Catherine Bearder

Catherine Bearder is a (il)Liberal (un)Democrat(ic) CUNT.

I’ve just watched this treasonous cunt on some channel 4 shite, licking Guy Verhovstadt’s bum hole and telling him to make negotiations as difficult and as uncompromising as possible to punish the UK and make us change our minds about leaving.
Apparently we’ll be “knocking on the door” again within 10 years, by which time the EU will be reformed.

LISTEN CUNT… the EU will NEVER reform and we WILL NOT be “knocking on their door”. Knocking on their heads maybe, but not their door.

The cunt gleefully says that she’s very powerful and is proud that she can use her power to make things happen.
Catherine … sucking up to people is NOT power. It’s weakness.
Turning against your own country in favour of a foreign empire is NOT clever, brave or democratic. It’s fucking treason.

Verhovstadt has already said that he wants to do away with the parliament and have decisions made by the commission.
So Catherine will be out of a fucking job anyway …. where will your “power” be then, cunt?

This twat says that “brexit is unpatriotic”and apparently she’s “fighting for the people”.
When you vote on the side of the EU AGAINST the country that you’re paid to defend, that’s UNpatriotic and fighting against a democratic vote is NOT fighting for the people, but against them.

Obviously channel 4 have crawled right up her arse and the fact that they give traitorous cunts like this airtime is indicative of the attitude displayed by the “elites” (as they love to call themselves) and their contempt for the working class voters of this (once great) country.

There are many reasons that I’m glad that we’re leaving the EU, but the fact that this cunt will lose her job and perks is definitely one of them.

Catherine Bearder.
Move to the EU and apply for citizenship if you love them so much.
Suck Guy Verhovstadt’s cock as much as you like ….

You’re not powerful, but on the flip side you are now famous…
Famous for being a treasonous cunt.

Nominated by deploythesausage

95 thoughts on “Catherine Bearder

  1. Channel 4 might be doing Leavers a service here. The more quislings like this Beardy bastard and A.C. Gray-Lickspittle are seen on TV openly betraying their country, the more committed ordinary people are likely to become in favour of a proper Brexit… and certainly angrier when the Leave vote is ultimately sold down the river.

    Even my missus, previously inclined by default toward remaining, sat up and took notice when that clip of Grayling’s treachery was shown on ‘Carry On Brussels’…

    • Out and out, blatant, unapologetic treason.

      I don’t know how these cunts have the ordacity to show their faces in public.
      I recon that they genuinely believe that they’re good people and that we should be grateful for the honour of being “looked after” by those in society that obviously know better and are so much more in touch with reality than the rest of us.

      I don’t think the slightest notion of doubt has crossed their minds and despite all evidence showing that they’re all incompetent cretinous cunts, they refuse to entertain the possibility that they actually are the cunts that everyone knows them to be.

      • A stalwart cunting for a total loather of the people type cunt. Back in Tudor times cunts like this ended up with their heads on spikes. Traitors one and all.
        By the way, welcome to the North DTS.

          • Bearder and Grayling remind me of deluded cunts like Anthony Blunt and Lord Haw Haw, who no doubt also imagined they were “good people” looking after the plebs’ best interests while betraying their country to the Soviet Union and the 3rd Reich.

            In their superior minds ‘the means justified the ends’, and as you put it Mr Sausage, they “obviously know better and are so much more in touch with reality than the rest of us.”

            Trouble is they’re just the tip of the useful idiots iceberg. Civil Service and left in general is rife with the cunts.

    • ” Channel 4 might be doing Leavers a service here”

      I hope so Ruff Tuff , I really do , but I think that 2 years of project fear and the campaign to mobilize the “yoof” who couldn’t be arsed getting out of their scratchers last time would make it 51% to 49% Remain

      my missus too has changed her mind but the cunts in receipt of the mega money will thwart what we want mate, they’ve had it all their own way , now on TV news tonight it seems the Russians made me vote leave apparently , unbelievable !!!

      The cunts have no shame Ruff Tuff , but as Dick F said we probably wont march en-mass for the betrayal , just take it on the chin and piss and moan to our nearest

      Sad Times

  2. 100 years since women got the vote today.

    Call me an old fashioned cunt of biblical proportions but I don’t believe women and politics mix very well at all. Women are just too damn submissive for it; even when they appear to emulate masculine assertiveness it’s really them just bending over to some other power. May, Merkel, this Bearded cunt here.. all defaulting power to other men in reality.

    And that is a recipe for disaster.

    • Another 100 years and we’ll have a gay transsexual Islamic prime minister. Sharia law will rule the nation and speaking out against it will result in having you tongue chopped off.

      • That wont be England J. By that time the UK will be full of mud coloured easily managed and manipulated blambos who wont even question what they are told, where to go, what to do because (like I was told as a young sailor in basic training) you don’t have to think – all the thinking is done for you. Thankfully in a 100 years I will be pushing daisies up and my children are already planning on leaving our beloved England – 2 gone, 1 to go. England is fucked – our major cities are nothing but crime riddled dindo nuffings . The finest sight as a sailor returning from a tour was spending channel night (the last night at sea before a deployment finished) gazing at the sight of our wonderful coastline and knowing we were “home” brought a tear to most who spent the last few hours topside and awaiting our return back to the once greatest Country this world has ever seen. Ruined by successive governments but in particular the lying cunts of liebour. I cant imagine an ex serviceman or a working class man who would have anything to do with a party who wont rest until the Word England is changed to reflect its multicultural nirvana – maybe Freeland – for the many – paid for by the few. I have priced up and paid a deposit on a lovely little house with an attached barn and 500sq metres of land – in a place where time means little and quality of life is more important. The cost of my Nirvana? 19000 euros including notaries fees and its all mine. My family served (and continue to) on land and sea from Trafalgar to Trieste, the Nile to Normandy, Italy to Turkey, South Africa to the South Atlantic and the Gulf on both wars. My Nephew flies Black Hawks, another is a skipper on a minehunter, my Brother is a Captain currently shining a seat in Northwood, another brother an ex Royal Marine Commando of 12 years service – many lifetimes and generations lost, victorious, beaten, made POW’s but not a single man jack of them did anything without the love of their country first. England. Not the mud coloured half chat knife wielding blambos who now populate my country. Only an Englishman can understand what England means to him.,

        I know your faults and failures and the troubles you have been through,
        But it’s more about what happens now and what we are coming to,
        Don’t make this out a battle hymn or a song for victory
        It’s just a way to try to say what England means to me,
        The echo’s from her green hills runs through her city streets
        And the rain that falls on England washes all the cares from me,
        Rows and rows of crosses who remembers why, what for?
        Those corners of a foreign field, the dust in them concealed out of sight but not out of mind
        Don’t you know that England feels?
        From the mountains of Northumberland, from the Pennines to the sea
        The wind that blows through England breaths life to you and me
        Her accents and her colours change from the mountain to the moorland from the coastline to the dale,
        When I leave and when I am coming home I am lost for words to say.

        British born, English by the grace of God

        • Respect for the service of you and yours Cunto

          and as a Scot , I appreciate your love of your country mate , nowt wrong with that , We feel the same

          I’m a proud Scot but I’m one who feels we cunts in the UK stood together when the shit hit the fan and died together on the battlefields of Europe side by fucking side. We did OK then and us 4 together will do alright gong forward. I hope to fuck we don’t tear ourselves apart when this is the perfect opportunity to stand up for ourselves and take back control of our parliament , direction and standing in the world

          There has to be a list drawn up though, of the betraying cunts over the last 2 yeas….. just for posterity like

          • €19,000 Cunto? Cripes. You can’t get a sleeping bag in a Londonistan shop doorway for less than that.

            Best you don’t reveal the location, you’ll soon have every man jack & cunt there, including me… so where did you say it was?

            @Dick – I think you’ve told us before, care to refresh my deficient memory?

          • Ruff Tuff, I am in sunny Bulgaria and my house cost me more or less the same as Cunto’s.

            3 bed renovated detached (furnished) house with 3300 sqm of land and an old Merc 190 thrown in too.

          • Wow. Have often considered moving to Eastern Europe, especially as a lot of their scummier elements appear to be relocating here.

            Willie Stroker often posts that Spain might be a better option, I’m not so sure.

            Guess that unless the Corbyn Government requisitions my home and robs me of my life savings, expect I’ll end up staying put, apathetic cunt that I am.

            PS: James O’Shithead currently on LBC trying to explain pro Brexit vote on Arron Banks’s relationship with Russians…


          • Ruff tuff, if you are able to relocate some or all of your work, as in work from home online then it makes sense to consider moving.

            It is very cheap living here and a fairly modest UK wage/salary goes a long way. In fact 8000 GBP a year would give a good standard of living for a couple and two kids, not extravagant but good.

            When we moved we looked at the pros and cons as one does and couldn’t really find any pros about staying in the UK, quite the reverse, it made perfect sense to move.

            I have never doubted my ability to make money therefore the ‘fear’ of selling up has never bothered me so if it all goes to shit I won’t lament selling (rather than renting out) my UK house, I’ll just start again.

            Come over for a week and check it out or get in touch if its possible, I’ll meet you at the airport with a name sign ‘Ruff Tuff Creampuff’ people will either thing I am a woofter or a crazy cunt. Or both.

          • “Ruff Tuff” would suffice Dick, wouldn’t want to risk you getting your fuckin’ ‘ead kicked in…

            Fact is I’m probably too ‘comfortable’ to up sticks at this time. Besides, the wife would have kittens at the very thought! And we’ve already got more than enough cats…

            Thanks for the info /encouragement though. Maybe Willie will take you up on the idea – do you think holding up a sign saying “Willie Stroker” at the airport would be a problem?

        • Thanks for that statement, Cunto. And can I associate myself with those sentiments, please? I was only in for 5 years, but it sticks.

    • I saw some news item – dumb-arse models…one of them mentioned Brexit:
      “What’s that ? Does it mean we won’t get any trees ?” ??!
      “Ya wha ?”
      -or something of the sort. And they were all of the age of consent, and legal to vote. Jesus Christ on a feckin monocycle.

      I genuinely believe that wimminz like these are the sort that think that babies are deliver by storks and goseberry bushes… True examples of the situation of BFO (brains fucked out) – if they ever had any, in the first place.

      No hope hoes.

      • That was from ‘Love Island’. Mates gf was telling me about it, and I told her I’d rather stick rusty nails dripped in battery acid into my eyes than watch that cunt tv show.

        • Exactly. You wonder how people can watch these shows without topping themselves. Nonsense TV I call it. Shite programmmes full of thick people, made for thick people.

          • Mates gf is at least 100 iq points smarter than the vacuous cunts on that show. Her watching that is the equivalent of me watching road wars where cops bludgeon the chavs and dregs of this nation. Though at least there is some justice to that – love island type shows reward banality.

            I prefer banality to be cunted in the face with an extendable baton.

          • And the Media seem to think it’s a ‘story’ that more cunts applied to be on Love Island than applied for Oxford & Cambridge University!

            How can that be considered newsworthy? They even got the PM to waste time commenting on it… then again, it’s not as if she’s got anything else to do.

    • They’ve had the vote for 100 years… have equal rights… equal pay… can clean men out financially and poison their children’s minds against their fathers when they get divorced… what more do these whinging wimmin want?

      Heard one on the radio this morning, whining about wimmin being severely underrepresented where it counts – at the top…!

      Forgive me for once more pointing out:

      Head of State – female
      Prime Minister – female
      Scotch 1st Minister – female
      Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police – female
      Director of Public Prosecutions – female
      Director General of the CBI – female
      General Secretary of the TUC – female
      Shadow Home Secretary – sub-primate


  3. i am beginning to think another vote on the deal finally reached is actually a good idea because i think the vote to leave might actually increase! what the fuck will they do then?

    • I expect that they’ll cry and demand another vote.
      I get the feeling that the odds will be well and truly stacked if they resort to another election. I doubt they’ll do it as, as you say, many have seen through their bullshit and have turned to the dark side…
      I think they’ll just leave in name only, the government will collapse, comrade cunt face and the abbopotomous will take over, the economy will crash, we’ll all lose our jobs, revolt, hang the bourgeoisie, deport the cunts that shouldn’t be here and glide off into those broad sunlit uplands that Churchill talked about.

      ….or maybe we’ll just get more of the same shite as usual…

    • absolutely not. I am in no doubt whatsover that if we allow a second referendum they will fix it. The response to the leave vote has revealed the authorities to be totally corrupt. I will never ever trust our government or system again.Ever.

      • If Trump offered to run the country after his 2nd term in the USA? I’d vote for that, if only to piss off half the cunts in this country.

        • Whatever trump does, even if he starts ww3, it will all be worth it for the pain, suffering and tears of the lefty SJW’s that are currently poisoning our society.

      • Any second vote will be about the deal not another remain or leave vote.

        The idea being that such a lousy deal will be brokered and then offered to the plebs to vote on the idea being that the public, with project fear 2 in full force, will reject the deal.

        This then leads to the inevitable conclusion that if the deal to leave is rejected the only other course of action is to remain.

        Fait accompli, those at the top get what they want and the will of the people ignored, as ever was thus.

        • The only honest alternative to accepting the (lousy) deal is leaving on WTO rules. Remain cannot be an option as that would negate the original referendum.

          If Remainers wish to rejoin, they should be offered another referendum only after independence has had a chance to bed in… say in 43 years time. That’s how long Leavers had to wait before getting the 2016 referendum, following the 1975 In or Out referendum.

    • There are cunts that will rig the votes in favour of remain, it’s getting that dirty now. This is when we need the Ruskies to intervene.

  4. Ugly, freeloading old bitch must have thought she had it made until the referendum came along. Cunts like this don’t believe in anything except keeping their place at the taxpayers teat. State funded whore.

  5. If you’re in one of Britain’s capital cities today you might notice a certain fishy smell in the air, as thousands of women march to celebrate the centenary of getting the vote.

    Plenty of banners with the “We’re still fighting for equality” type nonsense. Their is total equality across the board, but I’m pretty sure it’s down to the fact that there’s nothing a feminist likes more than a good old moan.

    Feminism..Before and after, this guy has it sussed…

  6. All about self preservation, gold plated pensions and freebies, fuck all to do with the ‘people’, that ginger shitfaced little troll Kinnock and his mob can fuck right off too.

  7. Ha ha her surname has “beard” in it. And anyone is gonna listen to a fucking single word she says in any aspect of her life after that!
    Getting a mortgage…***snicker snicker***
    Booking a hotel… ***snicker snicker***
    Buying a fucking ice cream ***snicker snicker***
    Something important like politics ***rivers of piss from laughing too hard***

    What a fool!

  8. Ugh, I had no idea who this cunt of a woman was until you brought her to my attention. Thanks dts (slams head into wall repeatedly).

    • Sorry bud…. she is a piss boiling cunt of mamouth proportions. After watching her on channel 4, writing a cunting was the only way to prevent an aneurysm…

  9. Another treasonous cunt…… ever since Tony Fucking Blair abolished the death senetence for treason all of these fucks have been coming out of the woodwork en masse.

    • Like when you poke an ants nest except this ones full of treacherous greedy bedwetters.

  10. New idea for a TV show……I’m a traitorous self serving politician, get me out of here!
    You put a dozen of these cunts in a REAL jungle , give them fuck all and watch them starve and eventually eat each other. Added bonus of exposing them to poisonous snakes and spiders and hungry wild animals. Imagine that cunt Cable being dragged into a river by a 16 foot crocodile!
    I’d fucking watch it!

    • Hell yes, Monsieur le Frog.
      And maybe a celebrity nonce or two parachuted in as a surprise guest.
      Or maybe a show where politician scum and London’s Um Bongos are flown to Namibia and the politician is given an ATV, a quarter hour head start and told to make to a predetermined spot 30 miles away whilst being chased by moped-riding aspiring architect savages who will proceed to catch them (when their vehicle suspiciously runs out of fuel) and chop them up with several of their zombie knives of integration.

    • Great idea.
      We could also introduce them to some natives to see if they’re as enthusiastic about multiculturalism as the politicians are.

      “They want to eat me!”
      …sshhhh, waysist.

      “They’re throwing spears at me!”
      …that’s hate speech, how dare you marginalize minorities like that. They’re just expressing their cultural heritage.

      “Cunts are spitting poison darts at me!”
      …But the real problem here is far right extremism and the patriarchy. You may me getting chased by murderous tridespeople but the wage gap is the real issue here.
      …Waysist transphobe.

      • Two cannibals were eating a clown for dinner, one says to the other ‘Does this taste funny to you ?’

          • Not especially…but bearable…I think… can’t remember a lot about it to be honest…

            But thank you for asking. How about yours?

          • It’s all been pleasantly tolerable really , in a gently alcohol fuelled way, nothing excessive, just gently bumbling along. The wife hasn’t been overly cuntish so I’m marking the calendar accordingly, as a success, sorry to hear that yours has been taxing, never mind, there’s always next week.

          • My wife was particularly cuntish on Friday, we’ve barely spoken since then. So not all doom & gloom.

          • RTC, try Youtube for “Bernard Cribbins – folk song – 1960.”
            Friday is pretty relevant, and the sound effects for Saturday are a nice touch…

          • Too much fucking talking on the Friday, that was half the problem!

            Haven’t heard that ditty before… would guess it was produced by George Martin? He’d improved somewhat in the sound effects department by the mid 1960s…

  11. I’ve just had a request to sign a petition calling on the government to increase tax in order to raise extra funds for the NHS.

    They can Fuck Off. I’ll be buggered if I’ll pay an extra penny to fund a service that provides sex changes for perverts and pufftas. The NHS could save a fortune if it banned Sodomites from accessing free health care. I would,however,be open to the idea of the NHS introducing electric shock therapy treatment for The Gays,followed by a stay in a strictly run “Get Straight” camp situated on Gruinard Island.

    • I wouldn’t stop at Gays. In fact I probably wouldn’t stop at all.

    • The NHS has, and always was, awash with money. How it is spent is the problem! To be asked to dig deeper, while our Government is shoveling cash all around the fucking globe is an obscene contempt by the cunts of Westminster. Fucking bastards the lot of them!

      • £14 billion they can find for foreign aid. Plus the amount wasted by the NHS hardly makes me want to pay more tax to fund them,I must admit.

        • If they at least made a start by charging all non UK nationals and stopped wasting money on lifestyle choices like IVF, removing cunts’ tattoos, enlarging or reducing perfectly good tits, free gender reassignments, liposuction, scams like Homeopathy, allowing taxpayer to be ripped off paying hundreds of times over the odds for stuff like paracetamol etc, and take a fucking chainsaw to the bureaucrats… maybe then I might be a little more sympathetic toward paying a bit more…

          Further reading:

          • Ah! And don’t forget the lifestyle Guru’s, Contracted to Priory and funded on NHS contract. Cunts

  12. I’m just watching the cricket…beaten by the Jocks…My God,what a fucking disgrace. Still,at least it was just the one-day version,and not proper cricket.

    I’m just surprised Mrs. Sturgeon didn’t invade the wicket,face painted blue,waving the Saltire, raving about throwing off the oppressor’s cruel yoke. The auld trout’ll be frothing at the thought of England being put to the sword by the noble Jocks.

    Fuck her

    • Oi Dick you are on the wrong side of the wall and by your logic you are Scottish. Suck it up.

      • You may well be right…it would certainly explain a few things that have I’ve wondered about for a while…..the more I consider the idea,the more plausible it becomes….Finally an explanation….or excuse,perhaps.

  13. Going off topic, yet another race card story to add to the cunting posted on here a couple of days ago. Big lips Toure has accused Guardiola of “racism” saying he doesn’t favour African players. He’s obviously pissed as he played fuck all games last season and has gone with the easy option of pulling the fucking race card. What a tosser.

    • To be fair, Pep does have a bit of a track record there – he did treat Samuel Eto’o like crap and off load him for no reason at Barcelona and did chronically misuse Thierry Henry too.

      Eh, Toure and Pep are total jackasses anyway.

  14. Dick, as all the regulars know on ISAC, I am a patriotic Scot. I can’t say her name, but if I say KRANKIE, you’ll know who I’m talking about. Before her and her party got into power at Holyrood in May,2007, I considered myself far more Scottish than British (75%/25%). Today, and I’m being straight with you, it’s role reversal.British,75%. Scottish, 25%. This is what 11 year’s of SNP governance in Scotland has done. And I know I’m not the only one. As for the World Cup, will I be cheering on England. I certainly will. The problem with too many Scots are they seem to have this victim chip on their shoulder, always blaming everyone else for all their ill’s and Woe’s. As for Catherine Bearder, never heard of the woman. But wasn’t that the same with Jo Cox. And look what happened with her. As tragic as it was, people like this should be careful what they wish for.

    • I hope Kirsty has booked a taxi home and her friends have hidden her car keys.

  15. Soccer Aid is great. A bunch of unspeakable cunts raising money for corrupt third world politicians and warlords. What’s not to like?

  16. i just caught a trailer for ‘Love Island ‘. 2 of the women were chatting : 1st woman ‘ what do you think of Brexit ‘?, second woman ; ‘ whats brexit? ‘ i kid you not. gawd help us.

    • My reaction when I first saw the ad was Jesus Christ.After a few minutes thinking about how Theresa the appeaser will never deliver anthing but a Brexit in name only and the entire establishment are determined to shit on Brexit I thought maybe ignorance is a blessing.

  17. Dear fellow Admins

    I am back from a long bender (annual leave) and see you still dont have my email despite it being on my profile on here (admin settings) anyway I have put it in a draft post.It is due to be published in 2030 so I just have to remember to eventually remove it when you have all got it.

    Many Thanks


  18. Apologies for not doing much moderation on here or even visiting /commenting of late.As you all know work has been hell for a while now and now just as I am about to leave my personal life has been going through a very bad patch to top it all off.

    • You’ve had a poor run,Shaun. Hopefully you’ll get it all sorted and be back on form soon.

          • Nil carborundum bastardii (nor Cuntuar-Welby, No. 1 infidel and therefore a prime target for a psycho inbred to shank in the cathedral. Bothersome priests. Cunt them all soundly.)

            Hang on in there, Shaun.

          • Having just spotted Komodo’s comment below mine, I am painfully reminded that Latin O Level was one of my life’s failures. The headmaster asked me what I was going to do about it, when I collected the worthless certificate. I replied “Forget about it, and move on.”
            He was later arrested for pilfering the PTA funds. Greedy cuuuuunt. His name was sort of cockernee rhyming for “fiddle”…

      • H. Belinda, I feel your complete lack of pain. I spent my last year’s worth of Latin lessons sitting outside the classroom as it was feared I would contaminate my good little classmates and they wouldn’t let me do biology instead. I think I once got 2% in a test for getting my name right. Latin is 2000 years overdue a cunting. ‘Nil illegitimum…’ was the watchword of many in the forces, however, and probably still is. For those still unaware, it’s a bad translation of ‘Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down’.

  19. Just seen an advert for vodka…. proud partners of the lbstqy community.
    The tag line is: “labels are for bottles, not for people”.
    The lbqtb shit is ALL about labelling people and putting them into categories.
    Stupid cunts…

    • And what about vodka that might wish to identify itself as Polish Spirit, or even “white rum” ?
      Because, like, it’s soooo OMG !! (shriek) spirits have feelings too ??

      Labelling and stereotyping exist because the “statistical poulations” are ALREADY there

      Graham Norton, The Gizzard, Sue Perkins… and I read in the paper of a predatory bull-dyke Welsh rugby player perving on under-age victims…
      Twat them all with a Toksvig Log.

  20. Shaun, I’m pretty sure everyone on ISAC passes on their best wishes to you, my fellow cunter. Hope things genuinely work out for you, and your back to your best, sooner rather than later. Take care, my friend, and may your god go with you.

  21. Filthy Lizard bitch. The lot of them genuinely and superciliously thought they were having it all their own way until Trump and Brexit came along. Now they’re scrabbling around in desperation, not even trying to pretend that they care one stuff about democracy, in their fight to not lose their evil Left stranglehold on the infrastructure of Europe. The day Merkel is dragged out into the streets and is literally torn limb from limb by the revolting mob, is the day I’m going to start eating popcorn as I sit down to watch and raise a glass to the TV.

  22. Catherine Bearder is traitor and has the sublime arrogance of much of the ruling elite.These parasites are elected by us yet are not willing to serve us.Disgraceful.As for Grayling what a slimy little old cunt.

  23. If she’s not a rug-muncher then she’s sucking Soros’s crusty shrivelled winkle for sure. Fucking Cuntess Dracula.

    • If I had industrial, steel toe-capped and lead-weighted waders, I’d consider executing a Fiddlerian Tactic upon her cunt.

  24. The recent remake with Bruce Willis has, apparently, upset loads of liberals and snowflake types.
    Can’t be all bad then…

  25. I’d never heard of the Bearder woman. Until her wonderful lifestyle in Brussels, representing the smug Southeast, was threatened. Funny, dat.

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