Andy Watson

Andy Watson of Horton, Gloucestershire is a cunt.

A cunt who wants celebrity by getting his name on net so lets give it to the cunt.

Andy Watson, who owns the property, was shocked to discover the footage captured on his CCTV camera.

‘I live in a rural area where there are lots of hedges she could have hidden behind,’ he said.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: ‘Royal Mail expects the highest standards of behaviour from our people while out on deliveries and collections. Any such behaviour is completely unacceptable and we apologise to our customer in Gloucestershire. We are investigating this incident.’

Also, Royal Mail is a cunt but they’re pro’s and the list is too long.

This is a cunting for all cunts who take offence at people who need a piss.

Andy Watson of Horton, Gloucestershire is such a cunt.

Did he need to go full-media?! did he need to get the worker into trouble?…no! could he have just left a sarky note on his door like most other cunts?…yes

He went public in his cuntishness, his choice… his cuntitude.

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30 thoughts on “Andy Watson

  1. Part of the ‘run, hide and tell’ fraternity. Some people have no clue whatsoever when it comes to discretion.

    What this numpty won’t realise is that if the local press has a slack period, they will try to see what shit they can dig up on Watson. The story that keeps on giving, if you like.

    You never know, he might have done a stretch for troubling sheep and goats.

    Big mouthed cunt.

  2. Ok, i’ve pissed and shat in people’s gardens and all sorts of other places over the years. I’ve often wondered what the owner of that white van thought when he came back to it to find my liquid shit dripping down the drivers door. My guts were in a bad way that day, trust me.
    So, it’s not very nice but why grass somebody up and possibly get them the sack? Because you are a self-righteous little prick, that’s why. You are the kind of wanker who, at school, delighted in telling Miss that you had written “Miss wants my cock” on the desk. You only have to look at this cunt’s smug face to see what an arsehole he is. Fuck off Watson, you should have been a politician you sneaky little wanker.

    • You should have been a politician.

      That’s the best most derogatory insult I’ve read on these hallowed pages.

      Perhaps only bettered by You should have been a remoaner politician.

      Love it.

    • Was that your text read out on O’Shithead’s show this morning Kravdarth?
      Fucking bang on the money if it was!
      Thought it might be you cos it signed off with “God bless Trump”….

  3. If the cunt lived round here he could expect shit through his letterbox for the next 6 months, and he’d deserve every one of them. That really is a face that deserves punching.

  4. Seedy looking Cunt looks like a Scout Master who would enjoy Bob-a Blowjob week. That’s probably the trouble,the fact that it was a female,had it been a young gentleman he’d probably have added it to his extensive “Spy Camera in Mens’ Public Toilet” video library .
    If I wasn’t frightened of ending up as another trophy in his video collection,I’d go down there myself and lay,or rather ladle,one of my Chicken Phall washed down with Black Velvet skitter puddles on his doorstep. Now that really would give him valid reason to complain….Bend over,fart, and you could pebbledash a wall.

    Fuck him.

    • Fucking brilliant – you have to do it Dick! Ffs, no one would recognise you if you wore a white hood…. unless your arse is on file, that is.

  5. Fucking coward should have wheeled his telly to the front door, got her attention one morning and shiwn her the video.
    And then asked her who the fyck she thought she was.
    Cunts fucking cunts again.

  6. If the cunt had had the common decency to provide a portaloo in the first place, he could have avoided all this unnecessary unpleasantness.
    My grandparents lived out in the sticks in the 1930s, and the postman regularly took a dump in their thunderbox of a morning.

  7. Looks like the kind of cunt you find loitering in the toilets at your local park ….
    I hope some locals give him some serious tap!!

  8. Off point…..
    I see quislingfest is back on over at Parliament later, grieve and his rag bag army of brexit deniers are going in for the kill..
    can the hunchback get a result?
    Also in the news French cretin barnier is threatening to kick the U.K. out of the European arrest warrant and other security services? Oh really……

  9. When I’m on the road and get caught short I pull over and shit under my trailer.

  10. The Hunchback couldn’t get a result against the proverbial one legged man in an arse kicking contest.
    Barney Fuckface can kick us out of whatever he wants…..we don’t need those cunts.

  11. Another sad, attention seeking twat. Granted, it was a bit unprofessional and slightly ropey but if you’re bursting for a slash or a shite then you just gotta go to avoid ruining your clobber. This cunt got the attention he so sorely craved and maybe some satisfaction but little else. What a lonely worthless insecure nobber. Hopefully more people realise what a cunt he is and turn on him; give him a bit of stick for it.

  12. Off subject but I am warming to that cunt Trump. He has pulled out of the UN Human Rights group due to bias. This group includes such paragons of freedom as China, Russia, Saudia Arabia, Algeria and Vietnam. What the fuck were the US doing in it in the first place? And why are we in it? How can models of repression such as these speak on Human Rights?
    Good on Trump.
    The cunt.

    • I started really warming to him last summer. Although the process had started in around February-ish.

  13. Like he’s never been caught short whilst out and about with no public toilets nearby… Cunt.

  14. Oh and the scouse loving Al-bee-bee – cee have been commerating the 10th anniversary of scouseland becoming the European city of culture. What a joke on so many levels.

  15. My missus sat herself down on the sofa next to me and said…
    “I bet you’d like me to throw you on the floor, straddle your face, pull the gusset of my already piss stained knickers to one side and then urinate over your face. After that you can fuck my arse till it bleeds, then finish yourself off over my face.”

    I said “I’m trying to watch the football, can’t you take that phone call in the kitchen”….

  16. Just one look at this ballbag and you know he’s got a murky past. Shifty looking cunt.

    • Doesn’t he look pleased with himself? The smug twat. Give him a fucking round of applause. Now everybody knows his name.

  17. Piss in his orange juice, shit in his spag bol and do something even nastier to his milk.

  18. The Daily Mail diversifying into golden shower videos I see. Makes a change from the snuff movies they normally post.The vile cunts.

  19. Excellent, excellent nomination.
    Cunts that take offence at someone who needs a piss need to be slapped hard in the face with a piss soaked towel. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been caught short.

    One time I had a pint after work and had to stop THREE FUCKING TIMES for a sneaky lash.
    It was only a 40 minute journey.

  20. Such a self-righteous attention-seeking ballbag!

    Well he’s had his 15 minutes, but I sincerely hope that when this cuntstick lives into his 70s and 80s and he’s out shopping, and suddenly he has a need for a piss but there’s no public convenience, he will piss up someone’s wall and remember that day he stitched up that postwoman for more or less the same reason.

    May his toilet block and backfill all over his bathroom floor, the ungrateful little tittle tattle cuntjobbie

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