Kim Kardashian [2]

Cunting for Kim Kardashian. Just been on Sky News app and I saw a quote from her which said “I’d rather save lives than shop.” I didn’t read on any further as I my piss was already approaching boiling point but I couldn’t help but laugh/cry at how typical a comment this was from someone so vacuous, hollow and wildly detached from reality.

I really do feel that we are the last generation where people like this are the minority, what the fuck is the world gonna be like in 50 years where empty headed fucks like Kim Kardashian are even more worshipped and revered than they already are? Fuck me.

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  1. Incredible isn’t it?
    And consider the genetic implications for the offspring with her hilarious husband, and their offspring after that.
    The mind boggles…..

    • Western libtard culture has ensured the stupid outbreed the sensible. Add to that the peaceful breeding programme. It’s just a matter of time now…

      • You ain’t wrong, I recall there was that research study done just last year, in its results it showed that nearly 20% of young children believed fish fingers were made from chicken, and 25% of 8-11yr olds thought cheese came from a plant, and another 13% thought pasta came from an animal.

        These cunts will soon be breeding and voting, 25% of a vote, that’s scary. They are so fucked and they don’t even know it.

        • If comrade compo gets in they’ll all have a vote.
          And then we’ll be well and truly fucked.

          I’d raise the voting age to 25 for all non tax payers.
          Can’t really ban all under 25’s as some are nurses and soldiers etc…
          Not really fair to ask someone to fight and die for this country but not let em vote.

  2. Sorry, quick change of subject. This boat in the Mediterranean? Got 600 refugees on board. Italy is refusing to take them and so is Malta. Isn’t this a case of ‘ being cruel to be kind’? The do Gooders are all saying ‘but they are suffering someone has to take them!’ Yes you cunts that’s precisely what they are relying on, as long as that keeps happening they will keep trying , knowing that’someone must take them’. If the message got out that no one was prepared to take them, they would stop coming. And also stop drowning. This a case of do gooders doing no good. Stick to your guns Italy and Malta. The boat should be escorted back to Libya or maybe it was Tunisia,not sure.

    • I’d commandeer the ship, send the migrants straight back and arrest the crew for people trafficking.
      The charities are blatantly people trafficking but for some reason they don’t get arrested…. makes my piss boil.

    • Dump them back in Libya and let them fall victim to circumstance. They’ll soon stop trying I bet.

    • Exactly spot on and look at the demographic of these cunts who are on these boats vast majority from sub saharan Africa. I know they are mostly shit hole countries but as far as I know they aren’t all suffering genocide and mass murder like those poor fuckers in the Yemen area at the hands of our mates The house of Saud. Yet the NGO’s in the med keep saying “come on in the price is right” Niger which is a big exporter of human detritus has the world’s highest birth rate an average of over 7 to each mum. Fucking hell they can’t feed themselves so we feed them and don’t sort the birthrate out we really are cunts.

    • Like I say, as long as NGO outfits – bankrolled by Soros types – keep doing this then the more the Africunt and “peaceful” slime will use it as a route into Europe.

      Even handier if they’re completely undocumented. Yeah, let them in, they’re obviously all whiter-than-white angelic neurosurgeon architect children aren’t they.

      Thing is cunts like Soros never suffer the consequences of their interference do they!

      No, send the cunts back.

      I hadn’t seen this story but I know it was being covered to fuck by the hand-wringing AL-BB-CERA who are probably all for the UK taking them in lock, stock and barrel! Well no, they can fuck off!

      Like pig fucker said, we’ll accept from the refugee camps those fuckers displaced directly by conflict and who can prove their lives are at risk (like the Christians in Syria who secular Assad didn’t mind either way but the ISIS cunts we want to replace him with want their heads on spikes – way to go Western powers) but just because someone can get her doesn’t gift them any rights of being here and therefore should be summarily deported back from whence they came as they are economic migrants (not “refugees” Lily you doss cunt)!

      It wouldn’t be so bad if they actually wanted to be part of a bigger society but they don’t they just want the country they infect to become the same shithole they left which is why tracts of Londonistan are effectively tribal ghettos of “peacefuls” and Africunts.

      What a great benefit that is to us, eh…

    • I see that Spain has caved in and accepted them. Stupid cunts as if their economy isn’t in the crapper enough. That said I’m sure they’ll accidentally on purpose lose track of all of them and most will end up here.

  3. Is that really what Kim kuntdashian looks like?
    Never seen her before.


    • Think that must be kousin Korpulent*. Or there was collateral enhancement when she got her tits pumped up.

      *Lives in Armenia on a diet of dough.

    • First time I’ve clocked it too. Never in my wildest imaginings did I suspect it to be a creature of such repulsiveness.

  4. Well done the Italians ( I never thought I’d ever say that ) .What with Austria shutting mosques and fucking Imams back off to Turkey and now this, one could be tempted to think that Europe might just be starting to turn a corner.
    It’s a hap hap happy day, tooa rooli oori ey !!
    As for Kim Kardashian , she’s a fat arsed vacuous cunt who should be dropped into Yemen as food aid.
    Good afternoon.

    • For Europe to really turn a corner against the screaming abdab sandfilth, the Krauts have to join in… But that will only happen if the Fat Frumpenfuhrer Merkel is either deposed, voted out, or worse…. Let’s hope it’s worse, eh?….

  5. Kardashian is just an ex-soviet shithole euromuck prossie, made famous by her media whoring and the said media who deify such cunts (see also Rita Oral, Cheeky Girls etc)….

  6. Kim is the queen of all vacuous, shallow and superficial cunts. The fact that she has millions of followers (obsessive neurotic worshippers) all over the world; shows how insecure, sheep-like and personality-less many people are. Her show “keeping up with the Kuntdashians” gets a deserved rating of 2.8/10 on IMDB. However this doesn’t stop brainwashed fuckwits from watching it and also the fact that the producers have forked out 14 seasons of the shite. Kim and her family are the most vain, narcissistic tossers on the planet. They should be relocated to Guantanamo Bay immediately and the public should vote as to which torture methods they are forced to endure.

    • Just look at the listings for ITVb and suchlike. (look at listings, don’t watch the fucker) There is a huge market for this shite.
      Housewives of wherever.
      Essex, Chelsea, Geordie something or other.
      A bottomless pit of shite.

      • ITV is notorious for airing absolute mind-numbing drivel. E entertainment, Really, MTV and TLC are a few otherS that cater for the fuckwits. I find myself watching less telly these days due to the dross served up by half witted producers and the adverts that cause bleeding of the ears and eyes.

        • I used to watch the science and history channels the most but since sky changed the order I don’t watch them at all.
          They’re now mixed in with MTV and the like and I know if I accidentally change the channel up or down my piss will superheat instantly, probably causing considerable damage to everything around me.

    • could I request that we are allowed to watch them being tortured by all the different methods before we cast our votes?

  7. Famous for being famous,
    with cunts following this airheads’ life down to her most recent bowel movement…
    What a sad generation this is..

    My lads girlfriend was over the other night, she was in the lounge watching this Love Island thing.
    I popped my head round the door to say hello. I can’t believe adults watch it.
    A group of blokes, adults, we’re sitting around the pool talking about love and romance shit like some wet knickered thirteen year old girls.

  8. I’ve seen those rudie nudie pics of her. Nice tits, but a very boring looking pussy (what little of it could be seen). No puffiness to the lips, just a bit flat and featureless. But that arse….eeuurrgghhh.

    • Allegedly prone to yeast infections and excessive body hair, according to some internet gossip.
      Just to get you in the mood…

  9. Given how astronomical the universe is there has to be aliens out there. This trite cunt and her legion of banal fans are probably in the top 3 reasons why we haven’t had the galactic welcome yet.

    • That personal star trek wet dream, the orville, by seth macfarlane used the cuntcashians as an extremely valuable commodity with which to bargain for kidnapped crew members.
      Quite amusing the way the joke was told, showing how even the super intelligent brain can become infected with addiction to the banal.
      Unfortunately a poor show itself.

  10. How can you all be so nasty? She’s an adorable , talented selfless girl, as are her sisters,her polyethylene mother , her step-fathmother and the rest of the bag of shit clan ( I just couldn’t hold the pretense to the end of the sentence)

    The modern day equivalent of the Gabor family. Peter Cooke once ripped ZsaZsa Gabor a new one on TV, for being a talentless hag and I remember how good it felt.
    If I think about this version too much and how they somehow make the Gabors look as though they were Shakespearean actors, you can glaze pottery with my piss.
    But.. I don’t think about them and accept that there are mistakes in the cosmos that we have to deal with every day. James Corden, Seth Rogen, Bill & Hillary Clinton,Tony Blair… there’s not enough room to include them all.
    I keep hoping that they’ll fade from our lives but the great unwashed keep giving them shitloads of money.

  11. No Fucking class these days. I mean, shit, there is not a shit’s show in Hell the brats will grow up with an honour code. I say this as someone who has sat in the same Dermatologist’s waiting room as Kardashian and Oprah and Ellen on Rodeo. In LA. Lancer. Was impressed as fuck until I realized you can’t polish a turd. You can just roll it in glitter.

    • I thought it was Lou “Hulk” Ferringo at first.
      With apologies to Mr Ferringo…

      • Does she start turning green if she hasn’t taken a selfie for five minutes or updated Instacunt?

  12. Pic must be a Photoshop.

    Got the shoulders of a channel swimmer.
    Granted, there are those rumours that she does gets through a lot of Vaseline,
    (apparently Kanye gets it wholesale)

    but I’ve never seen her swimming….

    • if they dropped her in the Channel, there would be no Channel, her big fat arse would displace all the water

  13. Is this the tranny who killed someone in a car crash? I must say she doesn’t make a very convincing woman. Looks a bit like Jonah Lomu,and he’s been dead three years…. I’m wrong,it was one of the Williams trannies that killed someone in a car crash. This must be the tranny who lives with some uppity jiggy and was suspected of staging an insurance job in Paris…it must be wrong,because no self-respecting armed robber would have missed the chance to shoot this grunter in the face. I know I wouldn’t of.

    Kick it in it’s Cunt.

    • No i think that was “woman of the year” Bruce Jenner…

      Possibly the most unconvincing woman since freddy mercury in that queen video.

  14. We could all go over to Yellowstone and jump up and down really hard…..

    • Though it would take us out and we seem to be the last oasis of sanity left in this world, so maybe not the best idea.

  15. The Prototypical modern multicultural/libtard/celibrislag family. I could write for days and fill up pages on the august forum and never come close to detailing the entirety of their collective cuntishness.

    I’ll just contribute this…she married Rap cunt Kanye West and her mongrel’s are named Saint West…Chicago West…and North West. Just what the world needs more privileged Hollywood Half Breeds…Markle clones with stupid names. Should have been Shit West…Cunt West and N*gg*r West.

    The whole family should be euthanized. In fact the entire family is a testimonial to legal abortion and Chinese birth control methods.

    • They are indeed cunts and i always had a seething haterd of kanye.
      But at least he thinks and speaks for himself…. he’s really pissed off the SJW’s lately and refused to apologise so can’t be all bad in my book.

      • @DtS

        I understand what you are saying. Your seething hatred and my open revulsion are probably based on the same elements of cuntishness this modern day Ubangi displays.

        But the fact is…Kuntye doesn’t have the courage of his convictions. He makes “provocative” public remarks just to generate publicity. Then, rather than apologize for them he rides the fake news cycle for all it’s worth.

        When the furor dies down he quietly removes his remarks for Fecesbook or Twatter or whatever bullshit social media outlet he’s on and repeats the cycle at a later date thus ensuring that he is always in the public eye.

        There’s no merit in his public pronouncements and no defiance in his righteous indignation. Just attention seeking, self serving public aggrandizement.

        He’s a cunt.

        • You are probably right mate and “kuntye” is very good … that’s his name from now on. 🙂

  16. I don’t care what she talks about or where she likes to shop, I would still give her a right royal rogering . Yesssssss.

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