Anita Manning

I have just had the misfortune to watch Bargain Hunt as my other half gives me no choice if I happen to be in.

I feel I just have to give Anita Manning a cunting of massive propoprtions. This woman almost makes Nicola Sturgeon seem likeable (Ok, gone a bit far there, but you get the jist). It may just be me, but she irritates the fuck out of me. Her fucking died black hair makes her look like a walking Pagoda and her exaggerated Scottish accent makes me want to put my foot through the TV. She fits the BBC mold perfectly. No talent whatsoever.

I always thought Tim Wonnacott was a cunt, but now I feel I must apologise to him as he has been totally out cunted.

Sorry Tim!

Nominated by Roge

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  1. Never heard of her. Like anyone who has even the slightest bit of taste regarding good television I avoid Bargain Cunt like the plague.

    • She’ the one who knowingly paid a very low price ( a few pounds ) on a valuable object and sold it on very quickly for a £9000 profit.
      This only happened a few months ago, and she got called out on it big time. She never compensated the poor twat she hooked.


  2. Wives who force their husbands to watch shit like Bargain Hunt should have their cunts kicked in.

  3. You don’t have to watch. My wife likes Corrie but I haven’t seen it in decades. It is like the cunters on here complaining about someone called James O’shithead on some radio station I have never heard of. Turn the fucker off or slash your wrists. You know it makes sense.

    • I can’t turn him off Cuntstable… it’s beyond my control!

      And I’m afraid to slash my wrists in case it hurts.

    • Unfortunately when accidentally catching James o’cuntface spouting his cuntitude, it’s a bit like watching a plane crash …. You feel horrified, disgusted and repulsed but you just can’t look away.
      What stupid, arrogant, bigoted, pathetic little anecdote or made up hypothetical situation or person is he going to come up with to stress the point that everyone that’s poorer than him, or has a different opinion than him is stupid?
      …. I always imagine myself sitting across the table from him, launching my glass of water at him, leaping across the table, slamming the jug in his boat race and clouting the cunt to death….
      We all need to have our dreams.

      • Just his patronising fucking voice would do me in. If I was one of his callers (rather unlikely given my only exposure to the twat is via YouTube) I would jump in a cab with a chainsaw and nail the cunt.

        Going OT, I have just had the misfortune of spending the last 6 days in Stockholm (not for pleasure) – it seems they have declared a week of Gay Pride shite – all busses flying poofter flags, restaurants flying poofter flags, zebra crossing painted in poofter colours – it goes on – the whole works. What a bunch of cunts and deviants.

        To make matters worse, it is an overpriced shithole.

        To make matters even worse, I only saw one really fit chick only to discover (when she opened her gob) she was a Geordie.

        • *shudder*
          At least she wasn’t Scouse I guess…

          Here in Yorkshire every police station that I’ve driven past has a huge fucking rainbow flag flying outside.
          ….bet that’s got the rapists, murderers and terrorists shaking in their shoes!

          What the fuck has showing support for people who partake in ramming each others’ bottoms got to do with policing?
          The mind boggles….

      • I would like to see more of this type of political debate on our screens Deploy:

        Fed up of every fucker being polite and relatively nice to each other.

        I think the time is right and we the public deserve to see what our political masters are made of.

        Oh , I forgot, they are all spineless treacherous cowards who are not up for a fight, even a verbal one, even when our country is at stake.

        Pathetic cunts.

        • Great link Willie, very entertaining…
          I must say Bush dodged those shoes like a pro!

          • By all accounts the guy who threw the shoes (it was alleged) was soundly beaten.

            Sentenced to 3 years imprisonment he actually served only one year when the sentence was reduced.

  4. To be honest would prefer Bargain Hunt to some of the stuff my wife watches.

    My 600lb life (hate it, hate it, hate it), anything to do with people with deformities, Embarrassing bodies, The Pioneer Woman Cooks and she enjoys those terrible X Factor type programmes.

    Can just about tolerate GP’s-behind closed doors, Super vet, and 24 hours in A&E.

    My Japanese wife used to be a qualified nurse in Japan (and before any of you ask, no, I have not seen her in her uniform), and in the UK is now a qualified chef.

    • “Embarrassing Bodies”…When you’re so embarrassed that you go on telly to hide your shame.

      • I have never quite understood that either Dick.

        As someone once said that on the TV programme Nationwide they once showed a cauliflower in the shape of a penis. On Embarrassing bodies they have a guy with penis shaped like a cauliflower.

        Oh how we laughed.

          • Mine’s more like a giant marrow… green,scabby and avoided by anyone with any sense,

          • Exactly how long is it since you’ve been banned from the annual village vegetable show Dick ?

          • @ruff
            I still doubt it’ll touch the sides if you took it to the flabbott….
            In fact you’d be lucky to even reach the preliminary crust.
            I recon you’d need a crane with some slings, the jaws of life and some scaffolding to find it!

          • @ DTS
            Judging by Dick’s description of his penis: “green, scabby and avoided by anyone with any sense”, it sounds like he’s been up her already!

            I believe he has access to heavy farm machinery, doubtless also knowing his way around a cows arse, so rimming the Flabbottomus would be second nature to a Lothario of his renowned experience and class.

  5. Is she Bernard’s wife? She certainly looks like she’d be the kind to molest a long dead fat funnyman.

  6. Never heard of the woman, but I accept the OP has merit in that she is a colossal cunt.

    That Tim Wonnacott was known as Tim Whatacunt in the Maskinback household. A great lumpen camp, moustachioed arsehole with a gay glasses chain. A somewhat hairier and darker version of Larry Grayson.

  7. Tim Whatacunt took over from David Dickinson. A cunt replaced by a bigger cunt.
    Although on reflection Dickinson is more cuntish!

  8. Must be my sick mind but I’m imagining her to have the biggest coconut doormat covering her crusty old stink box,crab ladders down to her knees,she looks a bit like that insane loony left white hating racist Jazzmagg Allibababa Brownhole so yeah she’s a cunt!!!

    • Can I just say fucking Charlie Hanson is the worst of the Bargain Hunt lot. Looks as bent as a 9 bob note and looks like he has come out of a P.G. Woodhouse book. Come to think of it know-it-all Paul Laidlaw is the biggest self-satisifed cunt on the programme. Yes Mrs. Boggs watches it during lunch.

  9. I’m pretty certain this thing and Tim Wottacock are the same person – just a different syrup and an extra tooth to fill the latter’s gap…

  10. Wow wow wow As bad as Sturgeon ffs not a fucking hope in hell
    Past sat indepence march in Inverness
    Every fucking SNP loony cunts
    Make screaming lord sutch look normal
    Mind you look at may and catweazil ffs
    Doomed we’re all Doomed !!!!!

    • Sargon is the man.
      If he was running for PM I’d vote for him.
      This week in stupid is always excellent and he was great on the Rubin report.

  11. Is Wonnacock still on there ? I thought they binned him after a Clarksonesque “do you know who I am cunt?” Incident with a member of the production staff.
    That was the story anyway……. more likely a bit of sausage jockeying involved.
    I quite like Anita and I much prefer this shit to Flog It and that snotty fucker Paul Martin. I love the way he always asks “and what are you going to do with the money?” The decrepit old bastards always say “buy something for the grandchildren” as if the spoilt little shits are starving and begging in the streets.
    If that was me i’d say “mind your own business you nosy fucking cunt.”
    That would liven things up a bit.

  12. It’s been wonderful on Radio 4 tonight. After I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue (no wimminz, and even better, Jack Dee) it descended via The Archers (horse dies, much weeping by both genders), something about a jazz revival in Islington – three wimminz chattering at each other in debased accents – an informative serial drama concerning the acceptance of gender reassignment, and currently a programme on the incompatibility of S. Korean working hours with the production of children, with side issue of oppression of wimminz by S. Korean men. S. Korea?

    Bargain Cunt might even be preferable.

    • You should have been listening earlier on, there was a marvellous article about Ramadanadingdong, I listened for all of ten seconds.
      I fucking hate Radio 4.
      I fucking hate the BBC.
      I’m a hater.
      So there.
      Good evening.

      • I’m Sorry, I Havent a Clue is worth all the rest. Jack Dee has grown into a good substitute for Humph and it continues to excel.

        • We agree on that at any rate! Humph was a hard act to follow, but Dee has it nailed down.

    • Totally with you on R4, Komodo. I’ve been listening to that station for almost 30 years. It’s properly going down hill these days because producers think lesbians can be funny and snowflake contributers have a valid voice. Listeners are leaving the Today programme in droves because of the change to the format. At least Ed Reardon will be back on soon. They haven’t managed to ruin that yet.

      • My experience exactly. R4 is the Guardian for the visually challenged. Even the news is the same. Thought Ed Reardon was slipping during the last series, I’m afraid. Hope he can get his act back together.

        There’s a WW1 offering on R4 I forgot: seems like a reasonable muck-and-bullets account of the front line in France, if you are happy with the robotic wimminz doing the narration. Until you realise that this always centres on the heroism (which I don’t doubt or discount) of the Indian soldiers involved. Agenda alert!

      • Ed Reardon is on every Friday morning from last week till August 31st SMC.

        OT I see supercunt Lady Mandelson is back beating the Remainers drum, the old motherfucker.

  13. I can’t stand those shite antiques programmes where the cunts work all day buying and selling absolute tat just to make £20 profit.
    Utter cunts.
    Don’t know who this cunt is but to say that she’s on par with wee Burney is a pretty huge claim.
    …. I’ll reserve judgment but I’m sceptical if she is on the same cuntiudonal plane as anyone in the Scottish Nazi Party.

  14. I would say that the first time I saw this old luggage I suspected an advanced case of transbenderism. A dragged-up Clyde dockhand, if ever…

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