Lily Allen (7)

Lily Allen

Lily’s new album ( out on the 8th June, I know you are all excited about it ) is titled “NO SHAME “. Oh really?
We all know she is a total cunt but I have a certain admiration for a cunt who can blatantly take the piss out of the dimmo public and keep a perfectly straight face. A bit like Phoney Tony and……oh fuck…..too many to list. Perhaps you may have come across some other examples?

Nominated by, Freddie the Frog


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  1. Following the “wedding” of this week, Ms Allen made the comment that at long last our racist isle is moving in the right direction, endowed with a Black Royal who will reform this evil land of ours, and no doubt slay dragons as a part time slayer.
    This peroxide enhanced jiggle stick just can’t keep her gob shut, and takes every opportunity to slag off the country that keeps her in the wealth that she enjoys.
    Fuck off you slag, you petulant cock serving slapper. Cunt

    Good cunting Freddie, she deserves it !

    • England’s “Black Royal”. 😠

      After the wedding of the Epoch I dedicated some poetry to the Duke and Duchess of Suckit. It was in the Poetry in Advertising thread. But aside from the few who graciously, commented I don’t think a lot of people saw it.

      I thought it was one of my better efforts so with that in mind I dedicate this to ASA and give a full release to Lilly Allen to incorporate it into the noise she passes off as music:

      An ode to the spares:

      He’ll probably never be King
      So the mongrel he loves got his ring
      But will there be malice
      As she strolls through the palace
      Her black ass all covered in bling.

      💎. 🖕

      • How do you think the Kensington palace servants are going to take to being addressed as ‘muhfuggah’?

        As in “where dat hot sauce fo’ muh fried chiggun, muhfuggah”?

        • Yo..Odin…

          Why da fuck you axon’ me. Ax dem. You helmet wearin’, viking motha-fugga. Fuck you and dat worthless ass spear! Y’all come into da hood widt dat shit and we’ll bust about fitty caps on yo melatonin deprived ass!

          And don’t be sendin’ dose fuckin’ crows or ravens or whatevah da fuck dey is to scope out da hood. We got gauges mofo!

          Massa race my ass. We in charge now…ya hear? Sheeeeeeeeeet!

          Yo bitch…y’all ain’t got no purple Kool-aide in dis place?

          🗣. 🍉. 🍗

      • A magnificent effort General , certainly worthy of a hardback, and a place upon every civilized shelf !

  2. “Take the piss out of the dimmo public and keep a perfectly straight face”

    Treeza delivering Brexit anyone?

    • Spot on LL – I mean, how is it that Appeaser can perform in such a confident and accomplished way at PMQs – usually wiping the floor with Catweasel – yet be so piss poor when it comes to General Election campaigns and Brexit in particular? I keep coming back to one word:

      CONSPIRACY. Then think “Nah, can’t be… they’re surely too unimaginative for that… aren’t they?”


  3. She blames racists for inflicting brexit on Britain, I blame Keith for inflicting her on Britain.

  4. Lilly I would like to apologise in behalf of ISAC for the disgraceful abuse you’ve had to endure at the hands of my fellow cunters.

    I’m actually in tears writing this cunting.

    I recall reading an article where, with real passion you put so many critics straight, in particular where you rightfully pointed out that being the daughter of Keith Allen had bought you no privaledge, after all he abandoned you at 4 years old.

    As any decent mother would do yours quickly found happiness and remarried a Mr Harry Enfield who wasn’t either famous or wealthy.

    Your road to the top has been a tough one and I feel compelled again to apologise but this time
    on behalf of Great Britain.

  5. Can’t believe it’s only 7 cuntings.

    Great cunting all the same Freddie👍

  6. A Lily Allen quote:

    “I felt like ‘Oh God, I’m short, fat, ugly And I hate all these people who flaunt their beauty.”

    You gotta give the cunt credit…when she’s right she’s right.

    Nailed that one Lily.


  7. I’m looking forward to reading what Kravdarth has to say on the faecal matter…

  8. She really should stick to what she does best. No, not making music or commenting on political matters. Lying in the gutter at ‘Carnival’ pissed out of her nut.

  9. Urgent cunting request for Mr Um Bongo himself:David Lard arse Lammy. .

    The fat salad dodging chicken guzzling race baiter is at it again! Demanding mire black students at Oxford and free places with bursaries for BME students. .

    I say fuck you, you overweight, pompous, shite speaking, arrogant leftie nuclear grade cockwombling cunt.

    • To be fair Krav MP’s need to be in sync with their constituents and I think David’s nailed it on this one.

      Whilst I think he may have been making the demands on a more general basis Tottenham is a well know centre of academic achievement for BAME students.

      In particular Tottenham is recognised as a centre of excellence for ‘budding architects’ and sons of bus drivers that excel in ‘butchery’ but their chances of going further are restricted at age 18 when OxBridge discriminates against them on the basis that there are more gifted pupils and obtaining the very best further education is denied them as they don’t have a clue who Dad is so can’t claim through the CSA and mums disabled and living off benefits and hasn’t ever worked. But to stigmatise them would be wrong and probably raaaaaacist.

      It’s a cunt and it needs addressing so he’s right to call it out.

      • If we ever form an ISAC band, we need to call ourselves ‘aspiring architects’ or ‘sons of bus driver’s’.

    • BME students, Krav? Body modification extreme types? I hope it’s that.

    • And he is also a member of the Labour Party’s “Friends of Israel”, a queer paradox if ever there was one, as he is especially critical of Israel,s “offensive policy” towards Palestine.

      He certainly is a right full on cunt !

    • Well, you can polish a turd all you like…

      Diane Abbott went to Cambridge, I believe.

  10. is Lammy saying that black applicants that have the same grades as white applicants are being turned down for OXford simply because they black? or is he saying that black applicants don’t have the proper grades to successfully apply for Oxford Uni. but they should just be let in anyway? which is it?

    • Or that blacks should take precedence over whites with same grades?

      Lammy’s a racist cunt however you slice it.

      • Think you nailed it RTC, he is just a fucking racist and hates whites.

        According to the 2011 census approximately 3% of the English population were black. That’s 3 in every 100 David. And as someone who went to Harvard even he should understand that the number of black students attending the top universities will be small if in direct proportion to the black population.


    • It’s all about the race to the bottom, innit bruv. Fuck academic achievement it’s race that counts. That’s why the new South Africa is such a beacon of achievement, non corruption and efficiency with a low crime rate. So to answer your question – let them in regardless of ability. New world order, innit?

    • Both Richard.
      My Brother and 2 nephews attended Oxford and in their own words it was fucking tough. Anyone who passes through those hallowed halls need more than just very good A+ A level passes. Should blambos, simply by the colour of their skin be given a % of places? Certainly fucking not. Seats of learning like Oxford are fucking hard to get into for a reason – I wouldn’t expect Clammy Lammy on the strength that he bought a £650 push bike on his expenses to automatically qualify for a place in the Olympic cycling team or the Tour De France because he is a blambo. To quote a contributor on a recent Question Time – Universities should be hard to get into but less expensive if you make the grade – not getting in with B’s and C’s to do a course in meedja studies or a diversity degree then spending your blambo life whingeing and whining about your debt when you are only fit to earn minimum wage as a production assistant on Jeremy Kyle or flipping burgers and cleaning tables at McDonalds. Uppity fucking box ticking permanently fucking offended cunt that Clammy fatty Lammy is – showing his blambo mates what it looks like eating 6 square meals a day.

      • I mentioned this on the previous thread. In a nut, Blammy is incensed that there aren’t more BME students at Oxford. Oxford have pointed out that their intake of BME accurately reflects the proportion of BME candidates with 3 A’s or better in the population at large, and they don’t accept lower grades from the peasantry so what’s the bitch, bitch?

        It’s not down to Oxford (whose intake does not accurately reflect the proportion of extremely well-connected rich cunts in the community, it must be said *) but to the BME at school. Innit?

        *The chance of interacting with which socially advantageous cunts being the principal reason the unbooted and unhorsed clamour for admission.

        • Of interest, Lammy received an upper 2nd class Degree in some weird shit, African Studies, and his Law Degree was LLB on a modular inset programme.
          Hardly the Academic is he ?

          • To be fair, he read Law at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), and got a Masters at Harvard, according to Wiki. A 2.1 isn’t bad, modular courses are the norm, and SOAS is one of the better establishments. He could have had an academic career, but became a lawyer instead.

          • For a moment, I read LLB on a modular inseCt programme…

            How to eat Tse-Tse flies, in polite Oxbridge company, no doubt.

            Most of these people would fail a lav degree.
            Failure to find own arsehole without assistance.

  11. I think one of the biggest hypocritical cunts who literally laughs at those who believe in him is Richard DICK Branson – the pro EU scumbag who loves this country and what happens to us proles so much that he doesn’t live in Britain and rarely sets foot here unless it is for a photo opportunity, so the half witted cunt, can give us another view of his false teeth. Lily Allen is a fucking boring cunt, though I think she knows she is at least 10 minutes through her 15 minutes of fame.

    So many of these shits (Beckham, Mandelson, Blair) just patronise people and they lap it up

  12. ….and here at the 3.15 Refugee Races are those latest figures, just in:
    Linekunt…….. 0
    Lily Allen……..0
    Jude Law…….0

    But wait, who’s this dashing up the side, surely to victory…
    Benedict Cumberprat…….0

    Psh. The breathtaking arrogance of these cunts.

    • As Derek & Clive said

      “The Wanker’s coming up on the inside…”

  13. I wonder how Lily would define (and no doubt defend in full “virtue-signalling” mode) this one (from the lowlife “peacefuls” from the Northwest region of the sub-continent that are the bane of our society):

    Probably: “It’s jast, wey’ull cultural in’it!”

    Useless cunt!


    And in other news…

    Googlecunt’s own “hate speech” filters didn’t pick this one up! 😂

  14. Forthcoming albums from Lily Allen to include…

    “No Class”

    “No Fucking Idea”

  15. Lily Allen’s just a name to me. Someone famous for having a good agent, I suppose. Another one.

    • There must be a factory somewhere, churning out dumb teeny bopper scrubbers like Katy Perry, Gaga, Ariana Grande and this cunt.

      • Maybe they are the survivors of peaceful sweatboxes. They say surviving extended trauma involves the reduction of personality.

        • I think not.. The only possible explanation is that they are paid by Moscow to subvert our standards and values by corrupting the young. And if they’re not, they bloody well ought to be – they’re doing a damn good job.

      • Well seen Liquidator. The cunting MSM feminisation campaign is no coincidence, we need to cunt it. It’s all part of the nefarious under-current to feminise the West. Have you noticed lately, how many TV programmes, (the majority, probably) which push the “FEMALE BEST” mantra?
        Last night I sat watching a bit of TV fiction in the shape of a murder mystery series called Marcella, set in Londinistan. Hans Rosenfeldt, the writer of the Swedish crime fiction, The Bridge, has created a British, version.
        In Marcella, apart from the multi-culti detective team, headed up by a mixed race female and a white female detective, all the white males and yes, even one black male! are portrayed as thieves, assassins, murderers, gays, perverts, or disloyal husbands. How Swedish Rosenfeldt must hate his own sex to have compiled this load of distorted bollox. Repeat, wash, repeat wash, ad infinitum. No wonder then, that more and more females of the species, now think that they are above all normal rules, terms and conditions. I had an incident yesterday, with a 25yr old female that illustrated such, when she thought she was being treated badly, burst into tears and accused me and the Mrs of harrassing her, because she thought being asked to pay a normal security deposit, on a holiday flat was a liberty!
        They want everything their own way and boy will they kick off when their unacceptable demands are not given into.

  16. When is a grown up going to tell pratts like Lillian Allen to stop showing off, it was a phrase that used to pull me up sharpish, for fecks sake stop indulging their stampy foot tantrums why do seemingly sensible people give twats like her space to expand all of their half baked nancified bollocks they want a smacked arse and sending to their rooms, insignificant little snot bubble

  17. No shame is fucking true,this cunt Lolly the musical mong dosnt understand the concept of shame or she would have disappeared years ago….what a cunt she is,fuck off Lilly

  18. Lily Allen has just posted a photograph of her vagina on Twitter. Errrrr , not sure what to say lol.

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