Cultural Appropriation

Twatter has been alive this week with some bloody idiot with too much time on his hands and a massive chip on his shoulder criticising some little girl who wore a Chinese dress to her prom. “My culture is not your prom dress,” he whined. To her credit, the girl in question did not cave in like so many people do when faced with a self-righteous Twatter mob. The poster in question must be a total cunt as he was slagged off in the Guardian and Putin’s Independent for fuck’s sake.

Cultural Appropriation simply does not exist. From the dawn of time, humans have copied the best (and worst) of other people’s cultures. Ideas as well as goods have followed trade routes. I thought we were supposed to embrace other cultures and celebrate diversity according to our moral superiors at the bastard Guardian and Jimmy Savile House.

And Cultural Appropriation is a deeply sinister idea; it may even be a fascist idea (in the true sense of the word rather than it’s modern form of ‘someone with whom I disagree’). What could be more unpleasant than confining people to their supposed ‘birth culture’ and refusing to let them make their own choices? How fucked up must you be to police what other people choose to wear? How fragile must your self-esteem be to get upset by the clothes worn by people you have never met?

Remember when Norman’s favourite singer Katy Perry was criticised for ‘appropriating’ Japanese culture in one of her videos? A reporter went to Japan and talked to actual Japanese people who were really pleased that foreigners were choosing to embrace their culture. Being ‘offended’ on behalf of other people makes you a cunt of Brandian proportions.

In the unlikely event that General Cuntster holds a ISAC Halloween party over in Yankland, I will attend wearing a sombrero topped with a Native American headdress and a Japanese kimono with Chinese dragons printed on it. Oh, and a Nazi armband just to complete ensemble.

Fuck them.

Nominated by, Cunt’s Mate Cunt


53 thoughts on “Cultural Appropriation

  1. So what about all the Thai food, sushi and other foreign shit the snowflakes love so much, ok ya?
    Isn’t that cultural appropriation ok ya?
    Apparently not. About time somebody pointed out the contradiction to the pathetic bunch of cunts.
    Baaa! Baaaa!

    • Hypocrisy, writ large in Da-Glo neon bright lights…

      “My culture is NOT yours”

      Well, I think that rather fucks the idea of diversity, then…

      So be it !

  2. Clothes, the wheel, a reliable source of fire, mobile phones, computers, architecture that goes above two floors, cars, trains, hospitals, the justice system, government, welfare, aeroplanes, medicine.

    All cultural appropriation that the illegal gimmegrants need to stop using right now.

    And if you were wondering about the stabbings and shootings, yes, we invented guns and stainless steel too.

    • Soap, deoderant, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, air freshener…just a few of the things illegal gimmegrants need to culturally appropriate right now.

      We can work on law, language and work ethic later.


  3. Totally agree
    The cunt in question should be made dress as a Morris dancer – the cunt
    Fuck him / her ( fluid gender whatever)

    Ps Bruce lee Cunt

  4. Another example of twisted right-on thinking being demanded as the norm. What a load of bollocks. I will also attend the Generals Halloween party dressed in a burka and Cuban heels.

    • I look forward to seeing you there Cuntstable but please review the costume guidelines posted below.

  5. Seems to me CMC that you have hit the nail on the head with this
    ” How fragile must your self-esteem be to get upset by the clothes worn by people you have never met?”

    That’s just it…the majority of these snowflake SJW cunts have a serious inferiority complex…they just don’t realise it or don’t want to face up to it. There is no other explanation why they would constantly identify with people and cultures that are alien to them or identify with minority groups. The complex binds them to this behaviour.

    id pity the soft cunts if only they weren’t getting more violent by the week .

  6. What about martial arts, tai chi, qigong, things like that? Is learning them cultural appropriation? What about everyone who’s converted to Buddhism, or THE religion of peace? They’re guilty as hell. And as Odin’s Balls pointed out, every non-westerner who wears western clothes, or uses anything invented by a westerner is also guilty of cultural appropriation. Although, to them and their lefty lickspittles, like Lilly Mong, pointing that out would actually be WWWAAAAYYYYCCCCIIIIISSSSTTTT!

    Fuck ’em though. As far as I’m concerned, if your going to stand on the cultural appropriation road, then you’d better be sure the tarmac you’re on is solid, i.e. you’re wearing the clothes that your ‘culture’ wears, and that you have nothing invented by western ‘culture’. Otherwise, you’re a fucking hypocrite. And while we’re on the subject, every black person who accuses someone of CA for wearing corn rows in their hair, needs to go look at history. Corn rows were invented by the ancient Greeks. So, in fact, they are also guilty of cultural appropriation.

    • I don’t think Prince Harry should be allowed to culturally appropriate an American woman with black ancestry.


  7. The cunts don’t seem too bothered with the rest of the world appropriating the White English men’s business suit and tie… not to mention our fucking language!

    • Most of the Commonwealth has adopted the educational and judicial systems through the British Empire, do they want to go back to a trial by the village elders and their magic beans?

  8. Yeah and what about the peacefuls raping under age white girls. What about that for cultural fucking appropriation?

  9. Indeed those who claim cultural appropriation are simply apologists for cultural apartheid. Racist cunts that they are.

  10. He was so offended b what he saw he tweeted his outrage on a phone made by a ten year old in the Philippines.

  11. I was wondering about that “Fartbox” David Attenborough, who has been on the box recently, reminiscing over the last 50 years of his programme’s. Each week he shows clips of his expeditions, including clips from the rain forests where the indigenous population have never seen a white man. The first thing whitey does is to give gifts of saucepans, glitzy cheap trash and of course the obligatory Man Untd. shirt. “It is important that we do all we can to preserve their special way of life” Give the fuckers some levi’s and T shirts.!

    He goes on to show the same tribe some 30 years later. Fuck me. At first I thought they had all moved to Brixton! All now livng in sheds, pissed as farts on cheap booze that they buy in the nearby town.on their little Honda’s and Suzuki’s
    And dressed like a bunch of fucking Chav’s.

    Cultural respect? fuck all there Davy boy!

  12. Yeah what right have we got to destroy their culture and impose our way of life on them? That’s pure fucking racism. We need to send them back to the jungles and the sand dunes and never go near them again. They’d be happy, we’d be happy……everybody’s fucking happy!
    While we’re at it send that Mrs Hewitt back to America where she belongs. Gold digging bitch.

  13. RP, sounds like that’s “cultural appropriation” from the House of Lords.

    Recent photos of Heseltine suggest a daily intake well in advance of 3l.

  14. I think the only cunts that even acknowledge the existence of cuntural appropriation are rich upper middle class white women that, even though they would never have anything to do with a black person, feels guilty about their “white privilege”, or just “privilege” as everyone else would consider it.

    The fact that black women don’t have afro’s, Chinese and African people utilise western medicine and everyone in the world drives cars, flies in planes, listens to western music, watches western films and wears western clothes, seems totally lost on the stupid cunts.

    Lefties are so fucking dumb …

  15. I saw a black man on a pushbike today. I’ve never seen that before apart from the funny ones who wear a fez and pedal around on a little trike. I was absolutely speechless when he,without a by-your-leave,bid me “Good Morning”. Luckily the dogs weren’t as dumb-founded as me and chased him the length of the field. Their throaty “huurraaas” certainly encouraged him to pedal harder,and it was only the high-tensile fence that prevented the hounds getting a taste of bush meat.
    Cultural appropriation,indeed.

    • You may have had the same reaction if you have seen Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Morgan Freeman, a Moor, culturally appropriated into Robins band of Merry Men.

      • Was that when they were cutting about Hadrian’s wall on the way from the south coast to Nottingham?

    • Which reminds me Mr Fiddler

      A black guy rode past me the other day on a push bike and said ‘hello’ as he went by….

      Fuck me I thought that looks just like mine so I rushed to the garage to check…. thankfully mine was still chained to the radiator asking for food…..

  16. Greetings everyone and at ease. Although it is early, there have been many question and much ado about the cultural appropriation fallout from last years annual 7th Calvary Halloween Extravaganza. Accordingly, this year there will be some costume guidelines issued.

    The following costumes will not be allowed at this years bash:

    Category 1 Historical and Contemporary Figures

    Lawrence of Arabia
    Chinese Gordan. (A controversial choice erring on the side of PCness)
    Barack Obama
    Pancho Villa
    Meghan Markle
    Ayatollah Khomeini
    Sitting Fucking Bull (in accordance with long standing policy)

    Category 2 Historical or Traditional Dress

    Indian (Red of Black)

    Category 3 Comprising Elements of Both

    Queen of Sheba
    Mayor of London
    King of Siam
    Pharaoh of Egypt
    Nobel Prize Laureate
    President of Uganda
    The Black Panther
    NBA or NFL Athlete
    Brain and/or Heart Surgeon

    Any further changes to the list will be announced here at ISAC.

    Oh…and one more thing…as always there will be an open bar. However, due to the near riot after last year the standard 20 drink limit has been increased to 24 so some of you might want to bring your own flask.

    Look forward to seeing ISACers here for the first time.

    Cuntster, General USA Deceased


    • Excellent General, my Ghandi/Lederhosen combo will not be effected but am afflicted as a teetotal, vegetarian man of peace and well, a German.

      • @LL

        All are welcome. The open bar includes coffee, tea (hot and iced) soda pop, lemonade and cider. (Although I would be careful with the cider. It can turn hard.)

        🍾 🍷. 🍸. 🍹. 🍺. 🍻. 🍶. 🍼

      • @DtS

        I forgot. This is the first year ISACers have been invited so some explanations may be in order.

        The Labour Party Cunt (et al) costumes have in fact been banned for a number of years. Last year we used Diane Abbott ballistic dummies on our simulated live fire range.

        We want to err on the side of caution as we don’t want any costumed guests shot when mistaken for a dummy.

        Sorry for the confusion. Please feel free to forward all other questions and/or nominations to:

        7th Calvary Halloween Extravaganza
        ISAC International Invitational FAQ

        🇺🇸. 🇬🇧. 🇨🇦. 🇦🇺. 🇳🇿

      • I see they’ve been accused of promoting “casual racism”. Should be ashamed of themselves; if you’re going to promote racism, make it the 100% copper-bottomed real fucking thing.

        • Casual racism: D’nigglious be hangin’ in da hood. He pants be hangin” below he ass.

          Formal racism: Jay Z be stylin’ at da Grammys. He be wearin’ bling.

    • Would my toga made from an ISIS flag be allowed?

      You can’t miss me, I’ll be the one in the Groucho Marx tash, glasses and cigar wearing a sombrero with “VOTE TRUMP!” on it!

      • @Rebel

        Not only would you and your costume be allowed, as one of ISAC’s foremost and most eminently distinguished cunters we will reserve a place for you at the head table.

        Presumably, if you dress like Groucho you and I can smoke cigars together! 🚬

        • Only Cubans my friend.

          I’m fond of Cohibas.

          You bring the contraband smokes and I’ll get the moonshine!

  17. I believe its all down to the 15mins of fame thing, look at me,look at me,look at me they appear to be shouting i predict that once every fuckers had a go at it, it will die a death and we can then get back to business as usual until the next lot of bollocks appears from the scum atop the pond of the crybaby generation. If this nonsense had come about 20yrs back they could had a slap twixt the ears and told to grow the feck up, now you would be done for gbh or sexual impropriety.

    • I blame it all on the baby boomer generation playing cowboys & injuns. And Brexit, of course.

  18. Just decided to pick a scab after having the misfortune to glance the LIES at 6.

    Apparently there’s a shooting and stabbing epidemic in Londanistan, we know this because it’s been going on for months so the cunts in the LIES business haven’t been able to cover it up but after a Bank Holiday Weekend orgy of stabbings and shootings so haven’t been able to avoid it.

    That said it was all rushed along so I thought I’d take a look at Al-BBCeee’s website and here it is

    What a fucking disgrace, this pile of cunt is taxpayer funded.

    Indoctrination by omission in glorious Technicolour.

    Yet again my decision to cancel my Al-BBCeer Direct Debit is massively reinforced.

    God bless you right on liberal wankers, you are the masters of your own destruction.

    • Ah yes but what you’re forgetting Mr McCuntface is that if we don’t manage to quell the current spate of stabby-shootings then what the fuck are we going to do for architects?

      And then roll that forward, who will design all the new houses we need for Africunt and Euro trash!?!

      Next you be saying UK citizens should be homed first! Are you fucking mad!?!

      Please feel free to put yourself on the gender-neutral naughty step!

      • I’ll do more than that!

        Could I ask in future Rebel you address me in a gender fluid appropriate pronoun of my choice, yet to be decided.

        I note you use the binary term ‘Mr’ and as such you’ve appropriated my gender.

        I’ve had a great bank holiday weekend which has now been spoilt by your ‘mis-speak’ so I’m off to my safe space to reflect on your bigotry and join my friend, Jamal, an aspiring Architect that’s never been to school as he got special leave to pursue his true vocation as a Rap Artist, fuck he’s so talented…….

        • Gadzooks! The Evil Ones have taken CMcCf and replaced him with a snowclone. 😱

          If they can get to Cunty who amongst us is safe? What will become of humanity? 😬

          In his best interest should we euthanasia him or just send him on a trip to Londonistan to visit the Peacefuls? 🤔

  19. I want some of this white privilege I keep hearing about, because when they were handing it out, they seem to have missed me, and most of the people I know. I don’t know if it entitles you to free stuff, or get out of jail credits, but I would like to know how I didn’t get my share. Everything I own, I have had to work for, and go without something to save for it, and yet there is something called white privilege that seems to say I didn’t even deserve the chance to do that. Cuntspeak, pure and simple.

  20. I hear you there Mr Japseye.

    I have been working on a project for 4 1/2 years without earning a single penny for all of that time. When the project revenues come in they are going to be taxed at a marginal rate of 64% ffs – 19% corporation tax and 45% personal tax. I would probably have been better off on benefits.

    Its a fucking joke – no wonder the country is going to the dogs.

  21. What would have happened if conscription hadnt been stopped, would the RSM have had to coaxed and cajoul big Dave out of his pit when he was identifing as a unicorn with menstral issues or would every be normal like it used to be.

  22. deploythesausage, just seen your link, from the PDC World Dart’s Championship. Still pissing my plant’s. The flabbabotomous has never looked better. Has she been on a diet? And as I said earlier today, you can shove Cultural Appropriation right where the sun don’t FUCKING shine. Get me the hell of this planet. ARRGGHH.

  23. These people of colour offing other people of colour in Londonistan and other such places, need to pulled up sharply for their cultural appropriation of western weapon technology. It’s fucking ridiculous that the cunts are using guns (definitely western) and commando knives (definitely western) to sort out their tiffs when they should be using assegais, rungus or knobkerries, which are infinitely more culturally appropriate. Next time I’m in Londonistan I’m going to tell these cunts what’s what and that will be an end to it. Bunch of cunts. As an aside, my costume for General Cuntster’s gathering will be a piece of sandpaper wrapped round my cock. I’ll be going as Dick Emery.

    • Smeggy,

      We are looking forward to your appearance at the annual 7th Calvary Halloween Extravaganza. Even though this year”s theme is Cultural Appropriation it’ll be good to have a dick amongst the cunts to highlight our inclusiveness and diversity.

      We also want to encourage you to enter the Best Costume Contest.

      🎃. 😳

  24. This is cunt guff in the extreme. Cultural appropriation my arse. Ok we won’t wear any ethnic hair cuts or grass skirts, everyone else turn the electric off and start walking 30 miles for water (well send ya daughter whilst you sit with ya mates getting high) cunts.

  25. Oh, come on. Never mind the cultural appropriation; isn’t a teenage white scrote, in dreadlocks which give him the outline of a dishevelled string mop, a gold-effect discount plastic cunt in his own right? The pleasure to be gained by tearing each frayed tangle of his hair bodily from his bleeding scalp needs no further justification.

    We have seen and shuddered at Cherie Blair in a sari. This is not a case of cultural appropriation, but of rank bad taste and the unjustified belief that she could look like anything other than a raddled Scouse slapper on the make.

    And what of Tim Westwood? Coconut-in-reverse – is he a cultural appropriator or odds-on favourite for Cultural Traitor of The Century (And The Last One Too). Seriously, appropriators of culture are all cunts. But it’s nothing to do with cultural appropriation. They’re just cunts.

    Logically I am moved to encourage complaints of cultural appropriation by one bunch of cunts against an equal and opposite bunch of cunts. Assegais at dawn, if it comes to that, and I hope it does.

  26. Don’t get me started,
    You can’t attend a rock concert anywhere in Canada if you’ve got headfeathers or a buckskin jacket on ( even though they sell them in the fucking souvenir stores).
    Those kids that you and I brought up scream fucking blue murder about the cultural appropriation, but nothing about them wearing our T shirts, blue jeans , cowboy boots or high tech running shoes in jungle villages in Africa or on Indian Reserves in North America.
    It’s got so bad here that just about every musical event or art show starts off with a speech that thanks the Indians for allowing them on their “unceded land” … and we built every fucking thing that’s on that land!
    Then it’s followed by fucking screeching that they say is native music…. it’s not music it’s fucking noise, like a metal shutter swinging on its rusty hinges.
    While all that lot were busy plucking feathers off ducks or pounding cedar bark for a skirt, or rubbing sticks together, the clever ones were busy building the Sistine Chapel or the Grand Canal, maybe working out how many elements there were and how they worked together.
    Cultural appropriation my fucking ass, you could buy the stuff at Woolworths 40 years ago and nobody gave a fuck…. which is how it should be now!

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