Michael Dowden

This thick as arse’oles cunt was the first “Incident Commander” on the scene at the Grenfell Barbie. As that well respected and revered libo-lefty only good as a bum wipe rag The Guardian reports from the enquiry:

“Michael Dowden, a firefighter for 14 years and watch manager at North Kensington fire station, was forced to repeatedly admit his ignorance of the risks to the building, the evacuation strategy and the vulnerability of its occupants during evidence that raised serious questions about the rigour of the London fire brigade’s procedures on high-rise safety.”
“He said that he had received no training in what to look for when undertaking familiarisation checks of buildings and when he did visit Grenfell in 2016, he did not inspect any of the cladding works, the conditions of the fire doors or could not remember if he went up the tower. He did not note it had a single escape route or whether there were sprinklers.”

Bugger me. Point is the building was in the cunt’s patch and it was his responsibility to check and if necessary test it for fire safety.

“The inquiry also heard that a routine document with essential details about buildings to guide firefighters during a fire was not created for Grenfell Tower. It was supposed to inform them of the dimensions of the building, number of flats, hydrant and dry riser locations, fire lift locations, stairwells, entrances, exits, sprinklers and the surrounding streets. The information that Dowden did print off and take to the fire with his crew was last updated in 2009, seven years before the completion of the refurbishment. It said the building had a “stay put” policy but little else.”

Double bugger me. Hence when London’s Finest do rock up they do fuck all and at the highly emotional enquiry Dowden does a Monty Python impression with a knotted handkerchief on his head. The thick cunt does display some glimmer orf street nouse though by parroting impenetrable union brief taught jargon and throws a doubtless totally genuine fit orf the vapours when film of the Barbie is shown. After counselling the poor darling will hopefully be in a fitter state to claim his compo for Repetitive Stress Disorder (he keeps making the same fuck-ups).

Yours Truly doubtless a senile old cunt but in my day we did not need training to put fires out or save members orf the public from collapsing buildings. All part orf everyday life – but then there was a war on.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

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  1. From the information gleaned so far it would appear that the training and standards required to deal with such an event were either not up to the mark or in some instances non existent.

    Sure that in the vast majority of cases the fire service provide a fantastic service, just not in the case of Grenfell.

    It seems unfair to me to single out one person at this stage as this tragedy would appear to result from a culmination of several systematic and procedural failures involving several key individuals.

    • Have watched several clips where spectators at the conflagration were shouting to those inside to get out. If they could understand what was occurring it astounds me that experienced firefighters were at the same time telling them to stay put, because that’s what it says on the bit of paper.
      Lessons have been learned however, I now carry a rucksack containing a parachute, a long length of rope and a lifejacket wherever I go. And a packet of bacon in case I have to fight off any peaceful cunts.

  2. Not sure I’m entirely on board with this cunting.

    He sounds like a fucking simpleton and no mistake, but the whole fire safety issue is now interfered with at all levels by various fucking detritis, councillors, quangos and consultants. Fire officers need training these days just to understand what half the bullshit in the approved documents actually mean!

    Building Regulations and Kensington’s Building Control should have, in principle, covered the spec of the cladding when it was submitted to them for review prior to the works and with each submission, the fire escape strategy should be reviewed. As building control passed these works, he could therefore, quite reasonably, assume a level of fire safety had been implicitly assessed; especially works were reviewed against the ‘stay-put’ policy.

    If he had out-dated documents to work with, I don’t think that is wholly his fault.

    Afraid that I see this, from my limited knowledge, as being the successive fault of a multitude of cunts; not this guy in isolation.

    • I suspect there will be a sedload more enquiries and recommendations etc. and the inevitable “lessons must be learnt” bollocks. And I also suspect those that fucked up will either be hung out to dry (the workers); while those up in higher management will either be asked to resign, or get a sideways “promotion”, or just get a stonking fuck-off payday along with a non-disclosure contract.

      Same old shit different bunch of cunts

    • Spot on TECB. The stay put policy for flatted blocks is standard Building Regs Approved Document B policy. The meeja and a veritable assortment of uber-cunts ranging from lawyers, cuntcillors, quangos and other wankmonkeys are clearly trying to imply that the LFA instructed occupiers incorrectly, by telling them to stay put, which is clearly not the real issue.

      The building may have been on the cunt’s patch, but it is not the LFA’s responsibility to ensure it has a fire risk assessment completed at appropriate intervals – this is the responsibility of the premises holder, i.e. Kensington Cuntcil.

      This whole enquiry has a whiff of haddock about it.

  3. Hang on cunters! As Imran Khan the uman rights lawyer has already pointed out: The LFB have a policy of only rescuing white people.

    Actually, I would like to see a policy where 999 operators check to see if the caller is:

    1.In the country lawfully

    2.Has paid their council tax
    If yes to both then the emergency services will be despatched.

    If not: end of call.

    • Apparently according to the esteemed Mr Khan, being rich is an extra incentive to the fire service. When poor non-whites need rescuing the brigade stands around laughing. The cunts.

    • In light of the continuous cost cutting by the government regarding all essential services (the ones that Suckdick keeps wittering on about) this would appear to be a sensible, logical and fair solution Kravdarth.

      • Talk of the Devil


        Ultimate hypocrisy.

        Incompetent and useless? You are Suckdick.

        “Missing in action”?

        You went missing you s Peaceful cunt, it took you three days to speak to the families of survivors.

        You said that you have a deputy and that they did the necessary on behalf of his team.

        When pushed he said”well, I’m here now”.

        The nerve of the cunt

  4. Listening to his evidence it was difficult to understand the purpose of his previous visit to the building. Didn’t seem to check anything. Shouldn’t checklists be used , signed and filed? All sounds very haphazard. Don’t know what to make of him.
    It seems pretty clear that those responsible for all the elements this fuck up will get away with it. The Establishment will look after it’s own.

    • He has the magic touch with finance. Did a sterling job of fucking up as chancellor. No wonder he has so many jobs. It’s connections not competence that matters, dont’cha know old boy.

      • Thought only after I posted should have said that the cuntish editor couldn’t “hack” it in real life.

        Pun very much intended.

        • Since May 2017 he has turned a £2m profit into a £10m loss.

          That equates to a £12m swing George

          Year on year, and in real terms…………probably the end of your job.

          The real world not so easy, eh George!

  5. Me point is while “firefighters” might well be upstanding individuals at all times and the only reason they fuck out orf doing their duty is not to get their halos dirty, they do need to be able to think for themselves and not to resort to a tick box mentality. That way members orf the public die. It is sad to see normally moderately level headed cunters lemming in to support a thick cowardly cunt “who was only following orders” ie doing fuck all.
    All the services require personnel that can show initiative when the proverbial hits the fan. May I contrast the Fire Service with the Armed Services who protect themselves and Queen and Country by generally scoping out situations, having a plan in place but always maintaining a readiness to react to change. All this without the kind orf perks and pensions enjoyed by Firefighters. Dowden is the sort orf bone headed cunt I would not let water my garden.
    As to blaming one man for the mistakes orf others no one is doing that. I accept that it takes a whole box of matches to set orf a firestorm. There is an enquiry unfolding and we react as facts emerge. Architects, Planners, Politicians all will have their turn.

    You snowflakes need not worry, at this time the London Fire Brigade Union is running a social media campaign on Mr Dowden’s behalf. It includes the claim
    that he was “confronted by an unprecedented and ferocious fire the likes of which no firefighter throughout history had ever witnessed”. I have pointed out that that is a bit rich if compared to the Twin Towers in NY, the London Blitz or Coventry Cathedral, in all of which emergency services just turned up and did their jobs regardless.

    • Oh and I left out that the FBU are claiming that the Enquiry is biased against St.Dowden because he was asked the wrong type of questions.

  6. Suck my dick Khunt got to Finsbury Park quick enough when a pissed up saddow rammed his hire van into some worshippers returning from a mosque.
    Hand wringing on an industrial scale. Oh and Jezza was not far behind……

    • Yes. Pathetically predictable.

      Not political points scoring of course, that would be highly insensitive.

      Wouldn’t it?

  7. If Bliar’s cabal of treason hadn’t swamped London with gimmegrants out of the mere filip of wanting to ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity’, there wouldn’t have been any need for the likes of shithole tower blocks like Grenfell to have been left standing in the first place. That genuinely Satanic cunt and his party’s 13 years of the most noxious government in British history is where you can lay the blame.

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