Gina Miller (2)


This horrible woman from Guyana has surfaced again making a speech at the University of Cardiff. Initially when she took the government to court, she denied wanting another referendum, saying that Parliament should vote to trigger Article 50. She said that it had nothing to do with the result but that Parliament had to have their say. Well they did and they voted to trigger Article 50. Now she is saying she wants another referendum. She lied as all she has ever wanted is to stop Brexit by whatever means she can. Just like all those cunts in Westminster she doesn’t believe in democracy, and believes that her vote is worth more than that of us “plebs”.

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She really IS the cunts cunt:

She’s made her money in this country, why the fuck doesn’t she just take it and piss off to an EU cunt-ry.

She wants students to be *radical* sorry, love, not while they have important things to do like watching Hollyoaks and Home and Away each day.


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  1. Just another in a long line of traitorous cunts I’m afraid.

    Here’s one to ask any one of these cunts that say the EU isn’t some secret attempt at a federalist European super state

    Apart from their behaviour on the gallileo sattelite project where UK paid 12million so far ( can’t imagine any of the bottom 25 countries quite managing that amount so far) and UK company that designed the algorithms it would use.. .. They have told us to fuck off…. but that’s an aside

    Ask who would own Galileo if the EU disbanded? Who does it belong to? The first country alphabetically?
    No… the fucking eu acts as a single country on this kind if thing and exposes it’s true agenda. If it did collapse The 28 would have to be grown ups and share access….something that seems impossible now????

    Utter utter cunts

  2. I agree with her,I think that there should be a second referendum. I honestly believe that the majority to leave would be even larger.People have had enough to being lectured by the likes of Blair and Miller,and would,I believe,be delighted to give them their final marching orders.
    However we wont get another vote because “our betters” are terrified that an unequivocal “leave” vote would mean that they could no longer continue with their highly effective dilution of Brexit.
    I must admit that although I voted Brexit,I would like the chance to vote “No Deal” to the abortion of an agreement that May is so busy quietly implementing.
    However, there’ll be no new public vote on any aspect of Brexit,our glorious leaders won’t make that mistake again.

    Fuck them.

    • Meant to say that I am not a Brexit at any cost believer. A Pyrrhic victory is no good to anyone……although to be honest, I hardly care any longer.We are going to get the shitty end of the stick,no matter what. We have been sold out,and frankly the way that the country is going,I don’t think any kind of Brexit is going to make a difference .
      This country is circling the drain at a vast rate of knots and whoever is in charge in the future is welcome to whatever kind of shitehole we have bequeathed them.

      • I’m off again…..I know people have said that there’ll be some kind of a mass public demonstration if Brexit is thwarted…there wont be. “Brexit” will be presented as enough of a compromise that the vast majority of the public will be prepared to take the path of least resistance. Let’s be honest,most people are too busy making a living to risk everything on a lost cause.

        • Agree entirely, and have been predicting such ever since pigfucker resigned. What a dispiriting and painful process it has been to witness.

          • I happen to disagree with both of you there. I believe that just before the Article 50 deadline runs out, they will force a 2nd referendum and it will be rigged in favour of Remain. Let’s all hope I’m wrong….

          • As I’ve said numerous times before, they tried to rig the last referendum but miscalculated it. Everywhere except London, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted Leave and we’re supposed to believe that it was only a 52% majority?!

          • Whatever, it won’t make any difference to the General thrust of Dick’s argument.

            “This country is circling the drain at a vast rate of knots and whoever is in charge in the future is welcome to whatever kind of shitehole we have bequeathed them.”

        • All this was played similarly after the Great war Dick.
          We were told England was lost and would never recover. The amount of pitiful desperation of a land fit for heroes was illustrated at the time of rat infested tenements and kids dying of Victorian diseases plus the Flu epidemic that killed more than the great war itself. Enter Churchill, who after seeing the abject poverty in Manchester (he became their MP) ranged on the Wasteminster cunts for a better deal for the slum dwellers, all good white folk as it happens. He introduced the labour exchange, gave men paid tea breaks, was highly involved in the foundation of the NHS and of course after the Dardanelles campaign when he was fired from his job came back and dragged us up by our bootstraps with fuck all in reserve to finish off the Hun whilst France and most of the rest of the current EU gave in like a bully taking sweets of a kid.
          We were the workshop of the World, the Tyne and the Clyde couldn’t find enough dock space to build the ships, the car / motor bike industry was churning out motors by the million, we made our own white goods, trains, clothing – you name it we made it.
          All that preamble was to illustrate that fuck the EU, we were better off outside it – we are an island nation – that’s why the Hun couldn’t conquer us. The last time an army set foot on English soil was 1066 although the blambos have invaded without a shot fired.
          Necessity is the mother of invention. Look at the Swiss – haven’t had a war for 500 years and all they have invented is cuckoo clocks and bent banks.
          Facing the sea and doing our own thing is worth all this shit then maybe we can take control of our Country back again and turf some of these blambos back to the EU – after all they love them so much.
          Fuck the EU. The more you dig into its dealings with its “members” the more you become convinced its one huge fucking Ponzi scheme. Something is not right about the whole way the Tories are dealing with this. The inertia of May has no explanation. Liebour are so fucked she should be dictating the terms and telling the EU to fuck off and just leave, we will do our own deals. I can live without wine, olives and whatever other bits and bobs we buy from the Euro cunts – can Germany survive with tariffs stuck on their Mercs, Beemers Audis, VW’s Skoda’s, Porsches ????
          Fuck them. Cunts from top to bottom who just need to have their bluff called.
          I would rather be the 51st state of the US than a member of the corrupt and bloated EU.

          • Excellent piece, Cunto,and perhaps you’re right.I’m considerably more pessimistic about our National future.
            At the risk of being labelled a conspiracy nutter, I’m more of the thought that The Kalergi Plan has not only been implemented,but is not a kick of the arse from success.
            It’s being so cheerful that keeps me going.
            🙂 .

          • Great points Cunto, but there’s nobody in our Government or Opposition who even seems to want to call their bluff (apart from possibly Rees-Mogg, not holding my breath there).

            Where is our Churchill? At first I expected David Davis to go in all guns blazing… what a damp squib he turned out to be… not to mention our strong and stable cunt of a leader. Looks like it’s all down to Italy and Hungary now.

          • Cuckoo clocks are Bavarian (kraut). Sorry !!
            The Swiss, however, do very well out of banking, army knives, watches that only an ever-increasing army of Russian oligarchs can afford, and 40 Million Swiss-franc properties on the shores of Lac Leman, and generally being Swiss…which means that they have the refugee policy that we had around the 40s…

            GENUINE ones only. Thoroughly investigated and documented. I believe when I left Switzerland they were trying to peg the proportion at a max. of 25 pc. I suspect they’ll manage. And the government takes integration VERY seriously.
            I got into a discussion on YouTube a month or two back with someone who claimed to be a “history lecturer.” I started to mention integration.
            “What’s that?”
            When someone asks a fuckwit question like that, you know that…they understand, and are in denial, disagreeing with the theory.
            I texted back, politely. That was the end of our discussion.
            Funny, that.

          • Might have added in my post, we don’t even have an Attlee, let alone a Churchill.

            Even Chamberlain would appear as a colossus compared to the rubbish on our front benches today.

          • Yes cunto but what you’re missing is that when Ted Heath (knowingly – as per the Werner Report) gifted our sovereignty to the 4th Reich under the guise of a Common Market there is a direct correlation between that act, the decimation of the UK manufacturing industry, and rise of the Hun becoming THE manufacturing powerhouse of the EU.

            At the time this was levelled at the Trade Unions as being at fault for being strike-quickly work-shy cunts – which was part of it – but all of the cunts at the top in Cuntminster, on both sides of the house (Denis Healey being once such complicit Labour cunt) knew how it was going.

            Britain was to become a services country (less aggro from the workforce) and so long as the Hun kept their grubbies off the Financial Services sector then that suited them just fine.

            Unfortunately we now live in a world where these services can be done from anywhere in the world (India, China, Korea, etc.) and usually at a lesser cost (albeit oftentimes for inferior work output).

            America faces the same threat but unlike the UK they still have a strong manufacturing presence. We on the other hand are fucked.

            Combine that with an influx of Eastern bloc migrants outnumbering Brits to their country 10,000:1, well isn’t that just great! And they’re just the cunts who are here legally!

            Combine that with the very real prospect of a majority “peaceful” country in 2-3 generations (simply through a reproduction rate of between 6:1 and 8:1) well this cuntry is fucked.

            Our last gasp is to rid ourselves of the 4th Reich, shore up the borders and start cracking down on over breeding (both Kyle scum and “peaceful”) on the nashy (we’ll pay for 2 after that it’s on your dime – no more £3,000 a month bens handouts for a family of 10 “peaceful” cunts who’d love to see us all die).

            We can’t do fuck all though until we’re out because until then we’re hamstrung by the EU Court of Human Rights (which basically means Abu Hamsa types get protected, kids blown up at concerts not so much, eh).

            Also, during all of this shite, when was the last time you heard “trade deficit” uttered by Appeaser May, BoJo or David Davis? Er, you never have, certainly not since Article 50 was triggered!

            Weak cunts!

          • Why pay for any kids? Not like we need more population. Its part of the problem that even we esteemed cunters think paying to breed is ok, and as you and to be honest I have said in the past only for X number of children. Well why in the past it was only for children AFTER the first therefore encouraging larger families to repopulate after the wars.
            Scrap child benefits if you want kids pay for them. Or at least only pay child benefit to white native British.

          • Great post Cunto.

            Great Britain is a trading Island Nation and always has been.

            Ever since the likes of Sir Walter Raleigh came back from the America’s with his pockets stuffed with tobacco and spuds the Brits have put themselves front left and centre of world trade.

            Of course we’re not the biggest economy in the World, how could we be, but by and large I believe we’re a nation of pragmatists and traders and whose very pragmatism has enabled the UK to be one of the most advanced economies in the World.

            We are currently No 5 in the world in terms of GDP with only Germany, Japan, China and America, in that order above us.

            The US is the worlds biggest economy worth £20trillon or 1/4 of the worlds economy and with a population of 324m.

            China is the worlds second biggest economy worth £14 trillion and has a population of 1.4bn.

            Then at number 5 there’s little old Blighty who’s economy is worth £3 trillion but with a population of only 65m (excluding illegals).

            In fact the the USA and China make up half of the worlds economy or there abouts and they’ve both done that by dominating WORLD trade.

            So what’s the EU worth?

            Excluding UK it’s £14 trillion apparently with Germany, France and Italy accounting for £9 trillion or to put it another way 2/3rds of the total.

            The German economy is so massively skewed to the production and export of vehicles it should be ringing alarm bells.

            Merkel is widely quoted as saying 1 in every 7 jobs in Germany depends on the auto industry.

            German vehicle exports account for 14% of their total GDP.

            The UK accounts for 20% of all Sales world wide of German vehicles and 25% of the value of all goods exported by Germany.

            The fucking Germans run the EU, they get more than triple back than what they put in on a net basis.

            Gina Miller in the scheme of things is an irrelevance. Yes she needs a proper kick in the cunt but she’s just like a fly that you can’t swat.

            Sadly for her she thinks she’s got herself a profile and she’s enjoying her moment in the sun but ultimately the German car industry along with a pragmatic negotiating stance from our government will decide the outcome.

            Fuck Gina Miller she’s a non entity cunt, fuck the House of Lords they can be overridden, fuck Kier Starmer and Spear Chucka what’s his name, fuck Lady Mandelson and his puppet master B Liar, fuck that bender in Ireland who’s only looking towards a job at the top table, big or small fuck them all.

            I genuinely believe Brexit will happen. I believe the Conservative and Unionist Party truly understand the value of democracy and that to over ride a democratically mandated vote would be an affront to democracy itself. Let’s hope I’m right!

        • So remainers can call me a cunt when something goes up in price or something and I can call them a cunt when we are tied too close still

          Sounds about right for a proper fudge of the vote

        • Absolutely no second referendum as 1. The result was clear the first time and having a second one would set a dangerous precedent irrespective of the result and 2. The cunts would without doubt fix the result. I have absolutely no doubt about this.

      • I would personally like to see a diamond hard brexit!! I loathe virtually everything about the EU, from its completely anti democratic workings to it taking credit where it’s certainly not due!!
        I’m all for a friendly Europe of trade and defence cooperation but can’t remember ever voting to let these Cunts and their court take seniority over the U.K.!!
        Fuck the EU !! I hope it dies and is replaced by something truly representive of the common people, I doubt this will ever happen hence I voted leave and would do the same tomorrow!!

        • The best summation I have read of the leaver point of view to date. Amen brother.

    • I agree, I voted remain, mainly because I have a job that is made markedly more of a ball ache by leaving the EU, so pure self centred cuntery on my part . However, I’m a remainer that accepted the result fair and square and would vote leave if given a second chance so that the cunts who have spent the last two years moaning about the result take an even harder punt in sponge than they did last time. Cunts

      • If I were of the Berlaymont persuasion, I should NOT wish to have the Italians and the Hungks crapping on me from a great height.

        I love to think of what the Godfathers might do to the paedo scoutmaster… (I seriously hope my description is legally & suitably anonymous. If someone in B. gets upset, it says more about them than it does about me ! If it needs to be edited for the welfare of our esteemed forum, I do humbly and without prejudice accept.)

  3. Khaki coloured cunt…..I would’nt have been able to see her in all that mud….
    …..if she had’nt had lipstick on.
    Imagine the cheek of a cunt like her telling us what to do in our own country.
    Send her home & let a boa constrictor try & constrict her gob….it would have
    an impossible task. Super cunt.

  4. While we are on the subject of these remoaner cunts, did anyone see the most vile of the male remoaners (the male, sort of, version of Gina Miller) Peter Mandelson spreading his fucking slime over Sunday morning TV, on this occasion licking the arse of the royal family and how much he enjoyed the wedding. It is good to know the young Prince gets the approval of the old queen. He also talks although he has a plum or a cock in his mouth.

    • Almost certainly a cock.

      Gina Miller. Did not believe a single word of the shite this horrid spoilt bitch came out with in her fucking endless whinging. Ands still it goes on.

      Still staggered how she managed to find a cunt thick and stupid to marry her. Twice ffs!!

  5. “The will of the people changes from day to day.” Oh, so we’ll have a referendum every day shall we?……..well until you get the result you want, bitch.
    Students must get radical. They can’t even spell it you old whore. So you want them to get radical in support of cunts rolling in money who want to turn us all into obedient worker ants. That would have gone down well at Woodstock.
    This foreign scrubber is just shouting into an echo chamber of fucking fascists. I’d like to know who is funding this cunt. Could it be the Russians? Oh no, the Russians only get blamed for Brexit and Trump. It couldn’t be that people voted for Brexit and Trump because that’s what they wanted. Oh no , we were all brainwashed by Putin the bogeyman. How fucking dumb do these fucking cunts think we are ?

  6. We got by for centuries governing ourselves before this cunt showed up and decided she didn’t like how we do things here. Dare I say it, we even did quite well as a global power. The downturn in our success seems to have coincided with cunts like her arriving en masse. If she doesn’t like it, I’m sure she still has a Guyanese passport, suggest she uses to fuck off.

  7. Never thought I would say this but don’t really care anymore.

    Successive governments have fucked this country well and truly over to the point where I believe too many things are now irreversible and I do not see any one party capable of reversing the damage already done.

    This means of course that for the brave thousands who fought and died for this once great country, their efforts were in vain. Not even sure about selling England by the pound, we are simply giving it away to unelected bully boys and paying for the privilege.

    Our political cowardly leaders should be ashamed of themselves for what they have allowed to happen.

  8. Students must get radical. Oh do fuck off love. Like Jordan Peterson says and I’m paraphrasing , at 19 years old you know the sum total of fuck all, 7 years ago you were 12.

    Let’s have 19 year olds running the country and deciding what we do , you utterly stupid cunt.

    • @CotL

      Don’t underestimate this radical student bullshit. It is part of the libtard agenda precisely because they don’t know shit and therefore, are reliably moldable to whatever cause is deemed politically correct.

      Here in the states we’ve seen the previously cunted Emma Gonzalez and the should be cunted David Hogg along with their Parkland High School comrades elevated to Ghandi/King like status for their participation in one of the Fascists most important causes…disarming the populace.

      Now there is a movement to enfranchise students like them with the right to vote. The logic to this idiocy (🤔) is laid out by the Pravda like rag Slate Magazine below:

      • Ah yes General, second rate Malcom in the Middle, David Hogg a true limelight grabbing opportunist cunt. One for US libtard politics of the future you lucky cunts.

  9. She is one of many.
    Today that cunt Carney has said that we are worse off since the Brexit vote. We are still in the EU so he is obviously using his project fear script again. It is all down to uncertainty, apparently. Perhaps because we didn’t have the emergency budget in June 2016 ? Not sure what the mess Italy, Ireland, Greece and Eastern Europe are in is down to. Probably Brexit.

    • I seem to remember a huge recession in the 1930s…

      Aaaah, of course. Must have been Brexit !!

      • Now you mention it, those Jarrow marchers were the Geordie Brexit brigade. The cunts.

  10. Fuck me, there’s a lot of despondency on here.
    Did the Suffragettes say….oh those cunts will never let us have a vote let’s not bother.
    Did Obama say……fuck it, they’ll never vote for a black President , why bother?
    Did the poofs say……they’ll never let us fuck each other up the bum legally.
    Didn’t they say to Cromwell…… you can’t cut off a King’s head , don’t be a cunt all your life.
    Well fuck that, I ain’t ready to roll over and die just yet. That’s what these sly cunts want. Fuck them, fuck Miller, fuck Merkel and fuck the fucking E fucking U !

    • I’ve every respect for your enthusiasm,Freddie. I think in my case it’s just that I feel ,more and more,as I get older, that this country has changed into something that I no longer feel pride for. I feel pride for our history,but I feel that the sun surely has set on the Great Britain that I remember.
      We have become a weak,po-faced,petty nation obsessed with “rights and equality” while failing to recognise that we are allowing ourselves to be distracted from the big picture.
      Yes, some will protest,but,just my point of view,eventually people get sick of banging their head against a brick wall. I think that the country has gone past the point of no-return.
      Perhaps the fact that I have no family that I care about makes me selfish enough to just think…Fuck them,let them get on with it. I don’t care.

      • My thoughts too. I’m covered in brick dust. Trouble is, the pols who are supposed to be making it work all just happen to have nice contacts and present or promised directorships with EU-sucking companies. Hence the oo-er mode they’re all in. Patriotism is so passe, dears. Let’s stay in with the in-crowd.

        Cunts, and if I may borrow the expression for a second, fuck them.

          • Berlin?

            No need to travel, I have a large jam jar… jam packed solid with lethal drugs, right here in my bunker, somewhere in Silly Suffolk…

  11. As one from a country whose “ leader” wishes to leave the UK but NOT the EU can a modicum of empathy be granted to me when I mention the name ;
    Nicola Sturgeon????
    Treacherous, odious political non entity
    Of a person ( gender unknown)

    • I am in same boat cumnock. How can I be on the winning side of 2 referendums and still feel like i lost?

    • Beats me how the nats can tell anyone they want in the EU but out of the UK, with a straight face. And I notice they can’t manage to come up with any kind of economic plan, even assuming the EU is shovelling subsidies Scotland’s way.
      I blame Mel Gibson, personally.

    • Obviously being fucked over by Brussels is supposed to be better than being fucked over by London.

      I am 1/4 Scot, and currently live in Wales, so the doings of national parties are “of interest” to me.

      I seem to remember Wee Krankie went to Berlaymont, to try and shoehorn Scotland into the EU via some sort of back-passage arangement. Cosy little meetings with Juncker et al.

      The result,? Even Juncker, who is known to be appallingly racist against the English, said “No. You are part of the EU because you are in the UK. If it goes tits up, you renegotiate. From scratch”

      If I’d been Juncker, I’d have said “Come into my parlour, Wee Krankie, and you can suck my cock, and I’ll say yes to your staying in the EU, just to spite the English. Then we’ll move in, and asset-strip Scotland; we will install a whisky pipeline, one-way only, from Scotland to Brussels, and you won’t get a grote”

      But Juncker is so far up his own arse, he missed a trick. And Turdgun still bangs on about IndyRef2. Stupid bitch.

      Re Plaid Cymru and Wales…does anyone remember the famous EU map of the UK ? Wales, famously, was just completely absent.

      That is how much Berlaymont cares about the constituent parts of UK – they couldn’t give a toss; they do NOT want to subdivide, and d/w anything SMALLER than the UK, as they are GLOBALISTS.

      Plaid’s Leanne Wood sounds suspiciously like a character from Corrie. Maybe Pat Phelan might Jack the Ripper her this week. I’ve sent in a suggested hit-list, as some characters are definitely getting on my tits – ET, the prick that looks like Philip Schofield / Suckdick Qunt, various dykes, Fiz, Daniel, the fat ginger cunt, and some of those whiney young Jacquis (although I’d slip the Aunty a length, before doing Liz MacDonald).

      Sadly, I fear too that there will not be a 2nd referendum; I think our glorious leaders have possibly begun to realise that, as stated above more cogentluy than I ever could, that those in favour would be a much bigger figure this time. Just imagine the cringeing embarrassment of the “establishment” if it wet up to, eg. 65 percent pro-Brexit. And all the weeping snowflakes, forced to consider an utterly hopeless life ahead of them !!

      I must nuy a lorryload of Prosecco and cyanide caps just in case. I don’t know if the local younger generation (Cardiff) are particularly addled (any more so than elsewhere), but I couldn’t see them taking a bigger Brexit well. No. Not at all.

      • Plaid are a particular passion of mine. I grew up in Wales and there were these miserable Welsh nationalist cunts who kept banging on about ‘they stealin all our water’ referring to the Elan resevoirs and Birmingham. Now, the Elan valley is a beautiful place but there is fuck all there and the resevoirs don’t detract from the beauty. The attitude summed the miserable cunts up and today they are Plaid Cymru.

      • I’m not Scottish, but lived in Scotland for 30 years…voluntarily. For a couple of years I was a member of the SNP. It is still my view that if a clear majority of Scots want independence, they should have it. And if they don’t they shouldn’t. The old mantra of independence within Europe sounded good, but there had to be some way the country could make a living – but these were the days, now long gone, when Ireland was being pumped full of Eurocash and could be cited as an example. Nowadays Greece would be a better model.

        Scotland is in even worse case than UK plc financially, and is equally devoid of strategic thinking. Independence within the EU is a con.

        • Not sure Scotland would even qualify to join the EU. They have too high a budget deficit. To join, deficit must be no higher than 3%. Scotland’s deficit is around three times that much.

          Might bend the rules though, just to snub UK, ha ha.

          • No they wont bend the rules.. witness the attempted Catalonian debacle.. I did like the bit when the Guarda Civile kicked the shit out of the Turd like Catalan fire brigade, who, as always in any society, are a useless, Cuntlike, Work Averse, Cowardly. Pie Eating Bunch of Fucking Thick Shite… As the Grenfell enquiry seem to discovering. Strange that the gobby London Fire Brigade Female Honcho with a lot to say at the time seems to have disappeared from view… how strange, how odd?????

    • They must’ve offered him a shitload of cash considering he’s a Premier League winner. They’ll still fail though – a wannabe big club with ideas well above their station.

  12. General Cuntster, well said, my fine fellow. And an excellent link to the Slate magazine. Here in Scotland, we have the vote for 16 and 17 year old’s. Why, you might ask. My answer. FUCK KNOW’S. When I was 16 in the early 1980’s, I knew little or nothing about how politics worked. Straight into work, on a YTS ( Youth Training Scheme). I was paid £1 an hour, worked Monday to Friday, and still kept my paper round at the w/end. Gross weekly pay, £60. This was 34/35 year’s ago. Can you imagine a majority of today’s youth doing that? Not a hope in hell. WHY? To much of a self a entitlement attitude. And this is the future of our country. WE’RE FUCKED, General. Good day to you, sir. And may your god go with you.

    • Thank you Richard and may your God go with you.

      I absolutely love that expression and you (at least I) never hear anymore.


  13. Strange day today.

    Firstly had to go to the local Post Office to collect some Japanese yen for Mrs Stroker who is off to Japan land tomorrow. Immediately ahead of me in the queue was an elderly lady who wanted to buy a card. The one and only kindly assistant engaged in conversation with her, and established that the card was unsuitable for a male, and that she would need to choose another. The old lady did not understand where these cards were, so the assistant not only took her to the cards but spent several minutes choosing one for her. By this time there were several people waiting in the queue.

    Regarding payment the old lady got out a plastic bag full of coins, which she placed on the counter, then back in her bag then on the counter again. The card was £1.99, and the assistant took two £1 coins and gave her 1p change and a receipt. The old lady queried this and several moments were wasted whilst the assistant explained the transaction.

    The old lady then wanted to withdraw £200 cash from her account. Firstly could not find her card, then could not remember her pin code. Fuck me, I was in the Post Office for about 20 minutes. I was not angry with the assistant for doing what she did and providing a service, just frustrated with the situation.

    About an hour later had the misfortune of having to go to town centre. More fucking Eastern Europeans than I have ever seen, I reckon 90% of those in town today were not local. I could tell because most of them seemed to be fucking shouting at each other. Noisy cunts, Told two groups of men to shut the fuck up, and my wife warned me to keep my voice down unless I wanted trouble. Don’t give a flying fuck if they want trouble.

    Stood outside a shop whilst Mrs Stroker went to make a small purchase. Stood immediately next to a large overweight black man in a Royal blue shell suit. He was smoking. He turned to me and asked whether I could spare £1. Told him not interested. In the five minutes or so I was waiting he asked five or so other people, unbelievably two of the five gave him £1. Both white males. He also had the fucking nerve to ask one of the two who gave him money for something else, which they declined. Perhaps he thinks I was a racist for not giving him anything. Last cunt.

    Is it any wonder that most locals do not go into town anymore and that business is dying in its feet?

      • Did the overweight dark gentleman have the appearance of Barry White, 1970’s icon…

        • As a matter of fact he did Heinz, but without any noticable signs of style, star quality and (I suspect) any form of obvious talent.

          My 13 year old son correctly informed me that £2 in 5 minutes equates to £24 an hour. More than mum earns. And for doing nothing.

          • Well, as they say .. “Your my first. my last. etc…!” The fat bloke was probably Ghanian or similar West African sewer.. if you see the Cunt again send him round to wash my car and I might give him a pie …

          • Now that my phone has chugged its way through its new security upload/download, half burnt its battery out in the process, and caused my piss to evaporate (its usual trick of being 99 pc through some task, then throwing a wobbly that requires phone call to customer “service” – fuck me !! an automated voice that sounded like a bogtrotting Alexa…), it tells me that certain unwanted calls come from…Chad. Well, I suppose that’s useful to now. I’m an idle, deaf cunt that doesn’t even feel phone vibrating. If Winston K’dogo wants to beg for money, he can leave a message. Fuckin stupid CUUUUNT !

  14. I love irony. which is why is absolutely love the debate over the peoples independent republic of Pictland fucking off somewhere north of Greenland… now: Were I a smelly sock, were I again a hot headed young man, I would vote to leave, until a sober and sane Cunt explained that it was a bit odd that I wanted to leave a Union that had had had existed since 1707, only to (attempt) to join a Union based on Berlin, a city nearer Warsaw than London, let alone Edinburgh..
    I do think that as any vote over the future of the union affects all , then all union members ( sort of you and me ) should have a vote.. for instance, you may think the Pict already does quite well really, courtesy of the Barnett Formula. You might think I dont want to sponsor Sturgeon and Salmond and the other fish smelling/ sounding Cunts…

  15. The biggest thing that shocks me about this ungrateful, treacherous cunt, that it’s only “2” next to her name!

    The cunt!

    • The biggest things (plural) that shock me about this cunt…and I had to google her because I didn’t know who she was…is that her parents were from India…she was born in Guiana…and they sent her to England to go to school.

      Jesus H. Christ Himself. By her some books…send her to school and she screws the teacher. Fucking cunt!

  16. Well, she’d be right at home in parliament. Fuck knows why she hasn’t tried to run for office with her terrible attitude and tendency for lying.

      • Apropos ” why doesnt this Cunt run for Parliament”.. probably because she would have to declare who was sponsoring her at some stage… So who do you think is bankrolling this Cunt??

          • Gina Miller says “George Soros backed campaign to overturn Brexit is undemocratic”.

            So George Soros it is then.

          • Indeed, I suspect you are correct Sir.. after all Frau Lawrence got a seat in the Lords on the basis of the fact the polis allegedly fucked up the investigation into the death of her son ( the legal system strangely avoid any mention..) and on the back of this Sad fact they basically tore apart the English system of policing… now it’s much fairer, you can Stab who the Fuck you like… isn’t it odd they all seem to be IC3/4?? Should we discuss this? Probably Not. Probably be dangerous to do so. Best not. Question: If you could legally acquire a firearm now, would you do so?? Answers on a postcard to:………..

  17. I truly hate this cunt. She features very high on my ‘Fuck off and die ‘ list. She should be tarred and feathered, sat backwards on a donkey and whipped out of town, but only after Dick Fiddler has given her a good kick up the cunt.
    Good evening.

  18. Pressed send in error. The point I was getting to is that today is the fifth anniversary of the death of Lee Rigby.

    Media coverage: not a word.

    • Thats unusual… the press are always chattering on about Stephen Lawrence.. wonder why that is?
      The press doesn’t seem overly concerned in seeking “justice” for all the predominantly young, non IC1 youth stabbed to death mainly in metro London. CWonder why? Possibly because they are being murdered by other persons of colour… Black Lives Matter are strangely silent.. Or do they only object when armed Police Officers shoot violent armed criminals of a certain ethnicity? Answers on a Postcard to……………

      • I see EastEnders are trying to reflect real Londonistan life in their fucking crap soap, except they aren’t the cunts, two darkies get stabbed for nicking a bike, yeah, a fucking pushbike, but it was three Honkies wot did it.
        Just like Corofuckination street portraying a gang of cunts grooming a schoolgirl and passing her around to all his mates, one was even a fuckin copper, all honkies though, so that’s ok, gotta get it real haven’t they, the cunts

  19. Grenfell survivors had to leave the inquiry in tears today because they were shown film of the towering inferno. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth because the raaay-sists hadn’t prepared them for it. Do they want compo for that as well?
    Meanwhile, in Manchester more shameless grief jacking and promotion of love, not hate.
    Have you ever had the feeling that this country has become the weak, spotty nerd in the playground who gives up his dinner money to the bullies every morning?

    • Helps explain why “there’s a lot of despondency on here.”… 😊

      • “Dont Look Back In Anger”… For some strange reason. Maybe people should be Very |Fucking Angry….

    • What I’d like to know Freddie is where the fuck all this Love/Hope not hate shite has come from.

      Last time I looked a hateful Muslim cunt took itself into the MEN and dispensed just about the most hateful package your worst dreams could not wish for.

      It’s got to be one of the most disgraceful distraction strategies I’ve ever witnessed.

      Don’t look back in anger? Really, why not.

      Whilst I don’t believe for a second Iraq and everything that followed was a ‘recruiting sergeant’ for these cunts, some idiots may have seen it that way the fact remains it’s an ideological battle being fought and propagated by Peaceful’s.

      The only act of ‘retaliation’ I’m aware of was from that cretin Darren Osbourne.

      So that’s whitey 1 as a result of 1 ‘attack’ and Peaceful’s around 100 as a result of multiple attacks.

      How utterly fucking perverse is it that despite teenage girls being deliberately targeted in an act of war the Lefty cunts that infest our public services and media outlets have somehow managed to distract the watching public from the what really happened and why, to almost making you feel guilty that you may harbour some resentment towards said cunts.

      It’s truly an act of sleight of hand Paul Daniels could have only dreamt of.

    • He’s got cunt written all over him. I hope his dog shits in his slippers.

    • Turkish restaurant eh? So this Matthews cunt is a raaay-sist and Islamophobe.
      This busybody wanker needs to sort out his hierarchy of victimhood.
      Either that or get a fucking life the creepy little cunt.

    • I’ve just had a look at this cunts Twatter Account.

      Looks like he genuinely walks the streets of Cardiff in a bid to find offence.

      A real life example SJW Snowflake in action.

      What a cunt and sole destroying that this cunt and many like it think it’s totally fine and normal to act as such.

      Short of a proper pasting I’d say.

      • Am sure I have seen this utter dribble of rancid jizz, or thousands like him, around Cardiff.

        Another shite goatfucker establishment I shall NOT be patronising.

        And I doubt if I shall go there to eat, either.

        • Matthews tam bir pislik. Every restaurant I went to in Turkey had male waiters; you’d think the cunt would have been glorying in the triumph of feminism, the miserable noseyparking clype cunt.

  20. I noticed that too Mecha, we have had Manchester, Grenfell, the ginger twat of a duke and his z rated actress feminist duchess at a garden party. No mention of Lee Rigby, why I am not surprised sums up my feeling for a country I used to be proud of, but no more, I am beginning to hate this country with a fucking passion I never thought I would. Fucking the white working class and its indigenous people off seems to be top of almost all the agendas and headlines I see and hear about. Fuck the royals, the police and the far left…..CUNTS one and all

      • It never really happened.

        A nasty shaving accident where two “peacefuls” rushed in to help and the waycist police arrested them.

        Nothing to see here.

        Move along please.

    • They haven’t mentioned Lee Rigby because he was murdered by Islamic savages and it just wouldn’t do to remind people of that FACT

  21. The strange thing Jack is that I never felt this bitter before about the state of this country and what awaits us. Thank fuck for ISAC as it keeps me sane.

    • I get your point Ginger, and see the problem… just out of interest, why do you include the Police in your wish list of \Cunts along with the Left and the royals.. Do you think all Police are Cunts? Are all Firemen Cunts? JFYI I dont like Firemen. I think they are lefty, Union sucking Cunts who are heavily into Grief Jacking and perform badly at a whole range of major incidents fromthe 7/7 bombings in 2005 to Manchester and Grenfell recently. I think they are useless Cunts who fail and then cry to an audience. So maybe they should go on the list of Cunts too???

  22. I like to think I am a law abiding citizen Heinz, and no deep down I do not believe all the police are cunts. Just the cunts I have come across, not only have they not wanted to help me but they try to make me feel like I am a piece of shit . I often find them sarcastic fucks too.

    • Fair does Ginger,, I have met many, and many are indeed sarky cunts… Strangely, despite all the eqal ops training and the urge to recruit “intelligent graduate type Cunts” the polis still are sarky fuckers.. Do You think it might be in the nature of the job? I get your drift though, The problem is, if you put people in the firing line and then pour hate on them, guess what, they tiurn inwards, they lose faith. I would shut the Fuck Up at this point as I suspect no one gives a Fuck, but You Lot seem to love a ridiculous, silly, chaotic and cowardly organisation, the fire brigade, a bunch of “you’ll find me in the rear” and “call me when it’s safe” Cunts… What a fantasy you all worship. Anyway, Rant Over. But try and see through the bullshit. The Grenfell report should be interesting vis a vis the Trumpton… the 7/7 report was scathing back in 2005. But the public didnt want to know. It disturbed the fantasy.
      For Info I’m a sarcastic Cunt but I dont think your a piece of Shit..

  23. Tory Mp Nick Boles is a massive can’t.He has threatened to table amendments keeping us in the customs union after 2020 if the government does not commit to an extension and he also described David Lamy and Diane Abbott as modern British heroes yesterday.Could the Tory mps be more disconnected with their voters if they tried?

    • He also described Marble as a British her when she is American and has been in the country for all of 5 minutes.Stupid Wanker.

        • Boles is an arrogant little turd. Lauding the likes of Abbott as a “British Hero” shows the kind of cunt he is. As for Britains new Queen in waiting……………..!

          • Anyone who thinks that about anti-British racist cunt Flabbott does not deserve to live, let alone call itself a Tory MP, or anything, other than a steaming pile of dog shit.

  24. Gina Miller is one of the most obnoxious people on the planet.Not only she a self serving smug elitist traitor but she pretends as though she isn’t.Just admit you are a huge anti democratic Soros funded cunt who hates plebs.No one believes her “oh no I am not trying to reverse Brexit” claptrap.

    • Agreed Shaun. I would have some modicum of respect for the bitch if she were honest about her actions, and declared her true colours as a globalist conspirator. BEB! Fuck her

      • Correct.
        BTW, Apologize for any comments over the AAC/ Wessex Helo made previous. I had been drinking. Or I think that’s my normal get out. Regards.

  25. Gina Miller is like a native child being abused by the Raj who are manipulating her to promote their empire. Racist filth masquerading as democrats.

  26. I love my country. I’ve been to other ones and they are fuckin landfill sites in comparison.
    My problem lies squarely with all the cunts that live here. I’m not prejudice, the objects of my hatred come from all walks of life, and all levels of society.
    I do think that a good bit of hatred would help stop all this wanky left hippy shite though. Our coppers need to have a legal amnesty period say, for the next six months, pumped chock full of steroids and cocain, paid bonuses for gym time, karate time and free-running time and then let loose like rottweilers on LSD upon an unsuspecting population of turds.
    Once everyone’s wings are clipped and a healthy bit of fear prevails again we can sit down and sort out all this cock and balls.

    • Well. I’m well up for some positive action and kicking in a few back doors.. ( OOOGH Vicar,,) But the fact is the Polis have been neutered… it was a gradual process, all overseen by the same Libtard agenda that did the schools and just about all the rest of life.. the Lawrence enquiry totally tore out any balls the Polis had.. after that any idea of being about controlling bad people went out the window… they were a “service”, like McDonald’s/ And everyone was a customer. Including the Bad Guys. Thats the point we ( we being any normal sane Cunt ) lost it. And now the liberal agenda has what they always wanted. a ballless kow towing Polis that cringes to the latest policy decision. But Lo, Cunts are stabbing each other, its terrible, we should not pause to analyse this, we should act, it;s a Polis matter… but your Polis are neutered, Politically Correct Clones, and nothing wrong with that, its what you all wanted… and irony on irony, Prince of the City Khan, who hates the Police, votes mega bucks to the organisation he hates to try and clear up the swill… Well, Hi, Sadiq, I can save you several million. It’s too late you Cunt. The rot is too deep. The barbarians are over the Fucking Rhine. Get It Now Mr Mayor You Dull Stupid Cunt?? The Clue is in the name. The Police should POLICE.

      • Just imagine all that pent up police frustration coming out under my plan.
        It’s perfect.
        Just give them all personalised truncheons with built in tazer studs.

  27. Fuck me this country needs another war then we will see who the patriots are and who will exit Blighty with their rediscovered passports from their mother country. Me no likee England anymore ive left the gas on in me ghetto/slum, byeee


    “MP David Davis recently told the BBC that abuse of politicians is “definitely getting worse”.

    Perhaps politicians should for once start fucking listening and respecting the electorate vote and get us the fuck out of the EU pronto, like we voted for nearly two years ago.

    If not, what do the daft fuckers seriously think will happen?

    Thick cunts.

    • Maybe if they weren’t all useless cunts to a one then maybe we wouldn’t get in their backs!

      The problem with MPS is that they spend 60% of their time covering their backs making sure that no matter how shit everything is, they don’t care, just so long as it’s not THEIR fault.

      30% is spent on virtue-signalling in the hope they’ll get re-elected for being duplicitous cunts!

      15% disagreeing with anything the other side says whether those ideas are good or not for the general population – if it’s not thought of here it’s a bad idea!

      And 5% filling in expenses forms, actually no they have secretaries for that, 5% finding out exactly what they can claim for under the radar.

      So delivering on election promises are pretty fucking low down on the agenda.

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