Let Go

Right up there orn Yours Truly’s list orf most despised Yankisms, “LET GO” screams trying to toadie wit de yoot and merely makes faceless HR (Human Resources) cunts feel better, not the poor cunt that has just been given the old Push.
“Honey I’m home late and pissed and have drunk the remains of our savings away. Time for you to go work the streets again. Don’t cry old soldier, it’s an end to being stuck indoors all day. No not because I have been sacked, absolutely not, they have “let me go”. Be positive, little smile my love. I’ll give Bright House a call and they can take away the furniture and I’ll wear a head-guard, mouth-guard and groin protector when Nigerian Nige calls for the rent”. Sorted.

“Let Go”? It’s SACKED You Cunts. YT has expertise having been Sacked, Canned, Dismissed, made Redundant or otherwise Fired from every job I have ever had. In short YT has been given Notice, the Bum’s Rush, the Boot and the old Heave Ho. Keep me P45 on a piece orf elastic. Hence YT has made his way as an Independent Executive, an Entrepreneur, a Consultant and latterly as a Producer orf Entertainments Artistic (know me knockers from me knackers). Less likely to sack meself.

“Let Go” has its place. Was gallows humour when engaged in a spot orf liason in the Eastern Bloc. Cut a long story, positive epidemic orf black hat cunts dismissing themselves from the Russkies employ via twelth storey windows. Much embarrassment all around plus a quantity orf brain mousse and claret. Interesting how the old corpus behaves when brought up short in an abrupt manner. Brains shoot oit through available orifices such as nostrils and ear’oles while the lungs explode out through the chest cavity (remember Princess Di). Very educational but I digress. Point is like any old game you get to know the players. Suddenly a certain dodgy cunt is no longer in the room as it were and is subsequently peeled orf the pavement.

“Interesting aboit old Ivan. His friends? Apparently not, Johnny Bulgar (the Bulgarians) were involved. Very reasonable on price but not known for their finesse. He was let go.”

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

21 thoughts on “Let Go

  1. If only our new generation of snowflakes had to spend a gap fucking year with our Rusky friends eh Limpy ?

    “lt go” , ” It’s not working out” and ” It’s not a good fit ”

    the soothing words to stop the meltdown of 2 generations of utter cunts

    • Delighted that you alone actually “get it” old heart. Spent a good few years in transit East to West. Found gainful employ in the then East Germany. Very educational.

  2. I have absolutely no idea what this is about but I would love to kick Sugar’s head in if that’s any help.

    • Summat to do with Engleberk Dumpercunt innit?

      “Please release me, LET me GO…”

      Or maybe naughty Roseanne Barr getting the bullet for being out of step with Hollywood celebrislaganazi lynch mob? Food for thought however you slice it.

      • Roseanne Barr should be replaced with the Flabbott. They’re both of a similar BMI and level of physical attractiveness and the dimwitted Americans would scarcely notice the transition.

        • @TtCE

          I reckon Fred Flintstone would smell a rat… or, to be more accurate, a sub-human sewage farm.

      • Pissed myself laughing when ITV News announced last night what Roseanne Barr had tweeted.

  3. Seeing as Pedantic Cunt appears to have gone AWOL,I must point out that the human scrotum that is Lord Sugar can’t fire any of the fame-hungry knobheads on that telly programme,because he doesn’t actually employ any of them. The show is a competition to try and get investment money out of his grasping,Shylocky claws. So even the winner isn’t employed,never mind the failed “candidates”.
    I fucking hate Sugar and only watch the programme in the hope that a failed “candidate” chokes the old money-lender senseless and kicks Karen Brady in her Cunt on their way out.
    Slightly off topic I’m afraid Sir Limply……

    • Why is Sugar pointing at me as if I’d just stolen the family silver?..”I’m Fired” am I?…We’ll see who’ll get the warming if I catch up with the Cunt.

    • Sorry old heart but Admin inserted the Lord Sugar refs and pic. Not Yours Truly. I supplied a choice of pics on the “Let Go” theme, ie let go from a great height geddit. Included a coupla Russkie pancakes on the pavement spewing brains, lungs, intestines and bollocks. Indeed for gender balance enclosed a pic orf a filly with her cunt burst oit orf her shorts. Very educational.
      Alas Admin has gorn snowflake and faints at the sight orf a spot orf claret. Not surprised many cunters were baffled.

      • Was this nom. just a brazen attempt to drum up interest in your soon to be published coffee table book,
        “All Guts and Gussets”,a whimsical stroll,tastefully illustrated,through your the more “theatrical” episodes of your distinguished career?
        For Shame,Sir Limpley,for shame.

        (pre-order available at Mustapha’s Emporium of Dirty Postcards and Filthy Magazines …only available in plain brown paper cover)

        • Ah but as a doyen of my profession I have no shame dear heart but as a gesture orf goodwill I will furnish you gratis two tickets (best available seats) for my forthcoming entertainment orf feminine charm, culture and health, “Sir Limply and The Leatherettes”. If you retain any spark below may I suggest that before viewing you stuff your pants with cotton wadding to absorb any embarrassing discharge.

  4. I’ve been let go on a number of occasions, and on most of these I experienced a sense of release for which IMO ‘being let go’ was a pretty apt descriptor. Although ‘We’re letting you go’ was a poor second to ‘Here’s your P45, now piss off,’ as I remember. ‘Fuck off to hell, you useless cunt, and here’s your substantial redundancy payment’, are the most welcome words I have yet to hear.

  5. I was dragging my heels on a house design project and even after taking the bosses’ advice, the cunt still fired me.
    “When I’m feeling uninspired” he said “and need a lift, I go home at lunchtime and give my wife a serious shagging, gives me a boost.”

    Later that day the boss asks me. “Did you learn anything from the advice I gave you?

    “Yeah, two things, lunchtime sex is great, and you’ve got a fucking nice house”….

  6. All this shit with Morgan Freeman,Rosanne Barr etc…it’s like the Salem witch trials. Some kind of mass hysteria where the merest hint of a badly worded joke or misinterpreted gesture is enough to unleash the scourge of our Age..the Twitter mob,permanently outraged and far more bigoted than any of their victims.
    I just wish someone,instead of apologising and pandering to their vitriol,would just tell the Twitter bunch to just grow up or Fuck Off.

    Fuck them

  7. I thought this was something to do with Mr Sugar having some issues with a colostomy bag? Wrinkly, shouty old cuntlord.

    If he dared point his wrinkly old digit at me then he would need a sharpish visit to his local, cockney-accommodating A&E dept to extract said digit from his prostate via his anus.

  8. Sorry it’s off topic, but a Peaceful went on the rampage yesterday in Belgium – killed two female cops and a civilian a car. Not one fucking word of this on the Fucking Libtard BBC Breakfast news this morning …..Although going on about Roseanne Barr or whatever her name is doing a ‘racist’ tweet on twitter… fucking cunts.

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