Diversity is a cunt. I don’t mean the bunch of “Street Dancers”, undoubted cunts that they are but the politics of division that goes by the name of diversity. So successful have they been in convincing us to focus on the differences between us that now minorities are fracturing into even smaller minorities and shredding each other.

Last week whilst driving to work I heard a feminist raging at a trans man\woman because trans men were invading women’s spaces. How did the feminists protest this? By donning bikinis and jumping into a men only swimming pool. The feminist was so rabid bat shit crazy I ended up sympathising with the Trans and I don’t agree with men using women’s facilities either.

Today the dear old BBC is helping crank up the fracking (which is a useful term for the fracturing of society caused by diversity) with an article on ‘Colourism’

“Colourism is prejudice against people who have a darker skin tone – and/or the preferential treatment of those who are of the same race but lighter-skinned.”

Here we go, more diversity in action, divide the black race by skin tone now.

Ladies and Gentleman (and those who do not gender identify) I give you – ‘Light-skin privilege’……..get the fuck outta here as Eddie Murphy was fond of saying.

How much longer can society and minorities continue to believe that diversity is anything but a tool of division? The only chance we have as a race of getting the basics for everyone is by unifying against those trying to keep us at each others throats.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

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  1. There’s not much logic to this “people of colour” malarkey. I know these “black” brothers and sistas call themselves black but they are actually brown. Black and brown and two completely separate things. But they still call themselves black; so for arguments sake let’s say they are indeed black. My point is, these “blacks” refer to themselves as “people of colour”. White people, however, are not considered people of colour. Black and white are not considered colours. So why are they people of colour and we aren’t. Discrimination? Not in their eyes. A brother or a sista can’t be raysiss to a honky. Even if one of them called a white person a honky no one would bat an eyelid. These “blacks” are mostly brown unless they happen to come from Sudan and almost look blue as they are so dark. Brown is a colour, fair enough; but “white” people aren’t completely white unless they’re albino or a bog-trotter. Most “whites” are a peachy, biscuit or even a lightish brown if they’re tanned from the old current bun. So “whites” should be considered “people of colour” if every other fucker is. Or just stop with the PC nonsense altogether and stop pussy footing around with all these ridiculous, meaningless terms.

    • “Everybody’s coloured, otherwise they’d be invisible.”

      (Don Van Vliet)

    • White people will be an anomaly in 25 years. The rush to the Kalergi plan is being made by cunts like George Soros and his chums and just about every fucking meedja outlet you can think of. Look at the latest ad for Nationwide – the crumplecunts of the “hidden message”. Some fucking blambo – mud coloured, slightly flared nostrils and a speech impediment talks about the “steel workers of Birmingham meeting in coffee shops in 1790” building houses for one another – and finishes with the impeccable line “peepwe (people) doing everyday fings fo evewyday peepwe. Big smile and that’s it. Not content with delivering the singing sisters – this cunt is absolutely typical of this generation denying the past to suit their agenda. Steelworkers meeting in coffee shops (coffee shops for fucks sake) in 1790!!!!!
      Birmingham steel workers to a man would have grafted like a cunt all week – gone home Friday night after a skinful of ale and given the wife a fucking then probably a good kicking.
      Seriously – watch between a show on sky – I mean really watch the adverts – just a mishmash of hidden messages to fulfil the diversity – that if they ignore – will put them out of business.
      Melting Pot by blue mink – its all there – coffee coloured people by the score. Mr Kalergi and Mr Soros approve.

      • Coffee was fucking expensive as hell back then. Steel (had we even invented steel, as opposed to just plain old iron, back then?) workers drinking it, my arse…

  2. Divide and conquer is what it’s all about. Everyone arguing about pointless shite while the real dirty work goes unnoticed.

  3. Nice one Sixdog. I, for example, was unaware that Meghan Markle was of mixed race until the media rammed it down our throats. The wedding then left the world in no doubt of this fact. I thought it was just two people in love getting wed until this, too, was made an ishoo.

    Diversity, or rather, its enforcement makes millenials happy. Everybody now has rights which must now be respected regardless of common sense. The only people who argue against stop and search are loonies, for example.

    • Agree re Markle – she actually looked whiter than ginger nut during the ceremony! Maybe they used skin whitener on her… if so, why go to town so heavily on her mixed race status?

      Cos they’re PC virtue signalling racist scum, that’s why.

    • Yeah, I didn’t know that gold digger (wait and see) was mixed either until the meeja made it an issue.

      My hate and loathing of that whole affair was based on two things. First, now that the ginger cunt is ‘all growed up’ and getting wed, we’re just supposed to look past his history of piss poor privileged behaviour of getting pissed up and wearing Nazi uniforms for a laugh. Second, he had his choice of pretty, intelligent, graceful, high society English girls – but no. He had to pick a divorced wannbe actress Yank. Nice one Harry, you cunt.

      • I look forward to viewing the issue of the union, little ginger cunts with frizzy afros. Hope Meghan’s advanced age and prior exposure to cocks doesn’t delay the happy event. At least she has the experience to make sure Harry sticks it in the right orifice.

  4. It is common amongst some people with dark skin to value lighter colouring. West Africans will use skin lighteners. Indians will favour lighter skinned Indians. So it goes.
    Diversity is actually anti white. We are held up as guilty as colonisers and so on. This is all the fault of technology. Europeans developed the technology to travel overseas, the Portugese pioneered ocean navigation and the rest of Europe followed. The Africans of course, were of such a peaceful disposition that, had they the technology, they would have used it to found European orphanages and safe spaces.
    We are all cunts, except perhaps B&W Cunt who is a semi cunt.

  5. Excellent Cunting Sixdog.
    Just off subject briefly. Now Cliff quite rightly won his case from Al-BBC. Will the £210.000 come from licence fee payers ( us ) or will the individuals that authorised the invasion of privacy have to pay it ? Why do i think its us that will pay it ?
    Sorry for the interruption. Carry on chaps.

    • Not a huge ‘Quiff Pilchard’ fan myself, but the way he got treated by Al-BBC was beyond the pale.

      If there were any transparency and natural justice at the Al-BBC, the cunts which caused this fine to be handed down should be fired immediately and then sued by the Al-BBC for the damages.

      Hands up who thinks that’s going to happen. Yep, didn’t think so.

        • That too.

          Pity the cops weren’t so closely involved when the opportunity to raid Savile’s place was there for the taking. Oh wait, he was being protected by the Al-BBC. Move along, nothing to see here. Cheers RTC.

  6. Fucking hell things really have gone to the dogs. If they’re not careful these cunts are gonna end up starting a war through their efforts to divide the populace and pit us against each other. They have done more to contribute to the division and hatred we currently have in society than anyone else. Seems the only diversity that isn’t allowed these days is diversity of opinion.

    • Seems the only diversity that isn’t allowed these days is diversity of opinion.

      Transcribe that thought in letters of gold, frame it sumptuously and hang a copy in every public place in the land. Absolutely on the nail.

    • The real white racists in western society, people like Anders Breivik, the hardcore alt-right guys who want a race war, absolutely love everything the diversity loving SJWs of the left are doing since the alt-right has seen such a surge in numbers since this diversity shit started. In their effort to push for multiculturalism the SJWs keep steadily eroding or freedoms and destroying equality and people are rightly getting pissed off.

      We’re at a point where if a non-white person says all white people should be killed, and means it, at absolutely nothing happens to them whereas if a white person just makes an edgy joke then they go to jail. Hell there have even been cases of people being critical of the fucking grooming gangs being arrested for Islamophobia.

      Everywhere seems to have diversity quotas and special jobs for coloured people because fuck everyone having equal opportunity, bonus points for being not-white. Like the good old BBC recently bringing in a new rule that the short list for every position must include non-white people, even if they are far less qualified than the much more numerous white candidates. And just look at most of the dramas they make, often about half the actors are black despite only making up about 4% of the countries population. Screw you aspiring white actors.

      The police feel incapable of doing their jobs since if they take any action against non-white people they will almost certainly be labeled as a racist and lose their jobs. So we see the surges in inner city knife crime, grooming gang rapists are let off as just misunderstandings, female genital mutilation and forced marriages (despite being illegal) are considered merely cultural differences. The list goes on. But people like suckdick Kahn are more interested in spending millions on online task forces to arrest white people making edgy memes rather than fighting all the real crime carried out by minorities in his city.

      Of course if you dare to complain about any of this lack of equality then you’re simply labeled a racist and the far left extremists of Antifa will do their best to hunt you down and physically assault you. Funny how you never see the mainstream media covering these thugs and the police never arrest them. Apparently they’re doing us all a favour by attacking “racists”. Sweden has it so bad after opening the floodgates to rape loving migrants that are untouchable thanks to Sweden’s large antifa population silencing anyone who tries to speak out.

      Maybe they minorities and SJWs are stupid enough to think they would win in the race war they are doing such a good job of provoking because they make the most noise while forgetting how vastly outnumbered they really are.

  7. In more positive news Sir Cliff won his case against the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation. Good – about time Al-Beebera got taken down a peg.

    • Not so good if you hate Cliff as much as I do.

      ABBC overstepped the mark, agreed… but they couldn’t have chosen a more worthy victim imo. Freedom of the press will no doubt be further compromised as a result.

      Not a popular opinion I concede, but quite frankly my dears I don’t give a damn.

      • Damn right, RTC.
        If he’s not a diddler, I’m a Guardian subscriber.

        • Thomas, perhaps he’s just their special friend. You know, like Michael Jackson had special friends.

          Then later paid them special out-of-court settlements.

          • Indeed Cap’n.
            After all, it didn’t do any harm to poor little McCauley Culkin(!)
            Dirty cunt…wonder how many non-famous special underage friends experienced his still-black dick?!

          • There was that”Jordan” feller who earned, erm, I mean won $11 million in the early 90s as Hush Money, erm, I mean Out-of-court settlements. The list of unknown special ten-year olds must be frightening. Perhaps that’s why he died bankrupt.


      • Cliff is a god bothering hypocrite. Bent as fuck, which wouldnt matter so much if his music wasn’t such abject shite.
        After me now:
        ‘Christmas time, mistletoe and wine’

        • Paul Gambacinni (?) another BBC man, player of the pink oboe and a *friend* of Cliff Richard has described him on the BBC as a “great Englishman”, Cliffy duckie was in tears and a load of old cunts sang Congratulations to him.

          Not only do we have to pay him £210,000 he has leave to claim even more, the greedy old bugger (allegedly)

        • And Sir Quiff looked very much like June Brown in a suit on the news. Am sure he was wearing eye make-up of some sort.

          But I have to say that it is good to see the Beeb kicked in the collective nads.

          Re “curtailing freedom of the press”, I’m fine with hearing when somebody’s actually been charged.
          Several cases have been in the news where people have been picked up, NAMED, then released without charge, and then the plis go and arrest somebody else. This doesn’t seem rare, and I think people should have some degree of privacy UNTIL there is actually something concrete.
          Journalists are that, and nothing else – paid to fill column inches. They are NOT licenced to act as a police force. Likewise, they are not licenced to act as medics.
          Would that grubby BBC spokeswoman be happy if she went for her annual (?) pap test, and found a Sun journalist about to stick his hand up her fanny, on the grounds that “it’s somehow in the public interest”, qualifies as “journalism”, and that he’s doing her a favour because the NHS is stretched to breaking point ?
          A slightly odd parallel, I admit, but fair.
          There is surely nothing wrong with the anodyne statement that “nameless individual/s is/are helping plis with their enquiries.
          I should perhaps point out that I am not related to any master crims…

          • Agree – alleged wrongdoers should not be publicly named unless charged.

            And cunts who knowingly make false allegations should not be allowed to walk away scot free… they should be charged and sentenced to prolonged periods in the stocks.

    • Part of the BBC’s own coverage of this was them bringing on some cunt complaining about it saying how with all the “fake news” online the only way for people to know what’s really going on is to watch the trusted mainstream media…

      Laughed my tits off at that.

  8. Diversity is a word invented by the left that actually means ‘White genocide’.

    Did anyone else notice that we didn’t have a problem with racism in this country until all the shit of the earth started turning up here, looking for handouts and more rights than the indigenous population who have to fund their lifestyle.?

  9. I can’t speak for the UK, but most ‘pocs’ in the US couldn’t give a shit about any of this debate. Sure, there are the show-donkeys braying as loudly as possible crossmedia, but the average brown cunt is more concerned about losing their job due to companies pursuing greater profits or about what the fuck they’re going to do if they get sick/in an accident because they can’t afford extortionate health care premiums (or worse, deductibles)…no NHS here, and Medicaid is a joke unless you’re certified disabled.

    Truly, the problem is white liberals who have the time and agency to pick shit apart at everyone else’s expense. Cue the cuntservative attentionwhores who hang on every word the libz queef out – now we have controversy! Fuck them all.

    • Yes, heard that on the news this morning. They’ve been trying to ban Punch & Judy for decades now.

      No doubt they’re back again now because nothing SCREAMS Englishness like Punch & Judy.

      Fuck them. (that’s the way to do it!)

  10. The BBC gets more like a fucking 1970s polytechnic sociology course with every day that passes. That cartoon at the head of this thread really does some up in a few words the way virtue signallers both from the BBC and the left in general have encouraged victimhood. Cunts

  11. Fuck diversity and fuck the cunts who would neuter Punch and Judy. Why the fuck should our traditions be mauled about with, just for the sake of snowflake fuck wits ?
    Since when is flooding towns and cities with immigrants diversity ? It’s more like a takeover.
    Talking to a 90 year old woman this morning and she made two comments that would horrify snowflakes, namely, Burqas should be banned and as a race we are no longer pure .
    Western civilisation is heading for oblivion. Would a snowflake believe that ? Not a chance.

  12. We’re all part of the Human race; it doesn’t matter if you’re black, yellow, swarthy/dirty, brown, or normal-coloured.

    • That reminds me of Martin Clunes on ‘Men Behaving Badly’.
      “The trouble with women,” he says “is that they don’t think like normal people!”

    • Very true CM, were all part of the human race… except for Somalians, and the Romanians, oh and the…

  13. As the blessed Bernard Manning used to say:

    ‘They’r black, we’re white. Does it matter?
    You bet your bollocks it does’

  14. I have now completed my compulsory diversity training course. Some nuggets based on the 2010 Act:

    You can’t insist on so many years of experience in the job when recruiting. This discriminates against wimminz who took a career break to reproduce.

    If a cunt complains of harassment you (his manager) can’t confirm it for yourself. If he/she/it says it’s harassment, it’s harassment under the Act.

    There are estimated to be between 300,000 and 500,000 transgendered people in the UK, though this includes men who simply prefer to wear dresses and wimminz arrayed in gents’ trouserings.

    Also, I learned that:
    The Guardian website is an authoritative source for information on LGBTQ rights.

    I got 100% in the assessment by the simple process of skipping through the bollocks as fast as I could click, and pretending I was a Guardian reader for the test, even when common sense urged me towards the wrong answer.

    I feel unclean.

  15. Very good cunting Sixdog Vomit,
    I think the term coloured came from way back in Britain or America and I imagine was a way to describe someone who was non white. Its now odd that Brown people like myself but not me use the term ‘I am a person of colour’…fuck off. If your Black your Black if your White your White (Even though whiteys are’nt white and blackies are’nt black).
    If your a bit Blackie and a bit Whitey your a Black and White cunt.
    I can see this trend changing as in 20 years when the Ethnic majority are actuallly a majority it’ll be the whiteman who’ll probably say ‘I am a person of white’. We might even have a ‘Remember the white people’s day’.

  16. I’m white but tan quite easy,my mate used to call me a Romanian gypsey after I’d been abroad,I don’t give a fuck,my g/f is part brown having a black dad,she also despises diversity,we are under a dictatorship of cultural Marxism now in the UK without a doubt,it’s really took hold since that Corbyn cunt appeared,he’s like a vampire and must be destroyed,was in Asda last fortnight,loads of them novelty giant garden gnomes holding rainbow flags but not England flags I kid you not,also in Sainsbury’s an assistant with a pride t-shirt on,CM is everywhere now,how the fuck we stop it escapes me??🤔🤔🤔

    • and then of course there’s the Welsh Leisure centre

      A sheep tied to a lamppost

    • The phrase from the report that reads ” while her erect penis was sticking out from the top of her trousers ” tells you just how fucked up this country is,fucking madhouse filled with freaks.

  17. Amen to that Jack. I thought the exact same thing when I read that shyte in the Snu article.

  18. Once again, diversity is only for white, straight people. Once the diversificatees? get their feet under the table they almost exclusively hire people of their own race or sexual proclivities.
    The executive floor in the place where I used to do as little as I could, had a gay chief so guess what? Half the fucking floor was gay.
    On the front lines, the Asian Indians had a system for getting their pals and nominal relatives hired.
    They would all apply for a job and confirm their interview dates, and then at the last minute a lot of them would come up with some excuse for not attending and re-schedule, just allowing their bright boy to go in and take the exam. Then, of course, the bright boy would be on the phone to the rest that night, with info on the questions that were being asked. Slowly but surely our department became intensely diversified because of the mysterious influx .
    The gays and the trannies and the blacks didn’t have to worry about devising a similar system ‘cos the Government forced them to hire a set percentage anyways , even if they didn’t pass the exams.
    They just changed the pass marks for this sector and once they got to the interview, well the gays were immediately spotted and hired, as were the blacks. The rest of the flotsam and jetsam got in because back in those days nobody else would work for the piss poor wages.
    And so , over the course of 10 or 15 years of diversity targets my particular workplace became one where white people were the minority.There’s never been any mention of a program that will bring back the balance, that would be racist or discriminatory.
    A cunt of a program to be sure

  19. Hi, I’m a newbie! A 68 year old female pensioner, educated, softly spoken Brexiteer! I love this ” is a cunt.” I always log on last thing at night, just so I can sleep with a little less heart ache for my family & grandchildren, as to the dreadful decline of our country, at the hands of the toxic press, government, LGBT, feminism, & Liberals. I live in a city with a vast population of blacks, & Muslims. I try to accept everyone as I find them, & always offer help if needed. BUT, what I won’t accept or tolerate is abuse or racism against us whites. I recently encountered just that, cycling very carefully, & slowly on a pavement. This particular road is always too dangerous to use, due to pot holes, width & parked taxis both sides. Ahead of me were two big guys on bikes, no lights, one cycling with speed. One was black, the other not so black! Walking towards them was a big black guy. He happily stepped aside, waved them on with a smile! Next came me. Cycling carefully, with full lights, a grey haired pensioner, 5ft 4, 7 stone, 5lbs, & white!! He looked up, viewed me, & stood his ground in the middle of the pavement, preventing me from passing either side. His face was thunderous. ” Ride on the f*****g road,” he spat out. I braked, looked him straight in the eye. ” F**K off you racist,” was my reply,blood boiling.

    • A very big well done to you!! Problem is the stabbing season is in full swing so he may have thought on seeing two of his kind approaching that discretion was the better part of valour and stood aside. Of course what threat is a lone white women. Loved to have seen his face when you called him racist. According to some American friends who live in states that allow you to defend your self an armed society is very often a polite society as you never can tell what the person you are pissing off is packing. You may well have been witness to that idea in action when the arsehole that abused you gracefully stood aside for his compatriots before taking you to task.

      • Thank you Black biscuit, for your welcoming post. The points you have made have much credibility, & I take them on board.

  20. Many thanks Janine, Sgt Maj Cunt, & Black biscuit. Good points Black biscuit! I agree with you. My knee jerk reaction may seem foolhardy in this day & age. It’s happened before, where I was less severe in response. I’m afraid I have this rather naïve presumption, that at times my age works for me, opposed to against. As in “less threatening” in comparison to a big white guy,giving the same reaction in a similar situation. I would never advise either son to do the same.

    • Lostsheep, I was thinking today of the solace that you get from ISAC. We are a motley bunch, but I think we all have something in common – the realisation that the UK is rapidly going to the dogs. I have been to countries where this has been caused by war, ethnic division, dictatorship and poverty. We have none of those. Instead, this country is being ruined by snowflakism, lack of common sense and courtesy, poor leadership and so on and so on.

      After a day on the streets of London, I take comfort from the ISAC crowd, happy that I’m not a looney un-PC grumpy old man who likes to shout at millenials. Instead, I find compatriots who would also like to have their country back to something resembling sanity.

      Enjoy the ride.

      • Sgt Maj Cunt, thank you for your lovely reply. And yes you’re spot on. For a long time I had nowhere to go with my thoughts & worries. My friends and family, all tend to either take middle ground, or lean to the left. The southern trend. I only came across this site by accident. I just viewed it for some time, finding comfort in the well informed, intelligent , and often humerous postings from people of the same mind. I do believe most straight white men now, living under the curse of liberalism, feminists, LGBT, weak minded, career, salary seeking politicians, all live in a state of quiet despair. Too afraid, or oblivious to speak out. Their hands are tied. Solace in this site is relieving, and I’m so glad you find it likewise. Hopefully one day, the three M’s, May, Merkel & Macron, will be chewed up & spat out. Though the tide is turning slowly, I fear the Liberals & Feminists have only just started. President R. Regan once said, on camera,” if ever fascism engulfs us, it will be at the hands of the Liberals.

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