Adele’s arse

Adele is a cunt…

Amongst the collective media skin colour over actual talent arselicking of Fatarse Beyonce at Coachella, our very own lardy and tuneless one got some publicity out of it…. Adele posted pics of herself on Instacunt wetting herself over Coconut Bey’s appearance… The sight of Adele flicking her hair all over the place, twerking her fat arse, and pretending to play a trumpet in front of a television set is all too distressing and disgusting to bear…

Stupid fat slag…

28 thoughts on “Adele’s arse

  1. If Adele had got to Grenfel a bit quicker she could have smothered the flames single handed (arsed ).Slow cunt.
    Good morning.

    • And one fart out of that would demolish what’s left of the odious Toksvig Towers !

  2. It’s that time of year again when throngs of ‘misshapen’ women suddenly appear wearing black in an attempt to disguise flabby undercarriages.

    Even Vantablack can’t hide your fat arse cunt.

    • I’m grateful they’re at least in black. The sows in dayglow, or even worse – white- are the ones that really give me eye-herpes.

  3. I could have sworn I saw her on a recent trip to the zoo. On second thoughts, it was a hippopotamus. Easy mistake to make.

  4. Off topic. Just listened to David Miliband demanding no Brexit. This cunt lives in the US and earns half a million $US for Charidee. What is it with these cunts? As is usual with these cunts he got an easy ride from Humphreys. (as do the Palestinian terrorists compared to the Israelis) Miliband has lined up with Cleggy boy and Nicky Morgan to demand democracy Norway style. I suppose they know best. And these added to Neil Pillock’s intervention have made me think again. It’s time ISAC acknowledged the view of their betters.

    • IMO, more interesting than Adele, though that isn’t a high bar. I came across this from a green snowflake on Twitter:

      Why to vote Green #FBPE
      ‏ @WhyToVoteGreen
      58m58 minutes ago

      The state of John Humphrys.
      Asking David Miliband why he has a right to comment on #Brexit as he works in New York.
      Has he ever asked Nigel Lawson, domiciled in France for decades, such a question?
      Or asked Rees-Mogg about why he conducts so much business offshore?

      Seems Humphrys didn’t give Miliband an easy enough ride.
      Nigel Lawson is IMO a major cunt, but living in France entitles him to comment on the EU. Living in New York on a sinecure doesn’t. Has anyone asked Tony Blair why he conducts so much business offshore? (answer: it helps finance his constant Remoaning). Etc. Cunts.

    • Talking of Lawson, here he is on Miliband et al:

      It … came as a huge shock to (Labour parliamentarians) just how many of their constituents disagreed with them: the most adamantly pro-Brexit constituencies were in the Labour heartlands. Few more so than South Shields, David Miliband’s old seat. That corner of the nation split by 62 per cent to 38 per cent in favour of Brexit.

      So when Miliband grandly instructs MPs to ‘set aside party loyalties and place their constituents at the forefront of their minds’, I wonder if he has ever considered what his former constituents might think about that.

  5. If I want to look at an arse that size Adele need not apply and I’ll head off to find some Julie Cash, Alura Jenson, Laura Orsolya or Ryan Conner… And I can only advise others to do the same!

  6. I like a fat arse.
    …. though not too keen on what it’s attached to.

  7. So enormous is her arse I read in the science journal it has more gravitational pull than the moon!!
    Apparently when she sits down shock waves are recorded up to 10 miles away!!
    There’s not a fibre known to man that could hold it in place!!

  8. Yank birds have fat arses.

    When I was in America I shagged a ton of women….two.

    • Indeed. The ones who are too fat to get any locally usually turn to the tourists.

      😀. 🇺🇸

  9. I’m not sure about the rules relating to posting links on porn sites however check out ‘Emily Bloom sings Adele’ on PornHub. Emily’s voice is worse than Adele’s (I know that doesn’t seem possible) but she makes up for it in so many other ways.

  10. And if she was lying on her back you could easily park at least a mountain bike in there

  11. We all pop out of the womb roughly the same shape and size. So when I see a real fatty wobbling around, I always think to myself – wow, that took practice. Closely followed by – why did you not consider that a problem when you were half that size?

    Adele is just the next Dido. Remember her? That’s my point. Her 15 minutes are almost up.

    • Adele is the ‘talented’ cunt who needs other people to write her songs. What the fuck is so talented about that? Can you imagine Lennon, or Dylan, or Jagger, ringing up Phil Collins to ask him if he could shit out a tune for them ? And as for that Sam Smith!!!

      • And Adele Arbuckle was ‘trained’ by the so-called ‘Brits School’ (as was that cunrt Amy Shitehouse)… Probably why both cunts can (and could in Shitehouse’s case) sing in one key….

  12. Brace yourselves for this time of year. The outdoors is packed with these bulldozer lookalikes. It should be illegal for anyone over the size of a baby hippo to wear revealing clothing. If the sun doesn’t burn your eyes, the sight of these beached whales will.

    Also, sat in the boozer the other day with their bucket of bitter was what looked to be something resembling a Michelin Man / Jabba the Hut hybrid. I could just about make out part of a tee shirt submerged in their many rolls of fat. I then realised it was human or thereabouts.

  13. Fucking hell, her music is so depressing, you’d probably want to top yourself after sitting through her album collection.

    Well she’s hit her peak now, and the only way is down. Give it a few years and this crusty old turd will have good reason to moan and complain when she finds no one loves her anymore!

    Until then may her sizeable cuntflaps seal shut and do everyone a favour

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