Sophie Ellis Bextor

Sophie ellis bextor. Is. A. Cunt.
Having been out of the limelight for long enough sophie has decided enough is enough and has cosied up with a ukrainian orphanage full of “inspiring” orphans.
Fuck me.
Quite recently I commented on the ludicrous and apparently unquestionable practice of associating yourself with kids, which makes this cunting a bit of a golden egg… No less deserving though.
So she’s got herself on the news complete with pictures of her being “lovely” to the orphans. She can even be seen helping them learn to read… Wasn’t aware that she could read and teach ukranian but there you go.
If it’s all such a good cause, why isn’t she just giving them all her fucking money and moving in with them too?
My heart bleeds over shit like this, it really does, but what an easy plugin for the fame hungry self obsessed it is.
A bloody good thing the “insert child name here” army don’t have a cause at the moment, wouldn’t want a coverage conflict now, would we?
I suppose this attitude makes me a selfish hater of children. Better batten down the storm shutters and stock up on supplies in case I get lynched going out in public.

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  1. With you all the way Mr Cuntflap. Ostentatious ‘charity’ disgusts me. It is so much more about the ‘giver’ (ooer Missus) than the person receiving said charity. My late grandmother worked as a volunteer for the Red Cross for more than thirty years and didn’t get so much as a letter from them when they closed her local centre. Yet arrogant multitalentless cunts like the Beckham woman get OBEs for ‘charity work’ because they grease the right palms.

    In other news, possible (only possible mind) uncunting for Simon Jenkins for writing in the Cuntdian…

    “…People do not like being told they are idiots, racists or deluded Nazis when voting for what they see as their interests and their national identity.”

    Pseudo-leftists who slag off ordinary people but expect them to vote for what their ‘betters’ decree are nearly as deluded as the twats who worship a zombie carpenter or an illiterate desert bandit.

    Details here…

    • Endorse the uncunting of Jenkins: very often talks sense. It takes courage to be different in a shambles like the Graun.

      Never heard of Bextor. No wish to.

    • Sorry…mis-read the Beckham woman comment as greasing the right penis…

      I never realised SJ had gone over to The Groan…

      I remember him being fairly good in The Times, possibly decades ago.

  2. She’s probably got a new track to release and is viewing this as promotion…….
    desperate cunt…….

  3. What a vitue signalling conscience appeasing bore. I suppose she’s going to teach them to ‘Darnce’ on the ‘Grarse’ too. Maybe they could all have a future in the theatre daaaaarling. Puke inducing doofus.

  4. Probably deserved but no idea who this cunt is and no intention of finding out.

    • Astutely pointed out, and I couldn’t agree more. Who she is, is one more rich celeb using children for a spotlight moment.
      It annoys me that not only do people use children at every opportunity, but that by doing so they assume that they are beyond reproach. A case in point would be the self appointed army of the gard child. Pointing out that there was no cure abroad was considered a blasphemy.
      A less severe example, though exceptionally common would be the “child on board” stickers that make criticism of bad driving impolite.
      I can’t believe May doesn’t take infant orphans to brexit negotiations.

  5. Reminds me slightly of Angelina Jolie and her children; two of which are blambos and one darkie. Massively over-publicised and overhyped; the media were creaming themselves over it and pictures of the children were selling for millions. Load of shite.

      • I think that Madogga reckons that buying… sorry… adopting these little brown babbies will make up for all the sprogs of her own she’s kil… sorry…. aborted, so they didn’t interfere with her ‘career’ and ruthless rise to the top of the (shit)heap…. The woman is one of the biggest cunts of all time…

      • Didn’t Madonna try and sneak a couple of piccaninnies out of Umbongo land and not declaring them at the customs desk. Fucking cheap skate.

  6. I’ve heard of Janet Ellis. These days she’s often found spouting bollocks on the Wright Stuff (no I don’t watch it, but someone I know did till recently). Cunts don’t come much more cuntish than Janet. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree or summat.

  7. Surely the classic example of this phenomenon is that horrible bitch Esther Rancid. Her heart bleeds for the poor mistreated children but manages to look the other way when her mate, Sir James, is noncing them up. Lying, self serving fucking old whore.

    • Aaaah, yes.

      “That’s Life !”
      Another sack of shite from Al-Beeb, and excellently parodied on Not The Nine O’ Clock News. Especially the “camp old twat who reads his appalling drivel over the air.”

        • Not the Nine O’ Clock News had some funny moments… The Ayatollah song was ace… And the only good thing about Superman III was Pam Stephenson’s tits…

          • Not the Nine O’clock News was about the last comedy where we were still allowed to take the piss.

  8. After watching her mum on Blue Peter Sellotaped old toilet roll holders together to make a wank tube.

    • As a youth I happened to catch Janet Ellis on her first Blue Peter appearance. They put her in a swimming costume and sat her in a bath, the point of which escapes me. What I do recall was that the water had clearly gone cold, as Janet displayed a pair of outstanding pokies, the likes of which you will encounter only once or twice in a lifetime. Many crusty socks were produced as I reminisced in the following weeks. This happened before the invention of the internet, a time which younger readers might not remember.

  9. I always thought Sophie Ellis Bextor had an angular head that looked like it was knocked up by someone with a black belt in origami, working alongside her mum on Blue Peter.
    A virtue signaller none the less. There are many slebs who tirelessly and discretely work with charities and go to lengths to keep their involvement out of the spotlight. Elllis Bextor isn’t one of those.

    She has always come across as someone who thinks their shite has a fragrance of Chanel No.5. No real singing talent – she speaks the lyrics whilst rolling her eyes at the irony of it all – a bit reminiscent of Peter Sellers ‘singing’ a Hard Day’s Night. I don’t know why but I reckon she has a fanny that looks like a Davy Crockett hat. Don’t ask me why, I just do.

    • Perhaps you are remembering the Davy Crocket hat which featured in the Wanker’s Song some years ago.
      The name sounds like an upper class slapper which the royals use for practice, although Parker Bowels managed to overcome this early handicap.

    • I would still give her one. But would insist on giving her a cock coshing about the head before we embark on full penetration.

    • Spinning?!?

      I think he may well have drilled his way through the planet and thanks to the achieved momentum, became airborne and then escaped the earth’s gravity well.
      Last seen exiting the solar system in a hurry…

      • Ha ha.

        Btw, Cadwalladr also recently accused Nigel of filling the boots of his hedge fund pals when on referendum night he said Remain had won narrowly (in full knowledge they had lost) thereby facilitating the hedge funds making serious money betting on the foreign currency swings that would have resulted if Remain had won. Or summat of the sort. Nigel denies everything, of course.

    • There was also a prize for some rapper and a discussion on “the impact of Grenfell on society.”

      No doubt a good time was had by all at this posh socialists love-in with plenty of champagne thrown in.

    • FFS Wasn’t this turds work Cambridge Analytica largely discredited within a week.

      I’m close to lost for words…

  10. I’ve heard there’s a convoy of Peaceful taxi drivers on the way over bringing many many gifts.

    Which reminds me of Rebels Come Virtue Signal with Me who wins, the Peaceful or the Romanian Orphan, tough one that.

  11. No shit, I thought she died.
    Quantifiably cuntish, indeed. I wonder what the payoff is besides fleeting relevance. Bonus points, I guess, for not cunting off to Malawi or similar and using brown wretches as props for how wonderful she thinks she is (looking you, Mudonna, Angelina, and the rest of you celebricunt ‘heroes’).

  12. Talking of virtue signaling has been celebrislags… I wonder if our favourite gobshite mong will be donating any of her tour sales or album royalties to migrants or he precious Grenfell?

    What do you mean, ‘No’?!!

  13. You would be mildly more amenable to these examples of our self elected elite if they supported these charities without the accompanying self congratulatory fanfare, do your good works by all means but shut the feck up about it, twats.

  14. Blue Peter and wire coathangers…”Don’t try this one at home, kiddies.”

    Them were the days.

    Now, it’s just “It’s Friday, it’s five-to-five, and it’s crack cocaine.”

  15. And of course on the other side of the coin, we have “Time” magazine, now a fucking comic, using a wailing child on their cover to let us know how bad Mr Trump is for separating children from their parents at the border.
    No blame on the parents for turning up at the border with children, looking for sympathy treatment. We don’t even know whether they are the real parents of the kids or whether the kids are just props.
    After they print the cover, we find out that the kid wasn’t separated from his mother after all , she was just a few feet away.
    But would “Time” admit that they were wrong?
    No fucking way!
    The editors at “Time” ignored all that and turned the kid into a symbol of the evil illegal immigrant policy , even though the story was completely false.
    This is the media all over the back yard.. don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.
    They did it years ago with a young boy named Elian Gonzales from Cuba, mass fucking hysteria to discredit the then Cuba policy. Then, just as quickly, the media lost interest because some other empty newspiece got legs.
    Oh yeah, it was that global warming moron Al Gore losing the election to Dubya, so Elian could have drowned in the fucking ocean for all they cared. As it is he’s now an “engineer” back in Cuba making plastic tanks… How could America survive without such talent!

    As an aside, I don’t know whether many of our ISAC friends have been to Cuba but it’s only one step above some of those Saharan shitholes (although the people are very friendly and nowhere near as murderous). The food there I wouldn’t serve to someone else’s dog, never mind my own.
    So, back to the crooked media and fame seekers, they all use kids to further their message or their careers.
    If the truth ever manages to get out it’s just like that same Al Gore said “inconvenient”

  16. She may be a cunt but given half a chance I’d give her the seeing too she she so truely deserves. As a punishment for being a cunt. Of course.

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