity.

  2. George Galloway would make an excellent contributor to this hallowed site! He cunts just about everybody, and has managed to offend, ridicule and upset far more politico’s , slebs and itinerant arseholes than I could ever achieve.

    Is HE a cunt? Certainly is. But as OC says above, he’s an upfront cunt!

  3. The old Cunt might be mental,but at least he’s prepared to nail his colours to the mast.

    I’d forgive anyone who could come up with a quote like this….

    “As for Gordon Brown – I’ve described him and Blair as two cheeks of the same arse”

  4. Galloway is a Muzzie loving Corbynista anti-Semite piece of shit. I wouldn’t walk across the street to gob on the cunt.
    He’s also a teetotaller……..never trust a cunt who doesn’t like a drink.

  5. He’s anti-capitalist, but I bet he’s not even remotely poor.
    He’s anti-war, but I bet he’d happily kill off his political opponents.
    If he’s a Brexiteer then at best he’s a useful idiot.
    And a cunt of course…

  6. Where’s his golden flute? (joke)

    He could’ve had a nice duet with Lady Mandlecunt of Hemorrhoids. I’ve heard she does a wonderful turn on the pink oboe.

  7. Brexit must be a bad idea, Elton John’s just explained it to me. Apparently I’m too thick to know what I voted for. Luckily a man who is clever enough to believe that anal sex with another man is a good idea,has taken the trouble to enlighten me…….

    “Sir Elton John has ranted against Brexit saying the British people were lied to and the divorce is like a cereal which makes you “throw up”.

    The Remain-supporting pop icon hit out at the referendum result and those who championed the Vote Leave campaign as the Brexit deadline looms.

    He said the UK’s departure from the UK was as confusing as “walking through Hampton Court maze blind-folded, being turned around 16 times and trying to find your way out”.

    He doesn’t believe Brits knew what they were voting for when they went to the polls in the June 2016 referendum”

    Take note,you stupid Brexiteers,your betters have spoken.

    • I’d be far more concerned (and shocked) if the arrogant pig was pro Leave.

      Has to be another powerful shot in the arm for the Brexit camp… no pun intended!

    • But still better than being blindfolded and turned around 16 times with all manner of men’s shpunken, sex toys and assorted rodents inserted into your bottom.

      ….though I doubt he’d try to find his way out of that one.

    • It is sad and disappointing for me personally to see what Elton John has turned into. As a young lad I fortunate to see him in concert many times in the 1970’s and respected him for being a fantastic showman and brilliant, talented musician.

      Now just a sad old queen bitch who should keep his opinions to himself.

      • Quite right Willie,
        Isnt it funny that when Reg Dwight became Sir Elton after rehashing an already previously released song for Lady Die he sticks his two pennyworth in and the cunt, his husband and already bent kids become non doms only allowed in for 90 days a year have the fucking audacity to tell us we didn’t know what was going on? That fat hissy fitting cunt can get back to felching wherever he now resides. What is it with cunts that get knighthoods they automatically become non doms and demand a say in a country they left. Reg, Harry Webb, Dyson, Branson, Connery et al fucked off for a reason – to avoid paying tax in a country they proclaim to be “theirs”. Hoofing fat bastard.

        • Ah, ‘Candle In The Wind’… A song about a serial cockgobbling bottle blonde slapper… Rehashed years later for errr…. another serial cockgobbling bottle blonde slapper…

          • And Monroe would have been around ‘Uncle Harvey’ like a fly around shit…. Before doing the ‘harassed’ Time’s Up bollocks afterwards, naturally….

  8. That’s the cunt that was chummy with Saddam and the cunt loves peacefuls alot. The cunts had him as an MP in bradistan

  9. If George Galloway is a full shilling then I’m a Dutchman. Peaceful loving cunt.

  10. Utter cunt. Arse licked Saddam. Arse licks peacefuls. Sues at any flimsy excuse. In it for the money. No other reason.

  11. I’m gobsmacked that George Gallocunt hasn’t been cunted on here before.
    Yea he’s a leaver but he is also an utter fucking cunt so a very worthy nom indeed Willie.

    He got FOUR tarts to marry him?!?!
    ….and I can’t get 1…

    How can I be more of a cunt than him?
    Or maybe it’s women that are the cunts … 😁
    Yea that’s it.
    …. or at least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself…..

  12. He certainly rocks the boat. Spouting off about a shit war and loathing Blair are commendable but if Willie is correct and on his website it says, “His pugnacious politics are allied to a warmth, humor and charm” then verily, he is indeed a cunt.

    For spelling “humour” like that.

    • Probably trying to be an Americunt.
      Spelling like an American is cuntish.
      I like Americunts but they can’t spell for shit.

  13. Apologies

    My poor typing in the nomination.

    Correct spelling of humour on his website.

    • Mrs Stroker has commented many times to me about getting a new phone. Always saying how can I use such a small screen?

      I will be 60 next birthday, do not wear glasses and use an iPhone 5.

      With my typing as evidence she probably has a point.

      • I recommend you get an iPad (other tablets are available) – I fucking swear by mine!

        • We have an iPad Ruff Tuff but if out and about and feel the need to respond to a post (because I am an impatient sod and cannot wait until I get home) I use my iPhone (sometimes containing the odd typo).

          • I recommend you get some reading glasses – I fucking swear by mine!

        • Typos perfectly acceptable, especially for a cunter who writes with such vigour, such candour, such flavour, such humour and with my favourite calibre and flavours (all proper spellings, Willie-san).

  14. Congratulations to Mr Mourinho on an excellent tactical draw… In a pre-season friendly where thousands have paid big money to see the famous Man United turn on the style…. The man is a fucking cunt…

  15. I wonder if he ever did get to lick Rula Lenskas big crusty ginger flange box ??

    • Our Tel had a good go though… Wonder what Arfur and ‘Er Indoors thought of that?….

  16. Comprehensive cunt. In it for what he can get, with a very light foot on the ethics pedal. Useful idiot for Russia -own RT show – useful idiot for clandestine jihadis: all that in addition to being a bombastic and opinionated cunt who would sell his granny for a whiff of power – but hasn’t a saleable granny. Adored by the country’s faux-revolutionaries, and instinctively anti-American. So why do I like the cunt?* It’s most annoying.

    * He’s intelligent, has a wonderful way with words and the Scottish sense of humour I can’t not respond to. Cunt…

  17. Cunts moaning about cunts moaning about the cunting weather.
    It’s called British culture mate. It’s what we do best and we enjoy it.
    If you don’t like it fuck off back to your own sweat box shithole.
    ……….and take your camels with you, cunt!

  18. George Galloway is also a raging anti zionist so I imagine that fact alone would make Krav endorse this cunting.

  19. Demi Lovato (whoever that is!) has apparently OD’d…
    Shame it wasn’t Kunty Perry though…

    • She’s some kind of yank “pop princess,” X factor judge type slag.
      Break out the candles and the snowflake virtue signalling kit.

      • And Ariana ‘The Manchester attack gave me PTSD’ Grande is s a cunt who can fuck off and OD and all….

  20. My neighbour is a cunt, he came round before to have a moan about the loud music(Iron Maiden for those that are interested) I was playing as it woke him up. I woke this cunt up at 11am, now bear in mind that this cunt hasn’t had a job since he was laid off in 19-fucking-98, 20 fucking years ago because apparently in his words he was too old to retrain! He’s only 52 for fucks sake, still a relatively young man.

    Anyway I’ve lived next to this prick for nearly 3 years now and all things considered I get on generally well with him but this has boiled my piss. Because all this lazy fucker does is stay in bed until noon, go around caddying for rich yanks at the local golf course for the afternoon, lets them buy him a couple of pints in the clubhouse, then spends his tips/dole money in our local(1.20 a pint between 6-9 on weekdays!) buys some cheap ale on the way home and stays up until 3 in the morning drinking and doing fuck knows what, whereas I’m working almost 70 hours a week, spending 3 nights sleeping in a cab and paying for this cunt to sit at home and sleep in until midday. I’ll play music as fucking loud as I like when the only person I’m disturbing is somebody who does fuck all. Sometimes I feel sorry for him because he’s not an evil cunt but then I think yeah he’s not an evil cunt but he is a lazy cunt and I have no time for lazy bastards.

    • As you’re clearly a fellow of impeccable musical taste, Mr Cunty Pants, may I kindly suggest the following song for your neighbour’s delectation?
      Some tart at work said I listen to “horrid, shit music” (I was listening to Bolt Thrower in the stores, fuck yeah!), so I made her listen to this:
      She looked even more horrified…and certainly bemused. It’s my current musical “WFT?”

    • My next door neighbour went to a funeral where the only song played was Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh. Over and over and over again.

      Said it drove him mad, made worse by the fact he had to talk to members of the deceased family about such things as the virtues of having an Alexa.

      Reckon when you go out the continuous playing of Lady in Red should get him back into gainful employment.

      • What’s Alexa? Is that one of those inflatable dolls?
        I had one of those once, forgot to tie her up properly, bitch fucked off and left me.
        Still, at least she didn’t take my money with her.

        • I believe Dick Fiddler is married to one. I’m more of a Japanese sex robot man myself.

          • Not exactly sure what I am in these confusing gender fluid times Willie.

            Would your good lady wife be interested in the services of a Japanese sex robot by chance?

            Would do mate’s rates!

  21. Purchase yourself a fuck-off great Hammond Organ, Mr CP, trundle it up to your party wall (assuming you have one) and merrily hammer those keys along to the following:

    That’ll teach the indolent, perma-refreshed cunt.

    • Nice to know that you are now curator orf the Jimmy Saville Video Paedo Collection Skinback. Got any more?

          • Your post was moderated due to Your failure to spell Savile correctly.

            Now write out 1000 times – “Eurgh eurgh eurgh, goodness gracious”

          • Cunt. Have broadband with rigor mortis that takes ten minutes to type a character and longer to correct. The fucking smell-checker has a life orf its own. Me solution? Sod the bastard and leave it. On the other hand Admin might have noodled out an algorithm that can suss the veracity orf a post and it clocked that “Nice” forms no part orf me persona concluding that the comment must therefore be snide..

  22. Chinese opera and Wagner are equally good. or, for low -key insistent and baffling rhythmic effects get yourself a set of tabla (I’m seriously thinking of doing so)

    • There was a case of using Wagner to clear “loiterers” out of subways…it worked.

      Only for loiterers to be replaced by a crowd resembling Munich beer-hall drinkers, c. 1935…

  23. It’s hot weather so if anybody doesn’t want their blood temperature raised to volcanic levels, whatever you do don’t watch that video of the Swedish girl on the aeroplane refusing to sit down because there was an Afghan man on board being deported. She remained standing until he was removed (I think the pilot had him taken off).

    (Sigh. Deep breath)

    Aside from obliterating ridiculous levels of Virtual signalling, this egotistical selfish bitch must’ve petrified people and children on the plane.

    Listen you self-videoing narcissist, if he’s being deported the chances are he was tried and found guilty of a major crime. Might I proffer drug-dealing, fraud, gbh, prostitution, people-smuggling or manslaughter?

    Incidentally, they would’ve just put the criminal on the next available flight so your pathetically naive attempt at liberal grandstanding would’ve been utterly futile. What a preening, stupid fucking peacock.


    • Pity I wasn’t there; I could have enlightened the snowflake cunt on the realities of Afghan culture. A few years ago, for example, the president of that shit hole was content that it remained legal for husbands to rape their wives.

  24. Fleas are hatchin’ n’ hopp’n big time doine me neck orf the woods. Every bastard crittur is crawlin’ with ’em. Dosed all and sundry with a spot of DDT saved from me India days but the sods seem to thrive orn it. Had to have me arse and pubes shaved so I can catch the cunts. Nicked me old horseprong in places but still ok to piss through. Christ this hot weather is a cunt – but not a patch on Calcutta, the fly ridden stinking shite hole.

  25. I’ve watched Galloway on that RT , I was gobsmacked how blatant the Kremlin propaganda is and how heavily scripted and edited Galloway’s show is in support of Russia.

  26. The BBC website has named some of the accused in the acid attack case where a child was injured, they are described as being ‘from ‘ Wolverhampton, Birmingham and London, and of course they have very British sounding names, why on earth did we ever bang up the likes of the Krays, Richardsons etc ? They’d have had scum like this propping up motorway bridges, fuck off BBC fake news.
    Another piss boiler today is the news that Gary Linedancer is launching a second referendum campaign, fucking attention seeking jug eared cunt.
    Good morning.

    • I still know people from the East End of London who were old army pals of my dad… They still insist that they, and their families, never felt safer than when Ronnie and Reggie ran the show in the 50s and 60s… They felt safer under the K rays than they did under the cozzers, so they tell me…. Of course now their area is sadly a shitheap infested with peaceful camelbummers and hordes of euromuck… Talking of which, all the names of those scum who did the acid attack on the three year old lad have the stench of eurofilth….

      • The East End in the ’60s was a snowflake free zone. Reggie and Ronnie were a pair orf psychotic poofs and nasty with it. Nobody crossed them unless they wanted to wake up as a testicle sandwich. True they kept the lowlifes in their place and loved Queen and Country. They had rough trade glamour that attracted show biz and luvvies. Went to a few interesting parties through me connections and a network orf me wife’s well respected relatives. A lot of interesting people at those parties. Lord Boothby, Barbara Windsor, Princess Margaret, Rudolf Nureyev, George Raft, Liberace and so on.
        Point is Ron and Reg liked to keep the streets neat and tidy just in case someone dropped by – as they often did.
        Needless to say The Filth were totally bent and R&R took the place orf Police, Judge, Jury and it is alleged, Executioner.

        • Alleged executioner?

          Next you’ll be telling us they allegedly loved their mother and bought her flowers and stuff…

          • They used to say that under lovable young Reggie and Ronnie, you could leave your front door unlocked in West Ham and nothing would be nicked. Dunno about that. Parked my bicycle (oh the shame) on the front step of my then digs and it wasn’t there the next morning. Though I’m sure it wasn’t them personally. Really lovely psychopaths (allegedly)

  27. We note reports alleging that granny shagger Macron had this Benella froggy bodyguard (accused as pretending to be a policeman and assaulting demonstrators in Paris) as a lover. Potentially not a granny shagger then but do we detect a whiff orf cock shite and lavender? Macron in denial but interesting times.

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