This twat reckons that shampoo in hotels ignores black people…
I know: world’s gone mad. PC dictatorship, offended by anything, absolutely everything now has to be for and about john john… But trying to make out that shampoo is racist?! What the fuck will it be next?! Baked beans? Pot Noodles? Shortbread fucking biscuits?! ‘White shampoo’? What is the daft fucking bitch talking about? Halsey is a virtual signaling snowflake slag and a complete cunt...

Nominated by Norman

With follow on comment by Lord Benny.

Why on earth would someone spend so much money on surgery to become the thing they despise?, can I just point out trying to buy a bottle of “Head and shoulders” in Lagos is about as easy as finding an honest trader!

64 thoughts on “Halsey

  1. Silly fucking tart. It figures she is a tart because her surname is Frangipane. Just imagining the bloke in the Mr Kipling TV ads trying to pronounce the cunt’s name.

    It’s because she is an exceedingly good snowflake. Just like that Areola Grandstanding. Cunt.

    • Isn’t the idea of bleck people washing their hair “cultural appropriation” ?

  2. Funny how this Halsey cunt is proud to ‘consider herself black’, yet there the daft bitch is in that picture trying to look white… A total cunt…

    • We have a new Queen waiting in the wings who fits that description Norman. Meghan is the name ( lest we forget ) A determined “womin” who is going to remodel the Royal Family. TOO white, I believe.

      • Another of my poems (from the Poetry in Advertising thread) about the Duke and Duchees of Suckit dedicated to a despondent ASA with the note; don’t worry my friend.

        An ode to a Princess:

        There was a young Prince named Harry
        A Half Breed he wanted to marry
        Prince Phil was aghast
        This surely won’t last
        Another Princess we’ll now have to bury.

        👸. 👎

        (Is there a rule about shameless self promotion? 😜)

        • You’re not alone when it comes to self promotion General – there’s a lot of ‘stiff’ competition out there.

          For instance, there’s my own ‘Bumper Fun Book of ISAC Cuntings for Boys & Girls but Not Trannies or Gender Fluid Attention Seekers’.

          Not to mention Dick Fiddler’s book, with working title:

          ‘The Cunting Postman Had Fucking Well Better Not Ring Twice If He Bloody Well Knows What’s Good For Him, Bastardising Wanker’

          A runaway Xmas bestseller if ever there was one…!

          • Is it the ISAC Book of the Month Club or Cunt of the Month Club. Either way I want to join.


  3. I had a No.1 cut for years,now I’m just bald. I find the very presence of shampoo in a hotel room highly upsetting and an obvious insult based on my slap-headedness. I shall join Twitter and start an “outraged” campaign immediately.I shall also buy an afro wig so that I’ve got something to shampoo next time I’m at a hotel. Hopefully the bullying that I’ve had to endure over the years will stop when my tormentors see me in a freshly washed afro wig.
    Fuck them

      • Never! If I choose to present as a 6 foot tranny,pretend West Indian wig wearer,you’d better not question me…you.you..nasty bully.

        • Your testimony Dick has moved me greatly. In solidarity I shall be reacquainting with my BLACK plastic Beatle wig (circa 1963).

          • That is shocking leaving shampoo in a hotel the first thing that should have been done is the desk clerk seeing you were without head hair should have organised a maid to remove it.
            I would suggest you claim compensation from the state I am sure you could legal aid for such a serious impeachment of your human rights.
            Also contact your local MP as such a serious insult by the hotel sector needs to be raised in parliament.

            And if the hotel in question was a Travel Lodge then I am sure that fair minded and white championing Lenny Henry will have something to say about it.

          • Lenny Henry is Premier Inn the useless cunts who fucked up my family boxing day last year CUNTS

    • I am in a similar situation DF, being a bit bald now and having a shaved head I find it upsetting when in a hotel and it’s time to use the shower. The least they could do is supply a nice blonde mullet for me to wear to fit in with all the Whitey’s strutting around with their flowing hair.
      As for that cunt Halsey, I thought she was white when I first read it, I then read part of the story and she says: “I can’t use this perfumed watered down white people shampoo,” she said – adding that nor could half of their customers.

      Look at your hair you cunt, hardly African afro is it you cunt. Typical part black person who acts more black than a proper black person.

      • Perhaps we should demand some dome-polish like they use of bowling balls is provided in all rooms,B+WC….wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve rubbed one out in a hotel room

        • As long as the Dome Polish is derived from fair trade products, and is organic and part of the money goes to the Congo. DF.

    • My sincere condolences mr filddler,you must have been traumatised I hope you have applied for counciling after such a event and even taken the hotel chain to court for compensation for infringing your folical rights,don’t forget to claim for at least 100 family members who were also affected by this event

  4. She what? Inanimate objects hold opinions now do they?
    I suppose that will make a good police tazering even more personal then.
    I can see some new york cop scratching “joshua” and “tyrone” into his bullets though. That ammunition needs taking off the street and re-educating.
    Always thought I’d get to say “bloody yoof of today”, but now it’s gonna be “those fucking toothbrushes are so ignorant. And as for those pencils, well they can just fuck off. Racists and bigots the lot of them.”

  5. These last few years I’m starting to seriously consider that I have either a. Fallen through a tear in the space time continuum into a parallel universe where everyone is a fucking cunt or b. That I am actually not this moment in my toilet having a shit but really in a mental asylum in the 19th century , imagining all of this because I am starting to question whether these cunts can be real people.

    • You’re not alone mate. Be sure to let us know if you ever work out WHAT THE FUCK is going on. My theory: Pootin and his chums has bin pissin’ in our reservoirs.

        • Makes sense Asim… I mean, if they’re prepared to spike their own athletes, why not the West in general? Besides, where do you think those urine samples taken from the Russkie drug cheats ended up?

          Case closed.

  6. Never heard of this cow though she appears to be just another tattooed monstrosity.

  7. Never heard of this two bob scrubber but, according to Wiki she has been diagnosed as bi polar ( as mad as a box of my relatives ) and claims to have been raped and sexually assaulted more times than a New York hooker after 20 years on the street. You want to be more careful who you hang about with you dozy mare.
    Listen slag, take your own fucking shampoo, put the 20p sachet in your Vuitton handbag and give it to a poor person ok? Not that this rich bitch would go within 20 miles of any poor people if she can help it.
    Surely there will come a time when there’s a backlash against these champagne socialists crying their crocodile tears over the poor and dispossessed while parking their fleets of cars in their gated mansions?
    The yoot of today can’t be the yoot for ever. One day they will realise they’ve been sold a dream that was never going to happen. Fuck me, are they going to be angry!

  8. Once again I had to Google this cunt to find put who the fuck she was. It turns out she’s from my side of the pond!

    Fun facts:

    1. Her father was a mixture of Tropical Rainforest Rabbit and Bog Jumping Spud Muncher. That means he can throw bombs one handed while swinging through the trees.

    2. The dump cunt tried to off herself and failed. If only she had succeeded she wouldn’t need to virtue signal..the world would already be a better place.

    3. Despite being born herself she supports Planned Parenthood. Making her yet another walking argument for abortion…literally and metaphorically.

    4. Her cunt name…I mean stage name…is supposed to be an anagram of her birth name Ashley. More likely she just couldn’t spell her birth name.

    5. As near as I can tell she wasn’t invited to the Wedding of the Epoch. Apparently not even the virtue signalling Duke and Duchess of Suckit want anything to do with this cunt. I mean WTF every fucking other Americunt of Ubangi descent was there.

    In short snowflake or coaldust it makes no difference…she’s a cunt. Spelled; C-U–N-T


    • General. Fantastic post. But I’m confused. I was the product of unplanned parenthood. Does that necessarily make me a bad person?

      In my defence, the doctors advised my mother to abort (she was being treated for TB at the time) but she chose to give birth with the distinct risk of snuffing it. She lived.

      What was she thinking? I could have been another Hitler! Instead I’m the reincarnation of Joseph Stalin, but God told me not to be so naughty this time.

      • @Ruff

        God love your mother. Clearly, a woman of courage, fortitude and conviction. 😇

        Being born doesn’t make you a bad person. Being a cunt does. The world would be a better place if cunts were aborted before inflicting their cuntishness on the rest of us.. 👿

        Confused? It’s OK.. I’m conflicted about issue too. On one hand I want to believe in the sanctity of all human life. On the other hand I want to believe Ebola will spread rapidly through Africa, the Middle East, Most of Asia and all American inner city ghettos and barrios…along with some parts of Europe…Mexico…and all of Ireland. 💀

        Despite your Stalinist tendencies, I’m glad you’re with us. 😀

        • Wow! Sounds like you might have a few Stalinist tendencies yourself General! 😯

          I tend to keep mine very much under my hat these days…

          Thank you also for your kind words concerning my existence.

          Long may you run!

          • Libtard cunts run around judging all of us white people guilty racism simply because we exist. It’s one way they promote white guilt. No white guilt for me. Fuck those cunts and the camels, water buffalos and zebras they rode in on.

            I don’t think Stalin was particularly sarcastic.


          • I can’t remember – it’s like it’s another lifetime ago.. 😉

  9. Top cunting Norman,
    I blame the Americans, with their ‘If you have a single drop of black blood then your are black’ bullshit.
    I am sick of these cunts who look half and half at best going on abaaaaaht black this black that totally disregarding their white side. I have news for these cunts… You’ll never be black and you’ll never be white. As most cunters know I am half English and half Jamaican, I wouldn’t change it for the world and I am equally proud of the blackies and whities in my family and what they have done for this country of mine. To totally disregard one side of your family because it’s trendy at the moment to be black is to deny some of your ancestors who made and shaped who you are. You cunts, fuck off.

    • I think one of the worst examples is an American civil rights activist and cunt called Rachel Dolezal, who despite being born to white parents ‘identified’ as black, she even had some random black man on her Facecunt page who was supposedly her father.

      • Liberal Liquidater, that must be the next trend/phase. People identifying with a colour even though they are not that colour. Like the men identifying as women, humanity is going down the toilet.

  10. Never heard of the cunt and no intention of looking further. Am away on holiday next week so will check out the hotel bathroom for institutional racism.

    • If the towels are white you will probably have basin for a discrimination case. You’ll probably get a free stay and food as well although if the free food includes bananas then you could probably get the Hotel shut down.

      • So if there were guests from India I can see Claridge’s or The Dorchester digging them a hole in the ground round the back to take a dump.

  11. Anyone have Phillip Roth in the deadpool? Wrote the finest novel about wanking ever – Portnoy’s Complaint.

    • It was the second proper book I ever read, after Catch 22, lol!!

      • Catch 22 remains my favourite, closely followed by Amis’s Money.

  12. Who. The. Fuck. Is. Halsey?
    Apparently a “poc”, or Person of Cunt (see the link if you can be arsed). At last a derogatory and legal term for use by whitey. Poc, poc, poc. It has an offensive ring to it, and it charms me. Poc Hair Straightener has been added to Komodo Products’ to-do list.

    R4 Today, this a.m, charmed me less. David Lammy failing to explain why pocs don’t seem to make it to Oxford in the numbers he’d like, and resisting all attempts to explain to the thick and whining cunt that Oxford takes 3-A students only, and that the proportion of pocs there is the same as the proportion of 3-A students in the country at large, so no biggie, not even a tiny.
    Major cunt, requiring formal cunting.

  13. While we were celebrating the wonderful wedding ( i’ve been collecting all the newspaper special pull outs natch ) those cunts have sneaked another 54 freeloaders into the House of Wax.
    I can’t find out how many of the bastards are remoaners but, as they’re all stinking rich, I think we can guess where their loyalties lie.

  14. And another thing. Why are fuckers who go by a single name invariably cunts? Bonio, Sting, Prince, Morrissey, Charles. Camilla.

  15. A perfectly timed cunting as I bring a new product to the market….’Dread ‘n’ Shoulders’….

    • Haha good one JR Cuntley, Meghan’s Mum could be the face of it.
      Might get a royal warrant.

      • Don’t know the lady personally, but I am prepared to believe she is not a cunt, until convincing evidence comes my way. Looked as if she had more dignity than anyone else in the hideous spectacle.

  16. Well, Joe Hart is gonna be shitting a brick. Mind you, he’s a better salesman than he is a keeper these days.

  17. Gentleman of ISAC. General Cuntster, Quick Draw McGraw, Black and White Cunt, Asimplearsehole, Freddie the Frog, Ruff Tuff Creampuff, Liberal Liquidator, Cuntstable Cuntbubble, Dick Fiddler, Norman, Komodo and too many to mention. All you guy’s keep me sane in a totally, crazy, fucked up, One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest world. All your post’s truly have me in utter stitches. May your god go with you, and bless everyone of you fine fellows. I salute everyone of you.

  18. I didn’t even know the bitch was mixed until now. Either way, who the fuck actually uses the complementary hotel shit? I thought we just took it all as a bonus and then leave it all under your sink for years.

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