Theresa May (14)

The following is an EMERGENCY CUNTING request on behalf of the Prime Minister: Theresa May.

Following the dubiously “lawful” imprisonment of Tommy Robinson on the ridiculous charge of “Breach of the Peace” (or as I like to call it the “Protection of Peaceful Feelings”), the blanket ban on publicity, the refusal of the entire establishment to even acknowledge anything amiss (when 10’s of 1,000’s marched on Westminster in protest – again completely ignored by both the establishment and press apart from covering a couple of pissed up twats doing the cause no good whatsoever), and finally Robinson being moved to a high security prison in Leicester Arabia with a 70% “peaceful” population, in the main wing, for his easy non-“peaceful” (obviously) related dispatch, I am at a loss as to how badly this country has fallen and specifically a cunting for our ineffectual Prime Minister.

All she said was “strong and stable”.

And all we’ve gotten is weak and rickety!

Given all the above, this has to be the final straw from Appeaser May!

Absolute disgrace does not even come close! Hold your head in fucking shame you cunt!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

50 thoughts on “Theresa May (14)

  1. These out-of-touch politicunts will seemingly never understand.

    It’s the forced praise and preferential discourse afforded to Islam which fosters resentment, and makes divisions deeper in the UK by the day.

    It utterly fucking repulses me watching this endless pandering, and it truly makes me think that these ‘controlled migrant population replacement’ conspiracy theories could be on to something.

    • They ‘are’ on to something… but the real reason is a lot simpler than some convoluted UN/Kalergi conspiracy. The main reason is twofold.

      1: Declining birth rate means that ponzi pensions (especially final salary index linked gold plated ones) have a massive shortfall that only income tax receipts – and fucking lots of them – will cure. And who are the beneficiaries of these pensions ? That’s right. The left. Pretty much ALL public servants over the last 40 years.

      2: the second is a little simpler. We do a shitload of business with very rich mullahs that generates a lot of tax receipts (See point 1). A fucking shitload. Negotiating with these musky fuckers always goes a little better when you tell then how many new mosques just got built in Dudley. They wouldn’t look too kindly on ‘actually we just deported a shit load of em, and that’s just for starters’….

      I said 2 points but there really is just one. Index linked gold plated final salary pensions given out like sweeties in the public sector over the last 40 years… Like the one my neighbour has for being a lab assistant (pot cleaner) at the coal board for about 10 years – cunts 87 with a nicer car than me and sky TV. Hasn’t put a work boot on in 32 years yet draws a bigger monthly pension than I do a salary. I got plenty more examples but there you have it.

      Why don’t they just stop paying them? Well, because these cunts likely know where all the bodies are buried…

      • I have had the misfortune of the wife’s car being t-boned by a sand blambo from Syria who decided it might be a good idea to drive off from the scene.

        She got the number plate and the Police had the decency to confirm said blambo’s details but the cunts deny all.

        Do the Police decide to prosecute for failing to stop? Do they fuck – the ink was still wet on the paperwork they sent out that they will not pursue. Even worse, the cunts confirm to the blambo’s insurance company that they will take no action.

        Net result? Blanco taxpayer gets fucked up the arse.

        I am going into either the private prosecution or arson business. Since I know that melting styrofaom cups in petrol plasticises it into napalm it will probably be the latter….

  2. The cunt is morphing into my avatar.

    Nostrils a-flaring as she gushes away. You could park a double decker up each side.

    “Ooohh Matron, I think I have just climaxed on Ramadam”

    Deceitful, slimy old fucking cunting hag. I would love to see her disappear in a landfill under an old settee, a crate-load of dead pigs and blanket of seagull shit.

    I genuinely hate this mutant for how low she has dragged this country with her appeasement of the aggressors and suppression of the indigenous.

    • Couldn’t have put it better. When this cunt was unveiled as leader post-pigfucker, I couldn’t believe that of all the Tory frontbench, this insipid cunt was going to attempt to guide us through the epoch-making negotiations on the most important democratic vote in Britian’s history.

      A fucking appeasing, useless, sellout cunt of monolithic proportions.

      • I think you have surpassed me with your eloquent cunting, TECB. Splendid stuff and welcome back. I, for one, have missed your posts.

      • The deal was: “We’ll let you play Prime Minister so long as you steer Brexit into the long grass, from whence we can ultimately negate the will of the people.”

  3. The worst Tory PM since Chamberlain and the worst outright since Callaghan. And that’s up against some VERY stiff competition.

    • Actually, no – she might well be WORSE than Chamberlain. At least WW2 was probably gonna happen anyway with or without appeasement. At least Chamberlain was more or less powerless in the face of the impending threat of the Nazis. In contrast there has been absolutely NO GOOD REASON for any of this politically correct shit to happen and Theresa May has more than played her part in it.

      • Some apt nicknames for it:

        Theresa the Appeaser
        Treason May
        Theresa Maybe
        Old Grey Quisling Scumcunt

        (hint: one of those is my own)

      • Chamberlain was desperate to avoid a repeat of the horrors of trench warfare that he witnessed while serving during WW1. At least he had some noble motives even if he was mistaken in believing that he could influence Hitler in any useful way.
        This silly old cow has no excuses whatsoever and is just selling out to the EU out of a combination of weakness, idealism and stupidity.

        And she looks like Bub from Day of the Dead…

        • History has not been kind to the boy but you are absolutely right in what you say. There is also the fact that he knew we needed time to build armaments if we were to have any chance of winning the war that was inevitably coming.

          • History has not been kind to Neville but a couple of points that sre not generally known ( and yes he was desperate to avoid a repeat of WW1)
            1. He was responsible for giving the go ahead to build the Spitfire. Churchill wanted to buy fleets of an absolute pig of an aircraft called the Fairey Battle and he envisioned it flying alongside German air fleets and using its rear gunner to shoot at the the Germans rather in the style of Nelsons galleons conducting broadsides.
            Secondly, Far from being a cunt, ( as is the popular misconception) Chamberlain absolutely pissed off Hitler at Munich as
            referenced by his chief architect Albert Speer
            who said in his 1969’diaries that for two weeks after Munich, Hitler was absolutely incandescent with rage that he had been out manoeuvred by an crusty old Englishman. So not so much of a cunt eh? But Teresa? Fucking cunt of cunts. In the name of god fuck off you cunt.

        • 100% Mr B.

          Chamberlain was a COLOSSUS compared to May.

          She must be worst PM in British history. Strangely enough there’s only one person who could possibly be worse, and she wipes the floor with him every Wednesday morning at PMQs…

          • I’d say Callaghan was worse, but it’s certainly close. Bit before my time but the stories I’ve heard of those days regarding the rolling blackouts, the three day weeks, the appalling economy etc paint a very grim picture.

          • I remember the Callaghan period well, and doubt May would have lasted a week in his shoes.

            Not that he was any use either, you understand… more on a par with Gorgon Broon, I’d say.

          • But, but, but…you’ve forgotten about the one person who could defeat even May in a contest to see who would make the most inept, duplicitous, cuntish and downright fucking dangerous PM.

            That person is, of course, SNP ubercunt Nicola Sturgeon.

    • Bang on… those two treacherous, useless cunts were exactly my comparisons, too… but she manages to surpass, by being as bad as the pair of them…. at the same time.

  4. To say I was fucking appalled by that clip of the bitch giving her Queens Christmas (Eid) Speech is a fucking understatement. Why is she licking the arse of these primitive, superstitious savages? Indeed, why have we imported 3 fucking million fucking scumbags who are diametrically opposed to our way of life and just want to kill us all? Fucking madness!

    • 3 million? That is the biggest ‘santa claus’ story of all. Perhaps that just related to Tower Hamlets?

  5. Much worse than Chamberlain. Old Nev’s heart was in the right place albeit his judgement when it came to the intentions of a certain Austrian ex-corporal and his acolytes left,well, everything to be desired.

    May, on the other hand, has no redeeming features whatsoever, unless not being Diane Abbott counts. In short, she’s a cunt of the worst kind and ought to be replaced two years ago…

  6. Teresa ReMayner is a cunt, but don’t worry cunters Brexit negotiations will end in no deal thanks to the Irish border issue amongst others.

  7. I wouldn’t put it past this cunt to engineer another election, deliberately lose it and then blame the Brexit sell out that she wants, on Steptoe.

    • I think she tried to pull that stunt at the last election, but was duly handed back the hot potato.

      I think her plot has partially succeeded as I, for one, won’t vote for that cunting rats nest known as the Tory Party, ever again.

      If they come canvassing around my neck of the woods then they can go and whistle out of their fucking treacherous arseholes for my vote.


    • Steptoe sell us out? He’s a lifelong Leaver and man of strong principles to boot! Until it came to the Referendum, that is. And who could blame him for going all out for Brino? If that’s the price of 15 minutes in No.10, so be it. Cunt.

      • That’s the only redeeming thing about Corbyn – he does at least come across as genuine and would likely opt for a hard Brexit if he actually had any power in the Liebour Party

        • Haha let’s just say sarcasm is very hard to detect over the internet.

          • Well said. It’s easy to fall foul of other people’s well intentioned irony on this site every now and again.

  8. You are crediting the bitch with a cunning and intelligence she doesn’t possess. She knows she was only allowed to stay by the Tory grandees to push through the Brino con, they won’t allow her to go through another election.
    I can see it now…….once the dirty deal is done she goes on one of her famous walking holidays. She and hubby lose their footing on a narrow mountain path and tumble 300 feet down the rocks. A dead traitor tells no tales.

    • More like resignation /electoral defeat, then fast tracked into the House of Cunts, Freddie.

      Besides, she’s been dead for years.

    • Indeed.
      Behind ev’ry Cunt-Minister is a whole department of lizardy civil servants.
      Treeza Won’t (Honorary Imam of Wetminster – it’s a title wot she gave ‘erself) couldn’t find her arse without assistance, let alone wipe it.

  9. What are these incredible contributions to Britain from Muslims..?
    Introducing us to Abu Hamza, giving us Khan, Finsbury Park mosque..?
    Upping the sales of the nuts and bolts department in a Manchester B&Q..?

    Van hire..?
    Services to the fertilizer industry..?

    Nobody believes the shit this woman is shovelling….

  10. Off topic but this might well be the most frightening thing the EUSSR have ever proposed. It’s basically a bill which if passed will lead to the complete continent wide censorship of wrongthink – basically YouTube’s censorship practices on steroids.

  11. ***Warning for any cunters planning on watching QT – pissboiler of mythical efficiency Afua Hirsch is on the panel.

    Last time I saw that cunt on any programme, I came dangerously close to Barrymore-ing my tv screen; Lubbocked clean up to the elbow.

    Also featuring the geezer from Wetherspoons and that snide Labour cunt in extremis Jon Ashworth

  12. Sorry, I fucked up there. Fucking useless fucking phone, nothing to do with drink at all.

    West Ham are still cunts though.

  13. Fuck knows what’s happening here. Posts keep disappearing, then appearing and then disappearing again.
    What the fuck is going on?

    • You’re probably confused by the new page for World Cup bores.

      We did put a notice on the header that you probably couldn’t be arsed to read pointing you to a new page you couldn’t be arsed to read either 😀

  14. There is another woman who in many peoples opinion is far more dangerous than the the stupid bitch otherwise known as Theresa May.

    “Merkel’s migrant policy is the worst decision taken by any Western leader in modern times. That one decision has completely ruined her career and changed Europe forever”.
    (Nigel Farage)

    Despite this she is still swans around attending important meetings and summits all over the world spouting her fucking nonsense as if she is some sort of guru.

    Dumme Hündin (stupid bitch in German)

    • Merkel well on her way to a brace of glittering prizes from the EU Lords of Cunt.
      However, I feel that Germany is less reserved about use of guns, and think she’ll have a Christopher Marlowe moment (“the wench is dead”)

  15. Just saw the end of Cunstion Time and saw some gobshite having a go on anything and everything as though she were a world authority on the subject matter at hand.

    Now I didn’t know who this cunt was – because I was blissfully unaware of her – and then her moniker came up: “Afua Hirsch”.

    And I thought: “Ahhh, so that’s who the cunt is who was cunted last week!”

    No so much “put a sock in it luv”, more the whole fucking laundry basket!

    What a total cunt she is!


    Next up Brillo. Leading story: “How the UK’s attitude to Immigration is from the Jurassic period.”

    Are the ABBC for fucking real!

    Yeah there’s no immigration issue in the UK – legal or otherwise!

    Nothing to see here!

    Just you keep paying those exorbitant taxes to pay for the cunts you hated middle-aged white man cunt and make sure your TV licence is up to date!

    I wonder how many immo/illegals contribute to their Lord Haw Haw propaganda vehicle by means of a TV licence each year? None I’m betting cos they know the AL-BEEB won’t prosecute them! Cunts.

  16. Amazing how the usual Thursday rants about Question Time fade away when 22 cunts kick a ball around a bit of Russian grass.

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