Ilhan Kyuchyuk

Ilhan Kyuchyuk is deserving of a nomination for anti-Brexit cunt. Kyuchyuk is a Bulgarian ‘liberal’ MEP, who is currently recruiting fellow bell-ends to form a flash mob who will dance, hold out banners, hand out leaflets and generally show the world how much they despise democracy by bringing attention to Kyuchyuk’s own anti-Brexit crusade. It will be staged in Brussels at the EU summit on 28th, and will involve having to spend one evening a week for the next three or four weeks being professionally coached.

Being an MEP, it’s hard not to suspect that Kychyuk is nothing more than a puppet, albeit a willing one. He may be the face of the latest act of democracy denial, but Juncker, Barnier and the rest are very much the puppet masters. And a flash mob? For fuck’s sake! Flash mobs are for retards and dipshits, so I guess it’s the perfect thing for anti-Brexiters. This is the thing that makes me the most angry about the endless attempts to subvert the democratic will of the British people, foreigners sticking their noses into our business. He maybe an MEP, but our decision to leave has got fuck all to do with Kyuchyuk. He has no right to try to stop Brexit. And has been pointed out already, neither do Miller or Soros.

The EU is dying, and it fucking deserves to. It’s an evil organisation, led by evil scumbags. Hopefully, Italy will deliver the coups degras, because there’s fuck all chance of May the Meek doing it.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

55 thoughts on “Ilhan Kyuchyuk

  1. Flash mobs, leafleting , dancing…it all sounds like a last throw of the dice for the desperate. The fact these cunts can find time to be professionally coached to protest a democratic vote at a time of a migrant crisis on Europe’s doorstep, massive youth unemployment in several member states and the rise of anti-EU nationalist populism in several others tells you all you need to know.

  2. Flash mob politics what cunt. What a great strategy standing still is.
    Very interesting to see the g7 summit being sideswiped by trump. Considering his progress in korea and the area in general and the fact they are supposed to be our greatest ally we could have a positive way out of all this EU fuckery.
    Hell, trump even wants russia back in the g7 much to their chagrin.
    A nice usa/russia/uk alliance would be super and totally destroy the EU.
    Fingers crossed!

    • Lol, yeah he does. I can see him now, on all fours chained to the stall just like the cattle to the left and to the right. Waiting for some sado shit with the cattle prod.

  3. A typical establishment millennial snowflake shill

    Studied politics and law and fully on board with all the liberal wishy washy snowflakery that is infecting politics.

    And yes, he does look like a bender. What a complete cunt.

  4. Soon there’ll be a musical based on how idiotic Brexit-voters are called something like, ‘The Sound of Brussels’ with songs sch as “Waterloo – The Revenge” and “Consider Yourself, Stu-pid.”

    Then it’ll be made into a film starring Merrill Streep and Benedict Cumberbatch funded by Soros and win important awards like Oscars.

  5. He has the 1000 yard stare of a politician that has been up to no good. Swarmy pole climbing cunt bucket.

  6. Wasn’t this cunt in the “Man from Uncle” fucking years ago? I seem to remember he had hair then and was a lot thinner.
    Still working for the Establishment though.

  7. He can fuck off. Intervening in the affairs of another sovereign country. Fag.

  8. I can’t wait for the institutionally corrupt Bulgarian model to be adopted by the EU. Or maybe it already has been?

    “Corruption remains the universal explanation for all the problems in Bulgaria,” said Anthony Galabov, a political scientist who works with TI.

    “Saying that corruption is everywhere means that we don’t know where corruption lies,” he said, adding that “corruption is a process, not an act.”

    He noted that corruption was “developed in a network”, which makes it “very difficult to have an idea of its scale.”

    • Corruption is a way of life in the Berlaymont-Berghof.

      Not quite so sure about Bogarea…

  9. I can see his point. Bulgaria is a basket case relying on money from the EU. Us leaving will deplete their begging bowl. Fuck me, they might have to construct an economy and non-corrupt society.

    • Corruption continues to hold Bulgaria back, the smart kids move abroad for opportunity as wages are low here and it is difficult for foreign investment to come here because of the corruption.

      Mafia and politics are interlinked here, I mean that in a physical sense, as in members of the same family are both mafia and politicians. After the fall of communism those at the top hoovered up land and commercial property etc and run it as their own personal fiefdom mafia style and the daft electorate voted the same people back into power at the first elections.

      Shame really, as BG has lots of cheap land, low cost labour and some really smart kids that could be encouraged to stay if there were decent opportunity for them.

      But once again it is the select few that benefit most.

  10. What is a flash mob anyhow? I could Google it, but maybe a cunter can provide a more succinct answer?

    • Good morning Mr Cunt Engine.

      Flash Mob:

      “A large public gathering at which people perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then disperse, typically organized by means of the Internet or social media.” Apparently.

      Have a nice day, y’ hear 😎

      • So is dogging a “flash mob”/ I hope that it is,then I can tell people I was done for flash-mobbing instead of being a peeping sex-pest.

      • Basically just a bunch of cunts who show up randomly en masse sing, dance, riot loudly ruin everybodys day and leaves basically just stupid cunts acting cuntishly

    • Bunch of leftie fags get together and pretend spontaneity in order to get attention when they could either be in work or genuinely helping people such as the old couple next door who could benefit from someone shopping for them.
      Of course, being a better person and literally helping is not as fun as big issue virtue signalling and public felching. Besides making the world a better place will only leave them with nothing to whinge about.
      Or, in short, “A felching cuntfest”.

  11. This pathetic nonentity wanker should learn to keep out of other countries democratic affairs, and fuck off back to Bulgaria and his horse and cart.

    The people’s of this once great country have had enough of subsidising other countries economies and the lavish European Union lifestyles for cunts like him when we have manyproblems of our own which need to be urgently rectified.

    Foreign cunt.

  12. His name “kyuckyuk” and his oversized, ridiculously round head really annoy me….

    I usually don’t mind ugly people as “good looking” people are usually thick as shit, shallow and rotten to the core, but this cunt is ugly, thick and rotten.
    And a prize cunt to boot…
    A very well deserved nom.

    • I too am annoyed by his name. If you’re going to use the English letters we invented, and criticize us while you’re at it, the least you should manage is to put those letters in a logical order. It’s insulting, it really is.

      • Its a Turkish name i reckon, so translated from their gobbledygook scribbly mess of a language.

          • I just call them all Gunga Din. They always respond,so I can’t be far wrong.

          • Ah I hate Turkroaches they are ugly islamos they all hate uk and want a global caliphate. The turks are all ugly mooselimb cunts with low IQ intelligence

          • The cunt needs to show a little respect and integrate. He could start by changing his name to Jack Shit.

        • In Turkish, which has had a Western alphabet since Atatürk ( he was trying to eradicate Islam from politics), this would be:


          Not a scribbly mess at all. Risking offence to many cunters with preconceptions, I’d add that Turks are tough, and at least until recently had a sense of pride in their national identity which we could well imitate. Rather like them, in fact.

  13. Of course this cunt wants the UK to remain an open door so that Bulgarians can come here in their thousands (with no one from the UK going there to reside/work) thus reducing the burden on their state while increasing ours.

    Just like Romania and Poland before them.

    I have no issue with the Poles but “free movement” within the EU actually means “unfair movement” as one nation state has to foot the bill for additions to their population at a ratio of 10,000:1.

    Not only is that unsustainable it is unfair.

    Cameron wanted the EU to address this to make the overall burden fairer by implementing a cap on the ins and outs to/from the UK.

    The EU would have none of it and that is pretty much why we are where we are now.

    Of course folk from poorer EU states and naturally going to want to drift towards the richer states with better work opportunities and a greater safety blanket (social security) than their own state. It’s only natural but that doesn’t make it fair.

    If it was fair then there’d be a 1:1 ratio of ins and outs to/from other EU nations – which is pretty much how it was when this idea was incepted – and then the former Eastern Bloc countries began to join.

    We have always had a close affinity with the Poles and so we were the natural choice for their mass exodus – as opposed to their neighbours Germany who they universally hate (and with good reason).

    Still not fair though is it?

    The thing is, the cunts at the top of EU don’t care about “fair” all they care about is making every EU nation as skint and as much of a basket case as every other EU nation.

    So countries like the UK, Germany, France and Italy get a lot poorer and countries like the former Eastern Bloc states get marginally richer.

    This easy to see ploy by the head cunts of the EU is designed to reduce the state/financial clout of the richer nations while making the poorer (and therefore more volatile) nations feel like their lives are much better under the EU (thus nullifying any kind of conflict from those areas).

    The thing is, most original EU nation states are now seeing the EU for what it is and its overall master-plan of a Brussels run EU Superstate and we’re just not buying it any more as country after country begin to dissent against that morally bankrupt and economically corrupt boys club for former thieving banker types.

    Is it too late? I don’t know but with “leaders” (and I use that in the loosest sense) like Appeaser May at the helm, probably.

    In order to make the revolt against the EU work, we first have to dismiss those who operate in the corridors of power who have a vested interest in remaining. And of that shower of shite across the whole of Cuntminster only Jacob Rees Mogg (Con) and Kate Hoey (Lab) are true leavers.

    The rest are still banking on an EU gravy retirement fund! Cunts!

  14. What a large head he appears to have. I wonder if he has hydrocephalus? Someone just tell him he needs to get his head read..or drained,perhaps. I wonder if he has to sleep sitting up like The Elephant Man.? I suspect his civil partner is probably his carer too.

    • The cunt who performed the elephant man’s autopsy suggested he’d died attempting to integrate, sleeping lying down to “be like other people.”

      As a result he dislocated his neck and asphyxiated himself.

      Perhaps our gobbledygooked named friend would be so good as to follow suit.

      Asphyxiate them.

      • Most amusing Ruff Tuff, most amusing.
        That cunt who performed the autopsy was obviously a little mentally feeble. Even the contestants of love island and the karcrashians haven’t got around to attempts at popularity during their sleep.
        I suspect Mr Merrick simply slipped down, and following a thoroughly exhausting day of being victimised failed to gather to energy to get back up.
        Of course, any course of events that cause asphyxiation for this turkish wolly are more than welcome. Hopefully some secret service will set it up as a deviant sex act, leaving his stocking clad image with swollen tongue all over the news.

        • Large citrus fruit, oilskins, rope, gasmask…

          I’ll gladly lend a prized, pre-loved grapefruit.

          As for the rest of the kit, any HMG cloakroom should yield interesting finds.

        • @Cuntflap – I have nothing other than respect and sympathy for the plight of Mr Merrick. For your information my post was based on a quote by Merrick’s surgeon (who carried out his autopsy) and friend Frederick Treves:

          “He often said to me that he wished he could lie down to sleep ‘like other people’ … he must, with some determination, have made the experiment … Thus it came about that his death was due to the desire that had dominated his life—the pathetic but hopeless desire to be ‘like other people’.”

          • Cheers Ruff Tuff, informative, and yet surprising. I would have thought his ambitions would be more complex.

  15. I don’t know what this bender is moaning about. His shithole is still in the EU.
    Ah yes, it’s because his meal ticket is disappearing. Well fuck you, you foreign cunt. Fuck Bulgaria, and fuck the EU.
    It’s because of cunts like Ilhan Kyuchyuk trying all the while to force our hand and scrounge every last penny out of us that we voted to leave. When are the thick bastards going to realise.
    I doubt if I’d ever pay attention to some twat whose name I can’t pronounce anyway.

  16. Richard IV: As the good Lord said: “Love thy neighbour as thyself, unless he’s Turkish, in which case, kill the bastard!” -Blackadder

      • Agreed blackadder series 1 was ace not a bad episode in the first one it had a big budget too. Then Elton guffed up the story gave Rowan more speaking parts changed the blackadder character completely around and brought in Jeeves and Wooster (stephen fry hugh laurie) and fucking ruined it

  17. Medicine ball-headed cunt is modelling a £10.99 suit purchased from Mr Byrite in around 1987.

    He has all the dress sense of Borat.

    • It is a truth, not known by many people, that the Bogarean secret services kitted their operatives out in knock-off Burberry trenchcoats sold by M&S.

      I still wonder if M&S have any venomous brollies lingering in a corner of a warehouse somewhere.

      My GPs’ receptionists appear to be some breed of Welsh poison-lizards.

  18. My GPs’ receptionists appear to be some breed of Welsh poison-lizards.

    There’s no excuse for an insult like that, even if I’m not Welsh.

    • Interestingly, at my local welsh surgery the receptionist always tells us that our test results are always “no further action”, until the puzzled GP tells us different.
      Remarkable. I shall learn over the counter next time and ask where her tail is.

    • Sadly, as I is Cardiff-based, I suspect that they are local…

      But (as the old saying goes…) I do know a lot of really super Welsh folk.

      Am hoping one day I may even become acquainted with a well-known mineshaft.

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