FIFA [4]

FIFA are Cunts, aren’t they?

This astonishingly dishonest nest of dirty gangsters would give the EU a run for their money. They’re now so open about their devious manner they all but admit to their shitty malpractice.

Now we discover that the 2026 World Cup will be in Mexico, the USA, and Canada. Great. Mexico has had it twice, the States a little over twenty years ago; Canada plays Ice Hockey and watches moose eat snow. Well done FIFA, no sign of backhanders there.

In 2010 when England sent Prince William, Beckham, and Cameron (!?) to schmooze and persuade these fraudulent cunt-rags that we should host the 2018 event, the Ruskies and the Qatari Arabs were calmly filling envelopes with copious amounts of moolah for FIFA’s rapacious, baksheesh-billionaires. Stupid old Britain, still trying to play the old-fashioned way.

I’ll continue to reluctantly watch this Bread & Circuses event but there can’t be too many people oblivious to the fact that FIFA smell like Diane Abbot’s unflushed toilet after a night of curried chicken with garlic’d brussel sprouts, washed down in poorly-fermented Guinness.

The breathtaking corruption of these cunts.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

28 thoughts on “FIFA [4]

  1. “For the good of the game”. Rigged matches, corrupt politicians, pre-determined draws, money-orientated voting process and a bunch of dodgy cunts purely in it for money and power. Too many dishonest rats within FIFA and outside influences have damaged the game (business) beyond repair.

  2. Rotten to the core and the parallels with the EU are uncanny.

    Remember Lineker’s embarassing turn-about-face last year; after years of virtue-signalling against FIFA, he fronted the draw for this WC and declared “FIFA are alright now, guys”, coolly playing down the stack of fucking cash bulging out of his shirt pocket.

    Corruption is rife in football. And lets’s not forget the doping going on in the Spanish football…

  3. Fifa are cunts but football’s football so far as I’m concerned. Fifa have been corrupt for years and there’s no way they’re ever gonna change, so why fight it? I just try and put it out my mind whenever the World Cup comes around and focus on the football.

    • Oh, and I know that sounds extremely fatalistic, but there’s no way of fighting these things.

  4. Old Sepp couldn’t give a tupenny toss.

    FIFA is now associated by many as being stuffed to the rafters with overnourished, flatulent old captains of industry stuffing carrier bags full of used notes.

    The old cunt, Sepp is balls-deep in crispy folded notes and, most probably, whores. He’s loving it, yeah baby!

  5. Everyone involved, from fifa officials to the continuously diving players who ‘need treatment’ at the slightest touch, to the public who pay stupid money for tickets that finance this garbage. All a bunch of cunts.

    Yeah there are some good moments for sure, but in total the football enterprise is more than wank.

  6. Anyone seen Sepp Blatter and Jean Claude Juncker in the same room at the same time??

    One and the same if you ask me……

  7. I’d like to nominate fuckers who interrupt my peace, mid stool, for a cunting!

    Finally get the house and – more importantly – bathroom to myself, settle down on the throne, easing one out when…


    It was like some cunt going round advising of the 3 minute warning (snowflakes ask your parents – if they still speak to you)!

    Was it my shit from Amazon? No.

    Was it a neighbour picking up their Amazon shit left at my house? No.

    Was it the window cleaner collecting his dues? No.

    Why, who could it be with such a vociferous rap at my castle gate??

    It was a cunt from Save the Children asking if I’d like to subscribe to a monthly donation to keep M’Tembe in bison piss for another few years!

    Grrrrr! 😠😠😠😠

    Needless to say, do you think, he got a subscription from me?

    Answers on a postcard to:


  8. Good cunting, What a pile of cunt this ‘Organisation’ is. World Cup in Qatar… Good choice, let’s have a World Cup where the temperature is too hot and wonder why the players pass out. Also has Qatar even got a league? I have a feeling Russia might reach the semi finals maybe beyond, naffink to do with any threats or free gas for a year offer from the Oligarchs… Russia is a cuntry. If the Kremlin are reading this I know naffink abaaaaaht it.

    • B&W C. I have passed your details to my friends who are looking for your door handle as I write.
      Commissar Cuntbubble

      • @CC damn it, I wonder if some Pound Shop gloves will protect me. I could always ask the Flabbot round to tea.

    • First it was “No, it won’t be that hot.”
      Then it was “Erm, ve’re going to transfer it to February.”
      Then it was “Oh, why CAN’T ve interrupt the whole World’s domestic seasons?”
      Then it was “Yes of course we’ll serve alcohol. In certain areas. With a teeny-tiny charge increase.”
      Then it was “Yes, homos, no problem. Everybody is velcome.”
      Now it’s “We’ve got stadiums with rooves and air conditioning.”

      What an absolute cock-up. All because a board of 22 insatiable cunts can’t see past their capacious envelopes.

  9. Talking of corruption Kalamity Karius must have had a pay off from Real, still can’t believe that cunt. What a cunt.

    • Funny enough it turns out all that stuff about him having concussion really did turn out to be true. 26 of the 30 tests he had at that hospital in Boston came back showing concussion symptoms.

        • After you type in “Ramos elbows Karius” into YooChoob, you’ll realise how he became concussed.

          • Ramos is a proper cunt. Probably dresses up as an Elmatador at home. The cunt.

      • Actually that could explain a lot. The second mistake could happen to any keeper but not being aware of a cunt standing three feet away from you suggests something seriously wrong.

  10. This weather is a cunt, bring on winter I say.
    What is it with Summer? A bit of sunshine and loads ah cunts appear. From show off cunts (me not included), to weird cunts, cunts hanging around Pubs into the road, cunts lying abaaaaaht in dog shit in the parks having a BBQ, cunts like me smoking meat and stinking out the area, cunts ‘Having Wine’ with their girlfriend’s in the garden and pretending they’re having a wonderful time, more Somalians than usual hanging around their Cafés, Crack and Smack heads wondering abaaaaaht like zombies, cunts in Convertibles trying not to look like a cunt, even the insects become cunts. The only positive is their is plenty of sexy cunt around, I hope it’s -3 degrees from September to March…you cunts.

    • Couldn’t agree more B and W Cunt. Wait for the summer to come and my garden grows out of control, weeds, grass and shite rooting all over the place.

      • I’d honestly be happy if it was Autumn/Winter all year round, although a nice couple of weeks abroad to a hot country would be nice one or twice a year. I enjoy the sun when I’ve got nothing to do. When busy the Summer is a cunt, besides too many happy people about, I like it when everyone is miserable in the winter.

  11. Forgive my carefully nurtured ignorance re all things football, but why exactly doesn’t a national team have to consist entirely of people of that nationality? Or, come to that, a local/regional club – let’s say, West Brom – consist of players drawn from even the surrounding 50 miles rather than -let’s say again – Cameroon?

  12. Fucking stinking bent shitty cock sucking tossrs. What the fffffffuuuuucccckkkk is this fucking VAR supposed to be. Football is THE only fucking game on the planet to use technology and still have the ability to fuck it up. World Cup starts, VAR used, a couple of penalties given and a few goals disallowed. Fair enough. England play, Harry Kane gets half nelsoned to the ground, TWICE, and the cunts go, nah!!!!!!! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck off you corrupt low life, gutter swilling, mother fucking retards.

  13. Then crying like a girl at the end because ?? Referee was awesome.Fucked him off in the tunnel as well because he was bleating in his face.After explaining to him,’I’m the ref,not you ,now fuck off’ Neymar apparently said to the ref ‘Don’t touch me’. What a fanny!!

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